July 20, 2016: Dark Matter At Sdcc! The Lodger Leaves! Bts Goodies!

Who’s going to San Diego Comic Con?  Well, Dark Matter will be there.  Thursday, July 21st at 7 pm, join cast members Melissa O’Neil, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr., Jodelle Ferland, and Melanie Liburd along with Executive Producer Jay Firestone in Room 60E for the Dark Matter panel.

Well, our lodger left us today, bound for San Diego.  He’ll be missed – by a couple of the locals in particular…

July 20, 2016: Dark Matter At Sdcc! The Lodger Leaves! Bts Goodies! July 20, 2016: Dark Matter At Sdcc! The Lodger Leaves! Bts Goodies! July 20, 2016: Dark Matter At Sdcc! The Lodger Leaves! Bts Goodies! July 20, 2016: Dark Matter At Sdcc! The Lodger Leaves! Bts Goodies!

It wasn’t all fun and games though.  While here, Akemi put him to work…

July 20, 2016: Dark Matter At Sdcc! The Lodger Leaves! Bts Goodies!

Meanwhile, local celebrity rag captures celebrity in totally candid shot:

July 20, 2016: Dark Matter At Sdcc! The Lodger Leaves! Bts Goodies!

Cider house rules!

Well, finished a first draft of Episode 301 .  I’m going to take a day off, give it a polish, then send it off to Paul and co. for notes, after which I roll right into Episode 303.  But FIRST, I need to do a pass on that military SF pilot before sending it out another round of “professional vetting”.  P.S. Thanks to Maggie, Ryan, Bob, and Chris, the military vets with an eye for detail – and story!

Also, looks like I’ll be L.A.-bound for the last week of August.  My new agency wants me to do “the tour”, so I’ll be flying in for fight days of meetings – and meals with (hopefully) my L.A. pals: Martin Gero, Carl Binder, Marc Bendavid, Melanie Liburd, Ellen Wong and Adam.

Hey, you know what Friday night is?  Yep, it’s SciFi Friday!  Killjoys at 6 pm PDT/9 pm ET and Dark Matter at 7 pm PDT/10 pm EDT!  It also may mark my last pick at the tweeting/periscoping can.  It’s been fun, but twitter and I may be breaking up.  Our relationship has hit a rocky patch.  🙁

Allow me to leave you with some eye candy (work-in-progress!) from our crack visual effects team lead by our tireless VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson.

Screenshots of the Ishida Cruiser in FTL.  Original concept design by artist Jon Hrubesch.  Modelled by Brendan Morfitt, overseen by VFX Supervisor Shawn Hillier of FuseFX.

July 20, 2016: Dark Matter At Sdcc! The Lodger Leaves! Bts Goodies!

July 20, 2016: Dark Matter At Sdcc! The Lodger Leaves! Bts Goodies!

July 20, 2016: Dark Matter At Sdcc! The Lodger Leaves! Bts Goodies!

EOS-7 design by Jeff Bartzis, FuseFX.  Visual effects work overseen by VFX Supervisor Shawn Hillier, FuseFX.

July 20, 2016: Dark Matter At Sdcc! The Lodger Leaves! Bts Goodies!

July 20, 2016: Dark Matter At Sdcc! The Lodger Leaves! Bts Goodies!

Tomorrow, promos and previews for Dark Matter “Episode 17: We Were Family”.

July 20, 2016: Dark Matter At Sdcc! The Lodger Leaves! Bts Goodies!

19 thoughts on “July 20, 2016: Dark Matter at SDCC! The Lodger Leaves! BTS Goodies!

  1. Twitter can be a very nasty place. But I can’t imagine anyone being mean to you! Do we need to kick some troll butt? You know we are all here for you!

  2. Wait a minute!! Didn’t we just see Lulu with someone else? Didn’t she recently have Marc Bendavid whispering sweet nothings in her ear? And now she has Anthony Lemke gazing into her eyes?! Look away Anthony, look away!! She’s a black magic woman! Oh she’s a sly one that Lulu!

  3. Safe travels to Anthony! I won’t be heading to SDCC; instead I’ll be heading to AirVenture in Wisconsin…maybe I’ll make it there someday.

    And good luck in LA! We need more of your shows on TV!

  4. You’re a sly one! Distracting us with pictures of Anthony and the pups, Anthony ironing & his “Bigfoot” sighting at a liquor store. Then you throw out a cryptic statement regarding Twitter & Periscoping. And end with some great visual effects.

    I will greatly miss the periscope sessions though I admit that as long as I check your blog daily I don’t check Twitter as much. Hopefully it will all work out.

    Great news on the LA tour, Ep 301 & the yet to be named Military SciFi pilot script. You, sir, exhaust me!

    The anticipation for Friday’s show is building as is my giddiness for the release of the new Star Trek this weekend. I plan to go see after work tomorrow.

    You deserve a break! Watch the caped crusaders in Batman vs Superman (or is it the other way around?) or watch another episode of Stranger Things or dip your toes in some refreshing water (and no, I don’t mean to take a bath). Take a deep breath and smell the espresso!

  5. On, I forgot, love the promo pic for SDCC and the panel for tomorrow night (wish I was going) though I think the photo only confirms that Arax is not long for the Raza. He is suspiciously absent from this pic as from several other BTS pics. “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal, aargh!” And Six is back!

    Recently read that above line from a review, thought it was so fitting! It’s nice to know that Firefly will forever live in the minds of it’s fans. Also I remember reading that Anthony wants to wear a hat in a scene, ever consider a Jayne-esque cap. Quite fetching! Long live the Browncoats!

  6. Anthony just can’t get away from the ironing. Poor fellow. I’m sure he’s looking for a restful San Diego – ha ha ha ha ha!

    I love that space Arcology space station. To me, that is what we could easily expect in the future as humanity reaches out into space.

  7. Morning Everyone! xo

    @Joe I hope it’s ok? if I share one last thing about Nola Shingledecker, as well as warrior princess Dr. Jo, before we
    all move on with our lives and lighten the mood.
    If not , That truly is ok too. No worries. I will understand. 🙂

    Yesterday I commented that “She (Nola) was indeed a beautiful soul
    and one of the finest educators any student could ask for”.

    Am sure it won’t surprise you to learn that Nola was ‘not’
    a member of the NS101 STEM education community
    considering she taught Social Studies , History, Economics, etc.
    Nor is it likely any surprise I did not know
    or ever ‘once’ chat with Nola.
    She was active on the blog (for the most part)
    back in the days when I was still only a daily reader
    – not actively contributing or interacting with the family.

    So how do ” I ” know she was
    one of the finest educators any student could ever ask for?

    Several members in our education community were
    at one point in time or another acquainted with her
    and something unprecedented occurred
    after each received the news of her passing.
    They all phoned me, one by one, without the others knowledge,
    to talk about their friend and fellow educator.
    Albeit, …
    Not even so much as one of them bothered to mention
    what a fine or fun H.S social studies teacher she was
    or the great education tools or classroom lesson plan ideas
    she likely often shared.
    Nor did any utter the usual sympathy comments
    we humans have all grown accustomed to
    expressing in moments of sorrow,
    about what a kind sweet person she was.

    What they each talked about was
    The wise ‘life lessons’ she personally instilled in them.

    Nola was, is, and always will be, one of the finest educators
    to ever grace us with her presence
    because she wasn’t simply a social studies teacher
    and her students werent restricted to merely a clasroom size load
    of teenagers at Taft H.S.

    She was a real life muse
    who inspired her fellow human beings to be
    the best possible version of themselves
    And her students were
    anyone within ear shot,
    regardless of age or profession,
    willing to sit still long enough to listen.

    Tam is right. Dr Jo & Nola are kindred.
    Thus, -Dare it be my most cherished hope for both,
    Whenever it is time for Jo to say farewell
    (which I continue to pray, invoke
    and wish upon every star in the infinite multiverse,
    is not for many, many, years)
    Nola will be the one to greet and help comfort & guide her spirit.

    Have a great day today my beautiful blog family.
    Know that I love you all very much
    And please try to remember
    Even just that one small simplest fact -you woke up one more time
    (regardless of any difficulties or pain you might experience)
    is a true gift. xo

    PS: @Joe That EOS-7 design turned out absolutely georgeous
    and regardless of how well or not our Friday tweet up does this week
    Hilda & I, and am sure a whole bunch of others
    will be there to support you and Dark Matter on twitter.

  8. We have a <a href="dog! She’s a bit hard to photograph. Craigslist came to the rescue. I guess I could have saved myself the embarrassment of asking the Scoutmaster if he would be a reference for a dog adoption application.

    Working on her name. Molly, Nugget, Frisk, Frisky, or Skee, maybe.

    4 months old. Chihuahua/corgi mix. Cute face of a chihuahua, eyes of a corgi, corgi feet = I don’t go insane from chihuahua claws clacking on my hardwood floors, corgi nipping = can’t introduce her face-to-face with the more aggressive of my neighbor’s dogs until we break her of that.

    We’re hoping she doesn’t just bond to one person like chihuahuas do sometimes, but she seems all around sociable so far. She doesn’t care for toys so far, she just wants to socialize and nip. The leash is just a formality outside because she wants to interact with her people, not run off.

    Now my son and I are going to go greet the girls with her as they walk out of school.

  9. Drea: Very touching. Brought tears to my eyes…. Dr Jo gets real food soon but she’s has no appetite. So, she has to see if she can keep her weight up without the feeding tube. 🙁

    Love the Anthony and pup pictures! Does anyone NOT like your furbabies? Nice of you both, to let Anthony stay with you. Hope he has a great Comic Con adventure!

    Ponytail: 😆

    What kind of problems did you have on Twitter? I’ve been reading about Leslie Jones. People can be awful. Have you ever tried reading the comments on news stories? The crazies come out then too. 🙁

  10. Drea, that is a lovely tribute. I may have something in my eyes …

    I love the cruiser and the station. Terrific work!

    I have a twitter account. I usually forget I have it. Dark Matter is on well past when I fall asleep, so I miss the tweets anyway. I am not the world’s best fan, if I can’t even stay awake for a great show!

    And, aw shucks, my pleasure.

  11. Who it that dude with the pups? Is he a famous Extreme Ironing champion? Just kidding, Mr. Lemon Key looks totally different in civvies.

    I opted out of twitter too, just tired of the miasma of hate welling up from it, plus I had like zero followers and maybe two tweets. It’s a teeny gesture but life is short so I’m making room for more positive things.

    Remember slam books? I’ll never forget the spine-tingling horror of seeing my name scrawled in a cheap brown notebook with comments that ranged from “cute!” to every florid description of scrawniness that middle-schoolers could think of, including one of an actual stick figure.

  12. Drea: I agree with maggiemayday, that was indeed a nice tribute. I am new to this blog family & don’t know everyone,obviously, or the trials and tribulations that are being faced by some. I am hoping that all are surrounded by loving family & friends that can help them through troubling & turbulent times.

    DP: I had a corgi as a child growing up from about age 5 to 21. She was a great dog! Winsdown Augusta, we called her Auggie. (We initially had her brother, called him Augustus though he died shortly after we got him from an ear infection which he apparently had when we adopted him. I cried for days.) Regarding names, have you considered “Queenie”? After all, corgi’s are Royal dogs.

  13. Congrats @DP on the dog, but for some reason I can’t see the picture here.

    Love the pictures of Anthony and Bubba and Lulu. They really love him.

    Twitter can be cruel. I’m curious to know specifically what happened.

    @Drea What a beautiful extended tribute about Nola.

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