21 thoughts on “October 2, 2016: Akemi’s Tokyo Video Diaries! And assorted clips!

  1. Thanks for putting on pants and a shirt for us. That was so sweet of you! Akemi is a natural behind and in front of the camera. Thank you for sharing. That was very entertaining.

  2. I was wondering what Akemi was doing bts, and now we know. I agree with @Ponytail, she’s a natural. Loved the videos, it’s a wonder you had time for anything else. It is truly amazing, the day we live in and all this technology. I feel like I’ve been left behind. Only recently did I try a bluetooth headset – a friend gave me her old set.

    I love your adventurous spirit, I would probably have passed on the bitter melon chips…but I’d been all in on the pizza.

    It’s official, Gudetama has been elevated to cute status. I may have to find a t-shirt…

  3. The vlogs were a lot of fun. I also agree with @Ponytail that Akemi is very good with a camera. You guys were fun together, I loved this.

  4. I didn’t realize how much I missed weird food installments until now! That was great! I loved the face you made when the bitterness hit – lolol! But you didn’t explain the bitterness…what would you compare it to?


  5. Akemi, you are a wonderful video blogger! Your enthusiasm and joy is contagious even through this blog!

    Joe – SMILE! You have a beautiful lady on your arm – so smile!

    Enjoyed the videos very much — thanks for posting them.


    P.S. I now want a Gudetama too!

  6. Such a gent to put on shirt and pants. 😉 Akemi really does brighten up the videos. Japan agrees with her. She seemed so relaxed and happy. You’re a lucky guy!!!

    I’d like to try bitter melon chips now. You kept eating them, so they’re probably good. What kind of melon are they from and is it the rind?

  7. I always enjoy Akemi’s videos, and for anyone not subscribed to her YouTube, you need to do so!

    That Tokyo street looks soooo busy.

  8. @pbmom Hope all went well for Patrick this morning.

    @Joe @Akemi Sending hugs n prayers everything goes well for sweet Lulu tomorrow.

    I’m so glad everyone enjoyed Akemi’s videos. I’ve been enjoying them since she first started the effort and have been trying to tell you all for a long time now- “you definitely need to subscribe to her youtube channel @peasnatch”.

    She most definitely has a natural talent for this! No matter how long or stressful my work day, her vlogs always lend me a warm smile and laugh.

    Thanks @Akemi! We love you! <3 <3 <3 xoxoxoxox

    @Joe: Question: I saw most of the vids when you posted em on YT because my phone alerts me… but I had no idea street musicians were legal in Tokyo?
    Or was it just because of the holiday that they were permitted?
    Do they play music in the subways as well – like they do in NYC?

  9. Yes – yes! Best success tomorrow for Lulu’s surgery. Give her an extra ear scratch and kiss from me. Prayers will be with her. Try not to worry. She’s a brave girl.

  10. Not been able to view Akemi’s video blogs on my smarty pants phone as they send it rather loopy and then it crashes! Will have access to a laptop tomorrow so will indulge then…

    However,I really wanted to wish Lulu the very best of luck for tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you all.
    My little pup is going in tomorrow too but it is only for a routine minor op. I’m so anxious already but trying not to show it, so I really feel for you guys! Want to say magic words so everything is fine but can’t find them just now….
    Bestest of luck & hugs too! 🐾

  11. Thank you Joe and Akemi for sharing once more a lovely Tokyo/Osaka vacation!

    P.S. Akemis (engagement) ring looks realy lovely, beautiful and huge.

  12. Finally got to sit and watch the videos; thanks for sharing those with us! I love you and Akemi together; so adorable. You’d be such a fun couple to have as friends!!

    On a different subject…so mad my tickets to NYCC are for Sunday. Not only is the Dark Matter crew doing a no-pass event on Saturday, today I see they are doing a panel on Saturday as well.

    I am sooooo done with Sundays. Every year I miss the best stuff, and there is nothing good left for Sunday! If I can’t go Saturday…I’m done getting tickets.

  13. “Old Grandpa” ???? That’s too funny. Thanks for putting on a shirt and jeans for us although I think maybe we have seen you in a bathrobe before? Maybe? Or maybe I’m thinking of someone else. The videos were great. I enjoyed seeing you continue to eat the bitter melon. Loved the videos. Akemi doesn’t age, does she? Always looking happy and upbeat and her energy lifts others up. I know it did me this morning. Made me smile. You guys are just friggin’ adorable together. It’s just too cute. Definitely a match made in heaven….or Japan. LOL.

    @TheOtherOne Will be keeping good thoughts for your dog this morning (10/4). Hope things go well, too.

  14. Wow, great production values! This is more like a Travel Channel ep, very cool! The sound is great too, it looks like much fun was had. As kids we’d eat the ripe bitter melon’s red seeds which were like little jewels and with little seeds like pomegranate.

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