Some very interesting feedback on this latest instalment.  One of the surprisingly strongest reactions is to the opening scene that many found too OTT (Over the Top).  More than a couple of fans have stated they found the scene specifically less Dark Matter and more Lost Girl like (I haven’t seen Lost Girl so I’ll need you to explain that one).

August 15, 2016: Dark Matter “she’s One Of Them Now” Deleted Scenes And Dialogue!

Well, it so happens that, in the script’s first draft, this scene played out quiet differently.  Here’s the original version:


Establish an upscale space station.

TABOR: Look, let me lay it out for you.


A casually-attired Tabor sits in his upscale suite, chatting on his computer.

TABOR: You’re one of this galaxy’s most notorious criminals. You’ve got a rap sheet as long the Kuiper Belt. You’re a swindler, a thief, a convicted felon and smuggler. (beat) And I want you as a client.

ON the individual he is talking to, a seedy-looking criminal type – ALDVIK JONES – who scratches his beard, uncertain.

ALDVIK: I don’t know if I need an agent…

TABOR: I’m not an agent. I’m a handler. I handle careers with care. Just so you know, my client roster includes seven of this galaxy’s Ten Most Wanted including Rax Veiland who just climbed up to the number three spot last week. He’s a real go-getter that one.

ALDVIK: Ten percent seems kinda steep…

TABOR: A small price to pay for peace of mind. Think about it. I’ll source jobs for you, screen and vet every employer, and handle all financial transactions. I don’t get paid unless you get paid.

Suddenly, the door BUZZES.

TABOR: Hang on. That’s probably my girlfriend, Perelandra. She’s always forgetting her pass key.

He gets up, calls back:

TABOR: By the way, I also offer packaging services – you know, pair you up with a good getaway pilot or demolition expert for those team jobs. Think about it!

He opens the door.

TABOR: Hello, sweetheart –

To REVEAL TWO standing there, flanked by THREE and SIX. Tabor is stunned.

TABOR: Oh. Portia. Well this is a pleasant surprise.

He smiles amiably. Then, the smile drops.

TABOR’s POV as she decks him. LIGHTS OUT!

Have a preference?

August 15, 2016: Dark Matter “she’s One Of Them Now” Deleted Scenes And Dialogue!


There was a snippet of dialogue lost in the edit that shed significant light on the Android’s understanding of her place on the The Raza.  The scripted exchange…

ANDROID: You may find it hard to believe, but I once considered myself an outsider on this ship.

Nyx chooses to say nothing, although we can tell she doesn’t find it hard to believe at all. The Android continues –

ANDROID: I assumed the things that made me different made it impossible for the others to accept me as an equal – but really it was just the opposite.

NYX: Yeah, well, I’ve been on my own for a long time. This “team thing” is going to take some getting used to.

ANDROID In that respect, you’re no different than anyone else onboard.

August 15, 2016: Dark Matter “she’s One Of Them Now” Deleted Scenes And Dialogue!


In the script, before boarding the Marauder, TWO encounters Nyx by the airlock…


Nyx stands at the airlock waiting. TWO and SIX turn the corner and head down the corridor towards her.

TWO: I’ll catch up.

Nyx throws SIX an amiable but perhaps not wholly convincing smile as he passes her, opens the door, and heads into the marauder. Nyx throws a look back to make sure he’s clear, then turns and addresses TWO –

NYX: Need back-up?

TWO: I’ll be okay.

NYX: Look, you’ve got the history with him, you know him better than I do, but he betrayed you once and, even though he did help us escape lock-up…he betrayed you once.

Off TWO –

NYX: Maybe I’m out of line here. After all, we’re pretty much strangers and you’re still taking a chance on me –

TWO: I’ll be fine. And so will he.

NYX: If you say so.

TWO goes to head through the airlock then holds up, throws a look back to Nyx –

TWO: You’re on this ship because I trust you – but, to be honest, I haven’t trusted you with everything. There are some things you should know about me.

NYX: Well that sounds intriguing…and slightly ominous.

TWO: We’ll talk later.

TWO heads out. Nyx watches her go.

The scene was lost for time.

August 15, 2016: Dark Matter “she’s One Of Them Now” Deleted Scenes And Dialogue!


This one really, really REALLY bothered me because if the timing had been right, it would have been a very fun sequence.  It wasn’t so we had to go with an altered version.

THREE and FOUR look on as FIVE carefully places the cover on the device, then lifts it off its stand. BEAT.

FIVE: I think we’re good –

DISEMBODIED VOICE (O.S.): Password authentication required.

THREE: Password?


THREE: That wasn’t a guess!


THREE: How many tries do I get?!

DISEMBODIED VOICE (O.S.): Third and final attempt – incorrect.

Suddenly, an ALARM SOUNDS.

FOUR: That was it!

They bolt for the door.

August 15, 2016: Dark Matter “she’s One Of Them Now” Deleted Scenes And Dialogue!


The crew of The Raza did some terrible things in their respective pasts, but they have a leg up on redeeming themselves because they possess no memories of their terrible histories.  Devon, on the other hand, made some mistakes, and those memories haunt him, making his search for redemption all that much harder.  He drinks, does drugs to dull the pain that accompany those memories and, at episode’s end, he is confronted by the Seers who have predicted his actions based on his habits.  In this scene, Devon is finally afforded the opportunity to redeem himself by making the ultimate sacrifice, giving up his life covering for Nyx who, unbeknownst to the Seers, is actually on the station.  In the scripted scene, Devon’s sacrifice is made all the more tragic in that he saves Nyx by ultimately selling himself out.  Shaun Sipos was brilliant in this scene and it really kills me that it was not included in its entirety…

HANSMEED: Where’s The Raza?

DEVON: Long gone.

Again, off a suspicious Hansmeed –

DEVON: Hangar seven. Docked under an alias, but the specs should line up. Check for yourself. They left.

Hansmeed throws a look to one of his men. The man taps an ear comm and ducks out. It’s clear he’s doing just that.

HANSMEED: And why would they leave you behind?

DEVON: You say you know me? Then you should already have your answer. (beat) I’m a junkie. A screw-up. A short-term burden and a long-term liability. Over the course of my sorry life, I have hurt – intentionally and not – everyone who ever took a chance on me.

HANSMEED: We want Nyx.

DEVON: Well, I can’t help you with that. She’s one of them now.

Hansmeed’s man steps back in and gives him a nod back. Devon’s information apparently checks out. Hansmeed swings a look back to Devon.

HANSMEED: Where did they go?

DEVON: No idea. Can’t help you with that either.

Hansmeed considers, then throws a look to his men. They quickly step in and stab Devon, then step away. He slumps to the floor, bleeding out. Hansmeed looms over him, gives a shad shake of his head –

HANSMEED: What a waste.

Then, turning to his men –

HANSMEED: Back to the ship. Let’s run the next predictive model.

And with that, they’re off, leaving him to bleed out.

22 thoughts on “August 15, 2016: Dark Matter “She’s One Of Them Now” deleted scenes and dialogue!

  1. Thanks once again for the deleted scenes. I trust your judgement in that what would’ve been better IS better, sometimes it’s hard with just the words. Some scenes I can picture better than others.

  2. I love this episode. I really liked the scene where Devon confesses to Nyx about his past. It was written perfectly and acted superbly. It’s a scene that could’ve been sappy in the wrong hands. Instead it hit me. My eyes welled up with tears a bit listening to him. Maybe it’s because I’m a father, I don’t know, but hearing someone talk about the death of a child will always get me. Something tells me Nyx will find him in the next episode. He didn’t look dead yet so I’m expecting him to be saved by Nyx. I also loved all the great special fx work. 🙂

  3. If only the episdes were longer. Any possibility that there will be extended versions on the dvd’s?

  4. Why did they kill him actually? Couldn’t they have used his brain as a processor? Even if not, do they just have a mad on with anyone Raza related? It’s not like he was really their enemy or of any use.

  5. I don’t quite understand why the Seers killed Devon though. It doesn’t seem like it’s any advantage to them and he’s not their enemy or a threat. Do they just have a mad on against anyone connected with the Raza now?

  6. Those were cool, but I liked it just the way it was. I have to say tho, sometimes I have a hard time keeping up when the camera cuts from one scene to another. It doesn’t happen in all the episodes.Maybe I’m just getting old and can’t keep up.

  7. I didn’t think the first scene was over the top. Either the actual one or the alternate would have been fine, as far as I’m concerned.

    Like you I *am* disappointed that the password scene got abbreviated. That would have been awesome, and we actually only got the barest hint of it. 🙁

    The final scene with Devon was excellent regardless, but that little extra would have been nice.

    A question though – what was with the nice plate of fresh cookies in the room with the adapter. That seemed… random, if not a considerate gesture for any marauding and hungry interlopers that happened by to steal some illegal tech.

  8. The opening scene was just fine.
    The password scene – as is was cool. Voice asks for password.
    3 says password?
    Voice – incorrect
    things happened and 3 says shit and voice says – incorrect.
    That worked for me.
    Reading the script does not quite convey an acted scene so hard to really tell. I will say I enjoyed everything very much.

    LOL…have to say 5 was very trusting to start munching – who knows what was put into those things. Was funny 3 did not grab cookies first.

  9. I loved the opening sequence though the alternate would have been interesting, it would not have been nearly as funny. Touching scene with Nyx & Android – with and without the added dialogue. Nice beat between Nyx & Two regarding Six but you can’t include everything. Would have loved to have seen that extended scene with Three & the password but it worked well as is and there was a lot of humor already in the show. Devon’s sacrifice: like I said earlier, you can’t include everything, that scene played well as is. There are some questions as to why the Seers killed Devon. I imagine that he had outlived his usefulness to them – if the Seers thought that Devon was not going to be with the crew (as with Devon stating he had been left behind) then they wouldn’t need him to make any predictions regarding the Raza’s next course of action and with him alive he could warn the Raza & Nyx of their pursuit. I’m still holding out that he is alive though!

    P.S. Aimee Hicks has done a preview of this week’s show. Excited!!!

    @Tam & @PBMom: Prayers up for Patrick & Dr. Jo

    Thanks for the responses regarding DragonCon. Photo ops!!

  10. @Gforce Come to think of it – those cookies did seem oddly convenient. Maybe Alicia set them up? Maybe??? – There was a nano sized bio gps tracker in the top few cookies on the plate because she knew FIVE likes cookies and that it would be her that would come hack the system.

    Oooooh. Hey! Here’s a thought: Could it be? that Ruthless Alicia is FIVES true biological mother???

  11. @Randomness Thanks. I’m actually not into anime, per say, and even the aviators I was speaking of is literally a documentary series about aviation.
    Albeit Planetarian sounds like something I’d definitely be into.

  12. Joe, you called the above caption Devon’s sacrifice, but is it certain that he dies? Nyx sat at the bar and in the last look, she seemed antsy & worried. Maybe she goes looking for him? Maybe she saves him? I do not understand why the seer’s knifed him. Did they know he was lying to them about Nyx? That wasn’t clear.

    If Devon is dead, why are some characters rotated on and then quickly off Dark Matter? It seems we welcome them to the show, enjoy their performances, then it’s lights out. What happened to Arax?

    I don’t mind the aired shortened Tabor/seedy client scene, short & sweet.

    Feeling confused here…

  13. Loving all the deleted scenes/dialogue. They would be great additions, as part of the DVD extras.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the episode as it aired. And, like all the episodes, I’ll need more than one viewing to catch everything that happened!

  14. Thanks Maggie L80 & Drea! The cancer isn’t in any organs yet. I’m hoping that will be a factor in eligibility for the study.

    Thank you so much for sharing these scenes with us. I can see why you have to cut some but others (like the password scene) would have been funny to include. Stupid time constraints!

    Ponytail: We’ll just have to politely ask “When is One coming back?” each week! Maybe, we will wear him down? Like a Chinese water torture method. 🙂

  15. I also thought the scene between Nyx and Devon was well done – and Devon really kept it in balance. Agree with other post, it could have been sappy in someone’s else’s hands … “oh a child was involved you say…” It’s still a plot tool that’s convenient – well could have been but it wasn’t. Good actor… I like their bond, hope he’s alive…

  16. Just catching up on my blog reading here, after watching last night’s DM. Have decided to stay away from twitter and to limit reading this blog (definitely no comments reading) from Fridays til after watching the next episode on Monday nights, as invariably someone spills the beans (Not you, Joe and not the majority of the guys here)
    ‘She’s One of Them Now’ – another great episode, Joe. Lots of memorable set pieces. Love how Android is evolving from a functioning part of the ship’s equipment to a member of ‘this crew’. Her scene with Nyx was very touching, with Three, very mischievous and with Tabor …. well, just funny!
    I laughed at the’password’ sequence cos that was just typically Three – and fine the way it was.
    I was surprised at your comment that the opening sequence was thought of as OTT – really?!
    Looking forward to finding out exactly how this ‘blink’ thing works. Wonder what possibilities (aka ‘can of worms’) will unfold….
    . … I wonder if it can time travel?
    … Now that could be useful…

  17. I think it’s better without the Two/Nyx scene because Nyx misled them about Milo only an episode ago, so it would be hypocritical for her to raise concerns about Six betraying them, especially when she’s only heard about it secondhand.

    Two on the other hand I felt should have been angrier at Six than she was. (A) His actions set up One’s death (we know it was faked, but she doesn’t), and he’d have to be stupid not to expect someone to get hurt, so not meaning it to happen doesn’t absolve him. (B) He caused the rest of the crew to turn on each other during Episode 13, and to a captain’s mind that should be even worse than the ‘turning them in’ part. Yet he didn’t get blamed in dialogue for either A or B. Two only discussed the Mexican standoff with Three while they were drinking, and all she said about the former to Six was, “You know One was murdered?” Not accusingly, but to literally just to see if he knew and ask for G.A.-related advice.

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