Allow me to paint a picture if I may…

You’re asked to put on a show.  Say, a juggling demonstration.  You pick out four tennis balls  and practice until you’ve got it down pat.  Then, on the day, you discover that one of your tennis balls is missing.  But the show must go on and so you take the stage and start juggling – only to discover than another one of the tennis balls has been filled with sand.  You forge ahead with your routine and then someone tosses another object into the mix – say, a grapefruit.  You make the adjustment, incorporate it into the act, and keep juggling.  Then, someone throws in a shuttlecock.  A star fruit.  A hand mirror.  The ninth edition of the Encyclopedia Brittanica vol 13, INF – KAN.  And finally, today…a flaming bowling ball.

Thank you, very much.

November 17, 2016: Are You Kidding Me?!

Fortunately, I came home to this which lifted my spirits.

After which I headed over to the recording studio where Dark Matter Music Supervisor Ben Pinkerton presided over a very special session.

November 17, 2016: Are You Kidding Me?!

P.S. I made sure to bug him about releasing that long-awaited Dark Matter soundtrack.  He swears he’s working on it!

November 17, 2016: Are You Kidding Me?!

Also in the studio with us, Ben’s right-hand man Spencer – and two of our cast members.  Care to guess who?

November 17, 2016: Are You Kidding Me?!

Hint: It’s Anthony Lemke and Zoie Palmer.  And they were terrific!

My last casual day…

November 17, 2016: Are You Kidding Me?! November 17, 2016: Are You Kidding Me?! November 17, 2016: Are You Kidding Me?!

Tomorrow, it’s formal wear!  Day #1 of #91!

November 17, 2016: Are You Kidding Me?!

26 thoughts on “November 17, 2016: Are you kidding me?!

  1. That juggling act sucks. I hope someone gets their balls in order and stops throwing you theirs.

    Are Anthony and Zoie doing a duet? That would be awesome!

    Should I read much into the fact that the very first thing on the production sheet is that a defibrillator will be on set?

  2. Hi Joe
    You’re just too nice. Along about the Star Fruit I would have started flinging them back. I mean, do they want YOUR show or not!!!


    P.S. this might explain why I work at places with little or no staff…

  3. No stress at all (heavy on the sarcasm)! I agree with @Gforce That was awfully thoughtful of Akemi.

    Finally catching up here. Patrick had another seizure on Tuesday afternoon so Jeff went to go get him at school and then dropped him off at home and I took over while Jeff went back to his OSHA inspection. Then he was home all day on Wednesday. Now I’m playing catch-up again.

    @Elminster Glad to see you back; we were worried about you.

  4. “Tomorrow, it’s formal wear!”

    Are you adding your vest? This is getting serious.

  5. Hmmm, a defibrillator. That must mean you’ll be introducing a crate of spiders and a U-Haul full of rats to the first episode of the third season. Sounds exciting.

  6. Hey Joe,

    Did,you expect anything less from the best?! The,Palmernator is always TERRIFIC!!!!She,is one hell of an amazing singer,even when she sings in french,or while singing metal or even when she sings If, I can TURN BACK TIME by Cher life on that crazy radio show that’s in Toronto lol!!!! Now,THAT was truly amazing!!!! ZP,can sing anything they throw at her and she sounds just like the artist! -Jetteffect

  7. So….not a good day? Hire in an illusionist and professional juggler and all will be well. Make some lemonade out of those lemons. Is the Raza crew releasing a Christmas album this yr? Does formal wear mean no more fun pocket squares and no more amazing, colorful socks? Sounds way too serious.

    Excited that tomorrow is Day #1 of #91!! Knock ’em dead!!

  8. Hi Joe, I’m not sure what’s happening there… sounds like some definite cheese movement going on.

    Tough to give advice, but be true to yourself, accept the minor changes and make your stand on the major battles if they will affect the juggling performance.

    Cheers, Chev

    PS Akemi that looks awesome. 😊

  9. Oh Joe!
    Is Dark Matter going to be what you and Paul originally envisioned… ?

    If everyone was happy to buy into your pitch to start with, why go along with it for a bit then decide to change things?

    That is NOT very sensible …

  10. Awwww, kitty socks!

    That is a well deserved smiling omelet. Nice job, Akemi!

    Flaming bowling ball? Sounds like a challenge, because as burners know, anything is better with fire. Just as long as you have a safety nearby with a damp towel …

  11. Ah Joe, I hate that you know who…. is still giving ya such a hard time. Albeit hope you can at least take some comfort in knowing “we” love you and want to see experience the story and watch the show as you envisioned it and have worked so hard to put together.

    and on that note – Here’s a little sum-thing to cheers ya up:

    Clue #6 about your grand finale blogiversary gift:

    This gift involves springing prisoners from jail. But dont worry you wont need guns a blazing to escape past the guards just a reasonably sturdy restraint device.

    Clue Recap:

    Clue #1:

    Clue #2:

    Clue #3:

    Clue #4: A teasing echo of clue #2

    Clue # 5:

  12. Hang in there Joe. At least they didn’t throw in a tactical nuke. We all appreciate your very hard work. And, not that you aren’t, but, count your Akemi-ian blessings.

  13. Hi Joe

    @PBMomIt had been, how should I say it, “Smoooooth Sailing” for me, then the twin horrors, work and family, reared their ugly heads. I always took time read each day, somewhere, somehow. Things are settling down again though.


  14. Those days are stressful but it feels good to look back and see you survived it.

    Cool socks!

    Love the eggs Akemi! You have the soul of an artist.

    PBMom: I hope Patrick is back to his normal self soon!

  15. @elminster Well, we are indeed glad to have you back and to know you are ok.

    When I sent ya two private separate emails to let you know when the gift presentation for Joe would be and didn’t hear back and no one else heard from ya either, as @PBMom said we became worried about ya. xo

    ByTheWay: @PBMOM – Ya don’t have to privately email me your guesses.
    Posting your guess here on the blog is part of the fun for all. 🙂

    Just like trying to guess when Joe posts mystery items and scenes.
    It doesn’t spoil anything – It just adds to the fun.

    -Besides I’m pretty sure no one, not even Joe, will be able to guess it entirely correctly.

    But – its fun to try. xo

    I’m gonna give you all a small bonus hint today and tell you:

    Clues #1-3 pretty much already spell out the bulk of the details of what the gift is.

    (Ya just need to pay attention to all the metaphors and details)

    and Clue number 6 hints -the gift is in honor of 2 beloved beauties closest to Joe then immediately rules out one of the possible candidates of who it could be.

    Here;s another bonus clue:

    This gift is not just one thing and does not do just one thing.

    If you read the clues carefully you will see it serves 3-4 purposes.

  16. Yes, Season 3 principal photography has started 👍

    Who is known as Cast Nos 5 and 16? And they’re in the guest quarters on a Volkov-Rusi destroyer?

    @Drea Probably way off base here, but an autobiography or biography

  17. @Ceresis Excellent detective skills!

    Its a good guess.
    I can actually see how you might actually think that from the given clues, when also considering that I am currently co-authoring the new biography/tribute book of my childhood pal & informal music mentor Musician Eubie Blake

    Albeit nope! Sahweeee. I’m not writing Joe’s biography just yet. 🙂

    Ever just the same -Part of your answer isnt too entirely off base in that the gift does enable Joe to share his story and professional journey with the world.

  18. Hope you don’t mind if I ask everyone to maybe help Patrick’s school without having to really donate anything? If you are planning to shop on Amazon sign up on Amazon Smile instead and designate Patrick’s autism school Including Kids in Humble, Texas and a portion of your order will go to his school. Prices are not any different, BUT YOU will be making a difference. Just have to get a lot of people to do this. Apparently my purchases have only generated $16.00. 🙁 You do have to remember though to log on to Amazon Smile for your purchases but once you are registered and you accidentally go to the original site, it will ask you if you want to go to Amazon Smile.

    Also if you buy stuff that has Boxtops for Education labels on it, I’d love to have that boxtop clip. Again, the only cost would be the postage to mail them to me which is nominal. Here is the link to the participating products and within that page at the top is a PDF file you can download for all the participating products.

  19. So ready for Zoie and Anthony duet! DM the Musical, I dig it. Love the suit, another cool ensemble. Could you post some fashion tips, seriously? Something to help men pull together that professional yet stylish look and also some shopping tips for gifts; it’s hard to shop for guys, especially ties.

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