So, what do you NOT want to see in Dark Matter’s third season?

I always get requests for the things fans WANT to see in the show but rarely do I ever hear about what fans DON’T want to see…until after the fact.  So, weigh in. I’m asking.  I’m curious because at the beginning of every season, there will often be some…creative disagreement.  I like to think that, having spent 15+ years of my television career writing and producing SF television, I have a fair notion of what scifi fans do NOT want to see.  BUT – I could be wrong.  So here’s your chance to confirm my suspicions…or set me straight.  Please leave your rejections and repudiations in the comments section.

The long overdue doggy update…

September 25, 2016: Dark Matter Don’ts And Dogs!

We first noticed that something was up with Lulu when we used to go to the dog park.  Whenever she would hit a gravely pitch, she’d drag her hind quarters as if paralyzed.  It would only happen on gravel so I didn’t give it much thought.  But gradually, we noticed she had started to slow down and didn’t seem as enthusiastic about her walks as she used to.  We brought her to the vet and then a neurologist in Toronto, and neither could pinpoint a problem.  Maybe it was old age.  But then, a couple of months ago, at a french bulldog meet-up, someone informed me that these movements could be an indication of some neural abnormality and I should really get a second opinion.  So, we did, visiting another neurologist whose initial tests suggested, yes, it could be a neural issue.  We’re set up for another round of tests.  Tomorrow, Lulu will go under a mild anesthetic so the clinic can do some x-rays, an ultrasound, and run some bloodwork.  If the initial findings warrant, she’ll undergo an MRI soon after.  And, if the MRI confirms the initial suspicions, she’ll have to undergo surgery – which can hopefully be scheduled before our return to Toronto, next Tuesday.  While under general anesthetic, she may also have corrective surgery on her soft palate because we’ve noticed she’s been having trouble breathing lately, occasionally having to sit up a few times a night to catch her breath.

September 25, 2016: Dark Matter Don’ts And Dogs!

Last year, Bubba had a lump removed from his head.  The initial biopsy suggested it was malignant but a post-surgical analysis revealed it was benign.  Then, a couple of months ago, we noticed a couple of new lumps on his head.  The vet, again, suggested we have them removed so we scheduled surgery at a local clinic. Days later, we noticed a lump on his leg.  We had that tested as well and the results of that proved inconclusive – but it was strongly recommended that we have that lump removed as well while he was in for the surgery.  So, we requested the vet forward the information and request to the clinic.  They said they would. But it was only after Bubba’s surgery that we discovered the information was sent after the fact.  The lump was not removed.  We were referred to an oncologist who suggested Bubba be given an anti-cancer vaccine – but only after he goes in for an ultrasound (Tuesday) to make the situation isn’t any worse.

September 25, 2016: Dark Matter Don’ts And Dogs!

To those wondering about my Snow Monkeys, they are headed to a blistering 0-3 record in fantasy football league play.   A combination of bad drafting, poor management decisions, and plain bad play have all contributed to our anemic start. It’s been truly a team effort.

107 thoughts on “September 25, 2016: Dark Matter DON’TS and Dogs!

  1. Nyx really being dead.
    Another betrayal.
    Homicidally jealous women.
    Women who hinge their womanhood on fertility.
    Plots that hinge on people not talking or a simple misunderstanding…. That’s it.

  2. Joe: Has another thought about this as a possible diagnosis for Lulu?

    A GSD I cared for developed this and the dragging of the legs was the first symptom she had. It wasn’t totally obvious at first, but as it progressed, you could notice things about the hind quarters. I know it isn’t a good prognosis, but just something I thought I’d send your way in case no one has considered this possibility.

    I hope Bubba will be okay, too. How scary for both of them to be going through scary medical things at the same time. It’s hard to concentrate on anything else in life when your babies need help like that.

    Many prayers to you and Akemi for a diagnosis that can be handled with intervention in some manner. That was a good catch by Andria with Lulu and the water.

    Wow, you have to leave to go back to Toronto on Tuesday?

  3. Sorry the pups have to go through this but hoping all the procedures improve their lives. That way all of you can face another season in Toronto with a fresh attitude and renewed health. {{{Hugs}}} though, because I know it’s stressful having surgery done on your babies.

    I’ll add my voice and say “No romance and leave our Numbers alive”. I’m wondering how Four will ever come back to the team from his betrayal. 🙁 Will they lose their memory again?

    Grr, tomorrow is Monday….

  4. Gosh Joe, you have got alot on your plate but sounds like you’ve got all options well covered! 😊
    Wishing Lulu warm, happy hugs & good luck tomorrow and Bubba, the same, for Tuesday 🐾

  5. Okay, what DON’T I want to see? Any member of the Raza (including Nyx) die anytime during the season unless it is some ALT-version of themselves. I know it is good shock effect to put us off guard that our favorites have died, but if I wanted to see someone important die every week, I’d tune into Game of Thrones. I get invested and then I get too sad. That being said though, if that is what got you a season 3 pickup, then I’ll just shut up and pray for season 4.

    Jeff says he does not want a time travel episode. He says that’s been done and done. But Alt-Verse he likes a lot.

    Dark Matter is just wonderful.

    That is really nice that you ask us. <3

  6. Romantic subplots are the death of great SciFi shows. They killed SGU and almost did the same to Dark Matter in season 1. SciFi fans tune in for science fiction, NOT SOAP OPERA!

  7. Awww hugs to both puppies from me.

    What don’t I want to see?
    – Another lead being killed off.
    – Too many new characters each season that take away from story for the leads.
    – In this case, I third the no romance idea. Random sex is fine, but no “couples.”

    I’m sure I’ll think of something else as soon as I hit post. LOL

  8. As far as my *don’t* wants – anything boring (could I be more vague??), any more character deaths for at least this season (at least for a break!) and… well not too much else really. I mean, you guys know this stuff a lot better than I do and I’ve never been disappointed by what you come up with yet. So, you know best! 🙂 You know I’ll watch it and love it.

    Not sure what to add about the poor pups other than give them a big hug for me. Needless to say, I’m sending my best wishes and hopes for that all will turn out well. It’s too bad their are added frustrations around how the vets have handled some of the stuff.

    I’m sure the Snow Monkeys will rally soon!

  9. Please no more convenient/just to fit the plot Android shockings or shutdowns. I echo the no more romantic relationships between crew members. Also more even screen time between characters.

  10. Why do science fiction writers always weaken female characters by giving them some guy to pine over? Even though I wasn’t a fan of TWO’s hookups in season 1, I didn’t mind them as much because she wasn’t mooning over either guy. I was worried you would go that route with the Android and Victor but am glad you didn’t and hoping you won’t. FIVE is too young for “romance” and having her crush on some guy would undermine the strong, female character you created. It almost felt like that’s where you were going with Devon, but I’m glad you didn’t go there.

  11. Just write lots of scenes where Zoie kicks ass and be awesome. Zoie is the most adorable android in sci-fi history!

  12. Sending prayers and healing thoughts for sweet pups Lulu and Bubba. It’s rough to have potentially serious problems with one fur baby at a time, let alone two–especially with everything else you’ve got going on right now. Hugs to you and Akemi.

  13. What DON’T I want to see in Season 3?

    Absolutely NO MORE Raza crew deaths, please!
    That’s it really, thanks for asking 😊

    (Oh … and no more episodes without One!)

  14. Things I don’t want to see…
    Main characters killed off…
    The truth is….you’re great at what you do and your ideas and writing have kept us all tuned in this long…who am I to tell you anything else.

    I can’t wait for season 3!!

  15. I second, third and fourth what others are saying…No more Raza crew deaths. By the end of the last episode, once they were all on the station, I knew exactly what was going to happen. And when it did, I felt indifferent. Why should I invest the time to get involved with and fall in love with characters if they are only going to die.

    No more romance. Let the crew realize they care about and want to protect each other because of their friendships and shared dangers, not because they are bed buddies.

    Make “5” a little less of a teen and more sure of herself.

    Not sure how to redeem “4”, or if you try, if anyone should trust him ever again. I know I wouldn’t.

    And please, please give the Android better firewalls on her systems.

    And one last one…please stop letting “3” get beat up so much. He has such a handsome face. ;-/

    Sorry for my ramble but you did ask. Hope we don’t piss you off.

    Hugs to Lulu and Bubba. Sending healing thoughts their way.

  16. Hugs and prayers for you guys and the pups. Awww hope they are ok.
    As far as DM3 yah I agree, ease up on killing off crew. It’s refreshing to see new faces but at the expense of killing off the crew one by one… and yah no romance, perhaps more touching moments and like Five and Six a few eps back. And if you could maybe create a roll for Jack Donnelly, Robert Emms, Aiysha Hart and/ or Sarah Parish – she’s really good at evilness, just sayin’.
    Glad you’ guys are back safe and sound!

  17. Since you’re asking, I echo what everyone has already said. No more character deaths and no romance. They are the type of developments that really smell of network interference.

  18. It’s simple!

    DON’T take the Android offline!

    DON’T kill THREE!

    And DON’T give FIVE a boyfriend!

  19. Thank you for the doggy update though I am saddened by the news. I hope that all goes well with the planned visits, procedures & follow-ups. Doggie prayers your way.

    Regarding what I don’t want to see in S3:
    I agree with @Vixx, please no more Android being put out of commission through either a shock stick or command code or running some diagnostic just when she is needed most by the crew. She needs to have her defense program updated as well.

    No more original crew deaths – Two, Three, Five, Six & Android. I’m undecided about Four at this time. As someone explained to me that Nyx & Devon were brought on as “red shirts” I’d like their deaths to have an impact. Devon’s death was noble and all but I’d have felt more for his character if Nyx had found him dead of an overdose.

    How about no more cliffhanger finales unless you absolutely positively know for certain that there will be a next season. I felt that “Sometimes In Life You Don’t Get To Choose” would have been a perfect season end whereas “But First We Save The Galaxy” a great lead in Ep 1 for S3. That’s just me of course, you are the expert and obviuosly know more about this stuff or else we wouldn’t be watching every week.

    Are you being pressured to kill off more main characters? Tell TPTB that the character interaction and development is why we are watching this show. I know some want more SFX and “space battles” but I’m all about the people (and Android). Look what happened with George Lucas when he went SFX crazy – he lost the human element.

  20. No more oatmeal for Lemke.

    That’s it. I’m good.

    I mean, the no deaths sentiment kinda goes without saying, but I get that it keeps the level of suspense high.

    But mainly, NO GETTING CANCELLED. Thanks.

  21. Belated compliments on the doggies’ new outfits – bomber jacket is incredible, backpack gives a hint of utility that I’m sure is meant ironically. I hope they both get healthy soon.

    Re Season 3, I don’t want to see big changes in how the characters behave. Natural growth and maturity makes sense. But not changes just in service to the plot. Not that you would change them, just sayin’.

    Also can I ask for less darkness on the sets? I’m asking for more light, but since we are phrasing it in the negative…You could light it up a bit for my aging eyes 🙂

  22. Character death for the sake of drama.
    Plot threads that don’t get addressed until another season.
    Non-threatening villains.

  23. And now for something completely different:

    Please don’t feature a hotly-contested election where the leading candidates are a male business mogul and an experienced female politician (or any combination of those attributes). 🙏

    And please don’t introduce an intriguing alien race just to kill it off…*cough* Ursini…*cough*. 😉

  24. PS: I’ll keep your pups in my thoughts as I go through my CT scan tomorrow. (Looking for clues about a new and VERY annoying sinus issue.)

  25. Exactly what Denise McInerney said:
    “Sending prayers and healing thoughts for sweet pups Lulu and Bubba. It’s rough to have potentially serious problems with one fur baby at a time, let alone two–especially with everything else you’ve got going on right now. Hugs to you and Akemi.”
    I’d be ready to bury my head in the sand and hope it would all just go away.

    Yeah, I agree with the others about the android. It’s getting kinda old how she keeps getting shut down. Don’t hide her kick a$$ skills, (or her ability to speak with accents).

    Don’t chop off any heads in season 3. That’s gross!

    Don’t have another season without One. And if there is no hope and he is truly gone, dead, and buried, don’t advertise Marc Bendavid’s name on the TV guide. That’s cruel.

    Lastly, don’t kill anybody off, including guest stars, without checking with us first. Some just “click” from the very start… (Wexler and his gang is a great example)

  26. This isn’t a don’t … it’s a do 🙂 Show, far in the background – Destiny 😛

  27. Oh and don’t listen to Peggy. I enjoy watching Three get beat up. 😆 😆 I get to pretend I’m a nurse! 😛

  28. Well I’m at the older end of your demographic I think, so not sure my dislikes will get much traction –but love the show enough that will keep watching unless it totally goes off the rails which I don’t see happening 🙂

    I like love limited. In other words I don’t mind romance and the rest but some shows go overboard with implied sexual stuff and turn me off. That stuff can always be done nicely, romantically and hinted at without over sexualizing the show. I have seen quite a few shows that I want to like but get tired when too much of the story depends on random bed hopping and such.

    I really like the relationships -it’s one of the reasons I loved Stargate Atlantis. Seeing the characters evolve, feeling that sense of family but with the occasional surprise and betrayal – which even if painful at times feels more real.

    I am not a fan of romanticizing bad guys so conflicted bad guys, showing some humanity, or how they became bad – showing the flaws and humanizing them is fine but shows that sort of glorify the bad guys is a turn off for me.

    Excessive or gratuitous graphic killing of large numbers of humans, unless they are bad guys or it is some how validated by the story is a turn of -too close to reality for me. I’ll note I have no problem with what you’ve done so far even if I was surprised here and there. I have less problems blowing apart evil aliens. 🙂

    That’s all for now. Keep it fresh.

  29. I don’t want the raza crew to be 4’s new privateers in a corporate proxy war.

  30. Well I’m at the older end of your demographic I think, so not sure my dislikes will get much traction –but love the show enough that will keep watching unless it totally goes off the rails which I don’t see happening 🙂

    I like love limited. In other words I don’t mind romance and the rest but some shows go overboard with implied sexual stuff and turn me off. That stuff can always be done nicely, romantically and hinted at without over sexualizing the show. I have seen quite a few shows that I want to like but get tired when too much of the story depends on random bed hopping and such.

    I really like the relationships -it’s one of the reasons I loved Stargate Atlantis. Seeing the characters evolve, feeling that sense of family but with the occasional surprise and betrayal – which even if painful at times feels more real.

    I am not a fan of romanticizing bad guys so conflicted bad guys, showing some humanity, or how they became bad – showing the flaws and humanizing them is fine but shows that sort of glorify the bad guys is a turn off for me.

    Excessive or gratuitous graphic killing of large numbers of humans, unless they are bad guys or it is some how validated by the story is a turn off -too close to reality for me. I’ll note I have no problem with what you’ve done so far even if I was surprised here and there. I have less problems blowing apart evil aliens. 🙂

    That’s all for now. Keep it fresh.

  31. What I don’t want to see in Dark Matter:

    * People turning their back to the enemy during a sword fight. Why do they do this? Sure, spinning around looks cool but it’s a sure way to have your spine severed.

    * Smoky space. The vacuum around space stations in Dark Matter seem to have a lot of particulates in it causing a pretty, if improbable, glow.

    * The lead characters (almost) always survive. This’ll be an unpopular “want” but I hate it when there’s some major catastrophe with people dying all over the place and the lead characters all emerge with nothing more than a few cuts and grazes. I like to feel tension when watching a show. I want to know that when the crew mounts a dangerous mission there’s a real chance that some of them may not return alive.

    * Politics. *yawn*

  32. Best wishes for LuLu and Bubba.

    Season Three A big clue stick the includes realization that it is a good idea to wear electrically, insulated bullet proof vest. and that androids extra sensitive senses recognize fell intent now and then. She said she could smell the pheromones, She must have been going blind and having a cold of late.

    Also she needs an inclusive name.

  33. Hi ya Joe. Sorry I’ve been away.
    These last 7 days have proven a nonstop work week for me. Once again on very little sleep! Fortunately, this time the exhausting labor served to expand the NS101 education partnerships with some of the larger agencies and am sure all my lifelong learners in the NS101 community will enjoy the truly wonderful surprises coming their way in 2017. Especially Jeff T. Some new partnerships formed will be bringing more Paleo resources and new learning opportunities!

    I see you found my crabby again and he decided on an image make over. Silver is actually a good look for him.
    Even though he loved me enough to come back to me I knew I had to let him go and be free to go be a superstar. Damn he looked good dominating the side of a building! I’m so proud of him.

    Sorry to hear about Bubba n Lulu. Sending warmest gentle hugs n healing energy their way as well as to @MaggieMayDay Hilda @PBmom’s son Patrick and @ponytails mom. And sending hugs n love to you n Akemi as well – Always.

  34. The only thing I really really dont want to see in DM’s Season 3 – is too much of the production co & network’s interference with your writing.

    Jay’s a wonderful businessman. Excellent at running a production company and likely a decent human being n all – but he’s not a writer and he really should leave you alone to do what it is you do so well. <3


    Hey Everyone! Just a quick reminder!

    There’s not a lot of time left to RSVP for Joe’s 10 year blog anniversary celebration and tribute.

    If you haven’t done so already
    Email: for details!

    Everyone old and new to the blog are welcome to join us. 🙂

    XO Thanks! XO


  36. No cross overs!
    The show is fantastic as it is, and a cross over with Killjoys would cheapen both excellent programmes.
    And don’t forget to bring Faux-One in the next season!

  37. No romance.

    Also, this season was fantastic, but a little too dark… Don’t forget to include lots of humor in season 3! 🙂

  38. I guess I am in the minority as I like romance though not really shipping for any current couples. I was originally in the One/Two court but now not feeling any ship.
    I also would like to not see the death of another major character.

  39. Hi, and thanks for asking. Thinking about sci fi in general rather than Dark Matter per se:

    – I do not want to watch any Sci Fi where female characters are only there as romantic interest for the men or where their main/only purpose is being attractive
    – Spontaneous relationships that come out of nowhere and are clearly just a network ‘this will get the ratings up’ cliché
    – It drives me nuts that after fight scenes the good guys usually have only a scratch despite supposedly being in the fight of their lives – I’m looking at you Col. Sheppard in Remnants 😉

    P.S best of luck with the doggies – my lab is like my child

  40. @So, what do you NOT want to see in Dark Matter’s third season?

    I’m happy with whatever. At the end of the day, you and Paul are the brains behind the show, I trust you’ll make an excellent third season too.

    But I’ll be happy with ratings that put the show on course for renewal again. That’s one of the great things about the show airing in Summer, there are plenty of other shows on the network to measure its numbers against. And what’s good enough for renewal for them, will almost certainly be good enough for Dark Matter!

  41. What I don’t want to see in Dark Matter S03:
    – The Android wearing the same boring clothes.
    – More main characters dying.
    – Torri Higginson leaving season 3
    – Excessive violence
    – The blink drive not used again

    But please let me also say only a few things that I want to see in S03:
    – More space battles, scenes
    – Maybe aliens
    – Dark Matter(scientific term)
    – Tech and science stuff explained by the Android(How FTL, Blink drives work, white hole tech etc.)
    – Transporter(like in Stargate)
    – More Stargate actor appearances.

    Thank you very much for reading my comment and for this GREAT show you are writing.

  42. First things first, I love the show!

    Now, for what I don’t want to see:

    -Characters being added to the crew just to be killed within one season.

    -Romance between the crew (yet), but one of them (not Five) starting a consistent off-Raza fling would be nice. Please don’t make that person someone super sweet who needs to be saved all the time. Perhaps it could start fun and turn into something real way, way, way down the line.

    -Only heterosexual people in this vast space universe.

    -The android’s android boyfriend. He’s kind of bland, even with his upgrade.

  43. I agree with the no romance and don’t kill off the Raza crew.

    Could Lulu have Wobbler’s disease or is that just in the large breeds? I hope whatever is going on with her is fixable. Hugs to her and Bubba. May they both be healthy.

  44. May I also blow a gasket? It is awful that Bubba’s procedure was not done. Poor Bubba and dear Lulu, I hope they will have quick recoveries. I also have trouble walking on gravel and in heels as part of my Ridiculously Long Legs Syndrome, when I add heels I produce humorously painful pratfalls.

    I will opt out of voicing what I don’t want; DM is one of the few shows that I can just sit back (or on the edge of my seat) and enjoy; the writing is tight and the cast is sharp. I’d only ask for more of the same Big Twists, Big Risks and Big Action that the show has been delivering.

  45. Hi,

    First, hope the pups get better soon. Illness in pets is also so difficult, b/c they tend to be so stoic you don’t know how bad things may be… Hoping for the best possible news for you.

    Second.. Absolutely love the show, but you asked.. so…. My number one gripe with ANY show is when they don’t tell a full, complete story in a season and leave you not having a clue. This is how I felt with the season finale this year. I get it with “mid season” finales when the show comes back in a few months, but with close to year gap between seasons, I don’t want to see another unsatisfying “finale” that leaves more questions than answers. Of course you always want to leave something to build on, something open, some mystery to solve, but this felt like half a season

    Someday, hopefully in the far distant future, the cancellation bear will catch everyone (even the The Simpsons) and too many shows have left stories half told and it makes me not want to even start shows sometimes.

    For example, my friends were encouraging me to watch Stranger Things (this was before renewal was announced) and the main question i asked “does it tell a complete story”. Answer was “yes, but it leaves room for more”. Similar comments for The Magicians, I didn’t want to get invested in a show (especially from SyFy who is notorious for pulling the plug on great shows) if it was going to leave me completely hanging. Yes, they left huge amounts of room for the next season, but they completed the story they told in the first one.

    So please… stop giving me flashblacks to my childhood and that season of Dallas that turned out to be a dream.. that’s how this season’s finale ending felt.

  46. Adding to the No Romance count! Especially between the numbers….there’s no where to go from there. I’d like to see a bit more focus – I found myself confused a lot this season….and not in a good way. Unless the intent was to make us feel like the ship was just wandering aimlessly on various tangents? I do really like where the story is now though and can’t wait for next season.

    Sending healing vibes to your puppies!

  47. Hello Mr.Mallozzi.., 🙂

    Sometime lurker on your blog; came here for The Android (Zoie Palmer is a great actress & an even more amazing person IRL), but I keep on lurking because of the foodie bits of your blog which always make me hungry (your trip to Japan made my hubby & I very jealous). We are planning a trip to Toronto & Vancouver in the future, so I hope to be able to glean some great eateries from your blog posts.

    Thank you for allowing us fans to say what we wouldn’t want on DM, it shows an appreciation to your fan base that some shows simply don’t seem to understand. Things I don’t want to see on DM –

    Please don’t kill off any more of the main cast. It is the characters that make the show, without them you have nothing. Everything else is just window dressing. I get very attached to characters in the shows that I follow (the penultimate episode to S2 Killjoys made me bawl my eyes out) & I think my hubby is getting a wee bit tired of my emotional breakdowns. ^_^;;;
    I had the immense pleasure of meeting the remaining Raza crew (Two, Three, Five, Six & Android) at Comic Con London & Faebles 4 over the last 6 months, & the cast you have on DM are such lovely & wonderful people. Please don’t kill anymore of them off!!!

    I agree with the no romance comments that others have stated previously. In some series it works, in others it is an unnecessary distraction. I loved Two’s behaviour in S1, where after sleeping with One & Three it was just business as usual (made even better when it was One who was acting all whiney). The only romance I wanted to see work was Three & Sarah, but that was not to be. ;_;

    No to time travel as it lessens the impact on what has gone on before. Unless it is a groundhog day episode like Stargate-1’s “Window of Opportunity”, my favourite Stargate-1 episode ever. Alternative Universe on the other hand gets a thumbs up.

    Thank you once again for giving us fans the opportunity to voice our opinions.

  48. No more 5 acting like a teen.
    No more of those acsient beings that predict.
    Next not being dead. No more betrayals.

  49. No ordinary hair colours for Five – there always needs to be a rainbow colour.
    No hanging story threads – what happened to Five’s ‘super power’ of seeing into other’s lives?
    No scenes for Three without either food or a gun 🙂
    No evil lords that turn out to be the father of one of the main characters

    I would like to see the Raza crew re-visiting the prison somehow

  50. Agree with everyone else, no romance & no more original crew deaths. They will kill the show.
    Don’t stop the twists though.

  51. I honestly disagree about the romance, if done well it won’t take away from the characters at all. Just don’t make characters weak while in love. I thought Nyx and Four romance just made both much weaker and less interesting. But I think if two characters like two and three started dating and just didn’t act like it’s a huge deal it could help both characters grow. Kinda like what happened closer to the end of season 1, they 100% trusted each other and that just made me love them both so much more. I hated one and two together because they constantly needed to show affecting towards each other. I think three and two would just click. I don’t want to see a sappy side of the android, I like that she’s loyal and badass. Keep her that way please. I don’t want new characters that seem like I should start caring but then they die off (like Nyx and doc). AND WHATEVER YOU DO, PLEASE DO NOT KILL OFF TWO, THREE, FIVE OR ANDROID

  52. -Less “48 hours earlier” ways to start off too many episodes. It’s rather anticlimactic.
    -Less main characters looking dead and then some kind of CPR and then boom they are fine.
    -Less simply cauterizing/etc the wound to save a bullet wound to the heart, that should be fatal.
    -the least amount of CG creatures/aliens as you can manage. Can’t stand that about sci-fi. Great story and then some garbage CG. So good job.
    -dont do the ‘Lost’ smoke monster with that Dwarfstar tech please. No smoke monsters, that’s how the Strain lost me. Just not believable.
    -i think it’s time for Five to grow up a bit. Love Jodelle but that worried look she has to do all the time seems too prevalent, her character should be more used to the killings and evil scenarios that arise by now.

    Other than that I really like the show! I like the gore and violence and stories are usually pretty good. Less kiddy. Lots of fighting. New adventures. It’s damn good. Been looking for a sci-fi show that kicks ass and this certainly does.

  53. Really can’t wait for season 3.

    One don’t is something I’ve seen mentioned – we’ve already seen a couple of mole in the crew plots and so I’d love to not revisit that for now. I like the slow evolution of the Raza family growing closer and closer.

    A personal one is don’t let the Raza lose the blink drive for good or let it be copied yet. I love the idea of them having this outsized advantage and would really love to see them kicking corporate ass with it, even if it doesn’t last for some reason.

    I know those two both limit sources of tension and challenge but I have faith in your brilliance.

    I hope Lulu and Bubba get well soon.

  54. don’t introduce characters (male or female) to be a love interest and then kill them off.

  55. First off, I hope that your fur babies do well with their respective health issues.

    Secondly, my main DON’Ts list is pretty in line with what othwrs have said:
    ● Dont force romances to develop amongst the Raza crew members
    ● Don’t kill main characters off
    ● Don’t pit the female leads against each other, especially over stupid petty crap

  56. Darl Matter
    – explore other environments that challenges crew expectations towards developing social maturity and personal character traits. For example, have 2 go back in time and meet herself before she lost her memory. What would happen to the Raza if she didn’t lose her memory? Exploring other bizarre environments allows us to question our own current viewpoints and social challenges
    -Don’t have a look back episode that uses a lot of flashbacks; scenes that doesn’t offer new information. You can’t learn anything without new information. Also, I feel it’s cheap writing. Occasional flashbacks that reveal new information is fine.
    -Explore new technologies. Fantasies about getting home from work thrills me. Who loves sitting in traffic?
    – Don’t kill off main characters if it is not important to the plot. It’s senseless. But, coming back from the dead if set up right is cool.
    – Be nostalgic about our history and try to revisit the challenges that faced us in our history but from the vantage of the Raza in the future
    – Don’t beat a dead horse. Get over some character flaws like worrying why you have to trust a character
    – Show some new skills. What else can they do? Art? Music? Why isn’t 2 singing?!?

  57. Don’t want
    -characters added just to be killed off right away
    -relationship soap opera drama or done randomly/out of nowhere or that weakens characters (romance would be okay if real and true, like 3 and sara, but not between the numbers)
    -5 growing up too fast. She is strong and capable and doesn’t want to be seen as a kid, but she is supposedly only 16! (too young to ship)
    -plot driven by something other than characters/character development and relationships
    -more betrayals-I mean really, can’t we all just get along? Trying to establish the Raza family doesn’t work if they keep betraying each other
    -a show where most the characters are dudes, that’s just boring

  58. I want to see Nyx again, whether she’s alive or in a flashback. I would absolutely LOVE another alternate-universe or a what-could-have-been, where we see the Raza crew pre-memory wipe. Also maybe Two and Three beginning to spark a eelationship ? I kinda feel like you lead on that something between them could happen. But mostly, I want to see them struggle to survive the explosion during the first few episodes, after that I want them to continue being the amazing Raza Crew.
    Thank you for putting our opinions to consideration ! Not many shows do that !

  59. Thanks for asking.
    Please don’t have
    1) Long term romances
    2) Deaths of main characters (including Nyx)
    3) Betrayals within the Raza crew
    4) Android wanting to have a baby

  60. Hi, I’m sorry to hear about your dogs. I know how it feels to love these cute little creatures a lot and pray for their well being.
    Okay so my DON’T for the season would be :
    -no major character death (including Nyx if possible or at least give her a last moment with all of the crew please haha)
    -storylines that last for only an episode and that are not related in any way to the whole plot of the season (btw you haven’t really done storylines like these so thank you for that)
    And that’s it 🙂
    PS : one of my do’s would be to continue adding little precious moment of bonding between the crew, like Five and Android, Two and Four having fun testing Nyx’s predicting abilities
    Because those moments are the heart of the show, the heart of the show is the crew itself not an individual.

  61. Don’t kill senselessly but to show how dangerous it is. Don’t do flashback episodes. Visit other worlds to challenge what people take for granted and to challenge the Raza to overcome character faults. Explore history and its challenges to solve future problems. Need more inventions. Go full on war of clones on clones. Can a clone, clone themselves? What does a clone of clone of a clone do?

  62. Bring back Nyx can the pups have a cameo on the show where they meet lemke.

  63. No more boring politics
    Less talk more action
    No tech explanations. Don’t care about drives. Action please.

  64. Love the show and have no complaints. But, just to head off any possible issues in season —

    DON’T introduce romance between crew members. It’s an unnecessary complication that you can never take back.

    DON’T introduce a new character so that one of our crew members can fall in love with them. Lame.

    DON’T romance in general except in the case of pre-existing relationships. The Sara-Three relationship really worked for me because the groundwork had already been done and it was something we were revisiting instead of wasting time setting up. Which reminds me…


  65. I have only one request and that’s not to introduce new crew members in season 3. It detracts from our core crew. Let’s concentrate on them and give them the stories they deserve.

  66. I enjoy seeing the characters grow and face new challenges, but I don’t want to see them change from who they are. For instance, the two most innocent members of the crew, the android and Five, should stay that way. The android can learn more about humanity and experiment with her feelings, but she shouldn’t lose her innocence which is something we love about her. The same for Five. Don’t make her too hardened and, as someone has already said, don’t give her a crush, or worse, an actual boyfriend. it would ruin the character.

  67. · No romance (flings are OK)
    · No alt reality
    · No time travel
    · No more main character death
    · No more suitcase high tech that easily plugs in (blink drive)
    · No more popping into planets without anyone noticing them (Don’t these places have ANY defenses?)
    · No more 5 as a little girl
    · No more new characters that don’t advance the plot (Dr. goodlooking)
    · No more prison that lasts more than 2 episodes
    · No major actions without consequences
    · No more tiny sets on HUGE space stations (season 2 final episode)
    · Don’t make three too sympathetic, keep his rough edge
    · No more David Hewlett playing Rodney, either improve his character or kill him off
    · No more see-ers, they are just creepy
    · Nor more long fight scenes without a purpose (Been there, done that in the Matrix)

    On the positive
    · YES to more ethical dilemmas
    · Yes to more on how they get food, fuel, repairs
    · Yes to more Wil Wheaton, but more evil (eviler??)
    · Include Ryo in the future, make him conflicted as the old brutal Ryo fights with the ethics of the more recent Four in ruling his planet
    · More on the master plot, why were their memories erased? Who ordered it?
    · More heists, but with complications
    · Each season should complete part of the master plot. Give us some closure.

  68. I’m trying hard to look at Season Two as the second book in a trilogy, which is almost always the least satisfying. It often spends most of its time setting things up for the next book and doesn’t stand alone well. I didn’t like Four’s betrayal. I’m hoping that things will resolve themselves next season and that Four will redeem himself

    I like a little romantic tension between characters, but once it’s consummated – meh. If I want to see half-naked people screwing I’ll watch Killjoys.

    I DON’T think you should kill off characters just for the sake of killing them “because that’s the way it is in real life.” If someone dies for a reason and it advances the plot – like Nyx’s brother and the android in the season finale – I’m okay with it. The jury is out on One. I didn’t like the death of the doctor: it completely undermined that plot thread and was a waste of of good character with a lot of potential.

    I LIKE my main characters to survive no matter what the odds.

    So, to sum up:
    No deaths just for the hell of it.
    No sex and romance just for the hell of it.
    No really depressing cliffhanger season finale.

    What I do want to see: some subplot resolution.

  69. Don’t/No to:

    f characters being used and destroyed for the emotional development of m characters’ feelings (the Four/Nyx/Misaki thing was just gross)

    keep telling us the same thing over and over (like how much heart Lemke has, one plot turn is enough, we got it the first time)

    romantic triangles (a lazy way of creating drama)

    betrayals (also lazy if used more than once)

    ‘are they dead?’ as cliffhangers (nasty)

    compulsory heterosexuality (like wow is that really the future you imagine?)

    the trope of women fighting/killing over a guy (or guys fighting/killing over a woman) – yuk

    deaths and returns and deaths and returns of characters – either don’t kill characters or kill them, but don’t be superficial

    resort to orientalist tropes – yikes

    a non-diverse writers’ room – if you’re writing for a diverse cast, the writers’ room and behind camera should reflect that, otherwise cringeorama

    let Five be the only one of her age-range (but don’t just intro a char as a romantic interest)

    introducing complicated tech that has no plot point

    using tech to gloss over plot holes

    have cast women as receptionists and men as security guards (yes, that happened)

    …. Basically, the last season was inconsistent. The first part of the season worked well. Then it lost the plot, because a lot of those things listed above happened in the second half.

  70. This goes for any show I watch but I agree with most people above as to not killing the main characters. I get hooked into watching because I like the characters/actors and when a fav gets killed it usually kills my interest in the show. No meaningless sex – I wouldn’t mind a romance if it evolves over a long time because the actors had chemistry though. NO BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes to more Stargate actors. 🙂

  71. {{Ponytail
    Oh and don’t listen to Peggy. I enjoy watching Three get beat up. 😆 😆 I get to pretend I’m a nurse! }}

    Ooooooo, Ponytail, I hadn’t considered that. You are right, Three needs a personal nurse at his beck and call at all times.

    I was in theater in jr. and high school, so I would like to put my name in for the part of Three’s nurse.Or Ponytail and I can flip a coin for it.

  72. Agree I’d sooner no main characters die but that takes away the suspense.
    Agree no more having the android turned off.
    Definitely agree with Thogar…No getting cancelled.
    Most importantly, No to 2 realising she could wear a lot of other things that allow her to move more freely.

  73. My main concern is to say keep up the good work and for the love of all dogs and people don’t get cancelled!!! Your dogs are adorable and I wish both the best of luck for as a owner of those two animals I’m sure u know what I mean when I say they are your children not just a dog, their love and personality is what makes us love those breeds! God bless!

  74. Just two comments –

    The ’48 hours earlier’ always seems like a cheat to me. Viewers are quite sophisticated – if you’re going to jump into the middle of a story for sake of a punchy teaser, just move on from there and use the rest of the story to clarify how you got there. This is REALLY something I find annoying.

    The Android off line was a less-used tool this season, but it would have been so cool if her illegal upgrade gave her cunning and the ability to over-ride the kill code…I kept waiting for her to wake up when the blink was being stolen…

  75. There’s a lot of NOT stated on here for romance of any kind, and while I mostly agree with that, I think if anything you should add a sub plot for Android. In her attempt to understand more about humanity, it would add more depth to her dealing with such a complex emotion. And her inability to use Two’s casual hook ups and general nonchalance and cavalier attitude about the subject would only perplex her more, driving yet more story.

    Also, DON’T make Four any more of a dick than he’s already become. I used to like his character as the stalwart, zen, badass dependable motherfucker on the crew, offering wise insights and throwing down when necessary. But all this Machiavellian motivation aside, when it comes down to it, he now just comes across as a dick, and unlikeable and untrustworthy in the extreme. Unless, that’s what you’re going for … Turning a once beloved character into a heinous ass that everyone wishes you’d kill off by episode 3?

    That’s all I’ve got. Overall, the writing … Err … The EVERYTHING on this show is top not notch! Keep up the good work!

  76. Why no to romance? The ship is filled with fit people in close quarters. I enjoyed the awkwardness and mayhem that the Four/Nyx hookup wrought. All the friendships, relationships and hookups have redefined who the characters are becoming week to week.

  77. Limited Cute:

    Comic books went through an era where every superhero had to have a “kid” version or sidekick. Science fiction shows had them too, a notable case being the fan dislike of Wesley Crusher. But some times the studio wants them for ratings, or the plot requires them.

    Babylon 5 producer J. Michael Straczynski found a good balance, promising that any cute kid would be killed off by the end of the episode. He kept his word. At least three times.

    No (exclusively) Featureless Space:

    Every shot of space in Dark Matter that I can remember had a plain star field background. Show a colorful nebula or two! Not all the time of course, but you can one to jog people’s memory for a recurring location.

    Have an inhabited planet orbit a gas giant. Or give the local star a red dwarf companion, and then give folks on the ground two (different colored) shadows. That sort of thing.

  78. No more episodes without One so that I can watch the show again, gave up after episode three of series two 🙁

  79. Few things:
    1. More Android
    2. No romance just for the sake of it
    3. No love triangles
    4. No killing of any of the main characters
    5. More Android and Five interaction scenes

    P.S Love your show. Can’t wait for season 3


    No killing the main crew. We get invested in the main characters and don’t want to have to constantly worry that they will be killed off. Would love to see Alt. Universe #1 brought on show. I miss #1.

    Except #4… I’m up in the air with killing him off….really ticked at him and in disbelief that he’d kill his brother. Especially since he had his memories back. If he had his memories of his love for his brother, how could he have killed him?

    No killing people for plot devices. No killing people for pure shock value or to make things seem edgy or interesting. It’s truly been overdone in too many shows lately. Sadly my 21 yr old son doesn’t want to watch anymore due to the amount of killing and specifically that #4 killed his brother. He asked if we could watch Stargate dvds again instead. He wants shows with more hope and happiness. (we haven’t watched the final ep yet)

    I love the premise of Dark Matter and the actors are wonderful! (saw them at DragonCon, really fun and great people!) Just the killing/dying is getting to us.

    Don’t want to see Nyx really being dead.(haven’t watched the last ep…guess I’m not going to be happy?) I LOVE her character! She is truly the best friend/sister you’d love to have. Plus a total kick ass woman! Fantastic possibilities with her.

    Love #6 but I don’t want to see him be so downtrodden and glum. I think he’s saved #3 and others enough to be considered family again. DON’T let him betray them again…please….

    Don’t want to see more nanite issues with #2. Been there, done that…it was good but let’s not revisit. Although could some of her nanites be used for other things or to help others? (reprogrammed)

    Love #3….keep up the good work with him.

    Love #5…agree that she could grow up some…but not too much or too fast. I don’t see her becoming uncaring or hard as that doesn’t seem to be in personality, but she’s becoming a young adult so her character needs to reflect that. (please don’t do a Wesley Crusher or Kes (Voyager) super power thing with her….bleh)

    Agree with others who said no more Android shockings/shutdowns/untimely diagnostics. Makes it too easy. Also she needs better firewalls. She is sentient and monitors herself…no one should be able to break into her programming without her being able to block them. Now she did, a bit too trustingly, download that program from the other androids….. (I’ll just leave that there)

    I don’t mind some romance/attachments in adventure shows but only as long as it doesn’t become the focus. I don’t want the romance to derail what the focus of the show should be and that’s the adventure the main characters are going on. Firefly had 2 characters that were married and it worked fine. They didn’t focus on that. The other 2 almost romances they had going were ok, but I have no idea how they would’ve played out if Firefly would’ve gotten renewed a couple more years. Probably too many people falling in love on the show. Maybe for Dark Matter a love interest that isn’t on the ship with them? One they see once in a while, so it doesn’t take over. Flirting and attraction are always fun….well until a show starts to revolve around it. Weirdly while I like reading romances at times…I don’t watch a lot of them in shows. Not a rom-com type gal. Did enjoy Kate and Leopold & The Lake House…probably the time travel and actors as well as the story drew me in!

    No more cliffhanger finales….over done everywhere.

    I agree with everything blink, sarah, Mauro, Aaron Caballero, Annie Wauters, Scott Katz and The Mismatched Man said. (easier than putting it all in here)

    So it sounds like there’s a big explosion in the last ep and I agree with others that the characters get minor wounds from things that aren’t minor and recover from surgery or major things too fast. It would be good to see them struggle to survive the explosion. Maybe they have to blink or travel to some place where they can lick their wounds for a while. Maybe they have to hunt down food or resources on a far away planet. Stay there a while to recoup.

    Things I like: More humor, character friendship development, Alt-Verse and Time Travel are great! I like what Lurk a lot said about a groundhog day episode…that would be fun! Hmm…so which character or characters gets to repeat? Would be funny if each repeat had one character that repeated and a secondary character that repeated with them but changed each time. How confusing but interesting!

    Dear heavens! I wrote a book here! Sorry!!!
    I haven’t written anything in ages….guess I had to make up for it! LOLOL

  81. I would prefer that Four not be able to duplicate the blink drive. Leave the Razza with the only working example.

    Don’t have any more space battles where the Razza gets damaged without any credible response. She’s supposed to be a dangerous ship, not everybody’s punching bag.

    Don’t fail to explain galactic politics in a bit more detail than “the GA are rule obsessed and generally jack-booted thugs” and “all corporations are equally bad.”

    Buy into the theory that powerful female leaders are asexual.

    Twist yourself and the plot into a knot bringing One back.

  82. This is an incredibly generous -and dangerous- offer:

    Please Don’ts :
    • Keep Nyx into that good night. And the Seers out of sight. The ramifications of the Seers as a semi-neutral Time-Lord-like mind-hive having to play against a joker card helped by a former associate/prisoner were fascinating.
    • Have intra-crew romances. Just for now. Not because there is nothing of interest to explore here, but because they are at a point where they barely trust each other, let alone accept to display that kind of vulnerability.
    • Or love triangles. Especially the one that leads to women getting offed.
    • Or only heterosexual couples on-screen. It’s the future…
    • Forget Five had everyone’s memory in her head.
    • Forget Alicia Reynaud. She was a fantastic foe.
    • Let Two’s story be only about her origin and purpose. As crucial as those are, Two’s character was as much forged on the outside of Dwarf Star.
    • Let the Android’s story be about a cybernetic Pinocchio. Her ability not to fit in any box, and to embrace how good being who she is feels, without compromise, but with joy and a little dread, is a thing of beauty.
    • Disconnect Worfroid for plot reasons. For a crew of mercenaries, they are consistently –and conveniently- careless with the security of someone who keeps them alive.
    • Devote Three’s story to proving how good a man he is. His actions with the crew genuinely speak louder than his callous quips.
    • Show politics from the rich and powerful perspective only – GA, corporations, royal family of Zairon -, without giving as much screen time to the margins, outside the ship, that is – Procyon insurrection, independent colonies, free Androids, scavengers like Nyx and Five.
    • Kill characters from the crew’s past, particularly characters who are relatives (Three’s parents, Three’s adoptive father, Sarah, Milo, Eric Waver, etc.), for the sake of keeping them on the ship. It’s not boring to explore characters having to choose repeatedly because they have the possibility of coming back to somewhere they used to belong…
    • Venture in darker and darker storylines. Just because it’s called “Dark Matter”, it doesn’t have to become grim gut-stabbing goons in space.
    • Show news report with no image or video incrustation whatsoever. Apparently the human attention span dramatically improved in the future.
    • Go through another season without longer opening credits.

    • Space and colourful planets! Space looks amazingly glowy and vibrant on this show.
    • In-season WTF moments! Humour! Epic fights!
    • Women bonding on-screen! Human or robot. Really, thank you for every little nugget of female closeness: Nyx and the Android, Five and Two, Two and the Android, Truffault and Five… It is rare on TV and it means a lot.
    • Space family! The banter, as well as the quieter bonding moments, is the heart of the show.
    • Grey morality! Six’ gradual descent from voice of reason into revolutionary thinking is fascinating to witness.
    • Heists! They are good fun and cement the crew as wild cards.
    • Mind/memory/dream/trauma/existence stuff, be it metaphorical or sciencey! It definitely gives the show its edge. Also great thematic cohesiveness.
    • Keep on this track; the show is amazing, immensely intriguing and charm-wielding. Thank you, and to all the cast and crew, for carrying this idea with such enthusiasm and depth.

    Best of luck for the dogs, the poor dears.

  83. I don’t want to see Jon Snow dead again, Sansa raped again, The blonde girl prisoner again ! ooops, wrong show !

    Seriously?! I feel the main actors are really in their parts : don’t force them to act ways they don’t feel they should !
    And I don’t want to see Anders reappear just to be killed immediatly by 2 or anyone : the episode with 1 (or his double, or Jack,well, you understand me !) felt like fan service : okay, you want to see him once again, but just once then ! Added nothing to the plot really…

    Great show anyway, and most of it is enjoyable so no more requests !

  84. Please don’t forget that Five had everyone’s memories in her head.

    I don’t want to see Five turned into a hardened criminal. I read everyone saying that Five needed to grow up a bit (though everyone seems to forget she’s only supposed to be 16), but I think her innocence seems to be the driving force behind the rest of them trying to change their ways.

    I don’t want to see anymore season ending cliffhangers. I like each season to be a complete story, like Doctor Who for example. A cliffhanger for a show that takes a year to come around again is just weird!

    Big hugs for Bubba and Lulu, and thank you for doing this!!

  85. Thank you for asking. I waited a couple of days before responding, not quite sure if anyone had my “issue” or not, and I don’t see it.

    I cannot stand the costume choices for Five. Patterned pants; jacket tied around waist, colored hair bits. I suppose that these are choices designed to make her look younger, but it just doesn’t work for me.

    I get that the others (adults) wear the dangerous black leather and holsters (and space weapons) and that you are trying to make a visual differentiation.

    I hope I haven’t offended anyone. But you did ask, and these things leap out at me so much, that it pulls me out of the story.

    Thank you.

  86. First, I hope your pups get to feeling better quickly!
    Second, I thank you for the oportunity to give my opinion to someone that has a say in my favorite show of all time! (I realized a few days ago that I have watched Dark Matter more often than Firefly, SG-1, or SGA in the last year)

    What I do not want in season 3:
    -a crossover with Killjoys
    -more ‘Rodney McKay’ (he is the exact same character!)
    – death of Five, Three, or Two: as much as I love the others, I feel the show could survive without them
    -bringing One or Jace Corso back
    -Five’s memory ability to be ignored
    -the Raza crew to become total good guys
    -Ryo being able to continue his plans unhindered
    -romancing of any serious degree
    -time travel: the alternate universe was cool, but outright time travel is so overdone
    -getting rid of Five’s colors: she isn’t Five without her awesome outfits and hair
    -letting the crew get out of tight spots totally unscathed: so far DM has been pretty good about this, keep it up
    -The Android’s boy toy: he seemed so flat for one that is supposed to be able to emote

    I can not think of anything else but I’m sure I’ll think of something as soon as I hit Post. Thanks again!

  87. Enough with the Canadian forests, Could green screen not be used in place of sets if there’s a budgetary issue?

    Life seems like a non-stop shit show for the crew of the Raza, Wouldn’t mind some episodes where they have a respite, Something more along the lines of episode 4 and 24 where something happens to them while they have some shore leave or where something happens and they feel a need to intervene

    5 grew up homeless, Fending for herself and others, She gave a kill order and spoons a guy, How about making her a little more mature in season 3, Just a touch, also have her wear fitted tops and sexualise her for improved viewership

  88. “also have her wear fitted tops and sexualise her for improved viewership”

    Please NO! Is this a joke…I’m hoping you meant to not do that.

    Like we need to sexualize women more than they already are? Especially someone who is playing a teenager?

    If there’s good writing viewership will be there. Sexualizing a teen to get better viewership, especially at this point in the series where her character is already established would be a bad move.

  89. I’m a bit late to the game, but I just saw the finale and am playing catch-up here!

    Please don’t kill off main characters, including Nyx. I’ve read some reviews calling her a Mary Sue, but I think that’s really unfair, I love what she added to the crew.

    Don’t change Five. I’m so surprised by the number of comments here saying she needs to grow up and change. Why? She’s not an adult. I think Dark Matter has done a great job of portraying a teen, as a teen.

    And, one last don’t that disagrees with a lot of others: Don’t have random hook ups between the crew. I’m not sure why anyone would find that preferable, especially because it’s clear they do all care about each other, that seems less realistic. I spent all season hoping to see Two and Three back together.

    This is a great show with amazing characters – just keep doing what you’re doing.

  90. Well, ahem, *cough*, it is YOUR show. 🙂 But I feel romance for Three definitely WORKS. No love for anyone else, please. Gosh, I’m mean. It may just be that Anthony has such innocent and frisky’ lookin whiskers. *steps away now*

    As a do, I’m sure this has been suggested … I missed the “Do” blog…

    Like a Firefly backstory (Serenity), how did they legally obtain or swindle The Raza? Muwahaha

  91. – No more unfinished storylines for a whole season (the old man at the end of season 1?, who came with them from the alternate reality?,…)

    – No more “unexplained moving forward”, what happened between Season 2 Episodes 12 and 13?? Sometimes it’s OK to not explain everything…but this perticular part is very important for Episode 13.
    4’s offering to his homeworld-military in Episode 12 was always the blink-drive for assured victory, in Episode 13 he also stole the blinkd-drive for assured victory…so why would he let the Raza-Crew leave Zairon with(!) the blink-drive? Everything was great about Ep 12+13 except this big one here.

    – No more season final cliffhangers (do you even know how long a year is for a [scifi]-fan?!)

    – I really get the storyline behind 4, wanting to get his throne back and having revenge. I also like how implemented that into the story. What I don’t wanna see again is that every season there is one member of the crew that betrays them (Season 1: 6, Season 2: 4, Season 3: 0!).

    – I disagree with everyone who doesn’t want any more “romance” in the show. Especially since what we are seeing isn’t exactly romance but more like occasional hook-ups. Personally I think this is befitting for a group of outlaws. However since their aren’t much more combinations (Nyx + 6 [Nyx + Six = rhyme :)], Nyx + 3, 2 + 4, 2 + 6 -> no good combinations!) left you should consider giving them their sugar off boat? Just like you did it with the Android. And what about Five? She is a teenager with raging hormones, at least let us once see her cheeks blush with a hottie coming her way or something like that.

    – I agree with everyone: Stop killing of the crew-members! Although I am not exactly against the killing of until now (except Nyx, but I am not entirely sure she is dead) but I think for the time being it’s enough for the next 2-3 seasons 🙂

    @John Smith, @Kimberly: I partially agree with John Smith about 5. Not the “Sexualizing” part, but the clothes. Honestly, the clothes she wears most of the time remind me of actresses who are pregnant and are hiding their belly on screen. I think she should dress more like Two or Nyx, those are not specified sexy cloth but more “practical” (and badass) cloth for the kind of work they are doing. You all know how being a teenager was (or is), you feel weird and wanna fit into a group and then you all dress the same, so wouldn’t it be apropiate for her to dress more like the rest of the crew (lets face it they all wearing the same: black!).

  92. @Marty I actually think Five’s clothes are unique and fun like her hair and her personality. 🙂 I don’t get why everyone else dresses in black or dark colors all the time. Even when they are hanging around the ship. Doesn’t seem realistic to me unless they are going on a job and need to sneak around or need to look bad ass for what they’re doing. Hadn’t thought too much on it though until now that it’s been brought up. I tend to notice the people and how they act more than their clothes…unless something really stands out. I could see them all wearing clothes that fit the jobs they go on….more then them having some sort of odd “dark clothes” fetish…lol. 😉

  93. Well, everyone said a lot, not sure what I could add, but don’t do things just for shock value. Its not fun. It actually makes we disgust the show. Deaths? Ok. But they have to be consistent with the long run, not just to add drama to “this week’s plot” (Devon’s death for example). Please, for the love of Odin, don’t let too many loose ends that got magically forgotten or solved with just a “turn of a knob”. For example, that someone who came back from alt-universe. Its pretty obvious that is One. But then the crew will have to deal with him again and possible kill him again. This is boring. Don’t do any more betrayals. It makes no sense. They have just two years of memories, being hunted by everyone in the galaxy. Why in the hell they would betray each other? Ryo’s path isn’t a betray, since he has his old memories back, but redeeming him would be hard, so don’t screw this up. Pay attention to minor details in the stories, like when Five used transfer transit, her clone should not have green hair. Its a small thing, but it bothered me, since this is how they found out that One wasn’t really Jace Corso. Or how Ryo just let them leave with the blink drive, after taking the throne and killing all his enemies while having the rest ot the crew at his mercy at that point. Again, makes no sense. No more unnecessary cliffhangers. I know this is kind of a “industry standard” these days, but its getting really annoying. And one last thing. This is more like a personal request, but I think everyone would agree with me. For better of worse, scifi shows don’t have a huge audience, like other shows, but we are extremely fond and loyal to the shows we like. On the other hand, scifi shows usually are very expensive, which doesn’t go well with a small audience. So, when comes the time to end the show, please, give every character a decent and respectful end to their stories.

  94. (are you even still with us after more than a hundred comments?)
    I’m kinda an engineer, so let me be the tech maniac for a bit:
    -More technical stuff. Just a small tip on the sci side of the sci-fi.
    -Less romance
    -Also, DO change Five. We can’t expect anyone to stay the same in the sh*tstorm the crew is going through. I like her when she is badass/cruel, it feels real for someone living among and dealing daily with basically cold blooded murderers.
    -DO NOT pull another Four. It’s just sad how he ignores all the stuff he’s been trough without his old memories.
    -About killing crew members, well… yeah, don’t do that. Also, in this (kinda dark) matter don’t listen to us, “fans” (also, I like to consider myself a viewer instead of a fan) are just hate losing main characters, but killing someone now and then keeps the show fresh, and the actor/actress salaries not so high. (but you already know that). But don’t kill Two, or Three, or Five, or Six. Four you can kill. He’s an asshole and he has it coming.

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