So, what did you all think of last night’s Dark Matter double-header?




All of the above?

Do tell!  Leave your feedback in the comments section.  I’ll peruse your thoughts once I land in Japan!

In the meantime, enjoy some dog pics.  Bubba, Lulu, and special guest star Petunia!

September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs! September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs! September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs! September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs!

September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs! September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs! September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs! September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs! September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs!

September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs! September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs! September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs! September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs!

September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs!

September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs! September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs! September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs! September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs!

September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs! September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs! September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs! September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs! September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day!  Enjoy The Dogs!

37 thoughts on “September 10, 2016: Tokyo Travel Day! Enjoy the Dogs!

  1. Can’t comment on Eps 11 & 12 just yet (altho’ I know they’ll be brilliant!) So, I will comment on your 🐾puppix instead …

    Really love your gallery selection here! Bubba and his painted canvas is my favourite one of him, followed by the one of him crashed out on his bed. Lulu in picture #3 is so adorable but it’s a tie between the Amelia Earhart pose or Helga the Viking, for second fav.
    Petunia is a real cutie too! Who is she?
    (apologies if you’ve already introduced her!)

  2. shocking and well written as I wasn’t expecting a betrayal at the very last second of the show. Just the right number of twists that kind of lull you into assuming everything is going to be ok. at least until it isn’t…

  3. I loved both episodes! Ep. 211 was more emotional out of the two. Dont get me wrong 212 was emotional as well, but it was just so intense!!!! Alex Mallari Jr. did a fantastic job in 212! Four is forever changed, and I feel so sad about how Nyx found out about her brother Milo. I dont know how Four can regain Nyx’s trust anymore! So heartwrenching! I have three questions though. (I hope you respond! 🙂 )

    1) Now that we see how Four’s personality has changed because he has his memories back, will the Android have a change in her personality as well since she has the data storages and information about what happened on the Raza pre-stasis? Or will she stay as her current self, but still evolve, in terms of her personality matrix? I absolutely love how Zoie Palmer portrays the Android! I loved her on Lost Girl and adore her now on Dark Matter!

    2) Speaking of Lost Girl, I love how many actors from that show now act on Dark Matter! From Kris Holden-Ried, Inga Cadranel, Natalie Brown, and to of course, Anthony Lemke and Zoie Palmer, they are such wonderful actors! So will we ever have a scene where the Android and Chief Inspector Kierken interact? I can actually imagine a few Lost Girl references when they interact! Haha! And also, is it possible to have Anna Silk (Lost Girl) on Dark Matter as well? Having Anna and Zoie work on screen together again would be wonderful to see!

    3) Will the Raza Crew ever learn the fate about Devon? I actually really miss him!

    Overall, I enjoyed these 2 action-packed episodes! And if these were the penultimate episodes, then I cannot imagine how the season finale will play out!!!! Thank you so much for creating the universe that is Dark Matter! Have a safe travel and a wonderful time in Japan!

  4. Only got to see the first half of the double header last night; I can’t stay up that late anymore. My alarm rings way too early. Today was a college football game then off to a concert by two stars from Nashville, so Sunday I will get to watch the second episode. So staying away from the blog until then!!

    Safe travels!

  5. Hilarious, the dog photos that is. I was surprised at the double feature of DM. I had to prop my eyes open to watch the second ep. They were All of the Above!

  6. Loving all the fur baby pics. Especially the one of Bubba in his pajamas sitting in bed looking at the painting he created.
    <3 So precious. Or do we?? …. mah-wah-ha-ha!

    Absolutely loved the costumes but wonder whose decision it was to put FOURs step brother in white tube socks and a cheap unadorned pair of beach flip flops? Somehow it just didn’t feel befitting of an emperor.

  7. I missed the 2 episodes last night since I’m at Gate Con, but met Roger and Jodelle today and Roger was more than willing to spill the secrets…..😊
    Decided to wait but it will be hard.

  8. Hi Joe, loved the 2 shows last night, and yes, it was all of the above. It’s going to be a long week waiting for next week’s episode.
    Hope you and Akemi have a safe and refreshing holiday break in Japan.

  9. Joe, Excellent!
    You open up many side paths for speculation and closed a few dangling plot mysteries to boot.

    It still leaves open the question of who was in the Hyper-drive shuttle from the alternate dimension. but is this the real Emperor Rio or the alt. did Rio’s brother and mother actually die or did the real Rio pull a fast one making it look like he did so that he neutralizes them as a future threat, and mind wipes them for safe banishment. His brother really didn’t want to be Emperor in the first place and Rio knew that the brother in the alternate universe would betray him setting up a political cabal to create a republic.
    Keep you friends close your enemies closer.

    Who actually came in the shuttle from the alt Universe?

    Three is taking the heat for the White-Hole bomb theft to save Five and the others and it looks like he may be attracted to five. he also cleared Commander Delaney Truffault of the Mikkei Combine of the research and destruction of a planet.

    Please bring back Marc Bendavid as “1, Derrick Moss, or even reluctantly the sadistic, whiny Jace Corso now and then. Alt universe knows about the real universe and so may and try to get to the other side for retribution.

    When is Android going to get a name!

  10. “Do you think they’ll know it’s us?

    “Explosions…. shooting…. screaming…. Who else would it be?”

    Very enjoyable TV Joe! The dogs are adorable! Hope you had a good flight. Where are we going first?

  11. I loved Ryo’s episode – one of the best hours of the series. Even though it had to get through a lot of plot, it never felt rushed and at times came off as a farewell to Four with a bunch of great character scenes.

    But I am curious – given just how much had to happen in this episode alone, was it ever going to be a two-parter? And now that the Seer leaders are dead, will the Raza never find out about Devon? Or might the other remaining Seers actually be around to continue that thread?

  12. The standout moment for me: Five getting her “Luke Skywalker rescuing the Princess” moment in episode 12. Best laugh I’ve had in a while.

  13. Well that’s weird. I signed on with twitter before but it replaced my photo with an avatar anyway and it cut out the whole middle section of my comment shortening it to “….. or do we? mawahaha”.

    Have fun at the chocolate making class! xo

  14. “Take a minute…. everything’s alright”
    Perfect friendship moment with Five and Three… loved this episode!

  15. Always love 3+5 interactions so 211 gave lots to love.
    212 was sooo intense and what an ending. Worthy of a season finale but it WAS NOT the finale so I can’t wait to see what you have in store for that one.
    P.S. If you write a chocolate making scene into season 3 you’ll be able to write your Japan vacation off on your taxes as a business expense.

  16. Glad you are in Japan and back online. Please do share pics of your adventures making chocolate…that should be cool.

    And the fooooood…I want to indulge and gain 20 lbs just seeing all that you will consume. YUM.

    LOVED the episodes – every minute had something to blow the mind.
    Alex Malari was perfect in his transition from the “good Four” that we know to the “bad Ishida Ryo.”

    The ending – was…mind blowing….wow.

    @Drea – Hiro is wearing Japanese footwear called tabi and wearing typical Japanese straw slippers.

  17. Pretty awesome new Gantz O trailer came out recently Joe!

    I’m kinda amazed that no one has picked up the movie/tv rights to Gantz in the United States. The very nature of the series would make it appeal to action and Scifi fans alike. Anyway, this story is quite a distance ahead of where the anime ended, with Masaru Kato revived and the new leader of the Tokyo Gantz team. I won’t explain what happened to Kurono as the movie may do that, but I will say that the final arc of the anime didn’t happen in the Gantz manga and shouldn’t really be considered canon in any way. The Gantz was never trying to kill Kurono.

    Though saying that, I like how some Gantzers use swords instead of guns to engage the monsters. Its more a case of personal preference, and because of the slight time lag when firing the guns

  18. Though technically Reika(Long haired lady in the trailer) was appointed leader officially by the Tokyo team, but Kato takes the mantle, at least in my opinion.

    Anyway speaking of ratings.

    Dark Matter Episode 10 1.31 million, 0.4 18-49(Live+3).
    The live numbers for that episode were 608k, 0.14 18-49.

    Kinda shows that viewers didn’t go anywhere, they just switched to DVR for this episode for whatever reason. I found the drop quite shocking actually. To go from a 0.22 to a 0.14 so soon after renewal. Hopefully Episode 11 & 12 recover some.

    I wish more people would switch from DVR to watching Live. I’m also hoping Season 3 has an earlier start in the Summer. It’ll probably be better for the ratings if it aired in June again.

  19. Wow; not sure I saw that coming. Surprised about the brother only. Amazed the Seers didn’t see it! LOL

    I’m convinced that the Raza crew are clones, that’s why Android could bomb the palace with no problem. It wasn’t “us” that they’d see coming, and the real “us” could come in if something happened…or they could send in another clone.

  20. “After what happened to One, I’m just not ready to lose another friend.”

    Even Five wants you to bring One back.

  21. Noooooo! Ryo, how could you? I mean, I know how and why, but still… Well played, Joe. Well played.

    The interaction between Three and Five was a delight in the pre-penultimate episode.

    Have a safe trip and a wonderful vacation

  22. This show continues to impress with solid character development and plot twists. Kudos to you and the rest of the team

  23. I was shocked, thought about it for a second and thought it made sense, then was shocked again. The step-brother took me by surprise. Considering that wasn’t the finale, I expect the finale to blow my mind, or at least leave me going “Whaaaa?!”

  24. Love the doggy pics! Bubba & Lulu as horned space aliens and Bubba rocking his jammies while staring at his artwork are two of my favorites though all are fun pics. A big welcome to Petunia! Looking at your Twitter pics, I see you have arrived. Have a great time!!

    Will miss your weekly breakdown of each episode. Would love to know your thoughts on these last two episodes. I am mourning the loss of Four!

  25. @Akemi (peasnatch) Excellent job on the packing! I also try to pack lightly but it usually takes me a handful of times re-arranging items before I can get it all to fit in the carry-on bag. Thanks for sharing your tips.

    I know you like how those high heels look but please please be very careful in them. It only takes one small misstep to sprain your ankle. I had a near identical pair of super high heels several years ago. I wanted to look super sexy for a gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY.
    I simply had a very minor slip, twisting my ankle coming down the steps at the end of the night Albeit – It cost me several weeks of missed ice dancing workouts there after because my ankle sweeled so badly I could not get into my skates.

    Hope you two enjoyed chocolate making class! <3 xo <3.

  26. That yakitori you had for dinner looked delicious but not so sure I could ever stomach that guts bowl at breakfast.

    Yay! My crabby is back.
    Hi ya cwabby. I missed ya while you were gone! <3

  27. Great pup pics! I especially like the one with both nBubba and Lulu in the pink and blue Viking hats where Bubba looks like he’s blowing a raspberry.

    On Dark Matter, you gave us a heck of an emotional cliff hanger! I’m very glad you;ve got the 3rd season pickup, so we can see how this all ends.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that we’ve had “backstory resolutions” with One (death is a resolution), Two (escaping the lab and gaining new nanites), Three (confronting past demons), Four (in process with his murderous ascension to the throne) and Six (his repudiation of the GA corruption and rejoining the Raza), but we haven’t had a similar resolution with Five. Maybe there’s nothing more to tell in her backstory beyond the orphanage? I’m just wondering what Season three will bring…

    And safe travels Joe and Akemi! I’m looking forward to the Japan trip pictures.

  28. Soooo season one ep 11, 5 is threatened with torture/or worse, then 211 she is kidnapped by rapey hillfolk. (11 is really just not five’s number, is it) Are we foreshadowing something here?
    Please just have care, sexual assault is not something to take lightly. It is not something that just gets better after one episode. Not to say that it is a topic that absolutely must be avoided. It is an unfortunate reality for all too many. But at the same time, it is a devastating, life changing event that deserves to be handled with respect. (If you are going to do it, do it right.) It would be very interesting to see how it would affect the rest of the crew.
    Also on the topic of 5, she seems to be the heart of the ship. She always brings the others together and has hope that they can be better than what they were. Do we ever see the opposite of this-hopeless 5? We have seen alt versions of the others but not so much 5. (not that I necessarily want to because I love 5, just curious.)
    Needless to say, I love the RazaBoys, but its the ladies that drive the show and keep me coming back! Love the complex relationship between 2 and 5 and Zoie Palmer as the android is always effing amazing!!! Love it, I’m terrified for the finale and what you have in store for us, but cant wait for season 3!!

  29. So much to say over those two episodes, but I was especially shocked at components of the one with the brother. I like when characters change and evolve over a time, and hopefully this brush of power to his head as the Emperor he will get his planetary interests and then help the Raza with something that gets him and strands him on the ship.

    I love all the puppy pictures. Hi Petunia! I love the Bubba-soufflé! Too cute to eat.

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