July 1, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere Night!

The loooooong wait is over.  It’s finally here.  The night we’ve all been waiting for!  At 10 p.m. EST/PDT, Dark Matter’s second season kicks off on Syfy in the U.S. and Space Channel in Canada.

July 1, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere Night!
Hyperion-8 (lunar prison) design by Bartol Rendulic.

July 1, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere Night!

Here are a few appies in advance of the main viewing course:

An exclusive season 2 episode 1 Android clip at ComicBook.com!

An exclusive season 2 episode 1  sneak peek of our newest crew member, Nyx, in action at TVInsider.com!

An exclusive season 2 episode 1 sneak peek at ONE, FIVE, and SIX at TVGuide.com!

July 1, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere Night!

Today’s Dark Matter season 2 sneak peek screen shot of the day = MAYHEM!

Of course, I’ll be live-tweeting the premieres on both coasts (10 pm) tonight from my dedicated Dark Matter twitter account (@DarkMatter_show).  Join me – and many others! – in the eye of the twitter storm!  #DarkMatter

July 1, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere Night!

But we won’t be flying solo tonight.  The Scifi Friday double-punch kicks off at 9 pm with the season 2 premiere of Killjoys, then rolls into the season 2 premiere of Dark Matter at 10 pm!

See you soon!

36 thoughts on “July 1, 2016: Dark Matter season 2 premiere night!

  1. And the script winner is??? I’m getting excited, like I may actually have a chance at winning it. LOL A girl can dream…

  2. I have to leave in 40 minutes to work, but plan to be back by 7:30 p.m. central time which will give me time to start the 8 p.m. start up to get the #DarkMatter hashtag to trend. One hour before, start the single hashtag in order for it to count. If you do: #FOURCLAN #DarkMatter it won’t count for either hashtag. If you do: I love #DarkMatter #WeAreDangerous it won’t count towards the trending algorithm.

  3. @JeffW A bourbon glazed pecan pie sounds good! but the DarkMatter cocktail sounds even better!

    @Tam Gotta handful of neighbors popping over for cocktails to watch at my place tonight. 🙂

    @Ponytail @Tam gonna join the tweet up party tonight? xo
    It’s gonna be a blast!
    And if If ya cant think of anything to type
    You can just RT stuff from the other tweeters, eh!
    It’ll still help get dark matter trending in U.S.

    Would someone please go get a cookie for @Das! <3 <3 <3

  4. Not too subtle with that name for the detention facility- Hyperion 8 or H8. I guess we are not meant to like it.
    Can’t wait to watch it tonight!

    Sk8 or die!!

  5. YAAAAAAAY!! I have it recording whilst I celebrate the holiday!! But I can’t wait to see it!! Happy 4th to those of you here in the States!

  6. In season 1 the crew awakens on a ship. In season 2 the crew awakens in a prison. Hmmm. Maybe they shouldn’t sleep so much.

  7. What should I eat while watching the Second Season premiere of Dark Matter tonight? It has to be something I can shovel in my mouth without looking at it so I don’t take my eyes off the TV. How about:

    Chips and dip. No, might be too noisy.
    A Kitt Katt. No, I’d have to look at it while eating it.
    Cookies. No, my dog will be bugging me for a bite.
    Chicken sandwich. No, it’s the dog thing again.
    Captain Crunch Peanut Butter cereal. No, again, too noisy.
    Frozen Fudge Bar, No, it might drip on me while I’m not looking.
    Popcorn. …….We have a winner!

  8. @Gforce @Michael A Burstein.

    Glad you guys are gonna join us tonight!

    Well I know Joe’s got the Canada fans covered, eh!
    While Hida @PBMom and I will be working on getting more
    of our fellow U.S fans to *Tweet *Tweet *Tweet
    till we got it trending in U.S!!

    Guys please remember:
    Only one #hashtag per tweet
    if you want the auto twitter bot to count it
    towards the trend!
    Joe has posted #DarkMatter above
    so that is the one we are going to use! XO

    C Ya Soon!!! <3

  9. Oh man, this episode is going tooo darn fast, I have so many questions!!! Do we have to wait a whole week???

  10. Looking back at the title choices, I think the best one won.

    Welcome To Your New Home 48%
    Maximum Time For Minimum Pain 22%
    Most Noobs Try It 29%

  11. Yeah, pretty sure I won’t be talkin’ to you for the next year or two. Did not see that coming. 😛


  12. no spoilers. Dude, you’re just lucky we only have to wait a week for episode 2 and not months…..

  13. Joe: What the heck???!!!!

    In the interest of no spoilers, that’s all I have to say.
    Don’t mind me.
    Just passing through…

  14. @PBmom: my Twitter handle is PeaceMel but I’m going dark tonight on social media as I wasn’t able to watch the first run of the show at 10:00 EST. Family movie ruled out and we watched Chef. Last night of vacation at the beach. Now I want a Cubano sandwich as I plan to watch DM at 12:00 a.m. I have comendeared the TV!!

    Joe, congrats on what I’m sure was a stellar premiere!

  15. I was so happy to have this back tonight. Everything was right with the world…until that last scene! I refuse to believe it.

    (But seriously, I love this show.)

  16. I had to leave Twitter earlier and then Facebook…..I don’t have cable to see Dark Matter 🙁

  17. I tweeted so much. OMG. My husband was like “you weren’t kidding, you’re tweeting everything”. Yes. YES I AM. YES I DID.

    Great time, guys! Loved it! SAME TIME NEXT WEEK? Maybe?!?

    I haven’t had that much fun watching tv probably ever. <3 Thanks for making it so awesome!

    All that aside, I'm still a little wtf over that ending (literally, my husband and I were like WTF JUST HAPPENED). Told myself I'd write some kind of summary or article or something but in reality spent the rest of the night chatting with people going WHOA WHAT.


  18. Well, my jaw is still in the floor this morning. It may be a permanent condition! Thanks a lot! 🙂

    Seriously, I can’t wait until next week. That is some awesomely good TV, right there!

  19. I’m very disappointed with iTunes. Last year I was able to purchase Dark Matter and watch each episode right away. For some reason it isn’t showing up this time. Urgh! I’m hoping someone just dropped the ball at iTunes and it will show up soon.

  20. Joe, bravo on the episode last night. I can’t wait for the season to unfold. I love your storytelling. And I appreciate the hell out of the fact that you respect the audience enough to give us, “oh shit” moments through an entire season and not bunch them up into 1-2 episodes while the rest are ho hum. You keep us actively engaged the whole time. It’s why your fans keep following you around this planet and others!

  21. MALLOZZI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    😱. 😮. 😬. 😯
    What did you do !?!?!?!
    …unless… what did HE do ???

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