We wrapped production on Dark Matter’s second season last week and, slowly but surely, the cast and crew have moved on to different things: plans, projects, cities. I’m in town for three more weeks, finishing up my cuts of the final few episodes, sitting in on a few mixes, and saying goodbye to anyone who’s still around.

Last night, it was Jodelle Ferland (FIVE) and her sister Marisha who came out for one last dinner with Akemi and I before heading back home to the west coast…

May 14, 2016: Farewell, Jodelle!

The Ferland sisters.  Such cuties.

May 14, 2016: Farewell, Jodelle!

Jodelle is a vegetarian, so we ended up going to Lee Restaurant on King Street, a place that also offers an excellent array of veggie dishes – and some pretty damn impressive desserts.  Pictured above the exquisitely elaborate Signature French & Chinese Tong Yuen: warm sweet rice dumpling, chocolate nougat, Indian pastry, strawberry, crème brûlée, peach & rosewater.

May 14, 2016: Farewell, Jodelle!

As many of you know, I first worked with Jodelle back on Stargate.  In addition to play a young version of the powerful Ori lovechild Adria, she also played the tempestuously-tempered Princess Harmony in the Stargate: Atlantis episode Harmony.  She was only 12 then, but she so impressed me that, when it came time to cast for the role of FIVE on Dark Matter, she was top of the list.

Pictured above: Jodelle shows off the gifts sent her way by props and costume specialist Ryan “Stitch” Nixon, two mementos from her days on Stargate.  In her right hand, the Harmony pendant, in her left a miniature of the royal-commissioned painting: Princess Harmony being protected by the heroic Rodney McKay while the cowardly John Sheppard cowers in the background.

May 14, 2016: Farewell, Jodelle!

Check out detail on that necklace.  The Ancients would’ve been proud!

Bon Voyage, Jodelle!

Or should I say FIVE?

Or Das?


19 thoughts on “May 14, 2016: Farewell, Jodelle!

  1. Thank you again for the assist Joe! Marc and I were very excited at this rare chance to share our work with her. She is an amazing actress and artist and I was pretty sure she would appreciate these more than anyone… Hoping to meet her at con someday now! Congrats on the wrap, July can not come soon enough!

  2. Safe Travels Jodelle & Marisha!

    Been a busy bee this last few days. Lots of work projects and fun stuff happening this wknd too!

    Started conducting interviews for the biography book on dear sweet
    Eubie Blake.

    Some of the things my friend Ben and I hope to do in this new biography is not only pay tribute to Eubie via stories from the young hearts & minds he impacted (including mine) but also clear up some long running misconceptions.
    For example. In this video he once again became confused and “accidentally” said he was born in 1883. Well unfortunately it stuck! After a while even “he” completely forgot he was born in 1887. (In the late 70’s I found myself repeatedly reminding him he’s not quite that old!). Thus when he passed in Feb 1983 lots of folks thought he was 100 yrs old.

    The book will be out summer of 2017 for anyone interested in learning more about this talented composer and interesting, beautiful, soul.

    I’ve also quietly begun recruiting folks for the Dark Matter Tweet up!.

    Dont forget!! Follow Joe @DarkMatter_show & use hashTag #DarkMatter
    July 1st, beginning at 10 pm edt .


    Time to show Joe how much we love him & truly enjoy the show! XO

    Feel free to RT the tweet up ad at the top of our twitter classroom page @NewScience101 or create an ad of your own!

    Looking forward to Partying with all my fellow US/Ca Raza Crew!

    ITS GOING TO BE A BLAST!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. Blimey Joe! ‘Farewell Jodelle’?
    You gave me a heart attack there!

    Safe journey home Jodelle. Have a well deserved rest (or good luck with your next project) and see you back soon for Season 3!

    Aaww, those desserts have my mouth watering… What wonderful combinations!! They’re what dreams are made of… 😋

  4. Say what? Five is Das is Emily Kolburn? And a wanted felon like the others?
    OK, that’s kind of thrown a spanner in the works!

    Does Six know this then? A reason why he was quite protective of her on the Raza?
    If Five is a wanted criminal too, then why wasn’t she with Two, Three and Four when they’re all entering Hyperion 8 together? 🤔
    There are always more questions…….!

  5. Great job stitchsloft on the painting! Love the cowardly Sheppard in the background, hee hee. The pendant is gorgeous.

    I’m sure it won’t be long before Jodelle is back with you all, taping season 3!

  6. Looks like season 2 was a blast! Can’t wait to experience the creativity of the dark matter cast, crew, and writers! I would love to be a part of that world!

  7. So long, Jodelle! Auf wiedersehen, adieu!

    Okay bad joke. Still. I got scared for a second when I read that!

    Man, I can’t wait for this season two.

    Heading home from NH tomorrow. Kind of looking forward to sleeping in my own bed really.

  8. You scared me there for a minute. I thought she was leaving the show for good. Don’t do that.

  9. Goodbyes are always so sad but good food & good times shared with good friends make the partings less sad. The food sounds delicious! Love Jodelle’s gifts. That was such a fun episode.

    Does that say Emily on Five’s mug shot?

    @Tam Dixon: We ended up having some pork BBQ as well. My friend brought 3 butts. Yum!

  10. The episode with Joelle as Harmony cracked me up. What a punch in the gut for Sheppard. Great work. See you next season! “Pope gahn my koan tee nahrahk”-see you again, cute stuff. What She changed her hair! It is not green?! Her sister is “lookin’ California but is Jodelle feelin’ Minnesota?”
    Joe, last time I mentioned Firfly in jest. But since you bring up Jodelle and her time on SG shows, it was interesting to see that 3 of the main cast ended up on SG. Now we have fun see other familiar faces on DM. You know how to pick them.

  11. @Maggie L80 I see the name too. Also, I thought it interesting it describes her as Caucasian, a world derived form the area around the Caucasus Region.

  12. So, we have a new mover on the ‘Who’s got the most character names on Dark Matter’ leader board.

    1st place Marc Bendavid with 4

    Joint 2nd Melissa O’Neal and moving up to join her is Jodelle with 3

    Followed by Anthony Lempke, Alex Mallari Jnr and Roger Cross with 2

    and poor Zoie Palmer has only 1.

    Will this all change by the end of Season 2? Could Zoie Palmer be the dark horse (!) and pip everyone to the post?!
    Say tuned…. It’s exciting stuff!!

  13. As someone who’s made a few stain glass windows, that pendant is gorgeous and well made! Great job stitchsloft! I was admiring your solder seams, very smooth! The painting is pretty cool too. Did you make both?

    Maggie L80: Perfect weather for a BBQ. That cold front kept things from getting sticky. Hope the rest of your trip goes as well!

    Drea: I’ll check out all that info!

    Such pretty girls and it’s so nice when sisters stay close. Is Jodelle taking the summer off or is she busy with projects we can watch out for?

    Three weeks, huh? Bummer!

  14. Just rewatched the SGA pilot, The Game, Home and Harmony this past Sunday thanks to Hulu, what a lovely thoughtful present, if there is ever a reboot I hope they’ll include the further adventures of the fearless Queen Harmony.

    So fun to see a young Jason Momoa tearing his way across the galaxy. It all segued into an awesome GoT ep.

  15. Yes, I, too, had a momentary heart stop when I saw “farewell.” I really did enjoy Jodelle on Stargate and Stargate Atlantis. The pendant and picture from Harmony were great. Great job Ryan!

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