We’re in the stretch run of production on Dark Matter’s second season.  Two weeks to go!  And three final episodes to name.  Next up, Episode 211.  Your choices are:

April 25, 2016: Vote On A New Dark Matter Episode Title!

Polling stations will be open for the next 24 hours.  Cast your ballot now to avoid disappointed!

April 25, 2016: Vote On A New Dark Matter Episode Title!

The Imperial Court of Ishida.  Wait!  Who’s on trial?  And what’s in the garbage bin?

April 25, 2016: Vote On A New Dark Matter Episode Title!

Mascot for the Ishida Koi baseball team: Elliot the Ecstatic Emblem!

Some of the Ishida cruiser onscreen displays courtesy of Kelly Diamond and the gang in Playback:

April 25, 2016: Vote On A New Dark Matter Episode Title! April 25, 2016: Vote On A New Dark Matter Episode Title! April 25, 2016: Vote On A New Dark Matter Episode Title! April 25, 2016: Vote On A New Dark Matter Episode Title!

24 thoughts on “April 25, 2016: Vote on a new Dark Matter episode title!

  1. I picked the somewhat wistful, Something to Remember Us By. They all seem to cover a wide range of emotions though!

    The Ishida Court looks great but I’ll I’ll be disappointed if the trash can doesn’t make it to the final shot though. It’s bad enough that we’ve seen hardly any of Boxy in the more recent BTS shots. I hope he hasn’t been written out of the show!

  2. Oow, must confess, the Imperial Court is looking a tad Teutonic. Sorry.

    But woah, Kelly and gang … Chou sugoi*!
    Love the Ishida cruiser onscreen displays. Can’t wait to see the interior of the ship!

    (*Ooo, hope I got that right?!)

  3. LOL… yeah, there was Boxy – totally forgotten. And, now Binny who may suffer the same fate in the Court.
    S2 Premiere date….can’t wait….when?

  4. Talk about 3 very contradictory choices. We’ll see how I do, I guess even royal’s have to clean up sometimes, Great graphics, really nice stuff there. Elliott doesn’t have to be shy.

  5. The Imperial Court of Ishida looks a bit like the Roman bath in Bath…was that intentional?

    @Tam Dixon:

    I’m city hopping this time so it’s not really a good time for Barb to go along. We’re waiting to be empty nesters (in a bit over a year), and then more couple business trips.


    After transferring in London it’s onto Catania (Sicily), Naples, and Casteletto (Milan) all in the space of four days. I arrive back home the day before Mother’s Day…it’s going to be an exhausting week.

  6. Voted.

    Yeah, poor boxy. Dont think he was getting along too well with his female co-workers on set.
    He would just sit there looking so handsome, sleek, sturdy and o so irresistibly inviting and never once bothered to even politely pretend to consider saying no or even so much as hesitate when they’d throw their garments and precious possessions at him. But as soon as he had his fill he’d just ignore them and reject their gifts without giving it a second thought.

  7. Another great set design though I do agree with @maggiemayday, the Ishida Imperial Court does need some greenery. I’m guessing the trash bin is for future heads that are about to roll.

    Nice graphics, the team is still hard at work. I’m dying to know what a perihelion & aphelion is. Think I gave a firm grasp on gravity and escape velocities thanks to Sam Carter & Rodney McKay.

    Just watched “Duet” with the audio commentary of Peter D, David H & Martin G. Looking forward to watching the Eps directed by Peter this season & the “guest” appearance of Tabor.

  8. The Imperial Court of Ishida looks like an awesome place for a wedding… Must be the trial for Four or his step-mother. Interesting… I voted!! Unusual choices… Haven’t we already had a title about wishing we’d spaced someone?

    Cheers, Chev

  9. @Jeff W It’s too bad you wont be staying in one place long enough to go much of anywhere beyond the vicinity of where ever you are crashing your head on the pillow for the night. There are some award winning bakeries to try in the Arcole and Soave areas of Castelletto.

    Though – it’s ‘italy’.
    Am sure the food is bravissimmo eveywhere you go there, eh! 🙂

    Hope you are able to get some rest soon! xo

    Speaking of rest….

    @Gforce How are you doing? Has the insomnia let up at all since your latest hiking adventure?? And has brio finally gotten the ‘Jaffa Kree’ down pat!? or he is still saying “kree” in reply to everything! 🙂

  10. The Imperial Court of Ishida, “now that is taste full without being gaudy.” Someone on trial? I guess that would explain the waste basket and power tools.
    Joe, I do not think the people doing the displays are getting enough credit. You always seem to find those who do great work. The other night I was watching Star Trek: the Movie and was just shocked at the special effects. They were like something from “Flying Tigers” or “the Day the Earth Stood Still.” Star Wars came out two years earlier (“Let the Wooki win”).

    @JeffW. I thought throw in some purple and it starts to look like Gland Slam (It was a music hall Prince once owned.).

  11. Yet another set that I’d like to live in. Agree with Duptiang, purple is a royal color and would look very cool at the Ishida court.

    How long can you carry carrot sticks around before they become too old to eat? I hope it’s in the 28 hour range since that’s how long ago I packed the ones I’m snacking on. It’s fun to test the limits of my cast iron stomach, until it betrays me by being more of a waffle iron.

    Voted for Soft and Sweet, it sounds like an OST title from Cowboy Bebop or Blade Runner. Normally I’m all faster pussycat kill kill but today I’m going for the more melancholy title.

  12. @Duptiang
    There’s a reason for the quality differences in the Star Trek The Movie and Star Wars Part IV special effects. Big budget, no imagination as opposed to no budget, brilliant (desperate) imagination!
    . Happens every time…

  13. Am I going to have to start a “BBB” campaign? (Bring Back Boxy) I totally would, you know, if I weren’t really, really lazy.

    @Drea: Doing well. My insomnia is not nearly as bad as it was earlier. I think my trip away was so exhausting I couldn’t help *but* sleep after. Plus, I’ve learned a few tricks to help me get to sleep, not the least of which is to stop worrying about getting to sleep. However, I am having an ulnar nerve issue in my arm, the pain from which usually wakes me in the middle of the night until I get get it worked out by stretching. I usually do get back to sleep though.

    Brio hasn’t said that for a bit, I don’t think it’s imprinted yet quite enough. Plus, it seems to be difficult for him to say – he learned some vowel/consonant combinations much faster than others.

  14. Voted for “Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had The Chance”. It reminds me of something I’d say to my brother and vise versa. The set looks awesome, and why is there no picture of you on the thrown?

  15. The Imperial Court of Ishida, with a different throne chair, say from Game of Thrones, would really spruce it up. Along with some green foliage.

    I also voted (twice from different PCs) – is that okay?

    Those awesome Ishida cruiser onscreen displays courtesy of Kelly Diamond and the gang in Playback are mind-blowing! More please?!

    Well, I bought a new laptop with Windows 10 OS and have been doing battle with it ever since. Just getting email setup in Office 365 was a deeply irritating affair, (migrating email folders, contacts, calendar – sheesh!) If I were not stubborn by nature, I would have given up or brought it to the Geek Squad by now.

    Eagerly awaiting DM Season 2 premiere!


  16. The Ishida Imperial court looks great, it has that imperial look down perfectly, it also doesn’t look over the top either.

    Anyway kinda noticed that 12 Monkeys and Hunters are down to a 0.10 and a 0.08 respectively on Syfy. Makes me wish Dark Matter was on the air now, I know you’d easily beat that 🙂

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