First off, thanks to everyone who expressed outrage, disappointment, and general apathy toward the revelation that I have been shadowbanned on reddit.  I had hoped that cross-posting my blog entries on other sites would offer up access to behind the scenes pics, vids, and insights to those who may not be aware of the blog, opening up opportunities for discussion on other venues like twitter, Facebook, reddit, and, of course, The National Weather Service.  Apparently, reddit’s admins frown on heavy cross-promotion which, I suppose, is understandable.  While I’d love to be a more active redditor, the truth is, with all of the demands of prep, production, and post-production, I have little time for much else net-related outside of this blog.  And so, while the notion of being shadowboxed is somewhat annoying. at the end of the day, it’s really neither here nor there.  On the upside, a couple of the moderators have been kind enough to approve my posts and comments, thus ensuring that not all of my inane ramblings are lost to history.

March 12, 2016: Yet Another Saturday Blog Entry!

Pictured above: Akemi models her new dress.

March 12, 2016: Yet Another Saturday Blog Entry!

Pictured above: Lulu in her post-walk sprawl.

Hard to believe we have less than two months to go on Dark Matter’s second season.  Production continues on Episode 208 with director Andy Mikita while prep resumes on Episode 209 with director Peter DeLuise.  Jason Priestley starts work on his director’s cut of Episode 207, while Episodes 201 through 206 are LOCKED! Paul puts out his revised writer’s draft of Episode 210 on Monday while I deliver my writer’s draft of Episode 211 that same day.  I’m 32 pages into Episode 212 and, by the time I’ve completed a first draft, my writing partner Paul will be back in town to talk about the BIG season finale.

March 12, 2016: Yet Another Saturday Blog Entry!

Ooooh.  We have guests!

18 thoughts on “March 12, 2016: Yet another Saturday blog entry!

  1. Lulu just looks happy she is not wearing one of those hats.

    Torri Higginson. Ms. 007

    “…while Episodes 201 through 206 are LOCKED!”


  2. Wow, glad only 2 mos to new episodes production, but we want them NOW on tv. 🙂

    Love the hat. And Akemi’s dress.

  3. Nice dress Akemi, very stylish. No picture is complete without one of your dogs & a hat. Lulu is looking like toothless from “How to Train Your Dragon”. Glad Ep 209 didn’t have too big of a hiccup. So excited to see each director’s vision of the Dark Matter universe. More Torri teasers, rockin’ the coat, and making a grand entrance as usual. Thanks for the updates! Enjoy your Sunday!! Don’t think there is a Walking Dead telecast tomorrow night.

  4. As they say at the National Weather Service,

    When you are running late, feeling rushed, but the path before you is beginning to quickly flood
    “Turn Around. Dont Drown”
    It is never too late to elect a different path ( until of course you’re dead).

    So, as our lovely MaggieMayDay might say: Any day youre still above ground is a plus & a good day. 🙂

    Albeit, no matter whether it be across the many miles or standing face to face, we are family and, as I told blog sib Tim the other day,
    family looks out for one another. So we’ll always be here to support ya, comfort ya, snark ya to the max! and do our absolute damnedest to make ya laugh when you’re feeling stressed and need to vent. <3

    On a happier note: Sounds like Maggie L80 had a wonderful Friday, as I hope some of the rest of you, my beautiful blog sibs did, as well! 🙂

    By the way, Joe: You're a bourbon guy. eh. Tam's hubby is looking for something new to try that might compare to Old Charter 12.
    Maybe you can suggest something for him to try in your post tomorrow or Monday?? Ya actually haven't posted a full dedicated log about whiskey/whisky in a while and am thinking we can all use a happily indulgent nip right about now. 🙂

  5. Akemi looks gorgeous in that dress… Goes great with the black tights… Has she transferred her studies to somewhere in Toronto? She was doing some English language classes in Vancouver if I remember correctly.

    Joe, are you doing March Madness this year?

    Cheers, Chev

  6. …..Episodes 201 through 206 are LOCKED!

    Torri is an invited or uninvited guest? 😉

    Not long until air dates are known, they were announced at the beginning of April, last year. Bring on Season 2!

  7. Aaaah, reddit’s arbitrary rules.

    I create AGameAWeek at (Not meant as spam!! Don’t ban me!!!) and as such, every week I have something to post about.

    I don’t post to reddit. I read the rules and thought “Nope.. They’re not going to like me!!”

    It’s a very stupid rule, IMO. I create SO much content, and just because it’s Me that’s posting stuff from My site, that makes it pure evil, even if I spend as much time as I do creating the stuff that I do.

    I’d’ve expected “Creator of TV Show” to have been given a little slack, but “Rules are rules” and I guess that even goes for you.

  8. Sorry about the Shadowban Joe, just recently discovered this blog, have been a big fan of all things Stargate – and now Dark Matter woo! – since I was a wee lad of 6 in 1997. Really cool to see the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff that goes on with all the production, glad you take the time to ruminate! Keep up the awesome work my man.

  9. @Hard to believe we have less than two months to go on Dark Matter’s second season.

    Bring on the Summer! I’m hoping the show stays on Friday. It worked for the first season and should do again.

    Anyway they released a Sword Out Online Ordinal Scale trailer recently, it kinda sucks for a trailer but from what I can tell they’re trying to bridge Sword Art Online and Accel World with this new game, as they’re both based in the same universe. Accel World is like 20 years after the events of SAO. The movie seems to have a device that is similar to the Neuro Linker.

  10. I’ve always said that Akemi would look great wearing a potato sack – but that dress is indeed quite lovely. I especially like the large Bubba-shaped accessory! 🙂

    Yes, it is hard to believe that S2 of DM is so far along already. Seems like yesterday we were all worried about whether it would be renewed, and just the day before yesterday when we were anticipating the start of production for S1. Time flies, indeed.

    Made out pretty good for my weekend hike. Although, I had one of my zero hours total non-sleeps Friday night, which made the hike up yesterday an exhausting and kind of miserable experience – along with the stomach bug that I seemed to have picked up last Thursday. No more Pizza Hut for lunch! Anyway, feeling much better today, and am driving home tomorrow.

  11. What a pretty shade of blue, and I love Akemi’s hair! The pugs look perfectly relaxed in these pics. Are they happier now in Toronto? Just looking at the pugs is making me sleepy too, I could kick whoever came up with daylight savings time.

  12. Everyone looks so happy and loved. Except for Torri’s character. She looks like she means business.

    Congrats on getting some of the episodes locked. Looks like your midway through it all with 2 more months to go. Then you need to head somewhere warm for a serious vacation. Hawaii sounds like fun. Or maybe somewhere you can unplug, like the Galapagos Islands or something. I’d suggest Fiji but they are in a bad state still.

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