Now that I can finally take a breather from prep, let me thank Drea, Gary, Hilda, Tam, Kathy, Jan, Randy, Maggie, Jeff, Zoe, and everyone else who contributed to my anniversary video.

On November 21st it will be 10 years of daily blogging.  Wow.

Thanks to all everyone who has supported this decade-long endeavour by helping to build a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for veterans and newbies alike.  It’s nice to know that no matter where I go – whether it be Japan for vacation or Toronto for work – the lot of you will always come along for the ride.

November 5, 2016: Thanks And A Lulu Update!

Today, I took a break from rewrites and schedule reviews to run some errands, get a crappy haircut, and, of course, spend some quality time with Akemi and the dogs.

It’s been kind of sad to witness Lulu’s gradual physical deterioration.  Whereas 14 year old Bubba is always up for a nice long walk, my once tireless frenchie has slowed down considerably.  There was a time not too long ago when she was constantly on the move, chasing after her toys, but now she spends much of her day curled up in her dog bed or sprawled out on the floor.  When other symptoms began to manifest, we brought her in to see a specialist who diagnosed her with neurological issues, issues we’d hoped to address with surgery.  Approximately five weeks ago, Lulu went under the knife for what was a six hour surgery to remove some problem scar tissue and bolster her spine.  The hope was that we would see some improvement in her condition and, initially, we did. But, as the days have passed and we draw closer to her six week follow-up, it’s become increasingly clear that the surgery wasn’t quite as successful as we’d hoped.

Today, while out on a walk, we documented some of the troubles our 9-year old gal is facing…

Lulu walks relatively fine on carpets, grass, and pavement although Akemi has noticed she tends to lose her balance whenever she shakes her head.

A couple of months ago, her mobility issues manifested whenever she tried to walk on deep gravel.  Now, they’re even more pronounced.

Well, let’s see how the next couple of weeks play out.  Here’s hoping we see some progress.

November 5, 2016: Thanks And A Lulu Update!

30 thoughts on “November 5, 2016: Thanks and a Lulu update!

  1. You’re very welcome Joe!

    Here is the next “thank you” in our celebration, a lovely heartfelt video by the one and only @PBMom:

  2. Aww poor sweet lulu. I was really hoping the surgery would make a difference. I wonder if there is some type of brace she can wear, to force her to walk normally no matter what the surface?

  3. Oh Joe. It breaks my heart to see Lulu still having those difficulties. I do hope that this is just a bump in the road to her recovery. One day at a time is the only way to take it. Hugs to you all.

    I hope you know we were honoured to do a video like that for you and what you’ve accomplished with this blog and in sharing your life with us. We’ve been truly blessed.

  4. PBMom, that was a wonderful, loving message that really does echo the feelings of many of us, if I may presume. Thank you for sharing. This blog of Joe’s is interesting, thoughtful and downright fun! Oh, cannot omit educational, yep, that too.

    I’m hopeful that Lulu will with time, heal and have improvement. She’s a brave girl.
    G’night all…

  5. I’m sorry about Lulu. It IS difficult watching these sweet souls get older but I’m hopeful there’s still options with Lulu. Stem cells, hydro therapy or braces maybe? I hope the vet will have ideas.

    Lucy has recovered from Halloween but she goes into yellow alert at any unexpected noise. 😉

    Thank YOU, for creating this community.

    Spring forward, fall back! Ugh. 🙃

  6. 10 years for Joe and 1 year for me! I stumbled upon your blog during my searching for Dark Matter info about a year ago and haven’t missed a day yet (and this is my first comment).

    I’m so sorry about Lulu. Here’s hoping she gets better soon.

    Congrats on the 10 year anniversary!

  7. As Gforce said, it was our pleasure putting this celebration together.
    We love you Joe and you have been so loving & generous and have done so much for so many over the years, we really just wanted to be able to do something really nice for you to say thank you and hope you enjoy all the tributes and gifts coming your way this month.

    Gary, really did do an amazing job with that opening tribute vid eh?!
    His natural talents with camera & video, never cease to amaze me.
    He has definitely earned himself a HUGE fangirl in me. <3

    Hey, if you ever need an extra photographer on one your location scouting trips
    I hear he's available and is offering a 100'% off discount sale for all Canadian Sci-fi TV show creators named Joseph Mallozzi. 😀

    I wish poor sweet Lulu was getting better though. My heart aches seeeing that video of her still struggling.

    Sending warmest tender hugs her way and will keep her close in my heart and prayers. Hope the doctors can do something more for her in the coming weeks.

    But hey,, maybe this will cheer ya up a bit.

    Your next clue about your anniversary grand finale gift:

    (This one's more of a tease than a clue really, But its all part of the month-long fun.)

    Clue #4: Because I know there are times when you really wish you could grant more opportunities to help talented aspiring writers grow,
    just as you were granted opportunities during your years with the SG series, to get your name and work out there,
    My anniversary gift to you will, (at least, in a small way) assist with assuagement of this long held desire. 🙂


    Clue #1:

    Clue #2:

    Clue #3:

  8. Been more of a reader than participating. Hope to continue following, maybe I’ll make it into the 20th year video. Hugs to Bubba and Lulu … hope they do well.

  9. Thanks for your blog. I really enjoy it. Been reading for 8+ years. So good. My favorite entry is when you went shopping at a warehouse club.

  10. Ok so here’s a bit of really good news.. and I’m going to bet at leat Kathy C will be terribly relieved to hear it:

    I finally had such a much needed truly relaxing day today. Yay! 🙂

    Went flying in my friend Kara’s Beechcraft over Daytona this afternoon to blow off some stress.
    Boy!!, Did I reallly need that too!!
    Just ask, my poor sweet blog sis Kathy
    whose head I practically tore off the other day
    for some really small silly shit.
    I wuvs ya Kathy girl. Me Sawhieess for being so gwumpies.
    Sending kisseeees n hugs your way. xo

    Oh but on the down side. As Tam said tomorrow is:

    Spring forward, fall back. -Ugh.

    @Gforce: How was the Blues concert?

  11. Awe @PBMom…. I’d love to give you a big ((hug)). So well said. We enjoy reading about your life Joe and everything you do. Thank you for your daily commitment over the past 10 years. As you can see, it means so much to all of us.

    Poor sweet Lulu. She may be your first doggie to try out a little set of back wheels and brace. I know you and her mommy Akemi will take good care of her whatever she needs. Wishing her the best. I know she has the best parents.

  12. Thanks to the video putter togetherers. Well done. And thanks Joe for the decade of sharing! (Not that I’ve been following that long, sadly.) Hope Lulu turns the corner. She’s in good hands without doubt.

  13. * “Hey, if you ever need an extra photographer on one your location scouting trips
    I hear he’s available and is offering a 100’% off discount sale for all Canadian Sci-fi TV show creators named Joseph Mallozzi.”

    * Conditions may apply

  14. Gforce: * Conditions may apply 😆

    PBmom: Lovely video!

    Drea: Glad you had a fun day!

    JeffW: Safe travels!

    We are off today to do some work around Dr Jo’s house. She’s not doing well but still strong of spirit.

  15. Happy Anniversary, Joe. Sorry to hear/see that LuLu isn’t improving as much as we had hoped. It’s encouraging to see how she still soldiers on like nothing is wrong. She may need to get one of those doggy “wheelchairs” so she can still enjoy her walks. Glad to hear that Bubba is doing better. {{{{HUGS}}}} to your family, both at home and here, on the blog.

  16. Joe: Sent you an email about Lulu and some links to stuff to look at to see if you feel it is a possibility.

    @2cats and @Ponytail @Desi: Thank you. I managed to get one that was non-crying by take 75. I had gone out, taken care of some pets, let my stuffy nose clear out and distracted myself by baking cookies for a bake/rummage sale at the church Patrick has been attending (their Special Needs program) and did manage to come up with one that had no tears in it. I sent both to the group to see which one they liked better and the majority (and my husband Jeff) thought the crying one was more heartfelt. So tears it is! I’ve cried on a TV segment on Patrick that was broadcast in Houston so if I can let strangers see me cry I certainly can let my blog family see me cry.

    @Gforce You really should consider putting up your pictures for sale (like the nature ones). I told you I would definitely buy some, Maybe printing them and rolling them up for me (I’ll pay the postage, too). I agree your video was THE BOMB!

    @TamDixon Glad that Lucy is recovering from Halloween.

    @Drea Thank you for coordinating all this. It was a big task with so many lovely ideas. Sorry when *I* had *MY* meltdown.

    I want to really thank all of you for being so supportive, especially of stuff that goes on with Patrick. I’m going to need you all more than ever in 2017-2018 when I have to move him to a group home in the fall of 2018. I’m going to be quite the mess.

    I totally blanked out on the time change. I got up at 6 a.m. to go take care of clients and I looked at my phone and it said 5 a.m. It took me a few minutes to make the connection. But it was too early to go to these clients. But then Boomer wanted to go out. Once he came in, I tried to lay back down to sleep. He was hogging the bed and wasn’t budging so I tried to move myself to where I could actually find a space. I had to also sync my clock up with my phone to change the time and that took time. I finally drifted off at 5:45 and something else happened that woke me up so I just said “screw it” and got up. Jeff was still sleeping. I fed Boomer, got dressed, was ready to go and Patrick decided to get up. I told Jeff, “You have to get up.” He said, “Why?” I said sarcastically, “Because I have to go to work and Patrick just got up and wants stuff.” I gave him some leeway since I woke him up from sleep to say it. It’s going to be an interesting day. It’s 10 a.m. and I feel like I need to go back to sleep. Usually that is supposed to happen on clocks-forward day not clocks-backwards day. They really should leave the time alone. I see no purpose in it (although I understand why people used to want it).

  17. 10 years? congratulations! I had no idea how long you’d been running it before I got here, shortly after. And even now, so many years after Stargate has ended, I’m still here almost daily. Then again, it’s been over 2 years since we met up just before Dark Matter started as well? Time flies. Looking forward to reading another 10 years, or more.

  18. Poor Lulu. I hope it improves for her. Congrats on 10 years! I’ve been around for 5 or so of them. Quietly… But I never miss a post. I save them up and binge read. It’s the perfect thing for a slow day at work. 🙂 Loved the video!

  19. Joe, thanks for the Lulu up dates. She is so middle aged that her problems are unexpected. Sorry to hear about them. About the anniversary thanks can mean so much. You have found some of my contribution worthy of being quoting so I am happy to have been able to make a contribution.

  20. Thanks for Lulu’s update.
    So sorry she’s not doing as well as you’d hoped. It must be so hard to write … but just see what the vet says. There’s possibly further options available which may still help improve things.
    Still early days …

  21. @PBMom No worries on the meltdown.You know I love ya darling. <3
    Besides, As far as meltdowns unleashed on our family go, I'm pretty sure Joe still has us beat, eh!? LOL. 😀 😀 😀

  22. I feel like I’ve arrived 9 yrs late to the party…think I’m gonna have to go back to the beginning and start reading. Should have lots of free time with the upcoming holidays, right?

    Love the pic of Autumn leaves & the dogs! Saved it for a screen saver.

    So disheartened to learn of Lulu’s continued plight. You and Akemi are wonderful parents! She is loved! Sending healing thoughts her/your way.

    @PBMom: a really touching video

  23. @PBMom Your personal video tribute is just as touching each time I watch it as it was on my first viewing, when we chose it.

    Hugs for Lulu.

  24. Lulu in Greek translates loosely as Wonder Woman, so keep fighting Lulu! So much of healing involves keeping high spirits. Many hugs to the Joe-Akemi family!

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