We watched the first two episodes of Netflix’s Stranger Things last night.  I’m enjoying it so far and really, REALLY hoping that all of these cool narrative elements come together and make sense in the end.  Akemi, on the other hand, was freaked-out.  “Is this horror?”she asked as the frightened scientist ran through the flickering corridors in the opening.

“No,”I said.  “It’s science fiction.”

“Are you sure?”she asked after the scientist met his fate.

“It’s science fiction,”I insisted.

And then, throughout the first episode, Akemi: “It’s horror.” “I think it’s horror.”  “This not science fiction.  Horror!”

We usually watch a single episode of something before bedtime but she was so unnerved she suggested we watch a second episode that would answer some of the first’s eerie questions.  So we did.  And got more eerie questions.  She would have stayed up for a third but she was exhausted.  Before drifting off to sleep she informed me: “I might have to turn on the light to go to the bathroom tonight.  And wake you up.”  Thankfully, she didn’t.

This morning she woke up, still weirded out by the show.  “I can’t sleep last night,”she told me.  “I worried that you disappear.  So I kept touching you to make sure you’re still here.  But you seem to not like it.”

Being touched while I’m trying to sleep?  Of course I’m not going to like it!

July 17, 2016: Akemi Spooked! Le Monkey And Bubba Together Again!

Hey, look who dropped by to spend time with the original Bubba.  Yes, it’s t.v.’s Anthony Lemke “(“Le Monkey”to Akemi), into town for a couple of days before heading to San Diego for Comic Con.

Hey, if you have any questions about the last episode, “I’ve Seen the Other Side of You”, post ’em.  I’m long overdue for a mailbag and will try to field your questions over the next couple of days.  But one that has come up:

Sandy Pahl asks: “Why didn’t Two, Three and Four question where One & Six were after regaining their memories?”

Answer: The fact that only Portia Lin, Marcus Boone, and Ryo Ishida’s neural imprints flashed up suggests that when the crew first created this fall-back strategy (in the event the Android was incapacitated), Jace Corso and Griffin Jones were not part of the team.

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  1. Lemke got hotter over the past year…not that I like an actor based solely on how good he looks. (Yeah, I know, who am I kidding… 😛 )


  2. Being touched while I’m trying to sleep? Of course I’m not going to like it! I can’t wait to see what Das makes of that statement. 😉

    Thanks for answering that question!

    Love, love, love that picture with Bubba and Anthony!

  3. I watched the entire Stranger Things series in two nights. I think it’s worth the time to see it all. Haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. More a thriller than actual horror but it did startle me badly quite a few times and I may have yelled at the screen more than once telling the characters to “Run!” or “Don’t go in there!” Have a question about the last episode, but will keep it to myself until after you’ve seen it.

    Thank you for explaining about One and SIx. I wondered about that myself. Makes sense now. Good episode. Jodelle done good! Everyone did.

    Nice to see Anthony goofing with the original Bubba. 🙂

  4. I was asking about One and Six too. I guess I can accept your explanation, but still feels weird to me. Give me a day. LOL

    Mailbag question: is the food getting any better? You weren’t very happy when you got home.

  5. I started watching Stranger Things, too. That person shaped shadow was so creepy now I’m worried I’ll be afraid of anything person-shaped.

    We’ve had a tough day trying to pick a dog. We took the girls out of school early today to get to a shelter before it opened, but another family was there a little earlier (without all its members like we had since that’s supposed to be the rule) and were able to put a hold on it until they got everyone in the house to follow the rules. With three crying kids, the pressure was on to get this done today, but two more dogs at that shelter still weren’t available yet. Another was closed, but still managed to disappoint by taking a dog off its on-line list we might have waited until tomorrow for.

    At another shelter, there were two dogs that seemed great, but had just been gaming us to get let out of the cage. Once out, they completely ignored the kids. They’d let themselves get their hopes up and a little attached again and that’s proving to be a mistake. Right now, I’m waiting for a text back about a puppy, but hour after hour keeps going by. So now my kids will be too distracted for school and my son needs to be in tutoring but our minds are taken hostage until this is done.

  6. It just goes to show Anthony Lemke is a really good actor. I watched The Listener off and on over it’s 5 year run, and did not connect Anthony’s character Brian Becker to Three until I watched it again the other day.

  7. @Tammy – Actually, I agree with Joe on that one…do NOT molest me whilst I sleepeth. There are a few things that I consider sacred, and I rate sleep and chocolate near the top. (That said, while I do not like being messed with while I sleep, I have been known to do a bit o’ molestin’ ta others while they sleep… like Mr. das and the cats. The cats in particular object with much fussin’ n’ whinin’ in response to my bellyberries. Big babies. 😛


  8. @DP that is so not right. Your family had everyone; they shouldn’t have continued to hold the dog when someone else came in for it. Good luck; the right dog is out there waiting for you!! Have you tried local rescue groups? They are a good place to start; around here, their dogs are all being fostered, not in cages, so the dogs won’t try to trick you.

  9. Always good to see Anthony Le Monkey with his side arm Bubba.

    “Hey, if you have any questions about the last episode, “I’ve Seen the Other Side of You”, post ’em.”

    Yes, I have one question. Since I missed it, can you tell me all about it? Spoilerific and all.

    @Tam, @Drea, @PBMom, @Maggie L80 – My mom is fine. Nothing like an ER doctor telling you “everything looks good” to perk you up instantly. She turns 91 this Thursday.

  10. Mailbag question that’s had me curious since the first episode: how did you come up with the name “Raza” for the ship? Whenever I hear it I think of “La Raza” (The National Council of The Race), a Hispanic supremacy organization which is in the news a lot in connection with the U.S. southern-border immigration debate. But I’m guessing that’s *not* what you had in mind. 🙂

  11. I, too, was wondering why no one was questioning the whereabouts of One and Six. However, I thought that the reason they didn’t pop up when the link search was done was because they weren’t on board; therefore, no link to match.

    As for One, knowing how you folks like to play the long game, I’m not so sure he’s actually toast. Someone seems very interested in the crew of the Raza and, since One had been separated from the rest of the crew, he’d be easy prey. So . . . maybe it was a doppleganger of the doppleganer for Corso that bought it. Basically, take One, have a substitute put in his place, one that is very unlucky and gets offed, or maybe was set up to be killed so that no one would miss One, fake the DNA results, and voila! Stunner of an ending regardless.

  12. I know lots of people have commented on Five’s abundant supply of clothing compared to the others and she’s been on the ship the least amount of time. Any new wardrobe changes for the others this season?

    I didn’t notice the Crystal Tower on my first viewing as I was trying to tweet and watch the episode at the same time. On my second viewing I did notice it. Nicely placed in the background. Sort of a social commentary – a shining beacon in the night sky while there is a dark underbelly just a short distance away. Looking forward to discovering more about Two’s past.

    Based on your glowing recommendation of Stranger Things, I switched over to Netflix to watch before I wrote my response tonight. I’m hooked! Reminding me of a cross between Watchers (the Corey Haim flick), Super 8 & E.T. I agree with Akemi, scary!

  13. Joe and commenters:

    I’m very sorry to report that blog regular and San Antonio neighbor Nola “Nolamom” Shingledecker passed away on July 12. Her husband, Skip Shingledecker, announced the death on his Facebook profile today.
    “This is a very hard post to write…On July 12, 2016 my wife passed away in her sleep. This has been a difficult time for the whole family…I want to thank those who have helped with their words of support…I have tried to contact everyone who’s numbers I have. I hope this post will reach those I have been unable to call…She was a teacher at Taft High School in NISD for 20 years and her passing will impact this district greatly…She got her degree and master degree from UTSA and became a full time teacher in 1999. She was so excited about the upcoming year’s classes. As per her request, her remains were sent to Texas State University to further educate students in the field of Forensics…She was a very good person and there is not enough space to cover the positive impact she made during her life…She will be missed…”

    One of his daughters commented:
    “Donations can also be made in her name to FACTS (Forensic Anthropology Center at Texas State) instead of flowers.


  14. @KathyC – Yeah, we’re going to be shopping the foster dogs next. After the first dog fell through, our drive to get one before going home made the limited selection at the shelters more frustrating.

  15. @DP
    Don’t give up on finding a new canine pal. It can take ages for the right one to be found but you WILL find ‘the one’.

    I recently lost my perfect pal and thought I’d never find one half as comparable. I had the added difficultly of also having two cats at home too (Not many homeless dogs out there go with cats!)
    I had the racing to the shelters to see a candidate only to find a queue of people before me and other tales of frustration and woe but to cut along story short, and as fate would have it, we found each other!
    He’s nothing like I was looking for – which was the same for my previous dog (and both totally ignored me when we first met) Starsk’ ignored me everytime I visited him – the world was far more interesting than me and yet we became the closest of companions!
    So please don’t give up, take your time (very hard I know!). They are out there right now … you just got to find each other 😊
    . Good luck 🐾

  16. Four now has a shuttle to work with or sell for credits, can the transponder be reset and is it armed.

    How will six be healed, and who is on who’s side.

    The android will e able to tell who is telling the truth, but one has to know the right questions to ask. Did she get reactivated earlier than was advisable? she now knows that she can kill in defense of the Raza’s Crew,

    Will she recognize One if he still lives, and is disguised as Jase Corso?. Did Six help him by giving him a weapon and protective vest. or hologram generator to simulate his death allowing One to turn the tables and shoot Corso and use some of his(One’s) own blood to fake his death with help of his lawyer to transfer a large some of money to a cutout account, if she’s on his side, before doing so. One(Derrick Moss) has a score to settle for his wife’s death, now he has a better suspect. and will be trying to get back with the crew of the Raza.

  17. Hi Joe

    Not a question about the episode really, I was just wondering if during your first seasons you and Martin Gero were in competition trying to outdo each other on the end of episode OMG-WTF!!! moments? 🙂

    Still enjoying all the twisty turny goings on very much, essential Monday night viewing.

  18. Stranger Things was excellent. We watched all 8 episodes over the weekend. A little slow and bloated at times, but overall a great story. If The X-Files, The Goonies, Stand By Me and Stephen King had a baby, I think Stranger Things would be the result.

    So sorry to hear about Nolamom. =(

  19. Akemi is RIGHT….that stuff you been waiting is scarey.

    Condolences to Nolamom’s family.

  20. @baterista9, thank you for sharing the sad news of Nolamom’s passing. She will be in my prayers.

    Mailbag questions:
    1) The Raza is in space and yet they fire propellant weapons inside? Wasn’t that a bad thing last season with the derelict zombie ship, causing hull breaches? Why weren’t there any hull breaches during this latest firefight?
    2) Is Marc excited to be playing a bad guy from now on (Jace Corso)?
    3) Does the Doc and Nyx know about Arax’s connection to the lady that’s seeking to “get” Five”? I bet that key comes into play again.

    Okay, and I agree with das, that Anthony does look “hot” this season.

    Back to the heat wave…

  21. @baterista9 Sad news and in our thoughts.

    Android’s default settings have been mentioned in a few episodes – but what are her default settings?
    Made me think back to S1 Ep1 when Android is activated and goes into aggressive mode, attacking the crew and seemingly not recognising them either.
    You were probably asked this last year and I’ve not seen your reply?
    But, why was Android so hostile when activated?
    And, why was an Android in a stasis chamber?

    Back to S2, is Randroid set to Android’s default settings?

    The ‘trinkets’ in Three’s box are all great teasers.
    I guess we’re going to find out what all of them are, soon?

    The spider-like design on the small box, made me think of logos. You’ve shown us many of them, but have I missed one for Moss’ Corelactic Industries? 🤔

  22. Dark Matter season 2 got off to a good start with 3 excellent episodes. I’m looking forward to the rest.

    Questions for Joe:
    -Initial ratings for S2 that I’ve seen, only for Syfy, didn’t look great. Are there other metrics that may decide the fate of the show, like how it’s doing on Space Channel, or alternative means to watch like digital views (Netflix) or downloads (iTunes)? Is S2 even available on the later options? Could strong sales on DVD/Blu-ray or on iTunes save the show even if ratings are disappointing?

    -When Two was outside the ship when the other mercs had taken over the Raza, some explanation was offered why she survived for so long. But I don’t recall ever getting an explanation of how she managed to keep breathing (or alternatively, why she could survive without breathing if that is the case). Nanites migrating to the skin doesn’t cover that, AFAIK.

    -I rather like much of the short music tracks that accompany the episodes – for example, the ending of ep 5 of S1 had nice music. Are there any plans to release a soundtrack or at least to put bits and pieces online?

    I hope DM survives. Keep up the good work.

  23. Prayers for Nolamom’s family 🙁

    Ponytail: Please tell your Mom Happy Birthday! I hope this Friday goes a little more smoothly for you.

    Das: 🙂

    DP: I hope you find that special one soon!

    I’ll check out “Stranger Things” soon.

    I suppose you can’t answer this question but “what if” Six knows One’s fate but is in stasis and can’t tell the others? If One does come back, then he’ll have to be on the run for some reason. 🙁

  24. @Lemke, careful where you aim that pug, you might take someone’s eye out.

    @baterista9 I’m sad to hear of Nolamom’s passing. We share a wonderful fellowship here and at conventions, even going back to the alt.tv.sci-fi newsgroup days the sci fi fans are the best, I’m sad to learn we lost a member of our community. My heart goes out to her family and her students.

  25. @Wouter
    @-Initial ratings for S2 that I’ve seen, only for Syfy, didn’t look great.

    There’s not a single show on the network with what you’d call “great” ratings. Between a 0.1-0.3 is the new norm for the network for scripted. Wynonna Earp, 12 Monkeys, Hunters, The Magicians, The Expanse, Killjoys and a whole host of other scripted shows are around this level.

    The show does very well with DVR viewers also. Anyway, with cable its not always about having the best ratings, its about how you’re doing compared to everything else on said network.

  26. I was curious about them not asking after One and Six but figured out they must not have joined up yet. Which means stuff happened pretty quick! How long were One and Six part of the team before Five stowed away? What convinced Portia, Boone and Ryo to allow them to join? I’m hoping some of those details get revealed later on.

  27. Dear Mr. Mallozzi, the bottle episodes on Dark Matter are among my favorite, so I loved this hour. However, I am curious about a few developments.

    For one thing, why did the prison arc end so quickly? It felt like there should’ve been at least another episode before the gang returned to the Raza. Was this always the plan?

    Second, why reveal almost immediately that Arax Nero is the asset, rather than tease the mystery out for a few episodes?

    Third, I was confused about whether or not pre-Ryo/Marcus knew about pre-Portia’s status as an advanced synthetic. They didn’t seem at all bothered by the fact that she could link to the ship, an ability I thought was exclusive to the Android. So, did they know what she really is or not?

    Finally, assuming that Marcus did go inside the Vault and see Sarah’s body, did he also find the Frozen Six? Was there maybe a scene that addressed this?

  28. @Ponytail Belated Happy Birthday to your mom

    Love this picture of Anthony and Bubba.

    So sad to hear about the passing of @Nolamom Sending light and love to her grieving family and friends.

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