October 8, 2016: Toronto Thanksgiving Weekend!  With Special Guest Star Brian J. Smith!

You’ll never guess who I ran into this morning!  Unless, of course, you happened to read the title of this blog entry.  Yes!  None other than actor Brian J. Smith (Stargate: Universe’s Lieutenant Scott) who is in town shooting something.  I can’t believe it’s been almost five years.  In that time, Brian has been very busy on both stage and screen, earning a Tony Award nomination and most recent feature performance on Netflix’s Sense8.  Very happy for his success.  As Ivon’s always said: “He’s an easy guy to root for”.  Another Stargate alum I’d love to work with again.

October 8, 2016: Toronto Thanksgiving Weekend!  With Special Guest Star Brian J. Smith!

Check it out.  There’s a Star Trek film fest happening at TIFF.  I was super excited to see they scheduled a marathon screening of five episodes from the original series and was going to suggest any locals with five hours to spare head down for a group viewing.  Sadly, however, the screening was held September 24th.  Too late.  🙁

Next awesome marathon, maybe?

October 8, 2016: Toronto Thanksgiving Weekend!  With Special Guest Star Brian J. Smith!

Having mom and sis in town has been a good excuse to revisit some of my favorite culinary haunts.  Interestingly enough, I was having a conversation with Andria just the other day about restaurant disappointments.  I told her that I usually have no trouble excusing a bad night at one of my favorite places UNLESS it’s an occasion in which I happen to be there with guests.  Back in Vancouver, I crossed two restaurants off my “regularly frequented” list after two disappointing meals there with visitors.   This weekend, scrutiny has turned to my Toronto faves.

October 8, 2016: Toronto Thanksgiving Weekend!  With Special Guest Star Brian J. Smith! October 8, 2016: Toronto Thanksgiving Weekend!  With Special Guest Star Brian J. Smith!

Last night, we went to my favorite Toronto restaurant, Buca, a place that has never failed to impress.  And it kept its record intact, delivering yet another great dining experience: perfect pastas, pizzas, and the best tiramisu ever created.

October 8, 2016: Toronto Thanksgiving Weekend!  With Special Guest Star Brian J. Smith!

Dinner at another old favorite, R&D, was, on the other hand, a disaster.  The house fried rice and short ribs were great as always, but the various dim sum plates were hit and miss.  And then there was the eggplant dish.  Woof.  It came to our table half raw so we sent it back.  It returned to our table cooked through, but even that wasn’t enough to save what I can honestly anoint the worst dish I’ve had this year. 20 minutes after leaving the restaurant, my mother was still complaining about the taste in her mouth.

October 8, 2016: Toronto Thanksgiving Weekend!  With Special Guest Star Brian J. Smith!

Nothing a little chocolate can’t solve.  Ah, good old dependable award-winning Soma.  How I’ve missed you!

October 8, 2016: Toronto Thanksgiving Weekend!  With Special Guest Star Brian J. Smith!

On our way back to the hotel, we passed this sandwich board and I got all excited until I realized they weren’t offering coffee-espresso ice cream cupcakes but “Coffee, Expresso, Ice Cream, and Cupcakes”.

October 8, 2016: Toronto Thanksgiving Weekend!  With Special Guest Star Brian J. Smith!

Back on the other home front, Akemi reports that Lulu hates the cage and doesn’t appreciate not being allowed on the bed, but she seems to be healing nicely.

October 8, 2016: Toronto Thanksgiving Weekend!  With Special Guest Star Brian J. Smith!

Good news on the other dog friend.  Scrappy received a death row reprieve and is headed for rescue!

17 thoughts on “October 8, 2016: Toronto Thanksgiving Weekend! With Special Guest Star Brian J. Smith!

  1. Yay Scrappy and yay Lulu! Good news that Lulu is well and on the mend. Is she cleared to fly as soon as you want?
    I hope you were able to put aside the workplace aggravation and enjoy your Thanksgiving. Glad to know issue not from cast member.

    Safe travels all.
    Good night!

  2. Oh I’m so happy you two got to meet up!! He has such respect for you. Hasn’t he done well for himself!!! A Tony Nomination, OMG so proud of him

    I’ve been keeping up with you thru Akemi on Instagram. She’s a hoot. Take care 😎

    His mom.

  3. Continued puppy prayers your way for Lulu’s speedy recovery. Enjoy your time with family!! Glad Scrappy has found a home.

  4. Good to see Mama Mallozzi again! Both her and Andria look fabulous. I hope they enjoy their stay. Somebody stuck a mustache on that big pink thing. Joe….? Lulu has that “save me!” look about her. Akemi must be smothering her in love. She should get well real fast. Thanks for the pictures.

  5. That pizza looks amazing! One day I’ll get to Canada and I’ll be able to try all these places! The last time I was in Vancouver (25 years ago!) my culinary tastes didn’t go much past McDonalds! 🙁

    Too bad about the Star Trek marathon. That would have been cool. Speaking of Star Trek, I hear Wil Wheaton is in Birmingham, only 87 miles away from me, attending a Star Trek convention. If I’d known I would have gone to get my Dark Matter DVD signed!

    Back on the home front, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, but I’m moving back home to Australia in 4 weeks time. (Holy crap! Is it only 4 weeks?) The last 8 years in the UK has been fun but it’s time to get back to some decent weather!

  6. Busy weekend, quick run by today.

    Happy Lulu is feeling better, despite still not being allowed on the bed. Surprised Akemi hasn’t given in yet. 😀

    Yay for Scrappy!

    Boo on the restaurants.

    Happy Thanksgiving, and hello Brian!

  7. I saw where Brian had posted on Twitter that he was on his way to Toronto. So cool that you were able to meet up. HOPEFULLY, that will mean he’ll be on DM sometime in the future! 🙂 He’s always seemed like someone that would be very easy to work with and a really nice fellow.

    Also really great that you could meet up with Mom and Sis in TO. Your mom looks like she’s doing well! Too bad that the food at R&D wasn’t so good. I notice there’s no pictures of that! The pizza looks great though.

    So glad to hear that Scrappy found a rescue – I do hope he finds his forever home soon. In reading his notes from the shelter he seems like he was a pretty hard luck case. I can’t imagine that people just turn in elderly dogs because they’re basically “done” with them.

    Lulu sounds like she’s progressing well. I’ll bet she’ll be glad when she’s allowed back on the bed, though!

    Great, now I have a craving for a coffee espresso ice cream cupcake.


  8. Brian is looking good! Glad you two got to met up. Another Stargate alum I’d love to work with again. High praise!

    Yay for Scrappy! That might make a good side line for you, placing pugs with rescue groups. As if, you needed more projects but thought I’d throw it out there.

    Yay for your family visit! Sounds like they’re enjoying themselves.

    Post-op surgery restrictions are the worst! Hopefully, she’ll be 100% soon and life can get back to your crazy normal.

  9. Did they salt the egg plant properly? Looks awful…now you’re making me hungry for chocolate!

  10. Congrats to Brian J Smith on all his success these last 5 years.

    Glad to see your mom and sis looking happy and well
    And very glad Scrappy was rescued!
    That is definitely something to give thanks for this holiday.

    Hugs to Lulu today and to Akemi for taking such great care of her
    during her recovery. XO

    @Tam Keeping Jo in my prayers
    she continues to receive good news in her fight.
    She is so much stronger and more courageous
    than she will ever really know.
    Tried making pizza again last night. -This time using your recipe.
    As @gforce says “flop sweat”. I tossed it after first bite.
    -Will keep trying as free time permits.
    I eventually ended up making a delicious
    sausage pepper n onion hero for dinner instead.

  11. R.O.U.S’s ALERT!

    Attention! Attention! All Toronto citizens!

    Be on the look out for rodents of unusual sizes.

    These rodents are reported to have escaped the fire swamp at University of Toronto’s Queens park.
    They were last spotted roaming the downtown Toronto area
    photo-bombing unsuspecting tourists.

    Do not be fooled by the pink candy coated shell
    they have donned as disguise.
    These R.O.U.S’s are to be considered armed and extremely dangerous.
    DO NOT under any circumstance confront them or offer them food.
    If spotted contact authorities immediately!

    Chem lab professor Abby Normale at University of Toronto explains
    the unusual size of these rodents are the direct result
    of an experimental radioactive chemical
    poured, (allegedly by accident) into an award-winning
    eggplant mixture following a schoolwide cooking contest.
    The winning eggplant mixture was then sold
    to several popular Toronto area restaurants.
    When restaurant guests complained of the strange taste
    and sent their eggplant dishes back to the kitchen,
    restaurant owners returned the mix to the school,
    demanding full refund and reputation damage compensation.
    Unaware of the cause for the strange taste,
    the bulk of the mixture was then simply disposed of in park trash cans,
    without bio hazard sealing.

    Although no humans have, as of yet,
    reported ill effects from the smaller quantity consumptions,
    Health officials advise precaution.
    Anyone experiencing unusual behaviors
    such as a sudden urge to harass tourists
    or to roam back alleys of restaurants
    should immediately report to the nearest hospital emergency room.

  12. Brian J. Smith is awesome. The interview i did with him on the set of SGU is still one of my favourites.

    Dark Matter will forever be associated with Thanksgiving after last year when I was laid up in bed with an infection and binge-watched the first season.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  13. I saw Brian post he was landing in Toronto and I said, Hmmmm… Joe’s in Toronto. And I was hoping it meant he may be talking to you about a part. I’d love to see him in a nemesis kind of role. Sense8 is wow! I can’t wait for season 2. I wish I had gotten a chance to see him on Broadway.

    I am glad Scrappy was rescued. Hopefully he will get a real forever home soon.

    Great to see your mom and Andria. They look fantastic. Sorry you didn’t have a great experience with that restaurant. The eggplant thing actually looks good. Early Happy Thanksgiving.

    So great to hear Lulu is doing better each day. I hope she will be able to travel next week.

    I agree: Someone should now create this: coffee espresso ice cream cupcake.

    @Drea ROUS — Pink edition. That made me laugh.

  14. I missed a week of the blog and BJS to boot! Glad to hear Brian is in town filming…Sense8? I loved that show, I was a blubbering mess when the show ended. Lulu! That is one cute hoodie she’s wearing.

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