March 26, 2016: The Crew Of The Raza And Their Anime Counterparts!March 26, 2016: The Crew Of The Raza And Their Anime Counterparts!

ONE (Dark Matter) = Rokuro “Rock” Okajima (Black Lagoon)

Like ONE, Rock comes from a well-to-do upbringing, having lived a sheltered, moneyed existence prior to the events that landed him among decidedly colorful company.  From white collar careers to running with mercenaries, these two share similar fish-out-of-water experiences that force them to toughen up and mature if they are to survive.

March 26, 2016: The Crew Of The Raza And Their Anime Counterparts!

March 26, 2016: The Crew Of The Raza And Their Anime Counterparts!

TWO (Dark Matter) = Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)

Kick-ass, strong-willed, and smart, both women demonstrate a confidence and decisiveness that commands the respect of their peers.  Natural leaders, their physical abilities – strength, speed, agility – are far superior to the average human’s owing to technological enhancements.

March 26, 2016: The Crew Of The Raza And Their Anime Counterparts!

March 26, 2016: The Crew Of The Raza And Their Anime Counterparts!

THREE (Dark Matter) = Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)

Obnoxious and self-centered, they’re always looking out for number one but, when the chips are down, they can be counted on to come through for the team – quipping and complaining all the way.

March 26, 2016: The Crew Of The Raza And Their Anime Counterparts!

March 26, 2016: The Crew Of The Raza And Their Anime Counterparts!

FOUR (Dark Matter) = Lelouch V Britannia (Code Geass)

Natural blue bloods, deadly masters of the blade, they share an affinity for carnage – and a dark streak that may cause even their closest of allies to take pause.

March 26, 2016: The Crew Of The Raza And Their Anime Counterparts!

March 26, 2016: The Crew Of The Raza And Their Anime Counterparts!

FIVE (Dark Matter) = Radical Edward (Cowboy Bebop)

As the tech-savvy mascots of both The Raza and the Bebop, FIVE and Ed are kooky, lovable, and oh-so-dependable.

March 26, 2016: The Crew Of The Raza And Their Anime Counterparts!

March 26, 2016: The Crew Of The Raza And Their Anime Counterparts!

SIX (Dark Matter) = Jet Black (Cowboy Bebop)

The classic big guys with the hearts of gold, they come from similar backgrounds in law enforcement but now find themselves playing parental roles to some of their ships’ more “immature” crew members.

March 26, 2016: The Crew Of The Raza And Their Anime Counterparts!

March 26, 2016: The Crew Of The Raza And Their Anime Counterparts!

Android (Dark Matter) = Astro Boy (Astro Boy)

Far-future Pinocchio’s with shockingly similar do’s.

23 thoughts on “March 26, 2016: The crew of The Raza and their anime counterparts!

  1. I thought I’d not seen any anime before so viewed a couple of your comparisons above, on Youtube. Then I remembered I’d seen ‘Akira’ in the cinema (it was brilliant and groundbreaking at the time) and then of course, before that there was ‘Marine Boy’. Yay! Made quite an impression on me when I think of it … I was always very keen on swimming, I named my first goldfish Neptina and even now, I’m into marine conservation. Who’d have thought …
    Thanks for the memories, Joe 😊

  2. Astroboy! That’s why the Android’s hair looked familiar. lol Sorry, I don’t get the comparisons of the others, as I hardly watch any anime (did see Trigun, though). Just have to take your word for it. 🙂

  3. I’m curious how Six is going to work back into the group again. Should be interesting!

    Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

  4. Other than Astro Boy, I’m at a loss. Going to check with my boys, who love anime, if they know the others.

    Thanks Tam; hope you do too! Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

  5. Thanks for the anime match-ups! I’m trying to stay clear of spoilers for next season, so I’ve not been reading the blog too closely lately. Enjoying the art and graphics, though, during my fly-bys!

    Three is Gin? Hmmm. Interesting. The rest of them I can see, especially Five and Six.

    And Happy Easter everyone!

  6. @FOUR (Dark Matter) = Lelouch V Britannia (Code Geass)

    I’m confused. This makes absolutely no sense to me. I really hope you’re not comparing Four to Zero because they’re nothing alike. Zero became a legend to the Japanese people and a symbol for those fighting against oppression, he was quite literally an inspirational figure. He also won some remarkable battles and shaped the world. Not to mention he was a genius, and an amazing stratagist. Sorry, I just can’t see Four as Lelouch or Zero in the slightest.

    Anyway on the subject of anime, there’s an alternate Steins;Gate episode 23 that leads to Steins;Gate0 where Okabe gives up saving Kurisu and has a serious case of PTSD blaming himself for her death. In this episode, Okabe doesn’t get the video D-Mail as he hadn’t invented the technology to send it to himself yet. It’s an interesting take on time travel because this Okabe is still on the β world line.

  7. I think you can use Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop for Two, with Spike S working for Three or Four, since he seems to fit. I think Spike from Cowboy Bebop fits Four better than Three. Desert Punk from Desert Punk could work for Three.

    As for One, the person I feel he would be most like is Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing especially with his ineffectual death threats crossed with Relena Peacecraft. One is a pacifist compared to everyone else in the cast including Five.

    To be honest, the anime character that I think fits One the closest would be Ein, the dog from Cowboy Bebop. One is so cute and cuddly like Ein, who is the same.

  8. I’m not all that familiar with anime. However, because of my lifelong passion and involvement in music and dance I am fairly well acquainted with a handful of it’s composers. One of my favorites being Yoko Kanno who coincidentally composed the music for the “Cowboy Bebop” anime series first released in Japan in 1998.

    This one’s from Escaflowne the movie

  9. Drea: Is your surgery tomorrow? You’re in my prayers!!!

    I have another Dr Jo update. Her check became very infected. She rushed back to Texas last week and had more surgery. It’s been a rough road because the infection is resistant to antibiotics.
    I managed to catch one of her cats (Phoebe) to clean out her eyes/medicate. Phoebe doesn’t forget though and I’m having problems catching her again. I’m bringing my hubby over to help catch her this morning. Wish us luck! The other cat, Monty, is my bestie now. Poor guy misses his mom. The dr’s say 10 more days of hospitalization but they said that last week too. 🙁

    Mr. M.: Did you see that “Hateful Eight” is coming out on video?

  10. 😳 Cheek, not check but I’m sure her checking account has become very ill too. Anyways, we couldn’t catch Phoebe and with her being a Brachycephalic Persian, we didn’t feel we could safely stress her too much. 🙁 Maybe next time.

    Thanks Helen!

  11. @Tam Thanks. xo The reschedule is for Thursday.
    Had to help with my neighbors cat this past week, myself. He has an older black short hair that has a solid mass in its tail in need of biopsy. The door on his pet carrier was broken so he needed someone the cat likes to help carry him in to the vet and keep him calm while only leashed. Sending hugs and prayers for Jo today and always. Dont forget to let me know if ya decide to do a fundraiser and to let Hilda @PBMom know if ya think Jo might enjoy having her go visit and cheer her up while in Texas.

    Happy Easter. 🙂

    Here’s more Origa & Kanno: (hopefully this link will play ok on this page for all)

    This is a really beautiful piece called Exaelitus

  12. Watched my first episode of “Cowboy BeBop” last night. I will have to check out other episodes soon. I can see some of the influences. (I wonder if Joss Whedon was a fan too?) Of course viewing was after I got the first season of “Archer.” (That boy Ain’t right.)

  13. Interesting comparisons. I’m the first to admit that I know nothing of anime other than my friend’s children draw up their own characters and they typically have hair that falls over one eye so they only draw the other one.

    Happy Easter! 🐣

  14. I did like your Rock/One comparrison though. Just a shame Black Lagoon has had such a troubled development. It’s been around for over a decade and yet the author of the manga seems to be releasing chapters at a painfully slow pace. Which in turn means people have to wait a ridiculously long time for more anime.

  15. Your pick for Four is way off, Lelouch is no master with the blade. And the guy on the picture pulling out his blade isn’t Lelouch either. That’s Suzaku, the muscle to Lelouch’s brains pretending to be Zero.

  16. I don’t know how you keep it all straight, however you got it altogether,(I don’t know anime) I thank you for sharing it with us. Astro boy is cool and the android is amazing, hope we see more of her(Zoie) in stories.

  17. I actually have never watched any anime. But the pictures of the characters do look like them every much.

    @TamDixon I will be down in the Medical Center area for an appointment on Thursday. I might have some time to go see Dr. Jo afterwards and at least make an introduction.

  18. Great characters, I can still remember the brain shattering feeling of watching Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop for the first time.

    Keanu’s Cowboy Bebop movie option should expire any day now. A Mallozzi & Mullie production of Bebop would be awesome.

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