Last Monday, we wrapped production on Dark Matter’s second season.  One week later, the season 3 game plan goes out.  I’ve been working on it for the past month or so and it includes an overview of the show’s third season story and character arcs, narrative developments big and small, and even a preliminary breakdown of the next 13 chapters (episodes) in this SciFi epic.  Nothing is written in stone and it’s all designed to get the creative juices flowing as we aim to convene the writers’ room in less than a month for three glorious weeks of spinning and breaking – before I head to L.A. for a week of meet ‘n greets.

May 16, 2016: Dark Matter!  Star Trek!  Stargate!

I’m more of an emailer than letter writer but I couldn’t resist picking up the above-pictured Star Trek 50th anniversary stamps and postcards issued by Canada Post. In addition to stills from such classics as “Mirror, Mirror”, “City on the Edge of Forever”, “The Trouble with Tribbles”, “Amok Time”, and “A Piece of the Action”, the stamps feature various crew members (Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty), the Constitution-class U.S.S. Enterprise and a Klingon D7-class battle cruiser.  But where’s the Roman Bird-of-Prey?

May 16, 2016: Dark Matter!  Star Trek!  Stargate!

Speaking of Star Trek, check out this blast from the past – a rare picture of the original original crew before I was forced off the show.  That story here:

Over on my dedicated Dark Matter twitter account (@DarkMatter_Show), I’m continuing my semi-regular daily updates of BTS pics, some previously uploaded, others never-before-seen…

May 16, 2016: Dark Matter!  Star Trek!  Stargate!

May 16, 2016: Dark Matter!  Star Trek!  Stargate!

Everyone’s favorite android.

Meanwhile, over on the Stargate sub-reddit, I’ve been posting a bunch of Stargate-related tidbits recovered from my blog archives.  Yesterday, it was this shot of actor David Nykl (Stargate: Atlantis’s Radek Zelenka) testing out a spacesuit in advance of the season 4 opener, Adrift –

May 16, 2016: Dark Matter!  Star Trek!  Stargate!

And I came across these pics as well…

May 16, 2016: Dark Matter!  Star Trek!  Stargate!May 16, 2016: Dark Matter!  Star Trek!  Stargate!May 16, 2016: Dark Matter!  Star Trek!  Stargate!Boy, these take me back.  As do today’s Stargate subreddit upload:

May 16, 2016: Dark Matter!  Star Trek!  Stargate!

Space Gopher!  In the Stargate: Atlantis episode Missing, there’s a moment where Teyla proves her wilderness worth by skewering, roasting and eating some unsavory creature.  THIS was the initial concept for said creature which I deemed just way too adorable to eat.

May 16, 2016: Dark Matter!  Star Trek!  Stargate!

This, by the way, was the revised version of the creature – no more savory but certainly less cute.

18 thoughts on “May 16, 2016: Dark Matter! Star Trek! Stargate!

  1. Season 3 … aww, that sounds so good … I’m gonna say it again!
    Season 3

    Am I being greedy?

  2. Are today’s comments supposed to written in quasi-haiku?

    My brain is too tired for that today…

    And today must be Star Trek appreciation day. I’ve been seeing Star Trek cosplay photos on facebook from a certain Spaniard friend of ours.

  3. Space suits, creatures, memorable anniversaries…scifi at it’s best! Can’t wait to watch S1, S2, and hear about S3. 🙂

    Lately, I’ve been attending meetings for Phoenix Comicon which is rapidly approaching June 2-5, 2016. I was excited to see Tony Todd added as a guest. He was Lord Haikon in SG-1 and currently the voice of Zoom in The Flash and Sam Jones was in SG-1’s Deadman Switch.

    I was going over the list of comic book authors and other authors/film, and I couldn’t believe I missed the Alan Dean Foster from Aliens, Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator, etc. He’s a guest at four panels, so I’m trying to figure out which panel(s) I can attend to ask questions. Anyone have a question for Mr Foster?

  4. Wow, you’ve really aged well since that ST:TOS pic. Shame you didn’t make it, although that was an interesting blog post from back then. Oh, the acting career that could have been! You did totally nail that “Who ate all the donuts!?” line from “Wormhole Extreme” though, so I still see some potential there. And I’m sure there WILL be a Dark Matter S3, so… who knows?

    You’re right the original space gopher was way too cute to kill. Those adorable eyes!

  5. I’m surprised that you weren’t wearing a “red” shirt as you were so unceremoniously dismissed from “that other Star named series”.

    Continue to enjoy the BTS pics, nice to see some vintage SGA. Loved David Nykl as Radek. Always nice to see Zoie!

    Season 3, says you! Wheeeee! says I. Bring it!

  6. Season 3 writer’s room – now THAT sounds pretty cool, and not far away either😎
    Love the photos of the adorable David Nykl

  7. OMG Joe that Star Trek post from 2007 was hilarious. I especially love FART and the shipper wars in the comments… Most entertaining.

    Cheers, Chev

    P.s thanks for the tweet. I’ve been very popular today, if only by proxy.

  8. I got the quote for the landscape gardening…$5600 for a courtyard…why yes my garden beds will be adorned with gold pebbles lol

    Cheers, Chev

  9. mmmmmm! space gopher! yummmmmy!

    O.k Who’s down for a barbecue at my place this weekend!?
    I’ve got a new recipe for it. 😀

  10. Wait, all this Trek talk, does this mean you could end up working on the new Trek series? Or is their a Trek actor coming to the DM universe?

    Hope you can bury the hatched with Shatner and have him on DM. Or Mark Hamill, he was a hoot on The Flash.

    That chicken adobo pic is haunting me, I looked up some recipes but haven’t tried it just yet. I went with the veggie dinner, had to try out the blueberry infused craisins I got yesterday.

    1. “Hope you can bury the hatched with Shatner and have him on DM.”

      Bury the hatchet? Is there some sort of feud I’m unaware of?

  11. Bambamfans: Wow! That courtyard will be a beauty. Send pictures please! Drea we should have the bbq at Bambamfan’s courtyard!

    I remember that creature. It gave me the heebie jeebies to watch Teyla eat it. Good call on making it less cute.

  12. Hm-m-m… so, if that image of you with the original Star Trek cast was true (and far be it for me to accuse you of a little Photoshopping. Although that does look suspiciously like Chekov’s body…) I know that image was snapped back in 1966-67 of Star Trek just from the uniform style. Yes, I am old enough to know this and yes, I watched Star Trek live (though I was a kid).

    You look to be about 47 in that image, so that makes you, ahem, 96?

    Gee Joe, you look very sprite at 96. Congratulations!

    snicker, snicker… 2cats ;-D

  13. That post from 2007 was interesting. I didn’t know that about you. I guess some day I’ll need to sit down and read your blog in reverse. I don’t recall reading that one (even when I was a lurker).

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