Holy crap!  Guys!  Guys!!  It’s October 1st!  Did any of you see this coming?  And if you did, why didn’t you warn me?!  We start prep on Dark Matter in less than two weeks, and start shooting season 3 in less than a couple of months!

Yesterday, I was fielding questions from Production Designer Ian Brock with regard to some of the prospective early concepts and builds (the facility, the superstructure, the drone, and the “clock”) and  today, I started work on what promises to be a very challenging rewrite.  So far so sloooow, but I imagine that once I get past the tricky part, it’ll be smooth sailing – right around the end of the fifth act.

Also today, I did a little interview with Josh and Anna of Geek on Review.  We talked comic books, season 3, and krakens…

11 thoughts on “October 1, 2016: Full speed ahead!

  1. Hi Joe
    I caught your bit on Geeksiders. I was one of the one’s asking how your pups were doing.
    So… were in for a fantastic season 3, eh?


  2. Hope you have got your living arrangements all worked out satisfactorily. It seems like every time you go to TO there is a problem. I understand your issues with being the nice guy and at times not taken seriously. If I worked for you, I would be shaking in my boots and worried that I had done something to upset you. In my experience it is the nice guys who smile a lot who can hurt me the most.

  3. Great interview! Bubba almost stole the show. A little more air time and he would have. Love the question “why did you kill One?”. However my beagle started barking immediately (at 5 minutes to midnight) and I had to rewind for your answer. Why couldn’t you let us know no one was safe with a different character?

    I have a question for you. If you have a 5 year plan, what happens if you get renewed for a 6th season? And also, how are you ever going to make it into syndication with only 13 episodes a year. It will take you 8 years to get to 100 episodes.

  4. ‘Start pre production in less than two weeks and shooting in less than two months’? Holy, moley! That’s brilliant!
    That news is almost as good as hearing you got Season 3 confirmed!
    I’m smiling …..

    Great interview. Thanks for sharing 😊

    So, are you ever going to tie up the One storyline you introduced us to in Season 1?
    . Just wondering…

  5. October, I know! Husband has dutifully put up most of the outdoor Halloween decorations. I must now dutifully rearrange them.

    Husband’s birthday also falls in October, and if we want a trip, I have to book now. This year, I decided on Victoria for 2017. It looks nice enough in fall and there seems to be plenty to see and do. Now we are batting around the drive/ferry vs. fly/rental car options.

    This year we are simply staying at Wolf Creek for the weekend (the Utah one, there are several place by that name). So close we can bop back to the house to feed the cats. We are going to tourist the heck out of our own hometown.

  6. @Ponytail

    The magic number for syndication doesn’t really apply to Cable shows. This is more a Broadcast thing. Cable shows typically have smaller season orders than a typical 22/23 episode Broadcast series.

  7. Your “What I’m Working On Now” image in the sidebar still has the now-dead One, but not Nix or Devon. In fairness to the new actors, perhaps it’s time to upda…



    OK, disregard.

  8. Going to have to watch that tonight. I started watching it, but then saw it was 45 minutes (ish) and I have to leave in 20 for pet sitting. I’ll be home at a decent hour though to listen to the rest of it.

  9. Great interview! Didn’t know the character from your t-shirt but immediately thought of Snake Plissken if he were a teddy bear.

    Enjoyed all the questions. Lots of nuggets of information in your answers. Thanks for taking the time and so nice seeing the pups. Love Bubba’s headdress. Please keep us posted on their health. Continued puppy prayers for this upcoming Tuesday. A “Holy Crap Finale” for S3…can’t wait!!

    On a side note regarding artificial intelligence and it’s growth, have you seen Colossus: The Forbin Project? It’s from 1970 and starred Eric Braeden. Whenever the subject comes up I always think of this movie.

  10. Lol…you went with the Kraken. Didn’t realize you had that kink…. 😉


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