As I told Paul yesterday: “Between the scriptwriting, notes, rewrites, prep, onset production, post, and seemingly interminable email and dropbox approvals, I’m dangerously close to hitting critical mass” – which is why the weekends are so important.  They give me a chance to set Dark Matter aside, however so briefly, and decompress.  Granted, with scripts and cut notes still looming,  the prospect of a totally Dark Matter-less weekend is unlikely for about another month an half, but I’ll take what I can get.

In the case of this particular weekend, it was quality time with Akemi and the dogs –

March 6, 2016: The Calm Before The #darkmatter Storm!
Bubba visits the dog park, observing the action for the relative safety of the other side of the fence.

A little local shopping –

March 6, 2016: The Calm Before The #darkmatter Storm!
Comic books, purple dress shoes, and these ray run cufflinks. I’m not on the hunt four some Flintstone cuffs.

A little online shopping –

March 6, 2016: The Calm Before The #darkmatter Storm!
Got a bunch of these Juanita Nakamura originals


A nice Saturday dinner at Parcae –

March 6, 2016: The Calm Before The #darkmatter Storm!
Squid ink risotto with sturgeon marrow.

A lot of walking –

March 6, 2016: The Calm Before The #darkmatter Storm!
The weekend would not be complete without a visit to my friend, Tova, at Don’t Call Me Cupcake in Kensington Market.

And dim sum with VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson and director Jason Priestley who offered a very spirited argument for why I should keep my house in Vancouver despite the prospect that I may spend a good chunk of the next three years here in Toronto, shooting Dark Matter.

Tonight, it’s Walking Dead night with Roger Cross, Jodelle Ferland, and a whack o’ eclairs at which point the respite will be over and I’ll be back at it.

Looking ahead to this week:


Director Jason Priestley’s final day of main unit on Episode 207 concludes with some infiltration, a discovery, and a rooftop render-vous.

Our last day of prep on Episode 208 with director Andy Mikita.  While John Stead oversees the stunt rehearsal with some surprising guest stars, I’ll be in morning meetings (a timeline review, a tone meeting, the 208 production meeting), and taking a walk-thru the newly built “systems control room”, before sitting down to the cast read-thru.

In the afternoon, once the dust has settled, I’ll make my way over to post where I’ll review the recently completed Android scenes for Episode 205, and the Episode 206 “producer’s cut in progress”.

Notes meeting on the script for Episode 209!

Script work continues on Episode 212!

And, if I remember, I’ll post the poll for our next Episode Title Vote, this one for Episode 206!


Prep begins on Episode 209 (written by the lovely Ivon Bartok) with fab director Peter DeLuise!  Location scout.  Set walk-thru.  And another Stargate alum who we haven’t seen since – oh – Episode 14: Kill Them All makes a triumphant return to Toronto.

Production begins on Episode 208 with director Andy Mikita at the helm.  Things get downright messy on the bridge of The Raza.

And I’ll still be working my way through the script for Episode 212.


Prep continues on Episode 209.  Concept meeting.  Stunts/Special FX meeting.  VFX meeting.  I suspect I’ll also be putting out new script pages to reflect anymore necessary changes.

Production continues on Episode 208 and we’re back on the bridge for some desperate diplomacy before shifting over to the as-yet-unseen Systems Control Room.  Meanwhile…

Jason Priestley returns to direct second unit for his episode, a little bit bar scene and some Marauder in-flight action.

Episode 212?  That script aint gonna write itself.


The Episode 209 Art Department meeting will be followed by the Props meeting before we move on to the Costumes meeting and conclude the day’s festivities with  the Graphics/Playback meeting.

Day 3 of production on Episode 208 continues on our standing sets while the final day of second unit photography on Episode 207 takes place over at Tabor’s swanky bachelor pad.

I’m hoping to be well into the third act of Episode 212 by this point.


Off the top of my head, I’m not sure – but I suspect it’ll be Dark Matter-related.

Haven’t been keeping up on the blog?  Pressed for time?  Well check out Tom Gardiner’s Dark Matter digest for the rundown:

Finally, the weekend wasn’t all fun.  We learned today that the little pug Akemi had her heart set on adopting (she’d wanted to name her Konatsu), passed away last night.  So, today’s blog entry is dedicated to little Konatsu’s (aka Rodgie’s) memory:

25 thoughts on “March 6, 2016: The calm before the #DarkMatter storm!

  1. Thanks for the mention! I really like decompressing with The Walking Dead. I get to smash zombie brains vicariously through the characters. It’s very therapeutic, but it can sometimes be a little harder to fall asleep after a particularly tense episode. Totally worth it, though.

  2. Aww, so sorry to hear about little Kinako/Rodgie. She looked so cute. Too bad it didn’t work out for you to adopt her, but she sure looks like she was well cared for regardless.

    Glad to see the weekend activities! I love the DM updates, but I’ll admit seeing that you guys are getting along well in Toronto is even better. And I agree you should keep your house in Vancouver. Otherwise, where would I visit when I’m there?? 🙂

    I’m not sure I’d be a fan of the squid ink dish. It looks really… dark.

    I don’t know how you keep track of all the stuff you have to do in a week. I got confused just reading it! Keeps you out of trouble, I suppose. 😉

    I’m looking forward to my trip to NH this coming weekend – after using an unexpected large number of my vacation days last Spring while getting ready to cell my house and then moving, I wound up pretty much running out of time off except for two days – which I’m using this weekend. I really haven’t had any non-sick leave since September! Luckily everything gets reset the first of April!

  3. A great producer/writer/artist’s work is never done. Glad you could turn off the switch for a little while this weekend for some Akemi time, friend time, doggie time, food time, and shopping. So sad to learn of Rodgie’s passing. I’ve been showing my friends (who are dog lovers) pictures of Lulu & Bubba and tell them about your “pug rescues”. Trying to recruit more weblog & DM viewers as well.

    Looks like you have a very busy week ahead! Take time every day to decompress so you don’t hit critical mass…

  4. So sad about Rodgie; it means it really wasn’t meant to be. The video montage was very sweet. I’m sure she will always have a spot in your hearts.

    What a busy week you have; with all that, you still find time to blog for us. Thank you!

  5. Oh poor little Rodgie. I didn’t realize she was so close to the end of her life. Makes me want to adopt an older dog to make their final days as happy and comfortable as possible.

    Spring is in full bloom here. It has been so warm (average 75 degrees everyday) all the trees are blooming and the flowers/weeds/grass is growing. My eyes are watering and itching so bad. Miserable.

  6. Very sorry to hear about Rodgie/Konatsu. So cute, no wonder you guys fell i love with her.

  7. So sorry about Konatsu (aka Rodgie). Kismet.

    Good luck with this week’s full on itinerary! 😊

  8. @Joe So sorry to hear about Rodgie. Such a cute little pup.

    Glad you got in some decompress time this weekend. 🙂 Agree you should keep your house in Vancouver and the research I did last year allows you to hold off on selling it. It does however require you to lease full time in GTA and pretty much ‘close up’ the house for next couple of yrs to make it financially do-able. I’ll send clear details, explaining, along to ya next weekend so you can sit down with Akemi, talk it over and decide. Albeit if you have your heart set on adopting more pups it does raise the difficulty bar on securing decent Toronto housing.

    @Tam Looks like you are the only one to solve all or part of the cryptogram so far. Thought there’d be more puzzle lovers out there who would enjoy it.
    With Joe having such a busy DM work week ahead I’ll reserve sharing the details of my amazing night until next weekend. Sorry to hear Jo may have the hassle of traveling to Houston for treatment. Please dont hesitate to let me know if there is any way I can help out with it. i.e ( help promoting a fundraiser, making research calls on her behalf, etc, etc). In the meantime sending much love her way and to you and Lucy as well. No worries, You’ll get em next time at the tournaments! <3

    @Chev (((Hugs!))) Hang in there!


  9. Wowser, that is one busy schedule!

    Tabor’s swanky batchelor pad – now there’s an ideal location for one of those cosmic bongs. The perfect match to his outfits! #fashionguru

  10. So sorry about Rodgie. It looks like she was a pampered princess in her foster home though. If she were that fragile, then the stress from a change of home, people and routine might not have been a good thing for her.

    Hope you don’t get too stressed this week.

    Cute picture of Bubba and Akemi!

  11. Hey Joe! That the next few work weeks are going to be crazy, sounds like next weekend (instead of a periscope with you and the DM directors) it’d be a perfect time to do an on set periscope “chocolate party” at lunch time!

    It could be a chocolate ‘pot luck’ while you give us another tour of the new sets that have gone up. Cast and crew working next Saturday could bring in their fav chocolate dishes to show off while we all enjoy our chocolate favorites at home or from our jobs if working that day.

    Its a stress relieving Win! Win! for everyone eh! <3 <3 <3 <3

    chocolate! Chocolate! CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE!

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 + <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 = 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    @gforce Do you have a link you can post to our @newscience101 box for those photos Tam was talking about? You didnt seem to post them on your twitter page – Albeit I'd luv to check em out! 😀

  12. Just noticed your twitter announcement that the cast is heading to the toronto comic con next weekend. In that case, I think us chocolate lovers can patiently wait for an on set periscope chocolate pot luck till the weekend after next. Allows for more time to plan it out better anyway and you can even make the delicious periscope party as part of a “tease” about episode 212, eh!. 🙂

  13. And here we thought you sat around all day reading comics and wondering what to have for lunch! You’re busy!

    So sorry to hear about Konatsu/Rodgie. =(

  14. So sad we didn’t get to know Rodgie better, what a bundle of energy she was. Love the way she persisted in picking up the red ball at her own peril, then just walked away like a boss when it wouldn’t cooperate. It’s a good metaphor for life, sometimes you just gotta walk away from the shiny red ball. Sending hugs to Rodgie’s family.

    The pastries on Don’t Call Me Cupcake’s FB are dazzling, especially the donuts, never seen such perfect donuts. I sense that the Bourbon Apple Crumble is my spirit animal.

    Exciting production news, congrats to Ivon on his script! Looking forward to Peter DeLuise’s ep.

  15. Thanks Drea… I have successfully negotiated the outcome. It won’t be as bad tax-wise. I’ll be taking some of the leave instead of getting a lump sum.

  16. PDL is an awesome choice as director for Ivon’s episode…this is going to be AWESOME!!!!!

    Cheers, Chev


  17. @ Drea – Your word game…. Why do you want to make me work so hard? 😉

  18. CPI/Drea – Are you on FB? That’s where I posted them. But, I probably will post them on Twitter now that you mention it. They were pics that I’ve taken over the last few years as a result of someone’s “7 Days of Nature Photos” challenge.

  19. RIP Rodgie.

    So glad to hear Peter Deluise will be directing. Looking forward to that.

    Your schedule is insane. More insane than my life.

    Bubba is a very lucky dog.

    I 100% agree you should keep your Vancouver house as long as you possibly can.

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