May 24, 2016: Franka Potenta Boards Dark Matter!

Franka Potente Joins ‘Dark Matter’ Season 2 As Recurring

And the Dark Matter season 2 casting rollout continues with the announcement that Franka Potente (The BridgeCopperRun Lola RunThe Bourne Identity) will be joining the show in the role of Chief Inspector Shaddick of the Galactic Authority’s Serious Crimes Division.  “She is cool, calculated and determined to prove the crew of the Raza were involved in the destruction of Iriden 3.”

Iriden 3… Iriden 3… Ring a bell?  Mikkei Combine research facility?  White hole technology?  An “accident” that claimed some 15 000 lives?  Yeah, you remember.

This announcement follows to other big casting announcements for the show’s second season…

Melanie Liburd’s casting as the mysterious Nyx Harper:

And Shaun Sipos’s casting as the former surgeon with a dark past Devon Taltherd:

A few more big casting announcements to come!

May 24, 2016: Franka Potenta Boards Dark Matter!

15 thoughts on “May 24, 2016: Franka Potenta boards Dark Matter!

  1. Well, “involved” doesn’t necessarily mean “caused”! I’m sure our intrepid crew will overcome these trumped up charges. Or at least escape in some kind of perilous adventure.

  2. The first time we are introduced to Franka character you should have the composer put in just the slightest hint of “Extreme Ways.”

  3. I ditto @gforce! They were just the pawns in a much bigger game!

    I also agree with @Wayne, love Moby’s Extreme Ways!

    Excited to learn Franka was cast!

  4. Hi Joe
    Yes, I remember Franka from the Bourne series. Nice catch there.


  5. Today’s Food 4 Thought:

    Ah! The things serendipity might be inclined to gift ya when stumbling about searching for something in the dark.

    @Jeff W & @JoeM
    Instantly thought of you
    when I stubbed my big greek toe on this gem
    via the PBS educators site early this morning.

    Just a little side dish to add to your annual Dark Matter season premiere feasts, eh!. -> Its made with bacon & bourbon.

    OPA! Enjoy!


  6. Hope the tease clip with Zoie is for real….AWESOMEness!!
    Yes, she can handle herself.

  7. I can’t even imagine what is happening for S2,,(I do love a surprise) looking forward to all the action and new cast members.!!

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