18 thoughts on “March 18, 2016: Vote on a new episode title!

  1. Voted! This was way easier than the political race going on here in the USA right now. It’s making my head hurt!

  2. Snuggy snug all the way! 😀

    Why? Because it rhymes with bug…which reminds me of Todd. 🙂


  3. At least I don’t have to worry about the consequences of this vote.
    Or do I?

  4. i voted for #3. #4 sounds more like the closing line of a episode where someone has turned traitor. i think tv tropes calls it a wham line.

  5. I’ll have to think about this one. On the one hand I like The Past Has A Way Of Catching Up With You because it’s long and I like long titles. On the other hand I like It’s Very…Snug because it has an ellipsis and ellipses are cool!

  6. ‘You are not alone’ … Yeh, interesting title that!
    I discovered, this week, I’ve been cloned… Not in the fun, Transfer Transit kinda way either. I’m sure I’d loved the experience of spending that much dosh, travelling around the great city of New York, rather than being in bed asleep!
    To make the situation more mysterious and even more worrying, is that my ol’ banger if a car (bless!) has been quietly totting up London congestion charges, parking fees etc whilst innocently sitting in the car park at work! (Is that a slight smile I see on my car or just its radiator grill?) Hmm….

    Beginning to realise how One/Corso would have felt when they discovered each other’s existence … not really that funny

  7. Hello,
    C’est mon anniversaire aujourd’hui! Thank you for your wishes ! …and your good work to entertain us this summer.

  8. She’s One of Them Now sounds like the end of zombie movie, I like it. A stroopwafel hitched a ride with me to work so I just had to have it with my morning tea, now that my grocery store sells them not only am I stroopwafeling any time I want but I’m noticing other stroopwafelers. The shady guy ahead of me at check out was buying stroopwafels too and it immediately made him seem more approachable and less like an extra from Sons of Anarchy.

  9. @FargateOne It’s your birthday on March 17, too? It’s our mutual birthday then.

    I am so excited that I am finally caught up on the blog and I got to vote for the title. I voted for “You are not alone” because no one deserves to feel alone.

  10. @Joe M ok I voted. Albeit, Without episode context it was quite a bit tougher this time to choose. Hope Episode 212 is almost there! Sending some lovely virtual bourbon ice cream a giant chocolate chip cookie your way ta help ya along! 🙂

    ~A Very Happy Birthday to Hilda @PBMom!~
    Hope your day was beautiful bright and filled with love! @PBmom.

    Sending virtual brownies your way today! 🙂 <3 I made brownies with orange marmalade this last Sunday. They turned out really yummy! Didnt even have to alter the traditional brownie recipe. Just added a couple tablespoons
    of a natural orange marmalade with orange rind slivers and added a little bit of actual meat from an orange. Delicious!
    Thankfully only a small handful of days left to get through/endure before I can finally have this pesky visitor evicted from body and find out
    what's what. Am sure my poor overly used and abused oven will be happy the biopsy wait is finally over eh! LOL 🙂

    @Chev Have ya decided what you would like to do next? Yesterday morning an ed partner who lurks the blog here mentioned to me in conversion she knew a former librarian who went into museum research work for their next career. Apparently larger museums, such as Smithsonian and the like, are keen to hire and train those with librarian experience.

    1. @Drea Thanks for the tip. I’d like to pursue my career in social media/digital media and have enrolled in a copywriting course to add to my skills in this area.

      A lot of companies don’t get the best results from social media because they give the role to someone in the organisation “that knows how to Facebook”. I strongly believe in having a social media strategy, and posting meaningful content & engaging with followers.

      There’s quite a few jobs. I’m currently on leave and will start looking in a few months.

      Cheers, Chev

  11. oh dear! that problem is happening again! with part of the text being cut off during posting! So frustrating! and each time it makes my text sound more and more incoherent!

    I wonder? if its because i am using Slim Jet browser with is an older alternate version of chrome. Will have to try a different browser next time.

    It cut off nearly my entire reply to Tam as well as all my message to @TheOtherOne and made it appear as if i was saying @pbmom twice in one sentence!

    I was simply attempting to tell @TamDxon to remember if she wanted to take Hilda up on her offer to go visit Jo at the hospital in Texas to cheer her up, to just tweet her via the @pbmom handle.

    @Tam – the mention of virtual orange marmalade brownies were for you, my fellow chocolate lover. <3

    @TheOtherOne: (((Hugs))) to you and your ailing pup. Hope Starsk begins to feel well enough to eat again soon and hope that law enforcement catches quickly the awful identity thief that is currently victimizing you.

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