Hard to believe we’re already back in the production offices, prepping Dark Matter’s third season.

Even harder to believe we’re about a month away from the start of principal photography on Year 3.  But here’s proof.  Swinging by the office today…

October 17, 2016: Getting The Band Back Together!  Minus Sax, Oboe, And Percussion!

Lead Set Dresser Frank Consiglio.

October 17, 2016: Getting The Band Back Together!  Minus Sax, Oboe, And Percussion!

Costume Designer Noreen Landry.

We’re getting the band back together!

Well, most of the band.  We lost sax and oboe to Star Trek and percussion to Designated Survivor.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been working with our casting director, the lovely Lisa Parasyn, on preparing the breakdowns for Episodes 1-4.  We’ve got a call-back for the Solara Shockley character next week, then first round auditions for Teku Fonsei, Adrian Maro, and a couple of guest stars including one we haven’t seen since season 1.

On a show biz-related note – don’t you hate it when people don’t get back to you? It’s especially galling when THEY work for YOU.  Makes you somewhat…less inclined to dial them in to any decision-making – and more inclined to wash your hands of them when the times comes.

October 17, 2016: Getting The Band Back Together!  Minus Sax, Oboe, And Percussion!

It’s amazing how quickly my interest in football has waned alongside the fortunes of my fantasy team, the Snow Monkeys.  Thanks for next-to-nothing to my 2016 draft picks: Carson Palmer, Dez Bryant, DeAndre Hopkins, Demaryius Thomas, Golden Tate, Devante Parker, Thomas Rawls, and TJ Yeldon.

On the bright side, Akemi is absolutely thrilled at the prospect of spending Sundays with me again.

Hey, NFL, see you in December.


26 thoughts on “October 17, 2016: Getting the band back together! Minus sax, oboe, and percussion!

  1. Next year, draft players that played in college for Rutgers. There’s a bunch to choose from. Kenny Britt made a great one-handed catch yesterday.

    Bummer on all the shows filming so close they snag your staff. They knew you were coming back for season 3…they couldn’t wait??

  2. Thanks to @Drea & @PBMom, I’ve been watching pug videos on You Tube.

    So here’s one more for your birthday Joe. Hope it wasn’t posted already and I missed it. 😀

  3. So sorry the football season has let you down. But I know Akemi will love having more of you, especially with production gearing up.

    How’s Lulu doing? Have you been able to contain her so she isn’t jumping around.

    I have been meaning to ask everyone — did you watch MacGyver? I watched the first episode with an open mind, but I just couldn’t continue watching it. It wasn’t like Richard Dean Anderson. It was more about blowing things up with stunts that made you wish they would have thought about things a bit more because you could see how very much they were not real. So I decided not to watch any more episodes. Anyone watching?

  4. Joe, I play sax. And I’m only about 3 hours from Toronto. What time are rehearsals?
    PBMom – I too, tried to be open to the new MacGyver. You did better than me – I only made it 15-20 minutes. It was horrible! All the great things about RDA that made MacGyver MacGyver just weren’t there and I couldn’t take it.

  5. Getting the band back together? Are you on a Mission from God? Sorry, the Blues Brothers are tossing food around a fancy restaurant in my head in order to get Mr. Fabulous back with the band. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day of the week.

    Still, exciting times.

  6. Who did we lose? Anyone we know?

    Yeah, I do hate it when people don’t get back to me, though sadly it happens often enough that it doesn’t bother me that much anymore. It’s particularly annoying when it’s some piece of information that I need at work and I wait… and wait… requiring the “Hey, did you happen to get my message about…” follow up.

    Just finishing watching the first episode of Brad Wright’s new show “Travelers”. It’s really good so far! I’m looking forward to seeing where it’s going with the concept.

    Too bad about the Snow Monkeys. But good for Akemi!

  7. Happy birthday, Joe. It looks like you had a great day. I agree with you about people who do not respond back when I contact them. My feeling is that if I can’t count on someone to be there when I need them, then why do I need them at all? People need to step up and do what they should do, not the least possible thing just to stay in the game. Step up or get out.

  8. @ PBMom – I’m not too keen on the new MacGyver. I can’t seem to stay awake past the first 15 minutes. The old RDA original is a very tough act to follow. It may be impossible. RDA was so cute, laid back, smart, kind. Where’d Pete go? The new Jack Dalton needs his own show, he is so slick and fashionable. I believe this is the show that chop edits scenes which drives me crazy. They take a 5 minute scene and after they are done chopping it up, it is only 30 seconds long. Irritating. That may be when I fall asleep. I’ll take Richard Dean Anderson any day.

    Now I am liking The Exorcists. It’s got some moments and is keeping me entertained.

  9. Some band members missing (at the moment) but the orchestra is ramping up and getting ready to play 😊
    Solara Shockley, Teku Fonsei, Adrian Maro – love the new character names!

    ….and a couple of guest stars including one we haven’t seen since season 1 = My vote goes to The General – to find out more about Anders and Six

    Pity about the Snow Monkeys but a win-win for Akemi!

  10. @KathyC: The best pug video I’ve seen was featured on this blog a few years ago. Did you watch Brie (pup they kept for a while) try and jump over a hedge? Just thinking about that makes me smile.

  11. I know Jeff T. is doing a bit on Designated Survivor, he’s not the percussion, is he? Don’t want to loose Lt. Anders! Welcome back Frank and Noreen!

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this season! How many weeks are we down to now @sylvia?

  12. YAY! Did someone say he was celebrating all week?!!

    Might as well face it Joe! We are just having waaay too much fun looking this shit up

    so we’re just gonna drive ya crazy with them for the next 5 days!


    On a somber note:
    We mourn another loss of the already endangered snow monkeys!

    Don’t worry. Be happy. – They’ll get em next time, eh!

    @pbmom @KathyC I’ll send ya a prize if you can actually refrain
    from giggling out loud at this one! 😀

  13. @PonyTail I went and corrected Joe’s wikipedia page to reflect the correct birthdate.

    Considering the original poster never bothered to),

    I actually meant to do it weeks ago, – well before it was his birthday week,
    but kept getting distracted by that pesky thing people call Life, eh!
    Boy! It’s gotta lotta nerve getting in the way of my fun!!! I say we should all boycott it till it comes to its senses!

  14. Hey Gang!

    Okay got another update on Scrappy, (the sweet lovable pug Joe helped get pulled off death row), from his new foster mom Judy.

    She says he’s doing a little better.
    His pancreatitis seems to be subsiding and the counts for his liver and pancreas are now reading normal.

    He is however, still battling pneumonia and the doctors are working on getting his out of control diabetes in check, so he’s going to have to remain in the hospital a while longer..

    Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers…. and if ya havent already made a pledge to help with his ongoing medical bills

    Go to: http:www.gmpr.org (you can just put “For Scrappy” in the receipt instructions box or via a quick contact note at the site.

    Thanks! 🙂 <3

    1. @Drea They got my donation straightened out and assured me it would go to Scrappy. Glad to hear he is doing better in some areas. Let’s hope they can get the others cleaned up soon. Poor guy.

  15. Sounds like some great new positions are opening up on the team, any chance some Van folks would come out to work on DM?
    Your football line up has way to many De’s, Dre’s and Thomas’s. This could be a simple case of alliterative prognostication, sounds good but leads ultimately to ruin. I suggest using a more reliable source format like beardyness or tats.

  16. @ Drea and all Scrappy fans.
    The donation page was not intuitive for me (what a surprise).
    At the top is a place for donation – via credit card and I believe that is where you get page 2 for the comment.
    Then there is a list of paypal – one time donation or monthly or…etc.
    There was no page 2 there…so I just emailed to advise mine was for scrappy.

    @Maggie L80 – oops, something interfered with my OCD countdown.
    So this Friday will be 33 weeks and waiting.

    @Joe & Akemi – since birthday celebrations are at least 1 maybe 2 weeks long…another Happy Birthday. For some reason I thought it was on the 15th, but now it is permanently etched on the calendar for 16….wheeeeee.

  17. Of course you lost sax and oboe to Star Trek, just listen to the scores. They’ll get more work with Star Trek’s 2 minute title sequences.

  18. Thanks @Silvia! <3.

    I wonder if they changed their page set up in the last week??
    Either way, am sure it'll be fine if you sent them a note.letting them know it was for Scrappy. 🙂

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wow that is one fantastic cake!

    On the not get back to you…. ruh row.. someone’s butt’s on the line.

    I am glad you are back in production, because if the season had ended with no 3rd season, I might be sending you hate mail. Okay, I KNOW, you can’t write so that the things are neatly done up in case it isn’t renewed, but dang… you don’t have to have so much up in the air!

    Obviously my whining about Six (R Cross) being axed was wrong wrong wrong… but then you took One. Then you added and axed a bunch of good characters. One would think you were a Brit, where they seem to have a competition on how many characters they can get rid of each season. Get attached… Joe’s gonna kill/write off. I feel like I’m watching Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. I guess I should stop getting attached and say “everyone dies or leaves.” All that whining aside, really excellent, fun season. 🙂

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