September 28, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3!

Well, perfect timing!  Guess what hits Netflix on my birthday? That’s right!  Dark Matter season 2, all 13 incredible episodes, from Hyperion-8 to EOS-7, will be available for your viewing pleasure on October 16th.  What better way to spend the special day than by binge-watching the show!

Review your favorite episodes!  Catch up on what you missed!  And prepare for an even crazier, team-focused, action-driven, suspense and surprise-filled third season in which you’ll learn…

September 28, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3!

The fate of our crew following the destruction of EOS-7.

September 28, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3!

A shocking revelation about FIVE’s past.

September 28, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3!

The truth behind White Dwarf Technologies’ prototype project and the mysterious black entity.

September 28, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3!

A shocking revelation about SIX’s past.

September 28, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3!

Who traveled over to our reality aboard the alt. Marauder.

September 28, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3!

A surprising secret FIVE has been keeping from the rest of the crew.

September 28, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3!

Where Lieutenant Anders’ allegiances lie.

September 28, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3!

A shocking revelation about TWO’s past.

September 28, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3!

The whereabouts of Victor and his fellow rebel Androids.

September 28, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3!

The shocking revelation about THREE’s past that RYO/FOUR was keeping from him in our season finale.

September 28, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3!

The shocking truth about the Android’s origins.

To name but a select few of the stories we’ve got in the works for you.

Let the guesswork begin!

31 thoughts on “September 28, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3!

  1. I’m disappointed that the new crew members (especially Nyx) didn’t get to stick around for season 3. Any new cast members coming in next year? Regardless, I loved season 2. I found season 1 to be quite the slow burn up until the last four episodes, but season 2 was rocking right from the start.

  2. Hi Joe
    I take it from your snippets of information it’s going to start from where you left us and keep building up. How high can you go with the excitement?


  3. If every single one of those secrets and revelations involves snow monkeys, I’m going to be upset. Impressed, but upset.

  4. I’m shocked at all of these shocking near-revelations!

    Humungus but gentle scritches for Bubba and Lulu. Poor boodles. I hope both will soon be romping around your house and modeling new outfits. May Lulu’s surgery go well and the vaccine for Bubba do its stuff!

  5. 39 – 2 = 37
    More weeks we have to wait….NOT NICE!
    Each picture is enticing tease – TEASE…sigh.

    Gonna have a Longboard beer.
    If one is good 2 may be much better while we wait.

  6. Be still my beating heart! Teasers galore! Tell me, do the accompanying pics relate to the tease, in particular Five’s surprising secret? That’s from the end of Ep 7 S1….hummm.

    I know that just as you cut the head off a Hydra, 3 heads grow back…as you answer a question/solve a mystery, new mysteries and questions will arise.

    Defibrillator…check, I’m ready to be SHOCKED!!

  7. The first thing I did was count how many characters you showed just to be sure none had “disappeared”, but then I realized I had to start counting from Two. I still miss One. Any chance…?

    I’m so sorry to hear about the Lulu and Bubba. What a relief for Bubba, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Lulu. I didn’t realize that there was an anti-cancer vaccine for dogs. Is that something you could give Lulu at some point to help prevent the possibility of cancer in her future?

    Season 1 & 2 were like being on the most twisting, dipping, gravity defying roller coaster I can image. The only way Season 3 could be any more crazy is to literally fly off the rails. So, I guess I better be ready for some air time next season.

    And more Tabor, please?

  8. I have to say I actively cheered when I heard about season 3. There are not to many “hard Sci-fi” series around at the moment. Fave episodes of S2 are “Going out Fighting”,the innovative dispatch of the “rider” actually making me laugh out loud as that would be what i would have done in that situation 🙂 and “Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had the Chance”, as its a nice bit of Three fluff, Three is rapidly becoming my favourite character, he reminds me a lot of Kerr Avon in BBC’s Blakes 7 who was a criminal who started to follow an ideal but spent the entire time doing “hero things” while wondering why he was listening to that niggling little voice called a conscience when he hadn’t ever done so before.

  9. Glad to read that season 3 will be more team-focused.

    I also hope the people from the alt reality will have a big part, who knows, they may have information that could stop the big war.

  10. Has FIVE regained her memories yet? She doesn’t seem to have so much to lose.

    I’m not judgmental toward FOUR for the season 2 finale. Of course, when he’s walking to a throne on a broadcasted feed, he’s not going to claim any other name than the one that’s supposed to be on the throne. He may not have even ordered his brother’s death directly. It could’ve been a mistake, but he wouldn’t take ownership of such a mistake on his way to the throne, either. Of course, Ryo knows more about the brother than we do so it might not have been an evil move either. And on the empire-ruling front, maybe getting rid of the competition is the way to secure a throne and the empire is in the middle of a war.

    I don’t think he surprised the seers by killing them, but they had nothing to lose by proposing a future with them in it.

  11. This makes me very happy. As I mentioned recently I canceled cable three weeks ago and moved to streaming only. I have Sling, that I got specifically for SyFy and a few other channels, but they only offer the last current episode for a few days. No “on demand” type viewing of older episodes (some channels, but not SyFy). And I missed a few eps of DM since they were on my DVR.

    I even set the calendar on my phone to remind me on 10/16. And I’ll also get a notification on my Netflix app.

  12. Nice birthday present! I’m celebrating your pre-birthday with an almond croissant. And since your b-day is close to my sister’s I’m reminded that I need to get her a present, like maybe a half-eaten almond croissant. Can’t wait to see the production pics for Season 3.

  13. That’s a lot of shocking truths and revelations! S3 will be a roller coaster ride. Will anything be left for S4?

    What TheOtherOne said… 😉

    {{{Hugs}}} PBmom.

  14. Another Season’s journey begins with the first set of teasers, and shooting doesn’t start until November! Let the speculation commence…… 😎

  15. @Gforce LOL

    I see there is no “Find out what happened to Nyx!” 🙁 🙁 🙁

    But I am glad Jeff T. is back. I think there is so much more to the Six friendship and I think ultimately he is going to be on the Raza’s side in this. But you are going to make it seem like he is a double agent or something. You always know how spin, spin, spin.

  16. I agree, One please.
    Ryo(4), Antagonist, Protagonist, or Anti-Hero.
    Hmm, Dark Creature trying to make a foothold in the Human Universe, needs humanoid hosts to survive among the human race?

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