It’s been  busy week for Dark Matter.  More reviews, reactions, and interviews! Tomorrow, we role into my behind-the-scenes insights into “Episode 17: We Were Family”!

Never forget that Dark Matter doesn’t forget it’s clues and sub-plots from last season, everything connects and everything will be made known in its due time. We’re almost half-way done and I still feel like we’re just getting warmed up… by Sahurai at Blade of the Sashurai

We should definitely be thanking our neighbors to the north for more than a few things; but one of the biggest could be its being the savior of North American Sci-Fi on TV. One in particular that I have watched and very highly recommend is Dark Matter… by Dave Ward Nerd Nation Magazine

AfterBuzz’s Yael Tygiel gets Dark Matter’s Alex Mallari Jr. and Anthony Lemke in bed…

Alex Mallari Jr. and Jodelle Ferland talk to TV Equals:

Melissa O’Neil and Anthony Lemke talk to TV Equals:

Melissa Liburd and Executive Producer Jay Firestone talk to TV Equals:

A group interview:

Alex Mallari Jr. and Anthony Lemke talk to Seat 42F:

Jodelle Ferland and Melissa O’Neil talk to Seat 42F:

A little something for the StargateDark Matter, and science-minded.  Meet the Physicist Behind the Science of Stargate by Jacqueline Ronson at Inverse profiles former Stargate science advisor Mika McKinnon who, incidentally, helped me out by offering me her expert input on a facet of “Stuff To Steal; People To Kill”, the eighth episode of Dark Matter’s second season.

14 thoughts on “July 24, 2016: More thoughts on “We Were Family”! The Dark Matter SDCC Fallout!

  1. Looks like some great interviews there – I’ve watched a couple so far. The cast always seems so nice!

    Were we supposed to get some doggie pics this blog entry? 😉

  2. Sigh. Joe. You forgot the dog picture!!!

    If you send me a list of all the correct answers I’d be happy to post them after each episode if you want. 😀

  3. Hey Joe, I really enjoyed this episode. It’s like you can feel the energy building, especially with the Six wake up sequence at the end.

    And I really want to look at the SDCC and interview videos, but I’m camping this week and the cell-towers are overloaded. So, now I’m setting a reminder to come back to this page next weekend to watch these. Looks like a great set of interviews and I don’t want to miss them!

    Unfortunately I will still be in “over-crowded cell-tower land” on Friday, so I guess I’ll be watching that episode on DVR on Sunday. I just have to keep off the blog and Twitter to avoid the spoilers!

  4. @Gforce Joe’s not the only one who forgot to post pics, eh?!

    Definitely want to see more from your latest jaunt 🙂

    I liked Dave Ward’s refreshingly honest review and Yaels interview in bed with the guys made for a fun watch.

    Thanks for posting Meet The Physicist for us science geeks! xo

  5. Yep, Joe. My parents forget things too.

    You better take KathyC up on her offer.

  6. These interviews were fun to watch. Great dynamics between the cast. Found it interesting that the actors had favorite chairs, etc…and now with the new crew it’s an adjustment in how scenes are played in reality as well. I remember the scene (Ep12) that Alex was mentioning with the entire crew sitting around the table, eating, drinking, and laughing after rescuing Two. The Android was even there drinking wine. (What does that do to her processors? In A.I., David couldn’t eat real food without it messing him up.) Anyway, that was a great scene with the crew being light-hearted and united. Shame that was destroyed in Ep 13.

    Kudos to the production & design crew. Great attention to detail, especially while shopping at Gregg & Co. Nice touch with the rocket ship on the logo, all the items in the background. Loved the “Android’s Day Out” and “Pretty Women” portion of this episode. I really like Victor, which means that I probably shouldn’t. I agree with all the comparisons to Data & Blade Runner but it also reminds me of Sonny from “I, Robot”. He too was purposefully created to be unique which in the long run saved humanity. On the flip side of the coin, I can’t help but think of the Silicates from Space: Above & Beyond. When androids go bad! Totally eerie and freaky, with the eyes and that sound they’d make when communicating. “Take a chance.” Looking forward to more…

    But the episode belongs to Three in my opinion! Every scene Anthony was in was fantastic, from your favorite scene when Three borrows money from Five, to the brief interactions between Three & Arax, and Three with his old crew. You just knew that Tanner was bad news. Great job by Nigel Bennett by the way. This reminded me of the SGA episode “Reunion”, where Ronan meets up with his old Satedan friends & decides to fore sake his new family for his old only to have them betray him in the end. I can’t help but wonder if Three wouldn’t have permamently gone with them if that “op” had gone differently. If a child hadn’t been held as leverage, if the dad/pilot hadn’t been killed…I imagine that the “real” Marcus might have. I can only wonder what a old memories meshed with new memories Marcus would have done. One of my favorite lines from the show:

    Henchman: “You’re not going to give us any trouble, are you, Titch?”

    Three/Marcus: “Don’t suppose I ever did.” …. then BANG!

    Then there was the final scene between Marcus & Tanner, beautifully played out. Well written and acted. I think Three pulled his gun the minute he sat down, had it resting on his thigh (waiting)…

    On a side note: loved the sparring match with Nyx & Four and Two & Nyx’s excursion to discover the identity-location of the mysterious building. Melanie’s real accent was a treat. Hope it comes out to play again. Five, once again, shines in her scenes – poor Arax never saw it coming. And what is the Android going to do with that chip?

    Let the countdown to Friday begin!

  7. Gforce: Great pictures yesterday!

    Love Melanie’s accent! Basically, everything Maggie L80 said. 🙂

    On “Stranger Things”, the kids were wonderful actors! Also, if you liked “Stranger Things”, you might like “Super 8”. “Super 8” has aliens, kid comradery, mad scientists, a great cast and as a bonus, an epic train crash.

  8. YAELLLLL! Said in my best Khan scream, seriously girl, bogarting Three and Four and all that lovely bearded scruffiness. Respect, girl, great interview.

    This week’s ep was so Android adorable that I was cooing at the screen like a Tribble. Loved all the different tones, from the Western gunslinger scenes with Three and the ultra cool galactic shopping spree, the visuals were awesome. The cinematography was gorgeous. Five reminded me of Miette from City of Lost Children, what a neat scene with her working that long con on Arax. And we got that awesome Nyx/Four randori scene; if the guys in my judo class were as awesome as Four I probably would’ve gotten my black belt.

  9. @Tam I liked Stranger Things but I am probably the only one who found it ‘comedically adorable’ rather than scary.

    To me the whole thing just seemed like one big fun, adventurous, spoof of classic movies all mashed up together.
    Wynona doing a scene from Poltergeist was a whole lot of fun!

    Hopeful my busy schedule will ease soon and allow me to attempt the pizza recipe you shared sometime in the next couple of weeks.

    Will let ya know how it turns out. xo

    @Gforce Pics…. pics and more pics please! 🙂 <3

  10. @Drea: No, I didn’t forget! 🙂 I didn’t have time to go collect all the links. Tonight for sure, if Joe doesn’t post too late!

  11. I appreciate Melissa calling the interviewer out on only suggesting the men as possible new romances for Two. And I love that Jodelle is such a fan she knows all the internet communities. Too cute.

  12. Thoroughly enjoying reading/watching all the previews, reviews and interviews 👍
    Hopefully, I’ll get online for the UK live-tweet on Monday!

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