Today’s work day started with a dog and, appropriately enough, ended with one as well.  I rolled onto set for the 7:30 a.m. call and the first thing I did was meet Key Grip Chris Toudy’s new addition to his extended family, an adorable Mexican street dog named Oslo –

March 7, 2016: Dogs!  Dark Matter!  And You Get To Choose A New Episode Title! March 7, 2016: Dogs!  Dark Matter!  And You Get To Choose A New Episode Title!

March 7, 2016: Dogs!  Dark Matter!  And You Get To Choose A New Episode Title!

Ah, this takes me back to the good old days on Stargate when dogs roamed the production offices, sitting in on story meetings, racing through the corridors and, occasionally, stealing Michael Shanks’ tuna sandwiches.

March 7, 2016: Dogs!  Dark Matter!  And You Get To Choose A New Episode Title!

Everyone has done such a terrific job this season, but I want to make special mention of the Art Department (lead by Production Designer Ian Brock and Art Director Russell Moore) and everyone from construction and paints who worked doubly, often triply hard this year to bring these impressive sets to life.

March 7, 2016: Dogs!  Dark Matter!  And You Get To Choose A New Episode Title!

Meanwhile Costume Designer Noreen Landry and her team in wardrobe are working their butts off as well, creating some eye-popping designs including someone’s new work-in-progress coat.

March 7, 2016: Dogs!  Dark Matter!  And You Get To Choose A New Episode Title!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s entry, today you have the chance to vote on an all-new episode title.  You have chosen all five Dark Matter season 2 episode titles to date.  A little refresher…

“Episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”

“Episode 15: Kill Them All”

“Episode 16: I’ve Seen The Other Side Of You”

“Episode 17: We Were Family”

“Episode 18: We Voted Not To Space You”

And now it’s time to cast your ballot for the Episode 206 title.  Your choices are…

Poll closes in 24 hours!  Tell your friends!

Finally, like I said at the top of this entry, my day started with a dog and ended with one as well.  From set, I headed back to the office for the production meeting, the notes meeting on Episode 209 with Jay, then back to set for the cast read-thru of Episode 208, then back to the office to put out some blue pages, then over to editing where I completed my producer’s cut of Episode 205 and went over 206. On my way out, I dropped in on fabulous Wendy Hallam Martin who had her dog, Coal, in for the day, assisting with the editor on Episode 207.

March 7, 2016: Dogs!  Dark Matter!  And You Get To Choose A New Episode Title!

Waah.  No sooner do I complete this entry than I receive the updated work-in-progress producer’s editor of Episode 206.  Well, you all know what I’ll be doing tonight!

31 thoughts on “March 7, 2016: Dogs! Dark Matter! And YOU get to choose a new episode title!

  1. Ooh, that coat looks like it would look good on Commander Truffault! But who am I kidding? Anything would look good on Torri Higginson.

    For the record, I voted for “We Should Have Seen This Coming” because it sounds like something they’ll say. Possibly often. I know I do.

  2. It’s a dog day afternoon on the set for sure. Those sets look amazing this season, cant wait to see them in the episodes with all the lighting & added touches. Voted & hoping I can get to 2 for 6 from my 1 for 5. That coat looks like it belongs on an evil butler Android…..

  3. <== "Weird Saturday" (working draft, plan on polishing it more!)

    This is a work in progress, but feel free to take a gander if you want/need a break from 206. I am doing some work helping a friend with her acting workshops, busy helping her find scenes for her students to use, scouring through some scripts she sent me to find them. I like doing it, as it's a slight departure from my own filmmaking.

    And yes, I am making a sequel to "Weird Saturday", lol

  4. Three good titles to choose from. I can see each fitting in to “my” idea of where they story could be a this point. Most likely I am way off and the story will be completely different than it’s written in my head. I can’t wait to find out!!

  5. Doesn’t the 2nd season start with episode 14? Maybe not. I can’t remember anything anymore. Love those dogs. Is it dog Monday (like cat t-shirt Thursday) or can you bring your dog any day? My beagle would be nothing but trouble at the studio. She would get banned within 5 minutes.

  6. I took a wild guess and voted “We Are The Future”. Any chance we’ll see some kittehs on set? A few weeks ago, I noticed some type of construction in the complex but didn’t know why. The management added a small dog park. It only makes sense since they charge monthly pet rent on top of the original pet deposit.

  7. Fair warning. This will be kind of long winded. I apologize. It’s been so long since I posted anything of substance to the blog. Some months ago I took a part-time job after retirement to keep active. After six months I’ve found myself in a position of responsibility with people who count on me to make good decisions and provide guidance in times of strife. Stick with me this will make sense.

    I have been swamped by work, life, family and dogs. Yes, dogs take time. No problem with that. I get more than I give. It’s just that I’ve been so, so distracted from the things that used to give me pleasure, this blog being very high upon that list.

    Tonight I packed my bag for the gym (6am comes early) and switched on the TV. And golly gee I found some episodes of SG1. It was like coming home after years of arduous travel. It literally brought tears to my eyes. And it gave me time to reflect on some important stuff.

    I have read the blog sporadically over the last few months. Maybe two or three days at once here and there. I’ve heard from one or two blog regulars asking about my absence (Drea, I love you. I truly do). Their promptings would bring me back to center more times than I can count. Watching this episode of SG1, The Fifth Man, got me thinking about how your shows have influenced my life.

    I’ve had to assemble a small team of people at work. Four to be precise. It took a while. I was looking for experience, diversity, strength, intelligence and a really, really good sense of humor. Sound familiar? I didn’t find any aliens but the people I have remind me so much of the fictional teams you have written into your shows. Including Dark Matter (I do have some rebels on my crew). Wish I had an artificial life form but, you know, they cost more than I had in my budget.

    Guess what I’m getting at is your ‘little’ shows have influenced me in so many ways. Now I need to get back to enjoying some of my favorite episodes of SG1, SGA, SGU and DM and learn again how to relax. Thank you. And thanks to your blog regulars that help to keep me sane. And your dogs. And Akemi. And Drea, you are special.

    Don’t mean to be trite or shallow or condescending. Just thanks.

  8. Back in the day I had a co-worker that would keep her rescue animals that needed extra attention in a back room at work during the day. They always escaped and the little heads of birds, squirrels, rabbits and opossums would peek around the corner then hop into our office to check on us. I miss those days. Love the dog pics.

    Props to the art department & costume designers….”we are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams”. That applies to your entire team of designers, directors, actors, and everyone else as well. Creating magic & chocolate.

    Interesting title choices. I went with We Should Have Seen This Coming, mainly because I still can’t get over Six’s betrayal. I should have seen it coming but didn’t. Happy reading tonight!

    Tim Hendrix: that was heart felt! I discovered Stargate: Continuum on Cinemax this morning and watched it while getting ready for work. It too brought back happy memories of SG1. “The Fifth Man” is a great episode.

  9. Oslo and Coal are cuties…

    I like that jacket too… Is it for Truffault? The side zips are interesting. Do they serve a purpose.

    Cheers, Chev

  10. Reminder: It’s Ivon Bartok’s birthday tomorrow (March 8).

    He’s on Twitter @Ivonbartok, Instagram @ivonbtok or Joe could drag him over here to read the birthday messages on this blog hehe…

    Cheers, Chev

  11. It seems to be a dog of a day. My sister, today, shared a FB post from the Seattle dog shelter of a man who was in poor health (diabetes, weight, etc.). He was told to go get a dog which he did. And between this overweight, middle aged, out of shape mutt (talking about the dog) and he, they both went on a program of walking and eventually jogging. According to the story the dog eventually had a cancer that was terminal. But the guy kept on working out despite of his loss, ran a marathon and got a new dog.
    Hoping your next dog adventure turns out well.
    I voted.

  12. I voted “Everyone Has Secrets” because I thought there were too many titles already that started with the word “We”. Three in a row would be weird.

  13. @Tim Hendrix: So nice to hear that you’re finding yourself again. It’s too easy to get caught up in the daily grind of life and forget to make time for ourselves. It’s more important than we imagine. And don’t worry, it doesn’t sound trite at all – Joe’s blog and the folks here have been one of my tethers to sanity more times than I can count! 🙂

    @Thogar: I thought of Cmdr. Truffault as soon as I saw that coat!

    Crew look like they’re doing their usual great job! And love the dog updates.

  14. Hey Tim! Welcome back. I agree, Stargate is more than just a TV show. It’s like family. I find that watching Dark Matter, it feels like home. Stargate, The X-Files and Arrow are shows where I pay as much attention to those behind the screen as I do to those in front. They are special people.

    Agree to about Drea – she’s a gem. 😊

    All the best.
    Cheers, Chev

  15. Ok voted! But I’m not telling this time.
    What can I say, eh!? Guess we all have our secrets!. 😀

    Awwww! Look at those adorable faces on Oslo and Coal. I’m sure they will make fine additions to the hard working DM team. ..and Ooooh! Am most definitely LOVING that sexy leather dress coat the costume department is working on! Hmmmm? I Wonder how easily bribable Noreen is?

    If I sent her a year’s supply of ‘Colorado’s finest’ to use in those pretty colored thing-a-ma-jig-ees the art department keeps sneaking onta the sets, Ya think? maybe? possibly? she’d make me a replica to sport at my next rock party gig!?

  16. @Chev: <3 <3 <3 <3 🙂 Oh Hey! Forgot to tell ya. If you don't already have it on your resume, ……MIT has a whole slew of free DIY Coding courses you can do online at your own pace.
    There's everything from basic to Java, Python, HTML, C++ and I think one or two other languages, now posted, as well.
    And there's open access forums pretty much all over the web these days to help out when you have questions.
    Computer programming is always a good back up skill to have no matter what career you decide to take on next. 🙂

    Once you get through the basic courses if you decide you'd like to take it further, just hit me up on twitter or zip a gmail over to the ed team via @newscience101 and I'll have my guys walk you thru which intermediate & advance courses are the most helpful/useful ones to pursue. (The follow up courses are also free, at the MIT site by the way.)

    @Ponytail LOL! ok. given your overly long stressful days of late trying to work and take care of family all at once
    I'll excuse ya from the word puzzle assignment this one time. Albeit, if Joe does decide to do a lunch time chocolate party pot luck periscope
    in next couple weeks – your attendance is most certainly mandatory Ms P! Especially since, if anyone could use a good, let loose, stress relieving chocolate

    party these days, its you! In the mean time , sending plentiful jugs of top notch whiskey hugs your way! xo How's your dad doing this week?

    YAY! Our blog sibling @TimHendrix has finally returned from his walk about!

    Hi @Tim! Welcome home! We Missed Ya! Provided, of course, it meets with Ms. @Ponytail’s approval??, ‘Cause there just aint no way she’s getting out of attending this one!) Hey Handsome! Its a beautiful day to play hooky. Go rescue those bongs, now likely trapped in Joe’s trunk. Crank up the stereo with your favorite tunes and Have a blast!) 😀

  17. Oh! No! WP seems to be glitching out again! It cut off a bunch of my lines to Tim as well as most of my happy birthday wish to Ivon then mashed up a bunch of things I was saying to Joe & Ponytail there after with the paragraph addressed to Tim! LOL OMG! aaay tooo funny! The way it reads now it sounds like I’m telling Tim & Ponytail to go rob joe’s trunk of bongs and have a party!

    Ok Lets try this one more time. hopefully this time all the lines will post so it makes better sense!

    YAY! Our blog sibling @TimHendrix has finally returned from his walk about!

    Hi @Tim! Welcome home! We Missed Ya! and thank you so much for this mornings sweet message! What a wonderful thing to start my day off with! XO

    Ah! Ya see that Joe! xo Little by little the whole blog family’s returning home! Just one more beautiful perfect and ‘completely logical’ reason to hold an on set chocolate party pot luck via periscope. March 19th is looking like a mighty fine box on the calendar to mark a P for periscope in. Provided, of course, it meets with Ms. @Ponytail’s approval??, ‘Cause there just aint no way she’s getting out of attending this one!)

    And last but not at all least


    May this Merriest March day prove
    Magnificently, Mesmerizingly, Mirthful,
    Masterfully Melodic and ever so filled
    with Magical Mayhem!

    English Translation:

    Hey Handsome! Its a beautiful day to play hooky. Go rescue those bongs, now likely trapped in Joe’s trunk. Crank up the stereo with your favorite tunes and Have a blast!) 😀

  18. 🎉🍰🎉🍰😆🍰🎉🍰🎁🍷😍

    May the whiskey glass never be empty.

    All the best for March Madness too… Go Duke!!!

    Cheers, Chev

  19. D’awww, such cute puppers!

    I love that coat. Very sleek and chic.

    Wish me luck, I see the surgeon today and figure out what to do with new and unwanted developments.

  20. @MaggieMayDay My heart and prayers go with you on this day. Here’s hoping it doesn’t turn out to be anywhere near as serious as you might think. And the surgeon can have ya back on the road to recovery in no time at all <3

    @Jorie74 Thanks for posting the draft of Weird Saturday. 🙂 Will watch this evening as soon as my day settles down.

  21. We Should have Seen This Coming pairs well with We Voted Not To Space You.

    The greenery is gorgeous, feels like everything is amped up in season 2, can’t wait.

    Love the coat, and are those hip vents for better access to a holster or sword hilt?

  22. Drea: Thanks for the fund raising offer and I’ll let you know. I hope she can find a local dr but we will see.
    Did you try the brownies yet?

    Tim Hendrix: Very eloquent and Welcome Back!

    Ivon: Happy Birthday!

    bambamfans: How’s the career change going?

    Ponytail: Hanging in there?

    Maggiemayday: I hope you’re feeling better!?

    I voted for “We are the Future”. It reminds me of “Because We are dangerous”.

    Farscape had a title I still remember called “‘Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda” . That about sums up my life lately.

    Love the pup pictures, Mr. M.! It’s a great bunch of people you work with. You’re a lucky guy! Hope you don’t work too hard today.

  23. I’ve been lucky as my doggie partner in crime, Starsky, has often accompanied me at work, depending where it is. He loves meeting new people and always remembers/recognises old friends. He was a rescue dog originally … was at the centre for over a year before I found him! No idea why – staff thought the same. Now, that he’s not in the best of health he’s getting his rewards for his previous social and happy behaviour as people are bending over backwards to make his life brilliant. You can see it’s making them feel great about themselves too, which is wonderful. Life can be good like that! 😊

    Anyhoo …

    That coat is rather stylish! Reminds me of something Trinity (Matrix) would wear … a working, all action, kick-ass kinda outfit. Hmm, can’t think of anyone fittin’ that description, can you? Raza or House of Ishida maybe? Nah…

    Oow, n if I’m not too late, Happy Birthday, Ivon! Celebrate in the bestest style, mate! 🎂🍸

  24. @TimHendrix Welcome back. I have had the same problem as of late. I’m doing a marathon catchup today (like a month’s worth) and was hoping I could catch up by midnight, but I don’t think it is going to be happy. I wish I knew how to fix my life at the moment so I could make a daily commitment to read the blog. Your words were beautiful and touched my heart.

    It’s great that dogs are allowed at work.

    I already wished Ivon a happy birthday on Twitter.

    Okay, I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open, so I’ll have to commit to finishing up in the morning. It’s only 11:45 p.m. so when I mean morning, I mean after I wake up. I don’t have clients in the morning so I’m sleeping as late as Patrick does (spring break!)

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