April 27, 2016: Ice Cream Donut Day On Dark Matter!

Today was a good news, bad news, good news, bad news, good news day.

Good news: I arranged to have a local ice cream donut truck swing by set this afternoon after lunch as a thank you to our amazing cast and crew.  Essentially it’s a European sugar and cinammon-encrusted donut, lined with nutella, and stuffed with soft serve vanilla ice cream.  Faaaantaste-tic!

Bad news: Even though we had two units shooting (main and second), The Chimneys truck could only set up outside one studio.

April 27, 2016: Ice Cream Donut Day On Dark Matter!

Good news: Fortunately, second unit was shooting only five minutes away and we arranged for the truck to be there through and lunch and well into the late afternoon, plenty of time for everyone to make their way over.

Bad news: Unfortunately, the ice cream machine broke down partway through the service.

April 27, 2016: Ice Cream Donut Day On Dark Matter!

Good news: But not before I got mine.

April 27, 2016: Ice Cream Donut Day On Dark Matter!

Also good news: Looks like General Drago (Paulino Nunes) managed to snag one too before returning to his ship.

Also also good news: The truck will be back later in production for those who missed it.

April 27, 2016: Ice Cream Donut Day On Dark Matter!

The Art Department’s Roxanne Borris is designing the insignia for Zairon’s sworn enemy, The Republic of Pyr.  Thoughts?  Preferences?

37 thoughts on “April 27, 2016: Ice cream donut day on Dark Matter!

  1. First of all; I want one! Send that truck to New Jersey please.

    Okay, now for the Republic of Pyr graphic…first one, way too busy. The three star idea is calling to me, I love the tall star, with the two smaller stars I think it looks the best. But should the stars be inside or outside? Hmmm…I can’t decide. My eyes kept going to inside (2nd row 1st graphic) but I think I like the other one too (1st row 3rd graphic.) I don’t envy you the choice! I can’t wait to read what you decide.

  2. Hi Joe
    I like the 1st or 6th, not a fan of the “stretched” star.
    Looks like the ice cream was worth it.


  3. May we have some of that scrumptious stuff? Loooooooks fab.
    Meanwhile…for the insignia – 2 or 6.

  4. I think I like the upper-right one (or 3rd across on 1st row if counting left to right).

    These ice cream donuts – do they freeze & ship well? I’ll pay top dollar.

  5. Well truly a news worthy day! I’d add a winky face, but those little faces wordpress has do suck. They just get worse and worse. WordPress needs to look at Skye For Business. They have some real cute ones and they all move.

    Okay, just for Roxanne, let me see if I can pick one… This isn’t really one of those intelligence test, is it?? Umm, I think I like the first one, upper left. She is so good!

    @ Drea – The watermelon is for my parents. All summer long I pick up watermelon from various places. I cut it up into bite size pieces and put as much as I can into a very large tuperware bowl. They dish it out and eat it all week. Depending on the size, I usually get maybe 1/4 of it. I throw mine in a baggy. This was the first watermelon on the year and it is pretty good.

    @ Tam – My parents are doing okay. My dad’s 91st birthday is next week. I ordered for him one of those chairs that automatically toss you out. He has trouble getting out of his chair without help. Last Sunday was their 65 wedding anniversary. He asked, “what’s an anniversary?”.

    Yeah, the first one Roxanne.

  6. I like the “stretched” star design so either 3 or 5. Ice cream & donuts – can’t go wrong. We had a snow cone truck outside work last week – free to all, employees & visitors. It was a nice treat.

    The “Story of Four” continues to grow!

  7. Regarding the Great Seal of the Principality of Pyr…I took this psychology class and the teacher said long, very acute angles indicate aggression.

  8. Well, since you asked… I wouldn’t choose any of the super pointy star ones (that also look like guitars). Too many pointy things competing with each other in a small space and it takes away from the horn/wheat graphic (what is that anyway?). 1st one is nice. The star pattern makes a strong little mountain/fortress and it balances out the complexity of the typeface. I also like the last one but I prefer a smaller “principality of” that does not overlap the graphic element. It makes that space too busy and unnecessarily complicated. I was super excited to see more design from Roxanne in the blog today! Thanks, Joe. Now if I just had a doughnut ice cream…

  9. I think the big choice between top row and bottom row would come down to what their philosophy is. Those stars outside the circle say it all.

    Top Row: “We’re better than you, and we don’t accept new members into our circle”.

    Bottom Row: “Come join our circle, as long as you submit to our rule”.

  10. i looked them up & they are technically Chimney Cakes, not doughnuts as most of us in the US think of them. i saw that on buzzfeed before & they look amazing;

    The Art Department’s Roxanne Borris is designing the insignia for Zairon’s sworn enemy, The Republic of Pyr. Thoughts? Preferences?
    i like #2 or #6.

  11. Is it just me or do the insignias with the elongated stars look like arty posteriors? I choose design Five. It isn’t cluttered & I prefer the Pyr on that.

    Nice kicks Ivon 😍

    Joe, that ice-cream looks delicious… Looks difficult to eat without getting it all over you… We have nothing like that in Melbourne.

    Cheers, Chev

  12. I like #6 if the insignia was raised above “principality” like the others.

    I want donuts and ice cream.

  13. I have never heard of icecream doughnuts! Where do I get one? We’re moving offices on Friday so I’ve been in the new office setting up the network. The guys putting together the desks would have really appreciated a visit from an icecream doughnut van. We had to settle for Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

    The stretched star looks like a Conehead. Ditch it. I like #6 but the laurel or flames or whatever they are needs to move back up above the writing like the others.

  14. @Jeff W If you’re going to be there for two nights, while its not really something to travel out of your way for (so depends on where you are staying) albeit our NS101 users, local to Castelletto, swear by a bakery called Discotto’s in the Soave area.

    @Tam Congrats to Evan on his internship. What is he studying in school?

    @Ponytail ***Happy Birthday to your dad!***

    @Maggiemayday Hope you are able to have your doughnuts soon! xo <3 xo

  15. Gee Joe! First we couldnt have our on set chocolate party via periscope
    because you were on a kick to look
    like a shrunk balloon ten days after birthday party.
    Shortly there after it was because
    you needed to focus to complete your scripts.
    Next it was because
    you were stressed out from having difficulties with
    someone who shall remain nameless.
    ‘Now’ you tell us its because the ice cream truck broke down!
    (Albeit, somehow, mysteriously,
    it didn’t happen until “YOU” had your fill.).

    That’s just way too many excuses to be a coincidence, mister.
    Albeit, thankfully, you’re not the only in the whole wide world
    who’s good at connecting the dots.

    I’m onto ya Mallozzi! Its time to tell the truth!!

    You’ve discovered another group of blog regulars
    to conquer the world with, in an alternate dimension,
    who you love more than us.
    Thus, Although you continue to pin your daily posts here for the sake of appearances, …we have essentially been forsaken,
    disregarded, evaded, brushed off
    and are otherwise being ignored!

    Oh! The Pain! The Mysery! The Agony!
    The heartbreak of it all!
    I’m Crushed I tell ya! Simply! Utterly! CRUSHED!!!!!
    I may never be able to offer my affections
    to another chocolate chip cookie
    or even remotely enjoy another bite
    of fresh baked canoli, macarons or mini chocolate cream puffs
    imported from Belgium, ever again.

    I’m gonna go drown my sorrows in this pint of Ben & Jerry’s
    Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream that’s staring at me now.

    But you can be damn sure I wont enjoy it in the least!
    No sir. Not even one little bit!!

  16. Nom nom nom …. I soon shall eat all the things. An ice cream donut has got to be one of the things. (My staples and the drain are out, I have more impressive scars. Still weak and hurty, but getting there).

    I like the fourth design, with the large pointy star echoing the points of the wreath of flames. Fifth would be my second choice. Top row is too fussy, the three small stars of six are too modest.

  17. “The Art Department’s Roxanne Borris is designing the insignia for Zairon’s sworn enemy, The Republic of Pyr. Thoughts? Preferences?”

    The third one at the right of the first line.

    Have a nice day.
    P.S.:If you do not know what to do tomorrow around 16:00hrs PM I will be happy to drink a scotch wisky with you on Hazelton Ave. We’ll be in Toronto for the week-end!

  18. Mmmm ice cream. I like #3 best but #6 is also good.

    I have a good news bad news thing: good news is I now have 5 days off; bad news is it’s because I fell at work yesterday and sprained my left wrist. I’m right-handed but use the left a lot. Couldn’t get the package of frozen blueberries open this morning. Had a warm smoothie. blech Opening the cat food cans now involves using my elbow or fist. Not much of a grip.

  19. The logos with the extended star points look dangerous, it says “even our twinkle twinkle little stars are stabbier than yours.”

    Can’t imagine the despair waiting for my ice cream and having the machine break down.

  20. I like the bottom middle. It’s the least busy-looking, and thus the quickest read.

    I just saw a post about that Chimney’s ice cream thing on Facebook a few days ago. I was going to ask you if you’d had it. Apparently you have! It sounds delightful. Lucky crew!

  21. Hm-m-m… I like the balance and element spacing of either #1 and #2. Not a fan of text squishing into the graphic, nor of the elongated stars. Reminiscent of the star in the Starfleet uniform emblem.

    Can’t think of donuts with ice cream right now, am eating lunch of baked pit ham slices & sweet sauce with a side of sauteed young asparagus & shiitake mushrooms, nom-nom-nom… This from our on site cafeteria!


  22. Drea: Thank you! Evan’s major is Computer Science, with a minor in French. Everyone’s giving him a hard time about French because Spanish is the preferred second language in this area. He likes French though. I just wished he’d quit texting me in French! 🙁

    Ponytail: Hope your dad has a great B-day! My Aunt liked her chair. I hope it doesn’t throw him out though. 😉 Oh, and watch pets around the chair.
    So sorry about the dementia. Getting old sucks!

    So it was a donut cone? That would be a win-win! Side topic: When did we shorten doughnut to donut? I like the new spelling but a writer in England was tweeting about it. Is donut an American thing?

    On the design, they all look good. I’m not sure how you’re going to pick.

  23. I laughed pretty hard at the ice cream donut being caught on camera 😀 That’s AWESOME, though I wonder how continuity was maintained 😉

  24. So, that’s what an ice-cream donut is!

    Great to see a photo of Paulino Nunes.
    One day, very soon…..official guest star announcements will be made!

    The insignia – I prefer the top row middle one, the lone star in the middle but without the smaller stars on the outside. Is it a Principality or a Republic? I’m not too keen on the font used for Pyr.

  25. Oooh Noo! would have loved to try one. Makes me wish I could have flown out as it was a free day for me. LOL. Will have to check the web site as to where they hang out for the Summer. Yes bestest News you got yours. Will the General Drago and Icy make the cut?

  26. Love that art. Specially digging the top left and bottom middle. I like the stretched aspect; feels more ~futuristic and harsh versus a standard star you’d find on someone’s report card.

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