I was walking the corridors of space station Balda-9 today and was amazed by the  artwork adorning the walls.  From the techy cool to the comically bizarre, check out the visual background offerings that come c/o 1st Assistant Art Director Roxanne Borris…

March 4, 2016: Wecome To Balda-9! March 4, 2016: Wecome To Balda-9! March 4, 2016: Wecome To Balda-9! March 4, 2016: Wecome To Balda-9! March 4, 2016: Wecome To Balda-9! March 4, 2016: Wecome To Balda-9! March 4, 2016: Wecome To Balda-9!

From Hyperion-8 to Balda-9, Regulus-12 to Earth, our crew will visit some distant locales this season – but next episode sees them journey to the one of the most far-out destinations yet.  It’s out of this universe!

30 thoughts on “March 4, 2016: Wecome to Balda-9!

  1. Balda 9 looks like a great place to visit. Lot’s of entertainment & things to get the Raza crew in deep trouble. You said Earth?!? The crew may visit Earth?!? This could be a time travel/wormhole episode?

  2. So, I guess it’s a given that they escape prison, then! 🙂

    Seriously, that art work is amazing. So imaginative and so detailed. Great work!

  3. Balda? Is this were Rogaine is made?


    I have a snotty head cold. I hate it. But I am enjoying my alternating shots of vodka & OJ and Hank Sauce hot sauce. Hank Sauce is a locally-made hot sauce that is mild enough you can drink it straight from the bottle. Either that, or I am numb to it’s effects. 😉 It’s a great hot sauce, though, because it adds just enough heat and flavor to make a meal enjoyable, instead of making it so hot that all the flavor is smothered. Good stuff, and my favorite hot sauce, ever! (Before I discovered Hank Sauce I was a Red Hot devotee. I still love Red Hot, but Hank Sauce has an edge. It’s really very good.)


  4. Love the visual graphic background designs! Creative! Hand claps to Roxanne! I’m imagining Balda-9 as a Doctor Who-ish “Satellite 5” space station with lots to offer, but at what cost? That fellow in the last design reminds me of a guy you might know, Joesph Mallozzi. Thanks for the pics! Have a great weekend!

  5. Balda 9 looks like a big movie theater! Very cool.

    Hope you feel better soon @das! Your home remedies sound perfect. 😀

  6. “It’s out of this universe!”

    I take that to mean we’re going to see what that mystery keycard pairs with and someone(s) will use the technology to enter a pocket universe. So, actually out of this universe.

  7. Very nice poster art work Joe. It reminds me of the newest in themed shopping at the very modern Terminal 21 in Bangkok. Not that Bangkok can’t be far out, but Balda-9 is far out. Does Balda-9 accept cash, credit, or food ration cards?

    And Joe, if you are a baseball fan, just wanted to tell you the Brewers put an end to the controversy of Hank the Ballpark Pup. As he is indeed Hank the Ballpark Pup (google if interested in any pictures). They held there press conference at a local animal shelter and if anyone was leaving they would get a unofficial departing gift.

  8. Is there anything Roxanne can’t do? Actually it looks like she is having fun and we get to enjoy it all. She makes it look so easy.z

  9. hmm… Are TPTB trying to tell you something, Joe? Are one of your many suit-“jobs” being replaced by a Droid..??

    Try some nice homemade ONION SOUP with about 3 different types if you can – [sans the cheese, but lots of crackers!] The onion fumes in the steam should loosen up the sinuses. Plus, it’ll help your immune system. And perhaps try a TOMATO-RED PEPPER [has vitamin C] SOUP one as well… Also take some vitamin D when you’re not taking any C [they weaken each other if taken together]

  10. Amazing graphics here! They have a feel of Philip K Dick and/or Westworld about them. The Galactic Conservatory one is particularly hauntingly beautiful.

    Not sure I’d like to visit Balda-9 but I cant wait for Season 2 to see what our crew gets into here!

  11. That artwork is seriously cool, fantastic work Roxanne. I’d love to be able to do THAT! 😎

    Balda-9, the recreation area. And Earth is another destination, bring on Season 2.

  12. Joe: Those truly amazing art posters certainly make me want to go to Balda 9. Albeit that last poster looks like it could be an ad for an alien version of that reality show you humans have here on earth called “The Bachelor”.

    @Das Feel betters soon! 🙂

    @Tam Good luck at the tournament. Hope you do great! How’s Dr Jo doing this week? Sending warmest hugs and best-est vibes her way. xo

    @TheOtherOne No worries. Am doing ok. Work, dance and our latest book project keeping me happy and busy as usual. Just a bit frustrated waiting for what feels like an eternity for 3/21 to roll around so I can finally get that pesky visitor out of me! ( I can handle pretty much anything that gets tossed my way. Its the not knowing what am up against that’s currently driving me nuts!).

    @Gforce Hope you’re hanging in there and have fun in New Hampshire next weekend. Sending peaceful sleepy thoughts your way.

    @MaggieMayDay. xo Sahwieeees. Momentary brain fart. Forgot you are a rum and absinthe gal. I am unfortunately still horribly lazy about proof reading and only realized I typed ‘whiskey’ after I hit send.
    Very much keeping my fingers crossed for ya things go reasonably well at the doctors visit and they don’t recommend more surgery. Sending happiest sweetest thoughts your way today and always. XO

    Stay Strong! And Have A Beautiful Weekend Everyone! <3

  13. YAY! I just got THE COOLEST!! Saturday night invite to take my mind off things!

    I did some song writing for a local hard rock band last year and received a call from their front man Jim Maher a few minutes ago.
    They’re playing an invitation only gig in St Pete tonight. The pre-concert party theme will include steak dinners and premium scotch samplings from the Scottish Highlands. Hope they have 17 yr -Old Pulteney & the 21 yr old Glen Dronach! Definitely a couple of my favs. XO

    Breaking out my sexiest leather jacket and hottest black jeans now! 🙂 Guess those brownie torture experiments will have to keep till tomorrow, eh!

    Ok Joe, I can sense that slightly worried look on your face from here.
    No cause for stress. I’ll be extra careful to skip the Dalmore if they have it. No more unknown ‘whisky’ consumption and haphazard blog spillage. Pwomise!


  14. @Drea: Thanks! Feeling pretty good lately. Also, that CPAP machine that I tried just wasn’t working out – I just couldn’t get to sleep with it on, so I was losing more sleep than it could possibly help out with. I’m just setting all that aside and just trying to get some good nights sleep in, which I’ve been able to do lately.

    @Das: Ha! I was just coming back to comment on whether Balda-9 was somewhere I should go for vacation instead of NH, it sounding kind of appropriate and all. Hope you’re feeling better soon! I suggest taking two of whatever it is those pills were that Joe posted a picture of a couple of days ago, and call me gforce in the morning!

  15. I’d be curious to know the stories behind the posters. What would that last one be about? I really like the new one. I’d buy that as a poster for my wall. There’s an idea! You guys should have an online shop where you sell this stuff! (Along with T-shirts and hats, of course.)

  16. Talking of returning to Earth … a question, Joe. Derrick Moss’ initials, DM, are the same as the title Dark Matter. Is this just coincidence?

    Apologies if this is a daft question, but once I noticed it ….. 😶

  17. Love these posters! These have got to be fun to come up with. Quick, easy, and familiar yet delightfully odd, I’m sure Roxanne enjoys doing these a ton.

    I love how random these are, too. I have absolutely no idea what happens at Kelly’s Buzz Feed or Crazy Ness, but I definitely want to take a peek!

    It’s their randomness that spurs the imagination of the viewer, which is what endears people to an IP(tv show, comic book, movie, etc.) because it subtly sucks them into that world.

    Well, it does for me, anyway… 😉

    -Mike A.

  18. These would make gorgeous book covers. I’d be too scared to try any of these. I’ll let the Raza team explore them first and report back.

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