October 4, 2016: The Lulu Update!

Well, this was a nerve-wracking day.  I slept fitfully thinking about the surgery and Lulu seemed to sense something was up.  She was atypically needy, snuggling up to me throughout the night and then not wanting to get out of bed this morning.  We dropped her off at 8:30 a.m. and the waited for word.

And waited.

And waited.

She went into surgery a little after noon and, between the soft palette reduction and the spinal micro-procedure, she was in there for most of the day.  I didn’t hear from the surgeon until a little before 7 p.m.  Apparently, it went well.  He had to remove a little soft tissue, but he’s confident it won’t affect her long term recovery. He expects her to be mobile and see some improvement tomorrow and, if all goes well, she should be able to come home in a couple of days (I’m aiming for Thursday morning as I have to get on a flight to Toronto that afternoon).  The main thing is she get a nice, comfortable night’s sleep and continue her steady breathing.  No news is good news tonight and, hopefully, the first all I receive will be around 10 a.m. tomorrow morning with an update.

October 4, 2016: The Lulu Update!

Bubba seemed lost today all by his lonesome, so we treated him to a little trip to Granville Island.

October 4, 2016: The Lulu Update!

For my part, I spent much of the day rewriting – another 15 pages today with some surprising backstory elements for one of our beloved crew members.  Oh, I think you’re gonna like it!

Tomorrow is my last full day in Vancouver.  I’ll no doubt spend it packing, rewriting, scrambling and, oh yeah, worrying.

Aw, man.  I just know I’m going to forget something.

P.S. Snow Monkeys fan rejoice!  We eked out our first win of the season and now our record stands at 1-3, in a 4 way tie for last place, but only 1 game out of a playoff spot!

October 4, 2016: The Lulu Update!


28 thoughts on “October 4, 2016: The Lulu Update!

  1. Thanks for the report on Miss Lulu. I didn’t want to go to bed without hearing something. Glad things went well. Praying for her over the next couple of days for a nice recovery. God bless this little one.

  2. PS–“baterista9” & “gildermcc” are both me. Guess I have multiple login names for WordPress. 🤔

  3. Very relieved to hear about Lulu’s successful surgery! I’m sure she’ll be ready for the flight to Toronto. Just spent 4 days with my sister’s Cocker Spaniel, Izzy, who had been my mom’s before she passed. I spoil her rotten then leave my sister to deal with her attitude. This time she got a new bed, an intense grooming, a new collar, a kong, and some tasty pumpkin-based treats out of me. And that’s not counting the constant scritches, games of fetch, and overall lovin’. I just can’t resist.

    Hey, maybe that’s what the Raza crew needs – a nice dog-like pet to bring out their softer sides. Just tape on some little horns like they did in Star Trek so it doesn’t look too earth-based.

  4. Wishing Lulu a speedy and successful recovery! It must be the day for pet concerns.

    Today I took our new kitty, James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, to the vet. He showed up in our yard about 3-4 weeks ago, and I had him neutered ten days ago at the clinic. No idea how old he is (vet said about 3 years, give or take). He seems to have rapid breathing, so I wanted to get him checked out. Everything seems okay, but I’m going to keep an eye on him. He was very thin and he eats like a pig, so maybe he was starving when he found us. He’s a real cuddlebug, so I know he is used to people. Sometimes, since this is a resort area, people leave animals behind when they leave at the end of the summer. But whoever had him didn’t bother to get him neutered, and he was in my yard for two weeks with no attempt to leave, so I’m guessing he was abandoned. He’s a really sweet boy, so I’m glad he found us. 🙂

    And Joe, looks like Bubba’s giving you some stiff competition. Better put on your A game if you want to stay in the running! Might I suggest allowing Akemi to dress you up in cute outfits for when you two go for a stroll out of doors? 😉


  5. Thanks for the update on Lulu. Hope all continues to go well. With Akemi in her long coat and Bubba in his hat, is the weather cooling off up there? We were in the 70’s last week but back in the high 80’s this week.

    Rewrites, scrambling, and packing, oh my!

  6. @Das! 😀 😀 😀
    Joe i think after what Miss Lulu endured today and managed to get thru it like a champ she has most definitely earned herself a place among the bad ass raza crew! I’m thinking late season 3 walk on.
    She can play a pseudo stray that wanders over and befriends Three. Only for him to discover she’s actually just another sophisticated A.I sent to track and spy on the crew.
    Congrats on finally getting a win for your snow monkeys. Boy! Did they need this!
    Wow! I still cant believe DM is now being shown in Saudi Arabia and across the middle east.
    It’s official Joe. 10 years since you started blogging and you have finally achieved world domination! 😀

    Speaking of conquering the world. .Hey Everyone! Just found out our Jeffy T (Lt Anders) landed himself a role working with Kiefer Sutherland on Designated Survivor! Be sure to send him Giant Hugs n Congrats on twitter @JeffTeravainen. He’s worked very hard for this break and it could not have happened to a nicer guy. Well done and very well deserved. Go get em Jeff! Time to set the world on fire!❤ XO

  7. So happy to read Lulu’s surgery went well. Hope you get to bring her home before you leave, but may be better if not? Will she have a problem with you leaving her?

  8. I’m so happy Lulu came through the surgery and pray they have the desired results. It’s hard having our fur babies away from home. 😔 🍀

  9. So your Snow Monkeys are in the NFC South?… 🙄
    Glad to hear Lulu came through all right – hope she continues to do well.

  10. Joe, I’m so relieved to hear that Lulu made it through surgery okay. Here’s hoping that all is well and she’ll be back on her feet as soon as possible. Please give her a big hug and ear scratch for me as soon as you see her again! Does she mind being left at the vet’s?

    @Das: People leave their pets behind when they go home after the Summer? What kind of person does that?? I had to re-read that line to make sure that’s what you said. That’s awful.

  11. So glad to hear about Lulu. The minutes drag on so slowly when you are waiting for news, don’t they? I’m glad you put that nervous energy into some rewrites. You know we can’t wait for EVERYTHING about Season 3 of Dark Matter. I’ll keep saying a prayer for Lulu. Dogs bounce back SO quickly. I bet you she’ll be home by Thursday morning and you won’t have to worry. I have to run right now, but I’ll write more later.

  12. Rest up lovely Lulu, please add a hug from me for her. Great pics of Bubba and Akemi, look at Bubba’s smile! I love Akemi’s Oliva Pope coat, she and Bubba look ready to take down Washington big-wigs.

    I came back from my trip Monday to find the ceiling caved in above my bathtub, and after assurances from the plumbers and a night in the hotel I came back last night to find an even bigger hole over my bathtub. But after reading this post it seems like nothing compared to what Lulu’s and her family are enduring this week. Eastward-ho and on to Season 3 of DM, safe travels!

  13. Hoping that Lulu’s recovery is on right on track and that all the updates from her vet team continue to be so positive 🐾
    So happy n relieved for you all! 😊

  14. I am so glad it went well for Lulu. Sending a lot of love for her recovery.

    May your travels be safe, boring, and uneventful!

    While we were at the vet with Punkin, I met the loveliest Himalayan named Mojo, so sweet and loving, and she really liked me. Alas, I cannot bring a third cat into the mix right now, and especially not one with special needs. But I can’t stop thinking about her. Dang it.

    I had my follow up with the surgeon. He says I look better than ever, and he doesn’t want to see me again unless I have a problem. So “take it easy”, keep healing, and well, I guess I’m good to go. Whoot. Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes.

  15. Thanks for the Lulu pupdate. So relieved to hear she made it through her surgery. Paws crossed that she recovers quickly and is soon 100%.

  16. Really good news about Lulu – we all were concerned, poor sweet girl.
    Did you read that Anthony Lemke? Your sweetheart is doing well! She now requires an inordinate amount of cuddles, spoiling and general lov’in ups.

    Bubba looks comfy/cozy with Akemi. Smart pup… snuggling up, gettin’ lov’in.

    @maggiemayday So good to know you’re on the mend as well!
    @das I hope Bucky will be okay… love him up and feed him goodies. You’re a good soul to welcome him into your home.
    @shinyhula Egads! Sorry about your ceiling disaster. I have pipes in the outer wall of my main bathroom that freeze solid each winter for a few days. I live in fear of one of them bursting. I was supposed to have them insulated more this past summer, but didn’t get to it.

    Say hi to the gang at the Toronto studios for us, then tell ’em to get to work creating the magic for us! Safe travels!


  17. I think Bubba looks the happiest when he is wrapped up in Akemi’s arms.

    @Das That is so sad. What is wrong with people? Usually how they treat animals is how they treat humans. I’m glad JBBB found you and you were able to take him in and make it work. He found someone who will love him very much.

    @Drea That’s funny. I’d love for both dogs to have cameos. Where Three re-discovers the original of why his guns are called Bubba and Lulu. That’s great about Designated Survivor and Jeff T. I missed the first episode but I have the second one on my DVR.

    @Shinyhula Wow. How awful. I can’t imagine that happening. Love contractors who promise things they can’t deliver on. I hope it gets fixed soon.

  18. @das: It all worked out well because now you have another great kitty. One that snuggles. And is named Bucky. Snuggling with Bucky. The stuff dreams are made of…

    @Joe: I’m so glad Lulu’s surgery went well. I hope she recovers quickly.

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