Kicked back and relaxed a little.


Headed out and hung out.


Now feeling dazed and confused as I head back into prep.


One of the nice things about the weekends is that it’s a time when I can set aside my eating routine in favor of more, uh, adventurous culinary pursuits.  Like, pictured above, the dozen fried dumplings at The Dumpling House on Spadina.


With a double hit of chili paste and sweet and spicy chili oil.

We checked out the oddly-named but delicious Rasta Pasta serving everything from ox-tail and fried plaintain to jerk chicken panini sandwiches in Kensington Market.

And happened by this taste of Osaka –

img_2046 img_2050

Takoyaki – octopus balls.  The best part of the octopus!

 Tomorrow, it’s back to the office where festivities include:

10:00 – 13:00 = Mold making

11:00 = Hair and Make-Up meeting

13:00 = Editor interview

14:00 = SPFX/VFX meeting

16:00 = Playback/Graphics meeting

And between those meetings = script work!


Yep, this about sums it up.

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Love the Bubba pics, of course!

Sounds like you have a busy day planned for tomorrow. It does sound more interesting that what mine will be though.

@PBMom (from yesterday’s post): I’m working on a web site for my photos. It’s coming! Eventually.


Joe – Today’s tribute post comes from the one and only Lt. Anders, aka Jeff Teravainen!

“Joe, I’ve said it to you in person and I’ll say it here. Writers have always blown my mind. One of my greatest wish is would be to meet and hang with Rod Serling ever since I was a kid. Because to me, great writers are like magical people. People that do what you do have an exceptional gift. To create one interesting thing to me would be such a milestone. However people like yourself keep doing it day after day, week after week. I find that amazing. But the fact that you have a 10 year anniversary on your blog and never missed a day is frankly astounding! Somehow after the crazy days you put in at work you somehow find not only The time to write something, you manage to write various things of interest to so many people. You are so engaging as a show runner with the hordes of fans out there to various social media. I say again, it is really something.

And this is after you couldn’t be more of a pleasure to work for. I had never met someone so approachable as you. Usually producers and show runners are the guys off in the corner by the monitors that I don’t talk to you unless I’m spoken to. And many times you aren’t spoken to. I think many sets in there tones are set from the top down. Maybe that’s one of the reasons Dark Matter Is such a fun place to show up to! Here’s to many more years of your exciting updates whether it be show business or dog business, family or meals. Somehow you fit it in and make it all worth reading!

Happy Anniversary
-Jeff Teravainen


Looks like you had a great weekend; hopefully it will fuel you up for a great week!


Bubba is Mr. Chill. He loves his Akemi!
I’d try those dumplings, yesiree. Not sure about that chili sauce.
What? No wardrobe expose today?

I must try Writer’s Tears! Hope it’s available locally.
Good luck with your day, mine is equally jammed tomorrow, but not as fun sounding as yours, sigh.

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

Glad you got to kick back, relax & hang out! Interesting food choices.

“Writers Tears” – there’s no crying in baseball, oops, I mean in the writers room.

Have a fabulous Monday! I plan on sleeping in. Worked this weekend & it kicked my behind.

hank ronson
hank ronson

bubba is the mayor of awesome town


“Usually producers and show runners are the guys off in the corner by the monitors that I don’t talk to…”

With a bottle of Whiskey in their hands?

“Here’s to many more years of your exciting updates whether it be show business or dog business, family or meals. Somehow you fit it in and make it all worth reading!”

Amen! And cheers! (I raise my glass of chocolate milk to you Joe.)

Thanks @JeffT. Nice!

Bubba is a handsome guy.


I love Jeff T’s tribute. When he first sent in sent it in. I was thinking Kathy & I should edit his wording for clarity. But his sincerity shined through so well It made it perfect just the way it is.

More clues and fun riddles to decipher about your grand finale anniversary gift
headed your way in the coming days. Until then, Have a Great Week.
Warmest hugs and always so much love to You, Akemi, Bubba n Lulu.
XOXOX <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 XOXOX


@JeffT Love your personal tribute 👍

Yep, writer’s tears!
Eh….octopus balls….? 😳

Margaret Clayton

Hi Bubba! Hi Akemi!

Dumplings look great, and of course takoyaki is seriously awesome. Yum.

Writer’s Tears? So, bitter then is it?


Catching up…

– Yes!! I LOVE guns and props and prop guns.
– I’m so sad for Lulu. I’m hoping it’s not causing her any discomfort.
– The 10 Year Blog Anniversary video is fantastic! Way to go, guys! Has it really been 10 years?
– Mmmm…Writer’s Tears!
– Mmmm…fried dumplings!

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Wow! That was a great tribute by JeffT!!

Loved the pictures of Bubba, Lulu and Akemi! Winter gear already? It’s still warm here (70F-ish). I’m enjoying the warmth but it would be nice to quit mowing.

Who got you the “Writer’s Tears”? Best Gift EVER!


That first photo looks like “Getting loved with tummy rubs.” wink <3


Sweet, sweet writer’s tears, elixir of the gods. Looks like a very happy food weekend, Akemi looks so happy with her goodies, it’s so nice when you find home cooking far from home.


Fantastic tribute @JeffT I can’t tell you how happy it made so many of us that your character wasn’t killed off. I love how you are engaged with the fan base, too. You rock. If you ever get to Houston, you’ll have to let me know. I have a friend who works at NASA and she told me she could arrange private tours for me. She used to watch my son when she was in high school. Now she is a doctor in aerospace engineering and has an experiment up on ISS. I’m so proud of her. I’m going to go on Saturday to see her and her mom since she is coming up my way.

Awww. Bubba and Akemi. You can see all the love emanating from both of them.

Writer’s Tears? That’s awesome.

@Gforce My walls are bare. We repainted 3 years ago and we wanted to put up new stuff on the walls. Yeah….3 years my walls were bare. We are just now starting to put things up. Found a beautiful painting at Pier 1 Imports that was a line of different colored trees with such beautiful colors. We need some color in this house. We’re in the process of pulling down the wallpaper in the kitchen and we are going to redo that soon as well. And scraping the popcorn ceilings. This house is just too 1990. Painting actually made our mood improve.