In case you hadn’t heard:

Dark Matter and Killjoys renewed for season 3 on Syfy

It’s always the way.  At first it’s “Oh, no.  Oh, no.  Are we going to get a season 3 pick up?”  And then it’s “Oh, no.  Oh, no.  We got a pick up and now have to finish work on those scripts!”

It’s amazing how prescient my dogs were, seemingly preparing for a potential return journey to T.O. –

September 1, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Is A Go!

Not a day before the pick-up.  Seemingly the stuff of urban legends, but anecdotal evidence supports the theory that dogs can predict earthquakes and series renewals.

I celebrated with Dark Matter friends.  Last night, it was dinner at the excellent Hart & Hunter with actress Ellen Wong (Misaki Han).

September 1, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Is A Go!

We played that hand-knife game pre-dinner.  She lost.

September 1, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Is A Go!

Grapefruit beer!  What will they think of next?!

September 1, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Is A Go!

Then, tonight, it was dinner with Melanie Liburd’s husband Ben, Melanie Liburd, and director Jason Priestley.  We went to Nobu where I left the menu in the hands of the chef but requested nigiri.  Three times.  What we got – mainly cooked dishes. And no nigiri.  I mean, come on.  It was all well and good – especially after three bottles of sake – but I can’t help but feel highly suspicious of a place when I order nigiri THREE TIMES and don’t receive any.  Do they have something to hide? Fortunately, the company was spectacular.  I love those three!

Well, that’s it.  My L.A. trip concludes tomorrow with one last minute breakfast meeting, then a flight back to Vancouver.  Look at how much the dogs are missing me…

September 1, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Is A Go!

And then it’s back to work on scripts for season 3.  If you thought season 2 was nuts, just you wait…

33 thoughts on “September 1, 2016: Dark Matter season 3 is a go!

  1. It was 1 September last year that Season 2 got picked-up as well, recurring date……so, same again next year for Season 4 – marking it in my diary! 👍

    Season 3 is a go, and that means it’s also time to look for TO accommodation again……or, will you return to the same place?

  2. Please tell us what music that is that’s playing in Season 2 Episode 6 where Nyx is crying…about 38 minutes into the episode –
    Many of us fans are trying to find out!

  3. Congratulations Joe I have no doubt in my mind now that dark matter will go full course and get at a minimum of 5 seasons all thanks to your great writing and hard work thank you and I’m actually hoping this third season pick up gives you that extra push to get that super secret military sci-fi series greenlit.

  4. Many congrats! That announcement took some of the sting out of the SpaceX loss. Now I’m looking forward to more big news about a new series!

  5. Woo hoo! So excited, and glad you could celebrate with some cast & crew. Can’t wait to see what you have for us next!! (No pressure, LOL)

  6. Yes! Season three sounds awesome. Maybe the T.O. winter won’t be harsh this year.

  7. I’ll say it again…Congratulations! Season 3 here we come!!

    I had some nigiri (tuna) and a seaweed salad at Ray’s in ATL last night. Only had to ask once.

    Love Bubba’s hat – now he has 5 eyes. Lulu does look like she’s missing you or she has a cramp.

  8. I really want to see your five season plan become a reality Joe. Somehow, someway, you’ll get there, one season at a time, but you’ll get there. I have little doubt that by the closing stages of Summer 2017, you’ll have that Season 4 renewal.

  9. Congrats on your Season 3 renewal. I am looking forward to more adventures for the crew of the Raza and especially Three!

  10. You said, “Seemingly the stuff of urban legends, but anecdotal evidence supports the theory that dogs can predict earthquakes and series renewals.”

    I agree! And if that wasn’t enough:

    So be careful what you say around Bubba and Lulu. It wouldn’t surprise me if they also understood Japanese!

    It’s Friday and that means Dark Matter tonight at 10PM EST and also payday for me, so a double wonderful thing.

    Things to watch for:
    1) Who is the shirtless guy in Android’s dream?
    2) Why is she dreaming anyway?
    3) Will Four restore his neural imprint and leave the Raza to regain his throne?
    Does Nyx stop him or help him?
    4) Will Three suffer ill effects from that creepy tentacled, gooey thing?
    5) Will Five once again, save the day? Or will Two save the day?
    6) Can Six and Three reconcile?
    7) Who was in the mystery shuttle that took off last week?
    8) Who will get to the Raza first – GA – Ferrous – Mikkei – Reynaud – Dwarf Star Technologies?
    9) Will Corporate war actually break out?

    And on, and on it goes, at least for three more episodes this season and… hey, how many episodes will Season 3 have? Again 12 or more please?

    Enjoy Labor Day weekend! Anyone in harm’s way from the Hurricane, stay safe!

  11. Had an awesome ice dance workout this morning e’er so filled filled with Dark Matter! XO

    Greetings to Mel & Ben.

    Safe, tolerable, flight home Joe.

    Sending my daily does of hugs n love to you n the fam.

    Is it time for the time travel episode yet?! 😀

    GO Dark Matter!!

  12. Doggie Yo Ga is too funny, I like that the pups are packed and at the door. What is in Toronto that they miss? And like fancy Big City trendsetters the pugs look super slim, like they won’t have to lose any kilos before their trip back.

    Happy news on Season 3! I’m loving the many versions of each cast member; pre-wipe, post-wipe, pre-mod chip, post-mod chip, post-brain squid, factory setting chip; the cast has done a terrific job making the jumps seamless.

  13. It must be a weight off your shoulders that the pups are well cared for during your absence. Safe travels!!!!

  14. YES….more congratulations to you and all involved with DM for such great work. Just got to TOUCH 3 Anthony, and 2Boss Melissa, and the Roger Cross. wheeeeee….

    now we discover that the 4 pm panel for Dark Matter is lined up out the door and around the block. YES….major interest and FAN BASE with Dark Matter.

  15. Very good news, congratulations for you and for the entire crew! And it has been well deserved too, with a season 2 that has been very strong so far.

    Not only is it very nice to hear that people (not only the DM crew but the Killjoys team, too) get to keep their job, it is also excellent news for the fans that we get to see the 5-year plan unfold (or at least 3 of those years, but hopefully all of it).

    I’m a bit surprised as I was pessimistic seeing the ratings for both shows on Syfy, but all those other ways of watching must have had a measurable effect. It’s nice to see that they support their products, even if the ratings aren’t through the roof (at first glance, anyway).

    It will be nice to watch the final 4 episodes of this season, knowing there will a follow-up.

  16. congrats!! There are few shows that I always watch an episode again before the next one–and enjoy so much. I don’t think one can overstate how good the writing is on Dark Matter. Well done! Keep up the great work. Thanks for s1 and s2 so far.

  17. I bet they gave you a 3rd season just so you could bring One back. Didn’t they? Guess you better get busy and figure out a way to write him back in. I don’t care how you do it, just do it! Also, since you are all set for another year, it would be a perfect time to bring in a new little puppy or an older dog without a home. Just do it!

    And I don’t like being a lobster-swallowed-alligator. I liked my sad-little-green-nothing-nobody.

  18. Uh oh, I had one of Ellen’s Beers (Stiegl Radler) last week as well! Gave me a tummy ache and I couldn’t sleep all night. 🤕

  19. Lulu is performing yo-ga exquisitely. Love Bubba’s outfit for the day. Sorry to see Ellen has hurt her hand/wrist. I hope it heals well and soon. She has to come back for season 3 after all.

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