Okay, finishing up our BTS look at Dark Matter “Episode 15: Kill Them All”.

July 12, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 15: Kill Them All” – More Bts Tidbits!

So, back in 2015, we did a photo gallery shoot for the show’s first season.  While waiting for her turn under the hot lights, actress Jodelle Ferland was just hanging around so I handed her Bubba and told her to strike a pose.

July 12, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 15: Kill Them All” – More Bts Tidbits!

She did.  A whole whack of ’em!

July 12, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 15: Kill Them All” – More Bts Tidbits!

July 12, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 15: Kill Them All” – More Bts Tidbits!

And I remember deciding, right there and then, that if we got a second season, I would expressly write a scene in which FIVE lugs Bubba down a corridor, swings around, and blasts someone.

July 12, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 15: Kill Them All” – More Bts Tidbits!

And so, some four months later, when the opportunity arose to put the big gun in her little hands, I took it!

July 12, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 15: Kill Them All” – More Bts Tidbits!

July 12, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 15: Kill Them All” – More Bts Tidbits!

Before she even got to Bubba, however, there was a matter of getting her out of that room.  A couple of things about the “Kill Them All” scene.  First, I was strongly urged to have her drop the line in favor of the less controversial: “Take them out.”, but I couldn’t imagine our little FIVE using the term.  Yes, admittedly, “Kill them all” feels pretty bonkers for our adorable ship’s mascot, but that WAS the point.  Also, in retrospect, “Take Them Out” would’ve made a terrible title.

July 12, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 15: Kill Them All” – More Bts Tidbits!

Second, the director’s cut contained a little something extra that didn’t make final version.  After overseeing the Android’s torture, threatening the crew, slapping FIVE, and then pulling a gun on her, Shaddick ends up on the floor, bleeding.  She looks up at our Android and says: “F*^k you, robot.”  And the Android pulls the trigger.  Now, I was fully expecting a portion of the line to get bleeped, but thought it the perfect cherry on the proverbial sundae.  But there was vehement disagreement about the line – which was too bad.  It would have made for another memorable little surprise.

One more review, this one from Jessica Anson at MyMBUZZ:

There’s something for everyone here! If you like action scenes, you got ’em. If you like space politics, you’ve got that. Sword fights? Yup. Giant guns? Them too. It’s an episode spilling over with content. 

And I leave you with a little something from an upcoming episode that came my via Dark Matter VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson.  The Witness Droid was designed Jeff Bartzis and overseen by FuseFx’s Shawn Hillier who, along with his team, created the awesome 3D turntable display…

July 12, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 15: Kill Them All” – More Bts Tidbits!

18 thoughts on “July 12, 2016: Dark Matter “Episode 15: Kill Them All” – More BTS Tidbits!

  1. Bubba is bigger than Jodelle! That was a cool moment, as was the ‘kill them all’ command. I agree, it’s much better than the alternative.

    That said, Take Them Out would have been okay, if they were all going to a ballgame…



  2. Have heard “take them out” before – Independence Day 1 that was in reference to having disabling the mothership comms and having an attack squadron or similar wipe out the bad guys. The statement was – take them out, take them down or similar. Here in your scenario, 5 is in immediate desperate need of help of removing the 4-5 bad guys who are right there holding guns pointed at her. After all “our analysis” it seems “kill them all” is the right thing to say even from “sweet innocent 5.” Cause if they failed, one of the bad guys would have killed 5 and our “sweet lovable’ Android. AND, that would not have been acceptable!

    It’s only Tuesday….arrrgghhhh! The waiting and anticipation is not good for the blood pressure. THe only thing that calms is your BTS and photos and stuff to keep us occupied until Friday. THANK YOU for that.

  3. I’m glad you didn’t change the line. The line, and Jodelle’s perfect delivery of it were the most striking part of the whole (excellent) episode.

    I actually kind of prefer the version that made it to screen where Shaddick only stares up, there’s a beat, and the Android fires. I think her saying anything would give her a bit of defiance that would take away from the Android’s total domination of them after she was released. Also, when I see “robot” I immediately think of THREE’s “pet” term for the Android.

    I’m loving this BTS stuff, and I can’t wait to see how the witness droid is used!

  4. “Kill Them All” is a great title and a game changer for Five & the Android. I’d imagine there were cameras all over that station including that room. That scene is definitely a point of no return for Five. Though S1 revolved around a discovery of one’s past, I believe S2 will revolve around creating one’s future. Where do they go from here?

    Thanks for the continued BTS photos & tidbits. I agree, you had to had Five & Bubba in a scene together. Three needs to watch out – he may not get his gun back.

    Would the censors have allowed “Screw you, robot”? Could she have shot the Android “the finger”?

  5. Agree with gforce – in the few seconds before Android pops her, there is a look of resignation (almost defeat) and almost disbelief in Shaddick.
    To be callous….Shaddick got hers, so onward – out the door and get the rest of the show on the road.

  6. Re: Dragon Con. Melissa O’neil is listed in the alphabetical text list but there is no photo…not even a “picture” coming avatar with the name.

    Melissa O’Neil
    Fresh from her turn in Broadway’s Les Miserables, and Jesus Christ Superstar, Melissa O’Neil has had a flourishing theatre career in both Canada, and abroad, leading her to now star in Syfy’s series Dark Matter

    sigh….well, we are now on a “Two” watch to see when that appears.

  7. Funny thing, after watching the second episode i was thinking about a possible alternative that Five could have used, and it was basically the same as you said. But, any other sentence/decision would not be as powerful as this one. That scene was epic. 🙂
    Cool pics with Five and Bubba.
    That Witness Droid looks so good! Looking forward to see it in action.

  8. Oh I loved LOVED Five saying that line because while engrossed in the story I’d forgotten the title until Five was talking to the Android and building up to the line I was like, yes, she’s gonna say it, yes, YES! Such a huge satsifying payoff in that scene, yep I was screaming at the screen again. I think I’ve been yelling at the TV in every viewing since the S1 finale. Something tells me there will be more screaming at the TV yet to come.

  9. “Kill them all” was perfect. Take them out sounds spineless in comparison.

    Too bad about the F*ck you, robot line. I like the defiant to the end attitude, even in bad guys. F*ck you, censors!

    Five and Bubba … Fibba? Fubba? A beautiful love match for sure.

  10. “Take them out” is a military term that Five would not use. “Kill them all = awesome.

    Witness Droid = the new, upgraded Kino! 🙂

    Bubba – I was so happy when you took my advice (or decided on your own) that Bubba’s charging system needed work so it would give more than two blasts before it went dead. I suggested multiple power packs. You made that feature a malfunction, and then got it repaired. Same result – more bang for the buck. 🙂
    Thank you.

  11. Five saying “Kill them all” was perfect.
    I also loved the build up to her picking Bubba up off the wall. I knew/hoped from the moment she started looking for a weapon she would find it and cheered when she picked it up. That whole sequence was awesome…. lots of cheering and screaming at the screen 😀
    Counting down the days ’till Friday – my new favorite day of the week!

  12. Love the Witness Droid. Can’t wait to see it on screen.

    I have to agree with @gforce in that it was better without the words. Also, I almost felt that maybe it gave Android a moment where she may have enjoyed getting specific payback to this individual. She slapped Five. You don’t do that to someone she cares about.

    And love Bubba, both the real and the fake. How are the dogs lately? Haven’t seen you post much about Bubba and Lulu? Are they settling back in to their Vancouver digs?

    “Kill them all” was perfect. And everyone picked the right one again.

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