May 17, 2016: The Ships Of Dark Matter!


May 17, 2016: The Ships Of Dark Matter!




May 17, 2016: The Ships Of Dark Matter!



Hmmm.  Let’s forget about the Far Horizon.

Ships in progress for season 2…

May 17, 2016: The Ships Of Dark Matter!


May 17, 2016: The Ships Of Dark Matter!




12 thoughts on “May 17, 2016: The ships of Dark Matter!

  1. I’d love to have the talent to design ships…or, well, anything. LOL Maybe I should take a graphic arts class for fun. I’m going to have an empty nest sooner than I’d like to think about; I already have a cruise planned for the month after my baby leaves for college, so maybe I should start looking at some classes too.

  2. What is One up to giving that order and Three looks very upset by it so who do they think got blown to smithereens on the Far Horizons? We need more hints, maybe a longer clip, we need more clips. I say I don’t want spoilers and I lie, more spoilers!

  3. Really liking the turntables! Awesome stuff! The detail on the ships is incredible. More VFX is more better! Good riddance to those space zombies on the Far Horizon. Although the Bro Moment between One & Three when they were trapped on there was entertaining as hell.

  4. @Chev Dang! That cost estimate sounds awfully high just to landscape a courtyard! Hope your landscaper is planning on importing and installing the famous Trevi fountain from Rome for that price, eh! ☺

    @Ponytail Glad ya got that settled and your dads now having some fun with it! Heck! Even i enjoy those chairs and playing with the controls and i’ve ice danced all my life, am still in perfect physical form and have no trouble getting out of a chair. Albeit those controls are fun to play with and the chair proves quite useful for dinner party guests that have a tendency to linger too long. Just have them sit in that chair after dinner so you can auto eject them when youre ready to say goodnight. 😀

  5. I do love the Raza – almost as much as the Millennium Falcon (sorry 😌). I wonder if we learn any more of her history in Season 2? Who does actually own her and our little Marauder?!
    I do like the mystery freighter concept drawings. Very interesting in a techy way.
    And those ‘other ships’ ….. well …..

  6. A ship, a ship, my kingdom for a ship! Love all the designs!

    Alas Far Horizon we barely got yo know you and your Zombie crew!

  7. Proof I’m exhausted: I read the ships of Dark Matter and thought the relationships of the crew to other people on the show. Like “shipping.”

    @KathyC Congratulations on that milestone in your life.

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