Hey, check out this awesome Dark Matter video from the gang at Syfy.com:

So, are you in the mood for season 2?

How about now?

March 28, 2016: In The Mood For Season 2?


March 28, 2016: In The Mood For Season 2?

Stop me when you’re getting close!

(Station schematics by 1st Assistant Art Director Kelly Diamond)

(Dwarf Star Technologies space station design by artist Jon Hrubesch)

27 thoughts on “March 28, 2016: In the mood for season 2?

  1. @In the mood for season 2?

    I hope the show gets enough promo before release. I want to see the show do better than the season one finale in the ratings(0.94 million, 0.2 18-49).

  2. But if we stop you, we don’t get more previews! So, yes, I’m ready, but I’m not going to stop you.

  3. Teasers, schematics, finalized designs, mysterious passageways & Four with a gun not his trusty sword. My Monday is complete now.

    Fantastic attention to detail as usual!

  4. Yeah…you have to ask?
    Please sir, may we have more – NOW…
    Been ready since the jaw dropping finale of Season 1.

  5. Let’s hope that pic is a sign of Two ditching One for someone who can match her bad-assness.

  6. @Kathy C Yup! No bout a doubt it! Jodelle was definitely the irresistibly adorably charming flirt back then. Albeit it was that near glass shattering shrill scream of hers that caught my attention! Dang that little girl was born with one powerful set of lungs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlZ_foTo49c

    Here’s another fun one I came across while I was off on my tangents.

    Its an old audition demo reel from Dark Matter’s THREE Anthony Lemke.

  7. Awesome 20 second trailer as usual … But Sorry Joe.
    Am feeling much too weak and sleepy to answer that question right now.
    Seems I’m suffering from an awful severe case of anemia.
    Doc says its a chocolate fun deficiency.

    O’ woes be. Poor lonely, ailing, me. Feeling a bit faint. I think I need to go lie down and take a nap now.

    If only some cool, fun loving, kind, merciful, generous, happy, playful, charitable, compassionate, forever just a big kid at heart, would throw a chocolate party so I could get the life saving infusion I need.
    ~But alas~.
    Seems the grump monster has taken over everything, stressed out everyone’s inner child on the Dark Matter set
    and has left my universe devoid of any and all such merriment.
    Only the business as usual, by the book, serious, tired, grown ups dwell there now. 🙁 Gone be the days of joyously wondrous discovery and magical inspiration that sprang forth just from the simple pleasure of getting to color outside the lines for the sake of life, liberty, art, growth and fun.

    But Hey! Cheer up my fellow beautiful,TV fans & fear not! Even though it does appear America’s favorite Chocolate Party Instigator is rapidly losing its battle against severe chocolate anemia and will likely soon no longer be with you, At least Joe’s first on set periscope is up to 2,618 views and still climbing daily and You can still catch 12 Monkeys, featuring DM’s Jeff Teravainen premiering in a couple weeks @Syfy!

  8. Love the shot of Six in the rain. I’m a huge Six fan and yet I love the crew, they want revenge, he betrayed them. I’m stroking my imaginary evil alternate universe Van Dyke beard as peruse this conundrum.

    I like the space station, I’d get cabin fever being on it too long though; a nice place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there.

  9. Yes, am in the mood for season 2 of Dark Matter. Absolutely. Positively. Please don’t kill off Six.
    Wait, yes, checked again, am still in the mood for S2.


  10. Wow I really love the Space Station Concept Art. Jon is a rockstar!!!! How many levels to it? Do you use similar principles to the International Space Station?

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. When I get home from holiday I’m going to gather the information and create some content.

  11. I couldn’t wait for season 2 the day after season 1 was over. A little more than 2 months and it will be here.

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