June 13, 2016: The Dark Matter Writers’ Room Reconvenes!

As much as I liked the familiar confines of The Bridge Studio conference room, I much prefer the season 3 writers’ room with its impressive view (see above).

June 13, 2016: The Dark Matter Writers’ Room Reconvenes!

The most important thing when spinning, next to the stories (well, some would argue AS important) is lunch options.  Where’s good to eat?  Being right downtown by the water, we have plenty of options: Miku, Meat & Bread, La Taqueria.  At the end of these three weeks, even if we fail to break single story, the lunches we’ll enjoy will make it all worthwhile.

June 13, 2016: The Dark Matter Writers’ Room Reconvenes!

Hey, eagle-eyed Stargate fans, notice that yellow mass in the distant background?  Look familiar?  Maybe this will refresh your memories…

June 13, 2016: The Dark Matter Writers’ Room Reconvenes!

That giant pile of sulphur has been sitting there for some 20 years now (at least)!  Yes, giant pile of sulphur.  I imagine the cast and crew had a great time shooting in that particular location.

June 13, 2016: The Dark Matter Writers’ Room Reconvenes!

The Dark Matter season 3 writers’ room.  Pictured from left to right: Executive Producer Paul Mullie on the phone with agent planning his exit strategy, Supervising Producer Ivon Bartok resisting the donuts, Story Editor Alison Hepburn tapping her archival knowledge of the show’s first two seasons.  Not pictured: Supervising Producer Lawren Bancroft-Wilson (it was too early for him as this picture was taken at 11 am…in the morning!), and yours truly.

June 13, 2016: The Dark Matter Writers’ Room Reconvenes!

Today’s Dark Matter sneak peek screen shot – something a little…moody.

June 13, 2016: The Dark Matter Writers’ Room Reconvenes!

Oooh, check it out.  TVInsider has some sexy first look photos from Dark Matter’s second season, shot by uber-awesome photographer Norman Wong.

First Look Dark Matter Season 2

June 13, 2016: The Dark Matter Writers’ Room Reconvenes!

You like?

A little something for the Stargate fans – early puddle jumper designs by Peter Bodnarus…

June 13, 2016: The Dark Matter Writers’ Room Reconvenes!

June 13, 2016: The Dark Matter Writers’ Room Reconvenes!

20 thoughts on “June 13, 2016: The Dark Matter writers’ room reconvenes!

  1. All the views on this post are impressive…….
    …from inside and outside the writer’s room…
    …..the moody and dark screen shot…
    …….and, dang! just look at Three 😊

  2. Yes, we LIKE!
    Ordered my DM season 1….still have Netflix as backup.

    Hoping more of cast can attend Dragon Con. 4 are listed…
    Roger Cross, Jodelle Ferland, Anthony Lemke, and Zoie Palmer – SWEET!
    Got my Dark Matter Vol 1 Rebirth at the ready for autographs.
    And, waiting for opportunity to get Joe and Paul to sign.

  3. Mon épouse et moi revisitons toutes les saisons de Stargate. Nous en sommes rendus à la 8ième. Je pense que les 7-8-9 et 10ième saison sont les meilleures et la 7ième, la meilleure entre toutes.

  4. Nice, getting excited for season two!

    LOL, I noticed there is no artwork on the walls of the writer’s room before I noticed the open box of donuts. I hate blank walls, but I suppose they could be better that way when coming up with original ideas.

  5. That is one sexy looking Three. Where can I get a leather jacket like that?
    As to the moody screen shot… I’m not a fan of overly back lit scenes because you can’t see the actor’s expressions.

    Are the city views of downtown Vancouver?

    So, only 5 of you working on Season 3? Somehow I thought more folks would be involved. But, then again, when you have top talent and creative juices flowing, who needs a crowd? And a tight team should reduce circular discussions and lead to forward progress. Happy writing!


  6. Those are some kick ass pics, wow. Lawren has the right idea, I vote for having the workday begin at 11:45 so we can get to lunch faster.

  7. I have looked at those piles of sulphur every visit I’ve made to Vancouver since 2005 when I first saw them and went “Oh look Stargate!” …LOVE that part of Vancouver, usually stay at the Pan Pacific …haven’t yet tried Miku but plan to on our visit this September when we come over for Gatecon and stay for a whole month …it will seem strange though as I have many fond memories of when Miku was Aqua Riva and the Cioppino they did there…ah well nice to have a change..I’ve heard very good reports of Miku…as we’re staying in an apartment this time I plan to cook as well..cannot wait to shop at all the markets and buy some really great fish and meat …now all we have to do is keep our fingers crossed that hubby gets the “all clear” at his scan and check up after his vascular op earlier this month…I don’t want to have to cancel this trip to Vancity – it’s been 2 years since we’ve been and I’m pining for my views!!…

  8. You’re on my block! 🙂 May I recommend Arturo’s food truck?? I love the Holy Mole tacos but the Napoles tacos are a treat as well. He’s usually parked at Howe and Cordova, Tuesday – Friday. Mmmm, now I want to skip my home-made lunch…

  9. Great views from the writers’ room! Still, do you mind that those windows are so large and.. high up? All those city sights are really giving me an urge to come to Vancouver again this Summer! Gotta check out those flights.

    Is there any plan for the sulphur? That just seems weird that it would be sitting there for so long. With all the rain, would it eventually wash away? I assume they’re containing it somehow, but at what expense? I’m probably overthinking the whole thing.

  10. Love the picture of Vancouver! Is there no way you can continue working there?

  11. Wasn’t Anthony Lemke a lawyer? There you go.
    You could team up with him…

    Lemke & Mallozzi
    Attorneys At Law.

  12. If I had a view like that, I might actually look forward to going to work. Lots of creative minds, doing creative things. Already jealous of the fabulous lunches you will be having. The cafeteria where I work has been under renovations for 16 months with no end in sight. I honestly believe the closed doors and black tarps hide the fact that no work is being done. I’m really tired of Subway, Chick-fil-a, the mini buffet and the grill. There are only so many hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, taters, cold cut sandwiches, nachos, and salads a girl can eat.

    Love the “dark” photos of Two, Four & Three. Lots of badassery going on. Can’t wait to see One, Five, Nyx & Six(?). I believe the sneak peak screen shot is Four, One & Nyx.

    Thanks for the SG-1 throwback, never know when a giant pile of sulphur will come in handy.

  13. Very nice.

    Small point re:S02E11

    You don’t “elude escape” (double negative)

    They could’ve:

    escaped capture;
    eluded capture;
    successfully escaped;

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