April 15, 2016: Welcome To Zawraq-4!

Welcome to planetary station Zawraq-4.  Just a few things to get out of the way before we proceed…

April 15, 2016: Welcome To Zawraq-4! Okay, now that that’s done, let’s proceed into the market.  Right after you read this…

April 15, 2016: Welcome To Zawraq-4!

And this –

April 15, 2016: Welcome To Zawraq-4!

Okay, then.  In we go –

April 15, 2016: Welcome To Zawraq-4!

Right this way…

April 15, 2016: Welcome To Zawraq-4!

They call him The Master of Hot Metal!  While some simply refer to him as Maurice.

April 15, 2016: Welcome To Zawraq-4!

The most elaborate steak knives this side of Enriss Sector.

April 15, 2016: Welcome To Zawraq-4!

Stunt coordinator John Stead supplements his meagre income with his mobile blade sharpening station.

April 15, 2016: Welcome To Zawraq-4!

Sure, they make look familiar, but they’re grown on alien soil!  The maitakes taste like erygniis.  And vice-versa!

April 15, 2016: Welcome To Zawraq-4!

Impoverished crew members outside their tent city.

April 15, 2016: Welcome To Zawraq-4!

The wrangler and his charges.  Apparently, one of them made a run for it, bolting for the nearest exit the second our director yelled “Action!”.  It was like Run Lola Run.  But with  goats.April 15, 2016: Welcome To Zawraq-4!

Bizarre siamese goats logo compliments of Roxanne Borris.

April 15, 2016: Welcome To Zawraq-4!

Jason is coming down with a touch of Fury Road.

April 15, 2016: Welcome To Zawraq-4!

Closing time.  You don’t have to go back to your home world, but you can’t stay here!

24 thoughts on “April 15, 2016: Welcome to Zawraq-4!

  1. Oh man, this looks like its going to be an epic episode! Zawraq-4 looks like a very hard & uninviting place to be for the Raza crew.

  2. Oh my goodness, The Master of Hot Metal booth does look intimidating. I’m sure Four would love that place.
    Can’t wait to see the Zawraq 4 planetary station market in the Dark Matter universe! Do they have some nice, not overly ripe cantalopes?


  3. That no weapons policy would not be a problem if Four had long hair like he is suppose to. 😆 Then he could hide some of those knives like a certain Satedan use to do.

  4. Well, Zawraq-4 looks like another place that’s just a ton o’ fun. Where you can do anything as long as it’s boring.

    I had to laugh at the “some people call him Maurice” line!

    That dual goat logo looks like the Pushmi-Pullyu from Dr. Dolittle.

    Thanks for all the comments about the pictures, folks! They didn’t come out too badly for just using my iPhone. One thing I find when I’m hiking with others is that I don’t take as much time for photos. Still, it’s nice to have the company.

    @shinyhula: That critters (scorpions) might get in my boots overnight is why I *always* shake them out in the morning.

    @Duptiang: Heh, no that pile of stone means that’s the point where that route to the river (I won’t call it a “trail”) starts. When we found it, and we looked around, we were all like, “that CAN’T be it, can it?” 🙂

  5. Nice little homage to a song about a once famed local night time establishment.
    Joe, you could have asked; I could have picked you up some alien looking things from local markets.
    Looks like an exciting episode.

    @gforce I understand, but it could have made for some good around the camp fire talk,no? I visited the South Rim, never thought of crows being so nimble.

  6. hmm… I can still remember when “back-in-the-day”, the KNIVE-SHARPENER-GUY would be pushing his cart down the road every few months… AND, milk deliveries… DIAPER service! Bread was 18-cents… A DIME would get you a COMIC BOOK…

    good times…

  7. that shot of the vegetable stand reminded me of something i saw about star trek: voyager long ago on entertainment tonight or something. that the set dressers (or whoever handles that stuff) goes out of their way to find “alien” looking fruits & or vegetables.
    if i recall; they even made some of their own by taking the top off of one thing & putting it on another, sometimes even dyeing it.

  8. Three just needs to stay on the Raza. If you buy a weapon in the market from the “Master of Hot Metal” will you then be in violation of their policies or should I say proclamations. Very Dolores Umbridge of them.

    Love the pics. Space goats, who knew?

  9. @Evildroid : Zawraq 4 may look like a very hard & uninviting place albeit it boasts some of the finest fresh produce in the universe.

    Check out this beautiful green gourmet fish sauce Joe was able to make with ingredients he purchased at that market.
    I hear the aliens on kepler 186f love this dish!

  10. Thanks for sharing the pictures and I had a few “laugh out loud” moments on your captions. 🙂

    Gforce: My hubby and I think you should frame the rainbow picture.

  11. After reading my last post, it’s evident I’m going to get a migraine today. Grabbing some caffeine!

    Hope Y’all have a great weekend!!!!

  12. Rutabagas, parsnips, tomatillos, lotus root, purple yams, turnips, and okra, and several sorts of fungi? That’s stew right there. If I were cruel, goat stew.

    So, orange safety cones are a universal constant? Do they never change across the galaxies, time, and dimension?

  13. Prayers for Japan and today I found out my brother-in-law passed away last night. 🙁

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