April 18, 2016: A Stargate Reunion On Dark Matter!

Last month, it was Peter DeLuise.  This month, it’s Will Waring, another former Stargate veteran who’s in town to direct an episode of Dark Matter.

April 18, 2016: A Stargate Reunion On Dark Matter!

It’s been ages since I’ve seen Will, much less worked with him, and he hasn’t changed a bit.  Still incredibly affable.  Still full of his trademark youthful exuberance.  Still scheming to find a way to place his trademark pineapple in a scene.

April 18, 2016: A Stargate Reunion On Dark Matter!

Today was Day #1 of his episode – #212 – and we started off easy, with scenes on our standing sets: Nyx’s quarters, the corridor, and FOUR’s quarters.  Tomorrow, the action shifts to our glorious location for not one, not two, not three, but FOUR straight days.  Ivon has already booked his hotel suite for the sleepover.

April 18, 2016: A Stargate Reunion On Dark Matter!

Pictured above: A little something from the props department.  And a certain group from “Episode 19: We Should Have Seen This Coming”.

April 18, 2016: A Stargate Reunion On Dark Matter!

In the words of our adorable Android: “So far, so good!”.  Will positively blazed through his first day… April 18, 2016: A Stargate Reunion On Dark Matter!

And I only had to discipline him once!   Ah, just like old times.

14 thoughts on “April 18, 2016: A Stargate reunion on Dark Matter!

  1. Four days on location – sleepovers, cool! Who’s bringing the midnight snacks?

    Nice props and the posters 👍
    Looking forward to Will’s trademark pineapple.

  2. Awwwe, the lovely Will Waring. I was beginning to think I was going to have to beg for pictures of him. He has smiling eyes. His whole face smiles. Always good to see him again!

  3. I agree with @Ponytail, Will does have smiling eyes. I bet he is infectious on set. Great to see him behind the camera again. Looking forward to his episode. Don’t forget the graham crackers, chocolate bars, marshmallows and coat hangers for your outdoor adventure.

    Thanks for the pics!

  4. Nice to see Will Waring. He recently worked on Childhood’s End so he’s keeping busy!

    It seems unreal you are nearly done filming for the season! Wow.

  5. Uh-oh.
    Ya might, just maybe, wanna be careful where ya poke that stick Joe.
    I guess someone forgot to give you the memo update
    prior to Mr Waring’s arrival.

    Will’s moved on from his old trademark pineapple.
    He now keeps a hornets nest in the inner breast pocket of his jacket
    to hide on set at random during a shoot.

    ooops! :-O

  6. Glad to see Will Waring is on the scene. Did you have to kidnap him from Vancouver? Weaponry has a futuristic P90 design influence.
    Earlier I attempted to post a picture of newly acquired 12 year Hibiki whiskey to salute your 10 years of blogging, but it didn’t work. Oh well.
    This week I am going to start rewatching Season 1 as a prelude to the new season.
    On my trip to/from BKK I rewatched Season 2 of SGU. I think I enjoyed it more this time around. I was able to see you and Paul in the dvd extras. Fun stuff. Having spent a Week in Thailand’s summer, I felt jealous of the picnic and the beautiful weather.

  7. In other news, some recent ratings for Syfys Monday lineup

    Hunters 0.43 million, 0.10 18-49 (Universal Cable Productions show)
    12 Monkeys 0.48 million, 0.14 18-49 (Universal Cable Productions show)

    Given the complete lack of competition on the network, I would expect the Summer to be capped off with a Dark Matter renewal.

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