19 thoughts on “August 19, 2016: Tonight on Dark Matter – “Stuff To Steal, People To Kill”!

  1. Looks great! And that VFX of the Raza and space station – Wow. Lawren and the gang have really stepped it up this season.

  2. Agreed Gary. Hats off to your entire VFX team. Everything looks great this season!

    Counting down.

    T-minus 2 hrs 45 minutes to launch…

  3. Hi Joe
    Decided I don’t like their French accents, they don’t sound anything like themselves. 🙂


  4. @Tam Dixon I saw that kid from Mo’s Bows on Shark Tank. Very young entrepeneur. Good to know he’s successful. 🙂

    Still haven’t gotten caught up on the end of last week’s ep and I’m probably going to miss tonight’s, as well. Good thing I’ve got the weekend to watch. Going to miss Killjoys, too. I feel like a failed fan, but the Olympics are live and difficult to find a way to see all of the events I’ll miss. Easier to play catch up with episodic tv. Next week both shows will have my undivided attention. It’s tough being a sports and a sci fi fan!

  5. Hi Joe
    Clap, clap, clap. Well done, sir, very well done!
    So that’s how you’re going to bring back you-know-who…


  6. Got to watch tonight after all. Mind boggling, gobsmacking episode! Turns and twists everywhere. What a ride! Thanks, Joe, cast and crew! 😃

  7. Just finished tonight’s episode – another great one! I can’t wait to find out the answer to the “who” question. Not a spoiler!

  8. Alright folks! You heard it here first! Our Joey is now ‘officially’ St Joe.
    Patron saint of SF tv. story telling!

    All hail St Joe -Deliverer of Syfy miracles! xo


  9. no spoilers, just repeated phrases that had to be repeated again and again.
    What the hell? What just happened? I think there may have been an expletive or two…I know I uttered a couple.

    This episode was absolutely Brilliant.
    Now I have to re-watch the DVR and the west coast feed.
    And, likely a few more times to try to digest everything that was thrown at us.
    In an over used word….WOW!

  10. What I would have posted before watching tonight’s episode:
    Thanks for all the trailers and pics! It’s been a literal buffet the past few days. I agree with @glowyzoey, it is very hard to keep up with the Olympics and episodic tv, I’ve been up til 1-2 in the morning each night but tonight it’s all Dark Matter! I’m DVR’ing the Olympics for the hour. I also agree with @Elminster, I don’t like the French speaking version of our Raza crew – I know Anthony is fluent in French, the dubbed voice is just wrong.

    Now after watching tonight’s episode:
    Totally off the hook! Best Episode Award! Have already read Aimee Hick’s and Thogar’s reviews. Folks, you’re in for a treat! Now I have to stop typing to watch again!

  11. Not quite what I had in mind bringing XXXX back but I’ll take it!

    The Olympics have been fun to watch Maggie L80. It’s just amazing what the human body can do!

  12. There was LEGIT martial arting going on in that TWO/blonde girl fight. There’s an arm bar where the only way out is to flip, and that’s exactly what blonde girl did. (without truly locking out the arm, which would be insane to do on purpose unless you wish your stunt doubles harm)

    I actually had to flip out of one once, even though martial artists usually don’t practice that, because it’s dangerous if you don’t rotate on your arm’s axis just right. A guy was supposed to practice turning my arm the other way and follow through all the way to the ground for a take-down, but he twisted my arm the wrong way. Knowing the next step was all the way to the ground, I was in danger of getting my shoulder destroyed, so I went ahead and flipped, then was a little pissed at his recklessness and landed with a scissor kick take-down and never stopped spinning until I’d spun up onto his back to grab his collar, and kept spinning to turn him over until he was in an inescapable leg lock. I’d never even thought through that sequence in my head, just putting him in something inescapable seemed to be what needed to happen before I stopped.

  13. My fan review of: Stuff To Steal People to kill.

    Hi ya Joe! Hope you, Akemi and the babes are enjoying your Sunday.
    Sending my daily dose of of hugs n love your way. XO

    I’ve now watched episode 208 for the third time!
    I’m gonna share something with you that I mentioned to my blog siblings in an email conversation earlier today.

    Don’t get me wrong here. I’ve definitely been enjoying all of season 2.
    Albeit “this” episode in comparison to all prior episodes
    is like trying to compare chopped liver to the finest Japanese steak prepared by the world’s greatest chefs!

    Everything was absolutely flawless! Sheer heavenly perfection!
    The Writing. Direction.Beats/Timing. Acting. Visual/VFX. Costumes. Hair. Make up. Casting of guest stars. Sets. Storyline chosen.

    All of it. FLAWLESS & 100% engaging!
    “Every” character sucked me into their world in this episode!

    I went into this episode simply hoping to see the return of the fun Wexler character played by Ennis. ( which yes, thanks again, you delivered on).
    I certainly did not expect or would have thought I’d be blown away by it all!

    What an absolutely lovely GIGANTIC surprise!

    For those of you who haven’t seen it yet – Prepare to be glued to your screen and immediately craving to rewatch it – again and again! and again!!

    O’ Dear Sweet Saint Joe I call to thee:
    if you can manage this kind of quality and flawless execution, even if only in every third episode, of seasons 3-5
    I highly suspect DM will be a HUGE hit with live viewers and inspire loyal energized, enthusiastic fans, across the globe, beyond your wildest dreams!
    <3 <3 <3

  14. Ha! oops. Just realized I’ve lost track of days.

    Its only Saturday.

    Well, in that case, Happy Saturday!

    ( consider my previous Sunday well wish your daily dose of hugs n love in advance)

  15. …just finished a 6 episode “binge-watch” of Dark Matter..and then caught this last episode (“Stuff to Steal, people to kill”)..works nice. My DVR still has room for all those repetitive SyFy commercials…it is almost like binging on Star Gate Universe…which I am still upset about. IF they go positive in the series..(where are all the sexy nice human-like aliens…couldn’t we get Billy Meier’s Pleiadians and Semjaza…in some other dimension..other Galaxy?)..anyway..Brad Wright needs to make a script appearance…in a Amanda Tapping directed 2-part series..with a “sexy female fight scene” (must be some muddy planets nearby right Joe Mallozzi?)…WW in Fort Worth Texas

  16. Jeff was sound asleep on the couch after I got back from work so Patrick came into my bedroom with me and we snuggled in to watch Dark Matter only for Boomer and his toy “roar, roar dinosaur” came up to be with us. But then 10 minutes before it was over, Patrick decided to have a meltdown and I figured it was well past time for bed so I had to skip out. It was a fabulous episode. So nice to see old faces and I love multiverses because of all the character possibilities for each individual person from the original POV multiverse.

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