March 25, 2016: Dvd’s!  Space Stations!  Peter Deluise!

Mark the date – June 4th – because that’s when Funimation releases the first season of Dark Matter on dvd and Blu-ray. (tweaked image c/o Alex Mallari Jr.)

March 25, 2016: Dvd’s!  Space Stations!  Peter Deluise!

Just in time for your review in advance of this summer’s season 2 premiere.

Speaking of the season 2 premiere, I hear we’ll be receiving an official announcement on a premiere date soon.  Stay tuned!

March 25, 2016: Dvd’s!  Space Stations!  Peter Deluise!

Artist Jon Hrubesch continues his awesome concept design artistry with these six different versions of the prospective Dwarf Star Tech space station.  I’m partial to the detail of 3A, but think that any of the B alternates could make a great EOS-7. What do you all think?

March 25, 2016: Dvd’s!  Space Stations!  Peter Deluise!

A big congratulations to THIS guy, Peter DeLuise, who received a Daytime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Directing Special Class for his work on Monsterville.   Well done, my friend.  Now get back to work!

25 thoughts on “March 25, 2016: DVD’s! Space stations! Peter DeLuise!

  1. Dark Matter on DVD, DMDVD, I like the ring of that. Space Station 3B looks awesome to me. Well done Peter! Congrats to you, well deserved.

  2. I like 3a, it feels balanced, with the body being full and rounded enough to be visually pleasing.

    A little editing, and that could be a wine review.

  3. @Jon H Beautiful job on the designs once again! <3 Hope ya got a chance to try those bacon poppers out at home. They were so good I made them once again a few days ago for my neighbors!

    The shape of the third in the top left-right row of column 3B is interesting and seems perfect to combine with some of the fancier detailing in 3a. The elaborateness of the combination would once again serve as a unique visually stunning eye candy treat for viewers to day dream about.

  4. Hi Guys! 🙂

    Hope everyone had a fun Friday! For those of you who missed Melissa Oneil’s live Periscope of the 2016 Toronto Comic Con
    Here’s a replay:

    Recording by Dark Matter fan & reveiwer

  5. oops! sahwees. Ya’ll know how I get with my typing when I’m overtired. Here’s the link again:

    Dark Matter Cast at the 2016 Toronto Comic Con with Inner Space.
    (Cast interview begins shortly after the 5 minute mark)

  6. And…just pre-ordered it on Amazon! (Although it says the release date is June 14…). Can’t wait for Season 2!!!!

  7. Hmmm, the only one that says “SPACE STATION” to me is 3b. All of the others have too many sharp edges and lumps or in the case of 1b, are too simple looking.

    Then again, 2b reminds me of Farpoint Station in ST-TNG.

    Na, I vote 3b…are we voting? If we are not voting, 3b is just my opinion. If we are voting, put me down for 3b.

    Or I can be bribed with a small bit of chocolate…well, maybe a large bit, it has been one of those days.

  8. Hi Joe,
    Well I guess I could burn my iTunes copies to dvd to say I have a set, but I really do like the cover photo.
    Don’t understand the cables for the stations so i am more for the B side.

    @Drea, Thanks for sharing the panel. Noticed Roger Was not at the table – traitor. Joe the secret agent man-capable of keeping secrets; also this helps support Joe’s assertions of a well planned and executed story arch and dialog.(referring to Alex’s answer)

  9. yeah, June “14” makes more sense. It’s a Tuesday… The day when MOST dvds are released on…

  10. DVD release date!! Excellent! Finger snaps to Jon on the brilliant designs. My favs in order are 3A, 3B, & 2B. Kudos to Peter. He deserves a whiskey tasting treat! And a big thanks to Drea for the link/posting!

    Happy Weekend!!

  11. More fantastic concepts from JH. Think 3b grabs my eye the most.
    Congrats to Peter D for nomination.

    Very excited (and a little nervous!) for premiere date of Season 2….
    Can’t believe you guys are still waiting for the dvd release! Why has it taken so long?

  12. Already bought the series on iTunes, about 1/2 way through broadcast. Happy with the quality of that.
    Unless there’s commentaries… I’m a sucker for commentaries!!

  13. Finally! I’ve been wanting to see Dark Matter on DVD/Blu Ray for ages. You have such a good show Joe that I think seeing the show on physical media would be a great way to get new fans aboard.

    Anyway I doubt the prices will stay at $50/45 on as Amazon pretty much always discounts heavily before release. I bet by June it’ll be $30-35.

  14. Season 2 airing around the DVD/BluRay release date?

    I like the look of 3B.

    Congrats to Peter 👍

  15. I have the DVDs that were sold in the UK, but they are region 2 and I don’t have a region free DVD player, so I pre-ordered my US/Can. version too so I can watch it on my player.

  16. Oh Wow, awesome!! Exactly what I need, the DVD’s! I’ll get them as soon as they come out.

    I think Jon Hrubesch makes the decision really hard with all his great designs. Have you ever had to go…. eenie, meenie, minie, moe?

    Congratulations Peter DeLuise! (He is looking more like David Hewlett’s brother every day.)

  17. Congrats to Peter.

    I like 3A as well although oddly my second choice is 2B.

    I just found my Mother’s Day gift (the DVD’s). I’ll pre-order them on Amazon. If you pre-order and the price goes down, Amazon will give you the lower price. Just in case no one knew that. Funny irony to that purchase though. My very first Mother’s Day (the one after Patrick was born because I know some people will celebrate even while they are pregnant) Jeff bought me a bunch of DVD’s (last minute of course). I was livid. I told him it was his responsibility to get me a more appropriate Mother’s Day present. It was my FIRST one and I would never get that day back again. It was ruined. I told him as Patrick’s dad, he was going to have to select things until the day Patrick could decide for himself. And now here I am requesting a DVD on Mother’s Day. Hilarious!

  18. I like 3B it feels techy. The A options feel more industrial or military. Congrats to Mr. DeLuise’s Daytime Emmy Nomination.

  19. Congrats to PDL on his nomination! I like 3B because of the clampy things, it looks like an elegant oasis built to show off wealth, like the high rises in Dubai.

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