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Props Master Victoria Klein lays out a veritable smorgasbord of goodies for the Episode 301/304 block props meeting.


Director Ron Murphy must be dissuaded from bringing his own “props” from home.


Arming our new merc, Ash.


Solara Shockley selects.


Commander Delaney Truffault sees some season 3 action.


Identify the prop from a previous episode.


Identify this prop from a previous episode.

First fan to correctly identify both props AND the episode in which it first appeared will receive a cast-signed script!


Well look who’s back from hunting The Most Dangerous game.  It’s stunt coordinator John Stead!  Really looking forward to working with him again.

Today’s look…


Dark blue suit to convey a sense of seriousness.  Natasha, our Art Department Coordinator, said she liked the shirt’s gradients.  The gradients!


And a little splash of the color purple in the pocket square.


And, of course, the high point of the ensemble = blue and purple jellyfish socks with the textured blue shoes.

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Hi, Joe…. the mystery prop looks like the door opener from “Stuff to Steal, People to Kill”


The Prop – the sub-space transponder that Three activates at the end of Ep 203 I’ve Seen The Other Side Of You?


Defintiley a smorgasbord – awesome!

You’re looking dapper, again – loving the socks 👍


The blue thing is the subspace tracking device that they found in some of Three’s junk from the vault. He activated it and they found him.


I was thinking the second one was the platform that Two & Nyz stand on in the prison, to get to the holographic place in season 2 episode 1 or 2. But I’m pretty sure I’m wrong.


Ugh I saw the typo when I hit “post comment.” NYX.

Cameron Heyde

Prop 1 first appeared in S02E01 “Welcome to Your New Home” in Arax Nero’s prison quarters, top shelf right hand corner, which you see the first time the Raza crew enter his quarters.

Prop 2 is a device that opens a door in the Raza, in S02E08 “Stuff to Steal, People to Kill”. One of the security guards attaches it to a door in the Raza and a few seconds later it forces the door to open. He’s one of Commander Delaney Truffault’s guards she uses while taking over the Raza.


It was in that alternate universe in stuff to steal people to kill. It unlocked a door or something


First… geography.. do I have this right?
You live in Vancouver
Dark Matter films in Toronto
Your mom is in Montreal

So you know much of Canada really well. For those of us planning to invade (almost just joking), if you do a question/answer section, tell me where a non-polar bear might best survive winters if the east coast islands are a no-go? Vancouver I thought was supposed to be milder but your pics scare me!

Speaking of scaring, those shoes and socks are both awesome and frightening! Love them. smile


I love those blue shoes! Your Props Master Victoria Klein sets a really cool table. That is one busy department!


We had to guess both props, I obviously didn’t read that correctly!
Prop 1 – An emergency beacon that Chief Inspector Kierkan shows Four when he’s talking to him, when trapped under the rubble in Ep 205 We Voted Not To Space You.

Prop 2 – one of Truffault’s soldiers uses it to open the door when they board the Raza in Ep208 Stuff To Steal, People To Kill.


that’s blue! Lovely

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

How are the pups doing? Can you tell any difference in Lulu since the surgeries?

Not any going to try and guess when the props were featured. I can’t remember where my sunglasses are and I use them every day.

I’m not going to lie, I had to look up the definition of gradient. It’s a very visual word. Cool gradient suit!

Margaret Clayton

Diggin’ the kicks.

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

I think ceresis64 nailed the mystery prop/props. Wouldn’t you know I’d miss the blog that offers a prize. Friday I was off on a quest for a new recliner. You’d think the 4th largest city in Tennessee would have a recliner that I want but it took me driving 2 hours to the city I grew up in, Cookeville, for me to find my “soul recliner”. It just spoke to me, and they offer free delivery.

Interesting props, a big welcome to John, and as always, your attire is a “knock-out”!


@ Maggie L80 Fingers crossed! 😉😊