“You’re show is coming back this week!”said my friend Tomomi.

“Yes,”I confirmed.

“What channel?”she asked.

“Syfy in the U.S., but Space Channel here in Canada.”

I noticed one of the saleswomen standing off to the side, clearly privy to the conversation, beyond excited and poised as though ready to pounce.

“This Friday at 10 p.m.,”I said.

Unable to hold back any longer, the saleswoman stepped up: “What show are you talking about?”

“Dark Matter,”I told her.

She smiled, hugely.  “I LOVE that show!  Are you in it?”

“No, I’m the show’s creator.”

She was beyond thrilled.  “I’m so happy it’s back.  Friday night?”


“It is SOOOO good.”

“What was your favorite episode?”

A pause to consider and then: “The one told from Julie’s point of view.”


“Wrong show.”

“No, I’m sure it was Dark Matter.”

I was pretty sure it wasn’t but who was I to argue?  Besides the show’s creator.  She stepped behind the cash and did a quick online search.  “Yeah, this is it Dark Matter…No, wait.  This isn’t it.”  And then, helpfully: “This looks good too.”


She assured me she would be binge-watching season 1 in preparation for the Friday premiere.

Just in case though, I’m thinking of dropping by, say, Wednesday-ish to see how that binge-watch is coming along.

June 26, 2016: 5 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

Today’s Dark Matter season 2 sneak peek screen shot of the day.  Seriously, WTF?

An early blog entry today as I am off to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones.  I predict a little subterfuge on the part of Queen Margaery that should see the High Sparrow and his disciples dealt a mortal blow…with an innocent and unwary Tommen as collateral damage.

Tomorrow – back in the writers’ room spinning season 3!

24 thoughts on “June 26, 2016: 5 Days to the Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

  1. Haha! Great story. Did you find out what the show was she was actually thinking of?

    I’m going to have to see if I can watch this Game of Thrones show that everyone talks about. I have not seen a single episode.

  2. “What was your favorite episode?”

    If I met you in a store and you asked me that question, I would say… “Well, I don’t know if I had a favorite episode because I loved them all and the show and I have not had a chance to binge watch season 1 again and why doesn’t SyFy show reruns especially leading up to the start of season 2, but I do have some memorable scenes like the Android and her foreign languages or when they woke up in episode one or my favorite scene was the very last one with Six dragging everyone out in slow motion. That was a beautifully filmed scene and very shocking to boot! Oh and I loved the Wexler and his gang episode. Too bad you killed them off… or did you?

  3. You know that now you have a moral obligation to create a character named Julie and write an episode from her point of view, right?

  4. Thank you so much for the kind thoughts from everyone. Drea I can’t thank you enough for your suggestions. On Monday I’m recalling all of the hospitals and emergency shelters hoping I can find her. I researched all the names of the people in the articles I’ve read trying to find out addresses and discovered the woman living behind her fled with her computer, some papers and her dog. So I’m believing they had some time to escape.

    I haven’t forgotten about Dark Matter, and I am going to promote on Twitter as much as I can this week. I am looking forward to seeing the premier on Friday and I’m really happy that it’s on at 10:00. I think that’s a great time for it. I’m sure it be fantastic, and I’m really intrigued to find out where you’re going to take the characters.

  5. Just finished re-watching the season on BluRay to get it fresh in my mind for Friday. Disappointed that even on BluRay there were no special features at all. No interviews/deleted scenes, anything.

  6. @palooza You’re welcome and Goodluck.
    We’ll all keep praying she turns up safe and sound.
    Remember, if need be,
    – Just let me know and I’ll put out a twitter call
    for NS101 users in the Kern county area
    to help with the search.

  7. @Gary @Tam @PonyTail:

    Oh dear!
    I knew it was only a matter of time before
    the banes of aging
    and being seriously over worked
    finally caught up with Joe.

    Time for an intervention!

    We tried to warn him politely
    he needed to sit down, take a breath, a day off
    and just relax before he fell down!
    Now he’s so stressed
    he’s begun forgetting whole characters
    in his own stories!!

    Alright nobody panic!!.
    We’ve less than 5 days left to DM’s season 2 premiere
    But we can fix this if we act quickly!

    Throw some clothes on
    and I’ll go commandeer a vehicle
    from the local kissimmee airport
    and swing by to pick each of you up in front of your house
    in twenty minutes.
    If we leave now we can be at Joe’s house before dawn.

    @Gary Is the path leading up to your house wide enough
    to land a Cesna 750 Citation Jet?
    If not, let me know now so I can grab a helicopter
    with drop ladder instead.
    You’ll have to climb out onto the roof of your house
    and grab hold of the ladder
    to climb aboard while we hover above.
    Albeit -You’re pretty adventurous
    and enjoy living dangerously
    so shouldn’t be too much of a problem eh?!

    @Tam Your job will be to call the florist
    and have 2 dozen roses sent to the
    actress who played Julie.
    (Just tell them to put it on Joe’s tab.)
    That poor girl!
    I can only imagine
    how utterly devastated she must have felt
    reading Joe’s blog entry.
    Realizing he had completely forgotten her
    and no less,
    doing so right on the heels of
    telling her she was his favorite character
    to write for in all of season 1
    and how he was so incredibly excited
    about expanding her role in season 2!
    Also Tam: Be sure to bring some reaallly good
    chocolate chip cookies and a jar of nutella
    to feed him
    to calm him if he becomes too agitated.

    @Ponytail Your job is to bring a sturdy rope
    and plenty of Bourbon!
    If he aggressively resists the intervention
    you’ll have to hog tie him!
    I’ll bring the funnel,
    A cookie monster hat to wear
    And hold him down while you
    pour the bourbon down his throat
    until he gets too drunk to think about work anymore!

    @Gary Your job will be to bring your photo album
    from all your many hiking trips
    and be the voice of calm & reason.
    You’re gonna show Joe the many benefits
    of taking a whole day off
    and the merits of having
    a hobby unrelated to work.

    Alright guys! Lets get to it!
    We can do this!
    We have to!
    We have a writer to save
    and millions of sci fi fans out there
    are counting on us! 😀

  8. By The Way:

    If it so happens
    anyone else out there is failing to remember
    Julie in Dark Matter’s season 1
    – You need to go back
    and re-binge watch
    on netflix & blue ray right now!

    And while you’re at it -Don’t forget
    To Follow Joe @DarkMatter_show on twitter
    and be sure to join us for the live tweet up party
    this Friday, July 1st,
    at 10 pm eastern time!

  9. 4 more days until Season 2 premieres! Time sure does fly ~

    And the day after, one of my fav Visual novels Rewrite premieres its anime(With a one hour episode). And Shokugeki no Soma(Food Wars) Season 2 premieres too.

    Not sure how many people like anime here, but kinda hyped for Shokugeki no Soma Season 2..

  10. Good luck and sending prayers paloosa!

    Drea: 😆

    Did you ever find out which show she thought it was? We’ve finished re-watching DM Season 1 and now just waiting……….

  11. If I were to ever meet you causally on the streets or in a restaurant, I’d make a big fool out of myself. I’d lurk in the shadows, silently stalking you while whispering to a friend “I’m sure it’s him!” If you don’t believe me just ask poor Beau Bridges about his experience with a deranged fan in an Asheville gallery several yrs ago. “It is you isn’t it?”

    Intriguing sneak peak pic: could be a simulation or hologram projection of an additional Zobot, could be that there is more than one model of the Zobot series and there are dozens even hundreds nay thousands of the Zobot walking around.

    Did watch GoT last night! Had to connect the iPad to the TV and watch on HBO Go but it worked. What a finale! Winter has come!

  12. Just had a chance to catch up to the blog again, sadly enough I couldn’t join the AMA because of my mother’s 50th birthday.
    Because I did have a question I wanted to ask before the season premiere I decided to ask it here. So, the situation I’m currently in is that halfway through August I’ll be leaving for 2 years to offer voluntary development aid in various countries. During this period I will be unable to stay up to date with any series, movies, books and comics. Now I would like to ask you what you think I should do. Should I:

    1. Watch the few episodes of season 2 that I can and hope I don’t get anything spoiled?

    2. Don’t watch season 2 and isolate myself from social media in the hope of not getting anything spoiled?

    3. Start begging you if I please, please, please could be allowed to watch the entirety of season 2 with the promise that I won’t tell anyone?

    Anyway, I love all your work so far and hope that it will continue for however long you would be comfortable with

  13. Still recovering from GoT, wishing I had dragons and the castle to go with it, but who needs castle hassles like fending off invaders.

    I made the most amazing chicken with zucchini, vidalia onions and little carrots in a tomato-coconut sauce. I got distracted on my laptop and the pot simmered for a long time allowing the sauce to get very rich.

    I loved Independence Day Resurgence, critics be damned, it had aliens, space battles, Jeff Goldblum and Brent Spiner served with popcorn. It was like a Thriller Chiller scary movie with a huge budget.

  14. Come on! You know! The episode with Julie. Julie the Space Pirate.

    I’m binging a re-watch of Dark Matter season 1 on Netflix this week. Can’t wait for Friday.

    That was probably the second best Game of Thrones episode EVER. (Last week being the first.) Wow, they packed a lot of story into 69 minutes.

  15. @justanotherperson I don’t think you should avoid social media to not be spoiled; you’re doing an awesome thing and to take that bit of connection to what’s going on back home and elsewhere away shouldn’t be a thought. If you get a bit spoiled, that’s okay, cause it won’t make complete sense until you get to watch it anyway. I say you watch what you can, and hope that maybe you will be able to catch other episodes online somewhere while you are gone. Get that DVR a crankin, or maybe someone can facetime the show with you.

  16. The last two GOT have been amazing. I am not craving meat pie.

    Julie … the singing hologram?

    I too would be a blithering idiot in person. My favorite episode? The one with the thing, and when they did the stuff. Yep, my brain would totally take a walk and leave my mouth running.

  17. @KathyC Hmm, yeah, you’re right. Won’t be able to avoid everything in those 2 years. I will probably mute everything Dark Matter related that I follow on social media though, just to be safe.

  18. Poor saleswoman, but good recovery on her part. Hopefully she does watch Dark Matter because she will love it.

    Game of Thrones was da bomb! Usually in previous seasons the next to last episode is the epic one and the last one tends to be anticlimactic. But this season both episodes were fantastic. I loved catching up with all the characters and where they were (or were no longer), but oddly enough the Arya reveal was terrific. I was not expecting that. Hopefully that is as nonspoilery as I can get.

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