September 24, 2016: Back In Van!

My last meal in Tokyo was an unagi don at Chikuyotei in Ginza.

September 24, 2016: Back In Van!

My first meal in Vancouver was duck confit, buttermilk biscuit, with onion gravy and a fried egg at Mission in Kitsilano.

September 24, 2016: Back In Van!

And their crazy-delicious french toast.

September 24, 2016: Back In Van!

Then, over to Beta5 for a Butter Beer Sundae: chocolate stout ice cream, butterscotch ripple ice cream, chocolate wand casting a cotton candy spell, feathers of owl, wizard’s hat, chocolate cake, vanilla chantilly.

September 24, 2016: Back In Van!A little something I picked up at Narita Airport – Wasabi KitKats.  Surprisingly subtle – and tasty!


Akemi excitedly awaiting her luggage.

The dogs model their new stuff!  Lulu in her new bomber jacket…

September 24, 2016: Back In Van! September 24, 2016: Back In Van! September 24, 2016: Back In Van!

Bubba sports his new backpack –

September 24, 2016: Back In Van!

Double trouble –

September 24, 2016: Back In Van!

Akemi and Bubba, reunited!

September 24, 2016: Back In Van! September 24, 2016: Back In Van!

Now, it’s Bubba’s turn to go on vacation –

September 24, 2016: Back In Van!

I’m exhausted.

Tomorrow, I start reviewing script notes.  Hurray.

18 thoughts on “September 24, 2016: Back in Van!

  1. Great to see you back! Those foods look good and now I kinda wish I had have gotten to Mission after all. And I saw that Beta5 sundae on their Facebook page today – I wish I was there again! Then again, I did have one of their lime spritzer cream puffs while I was there, and it was delicious although terribly short-lived. I had picked it up planning to eat it after dinner (this was at about 3pm), got it out to the car and was like, “nope, that’s not gonna last.” NOMNOMNOM.

    I love Lulu’s jacket, but in that last picture it doesn’t look like she’s that impressed. Bubba looks typically sporting though with that great backpack. Tell him we’re going hiking next time I’m there! 😉 Well, maybe around the block.

    I’m sure Akemi *was* excited for the luggage on being that close to home. I know I would be. I love those pictures of Akemi and Bubba – too long apart! 🙂

    The rest of today should definitely be for rest. Tomorrow, it’s kick-ass and take names day! 🙂

  2. Love the puppy outfits, have really enjoyed seeing your holiday pics, thank you for posting them.

  3. It’s amazing how many KitKat varieties there are out there now. Nothing seems to surprise me. I like the Orange Cocktail Noir ones, it took two mini bars to sell the flavor to me. The first I wasn’t sure, the second I was like wow, these are really good. The Strawberry Maple ones are nice too.

  4. Awwww Bubba missed Akemi… Very cute, much like Lulu in her new jacket. I like it very much.

    The eggs look delicious… Next time I do want to spend more time at Kits, maybe even stay there.

    Today I’m off to the theatre with my Dad – a Father’s Day gift. We’re going to see Fawlty Towers, a play based on the 80s British comedy. New cast, but all was overseen by John Cleese, so it should be great. I’ve always wondered why they didn’t make more episodes. Perhaps it was just perfect as it was.

    Have a great weekend.

    Cheers, Chev

  5. Glad you had a safe trip back. Say “hi” to Andria.

    Look at Bubba hamming it up. “Mama I was scared while you were gone.” What’s Bubba going to put in his backpack? Love Lulu’s jacket.

    @ PBMom and maggiemayday – Keeping both you ladies in my prayers. Hoping your days become easier.

  6. So glad you are home safe! (And reunited with the doggies.)

    Thank you for sharing the details of your trip. It is amazing to get to see and learn so much about a place that few of us will ever get to visit. Bless your generosity!

  7. So happy to have you and Akemi safe at home and surrounded by the puppies.
    It is almost 3 am here and after seeing your food pics I have breakfast. Just wish I had your selection of food offerings. Especially – the desert which seems totally yummy.
    Chocolate sundae will have to suffice sometime on Sunday.

  8. I can honestly say that I never knew that Kit Kats came in so many different favors. Around here it’s either milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate. The orange cocktail noir sound delicious. Speaking of delicious, your last meal in Japan & your first meal home look tastey!! All of it! And that Butter Beer Sundae, to die for! You had me at chocolate & cotton candy!

    Glad you made it home safely and apparently so did your luggage. I took a trip to Atlantic City many years ago and my luggage did not fair so well. Actually the top was slashed and ripped off. It fell off the trolley and was run over. The worst part besides the ruined suitcase, clothes and toiletries was that they placed it on the conveyor turn around as if nothing was wrong with it. My clothes spilling out…

    Lulu looks “kick ass” in her bomber jacket and Bubba looks comfy in his kimono. I know the pups are as happy to see you & Akemi as you both are to see them. Rest up!

  9. Mmmm, yummy eggs. Seriously, eggs are wonderful and often just not done correctly. And French Toast? Swoon.

    Wasabi Kit-kats? I may need to sell my soul.

    Thank you, Ponytail. It is quite a process this time around. Whew. Not enjoying it much. I’ll get there. Surgeon says I’m a tough old lady. Ha.

  10. The pups look happy and very spiffy in their new threads. I’ll echo Ponytail: “What’s Bubba going to put in his backpack?”

    Get some rest and I hope all the problems sort themselves out, Mr M.. After seeing what Dr Jo’s going through, I realize all my “problems” are good ones to have. Or as my hubby says, “That’s a first world problem.”

    I pray your mom is feeling better Ponytail. You have a gift for words and I always enjoy your comments. Did you get your sense of humor from your Dad? He sounds “cheeky”. 🙂

    How are you today Maggiemayday? When can you start a normal diet?

    Sending {{{Hugs}}} and prayers for you PBmom! Did you shake the bug you had?

  11. Hi, all. Today, 25 September, is the 59th anniversary of Nolamom’s birth. Please keep the Shingledecker family in mind as they remember her.

  12. I love Lulu’s bomber jacket and Bubba’s Hawaiian shirt! Looking stylish! Thanks for the pics…I’ve been missing seeing the pups.

    Annndddd any Snow Monkeys updates? I’m happy the Ravens pulled it out, but I’m worried because it shouldn’t have been that close. Still a win’s a win.

  13. Yesterday, inspired by your Japanese trip, I decided to share some of the culinary experiences with my eleven year old nephew. Whilst we explored the touristy sites of London, I tried to coax him into Yo Sushi! I know it’s nowhere near as fantastical as the food you and Akemi have shown us recently, it was the closest I could find at the time..
    Unfortunately, although he found the conveyor belt system of food delivery very intriguing, he refused to be tempted – if it doesn’t look like baked beans, fish fingers or chicken bits he won’t even consider trying something new! Argh! So frustrating …. he’s missing out on so much but there you go …I did try 😢

  14. @TamDixon Virus bug almost gone! We still have lingering stuff at night (both Jeff and myself). But it is going away. The fatigue is getting better, too. Now fingers crossed that Patrick doesn’t get some version of it and his procedure for 10/3 gets cancelled. Thanks for asking. I agree with your husband’s “first-world problems” statement. Every day we take all we have for granted, that is for sure, even being inconvenienced by a virus. (Not joking or being sarcastic). My heart is always with Dr. Jo.

    @gildermcc Definitely will keep Nolamom’s family in my thoughts. The “firsts” are always the most difficult. I don’t think “seconds” are any better.

    @Maggie80 Wow. That’s not cool about your baggage.

    Love the pictures of the pups. Especially with Bubba and Akemi. Such a beautiful picture. I bet they were very excited about their new clothes. I hope Andria loved the Snoopy stuff!

    The French toast looked amazing as did the sundae. I hope you get to rest today and leave work for tomorrow (out of mind and sight). And I hope you get the thing that had you so upset gets resolved quickly.

    Saturday night I only had one early cat client. A rare Saturday night off. The moms at Patrick’s school scheduled a mom’s night out on Saturday to meet up at a Mexican restaurant about 40 minutes from where I live. I went. I was only there 2 hours because of the long drive there and back, but boy of boy did I enjoy it. I didn’t realize how much I needed “girl” time. We wound up talking about our kids. Figures, right? I ordered beef fajitas and they were the worst fajitas I have ever had. The meat was just gross. The same price I would pay for really good beef fajitas. I brought the rest home for Jeff because he isn’t as picky as me. Just loved the timing of the event. They have been having them quarterly since Patrick started there in 2010 and that was the very first time I was able to go. So much fun.

  15. Lulu and Bubba, ready to join the A-Team…of Cuteness! I will aw offline, welcome home, isn’t it wonderful when your luggage is chock full of cool stuff that made it safely home?

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