I celebrated Valentine’s Day today with an afternoon nap.  In all fairness, I’ve been feeling under the weather of late, so bad that I even elected to forego my weekly visit to The Silver Snail, our local comic shop.  Now THAT is pretty sick.  And it didn’t help that this weekend’s weather has been, well, kinda…February 14, 2016: An Atypical Valentine’s!Still, it’s nothing a couple of mugs of hot water, lemon, and manuka honey, a couple of advils, and a lot of doing absolutely nothing won’t fix.

The dogs enjoyed a special Valentine’s meal, compliments of Akemi:

February 14, 2016: An Atypical Valentine’s!

Heart-shaped omelets, beef and celery.  A far cry from the crusty mushroom-walnut veggie patty I had for lunch (which, incidentally, was in the shape of a patty).

Think I’ll spend the rest of the evening resting, reading, and feeling guilty about the fact I should be working on that script rewrite.


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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day! I totally slept in until noon and then watched a bunch of TV shows and finally did some work in the shape of writing and scheduling 6 blog posts! I feel so accomplished!

  2. The hot water, lemon and honey sound good. The anvil sounds a little extreme. 😉 I’ll occasionally also use hot sauce (which makes me sweat and cleans the sinuses) and if the throats involved gargle with peroxide. Reading I agree on, it one of my global tonics for what ails you. Not that you know me, so this is random, but feel better. I’m just getting over week 4 of a cold – well two weeks of cold, but 4 weeks of a darn cough that I thought I was going to have to name.

  3. I’ve been feeling crappy for the last week myself. Flu, I think. I’ll pass on the couple of “anvils” though. That sounds painful. No wonder you’re not feeling well! 🙂

    As a result of a sleep study I had done a few weeks back because of my months of insomnia, they determined I have mild sleep apnea (but no snoring). So I’m on trial with one of those CPAP machines, which is not going well at all. I simply cannot get to sleep while wearing the mask, and as a result am actually losing MORE sleep. I’ve got three more weeks on the trial to see if they can find a mask that will work, otherwise I’m not sure how to proceed. I’ve given up on wearing it for now until I can meet with them again.

    As a result of the massive sleep deficit I’ve built up, I’m feeling worse and worse. Hopefully something will resolve soon.

  4. Lazy day with Husband until about 5PM, then driving to Austin, TX, (1.5 hrs) for a concert. (FYI: Colin Cunningam is playing sax on tour with the Harlis Sweetwater blues band.)

  5. Whoa, Joe. Sorry to hear you’re feeling ‘tom and dick’! In ye olde England times warm mead was good for ye yucky illnesses. P’raps you could warm up that there Pirates Blood brew? That should send them there evil germs aways good n proper …
    What was I doing today? Walking across flooded, freezing cold (only -3 here!) meadows with my dog, Starsky. Eating alot.Spending other peoples money…wait, that sounds wrong! Buying items for clients (…better..) and trying to design a trophy… hmmm. Not too successful with the last item, so far….

    Take care, Joe. Feel better soon … We need you! 😊

  6. Happy V-day!! That’s what we did (nap). We cuddled on the couch and slept for an hour. Best day ever! I’ve been under the weather too. Mine was fixed with antibiotics though. No anvils here! 😉

    Gforce: Hang in there with the CPAP. It’s worth it! He has the “Nasal pillow’s” version. It took some getting used to but now he can’t live without it.

    Hope everyone starts the week healthy!

  7. Happy Valentines’ Day!! Will likely take a nap right after “Star Trek Into Darkness” is over, I spent the morning shooting part of a short film i’m working on for my film making class. My plan there is to have my other two films related in topic to this one that we just finished shooting so I can cut them altogether into a 15-20 minute long short film. I’m taking parts form my actual family history and past into the storyline. It’s an emotional place to go, but it’s actually working well so far, and I’ve a great team to work with on this first “almost silent” film. It is an intense project so far, but there;s a lot to be said to speak of things that were, for a time (and even today) weren’t spoken of by that many people openly. Maybe delving into my own past both writing wise and acting wise isn’t over a “wise” thing for me to do, but these are stories I am really getting the feeling I need to tell.

    And of course, another kick-ass movie is coming on now (Eight Below) and I am seriously considering skipping my nap. Love dog movies, and dare I say, it’s a second straight movie today with Canadian actor Bruce Greenwood in a supporting role. Plus the dogs, they’re a fantastic bunch of 4-legged furry actors. Which leads me to my question, when will there be an episode with DOGS in it in “Dark Matter”? That’d be a cool episode to see!

  8. Happy Valentine’s Day. Sorry to hear that you are feeling sick. Hope you will
    get better soon. Don’t feel guilty, you need the rest. ^^ Aww, the Valentine’s meal for the doggies looks awesome. ♥

  9. @Kefi Montgomery Thanks for the fun cat on a Roomba vid! 🙂

    @Maggiemayday Yeah. I wouldnt recommend kangaroo as part of your reccovery diet. Best Stick with the mini cheese cakes eh! 🙂

    @Stormvisions Haven’t had much time for reading of late but I have been much enjoying catching up on your watt pad entries when I do. I do hope you will elect to continue. 🙂

    @Gary So sorry to hear you are still having trouble sleeping. 🙁
    Sending sleepy warm hugs your way and A Happy Valentines Day to you and your family. xo How are the birds doing? Brio getting along any better with his new sibling yet? or still playing the “I’m the alpha and this is my territory” game?

    Oh no! …Sounds like our bodies are all falling apart all at once Guys!!.
    As Jeff said “Must be the bane of aging”.

    Maybe this fun vid from Europe will cheer us all up today. 🙂


  10. We went to see The Lady in the Van today; great movie. Maggie Smith is awesome in it, but isn’t she always? Love her so much.

    Hope you feel better soon! I’ve been trying to get rid of my cold for a while too; like other commenters before me the cough just lingers. My teeth hurt from the sinus pressure, and I get a sharp pain in a couple of them every time I cough.

    Enjoying some prosecco now, and watching the BAFAs until Downton Abbey comes on. Then a special episode of Castle after that…and off to bed. Feel better!!

  11. @Drea: Brio and Mandu are getting along well. They like to hang out together generally, although it’s Brio himself that kind of doesn’t like all the attention. He flies to me when he wants to get away. Heh.

    @TamDixon: The “nasal pillow” is the exact thing that I have. One problem is that every time I move it starts to leak. Also, I can’t get used to the feel of wearing it and get to sleep at the same time. It winds up making me *lose* more sleep which I just can’t afford to do at this point.

  12. I sure hope you feel better soon Joe! I spent a few hours walking and going on some rides at Knotts berry farm, then off to the hammock on my patio and later some household chores.

  13. Nice doggy meal for sure! Well, I’m single so today was all about ME! I visited my Daughter & grandkids & my Son (my kids are grownups & I’m only 50, yeah I started early…)/ Rode my motorcycle everywhere too so that was an even better bonus! Then I want & saw Deadpool. Totally worth every penny! Awesome & amazing movie. Then I went to the best pizza place in my little town with a bunch of friends & we had some great pizza & beers. Happy Valentines day everyone.

  14. Spent the day doing dishes, laundry, napping then watching The Walking Dead marathon in preparation for tonights midseason premiere. Amazing episode!!

    Hope you feel better!

  15. The temps went *UP* to -23C, it was actually – for once – SUNNY on a SUNday, and, the car started!! So, of course, ELDERLY-MOM *insisted* on going OUT since we had stayed in yesterday. Besides, we needed to get some groceries. And, since we didn’t leave until late afternoon, we confined our travels to the local mall just a mile away… I usually don’t shop on Sunday. It’s a different crowd of people. All clamouring to get those LAST MINUTE Valentine candies and flowers! After 6pm, the latter where slashed to half-price… A bigger line-up soon followed.

    Finally managed to iditarod “supplies” and THE-MOTHER back to the Igloo in time for a late dinner. Then, watched CASA BLANCA on TCM! 😀 #ItNeverGetsOld-JustMe


    gonna go VEG now…

  16. Paging Joe. Come in Joey! Can ya hear me Major Joseph?

    Message from Ground Control on Earth:

    Think we can do another mailbag soon?

    Pwetty pwease with big chocolate chip cookies on top xo 🙂

  17. I hope you feel better soon. Have a hot rum toddy.

    By the way, it’s that time of year again. The time of year that you decide and let us know whether you will be visiting San Diego Comicon again. So, will you?

  18. Best healing wishes, Joe, that is no fun!

    Lovely doggie breakfasts!

    Hubby and I spent V-Day lounging on the new double recliner loveseat, watching movies on TV. It is much kinder on my back, abdomen and legs than the old couch. That went to a friend who needed new furniture and helped move in the new stuff; our older couch was in great shape so that all worked out nicely. Hubby put a roast with parsnips, carrots and green beans in the slow cooker, and thoroughly cleaned up the living room area which was accumulating clutter. I still have to do the “fancy stuff” dusting, but that is easy enough. A clean(er) house and a warm meal was the perfect gift.

    @Drea … the mini-cheesecakes have moved along. I am considering baking a nice soft lemon snack cake, something with extra protein and applesauce hidden in it. The recovery is progressing!

  19. Gforce: Yes, that would be frustrating. I hope they can find you something that has a better fit. Good luck!

    I forgot to add that I’m glad JeffW had a good visit with ya! Safe travels JeffW!

  20. Okay so Mr Mallozzi, you are either an evil tease or 5 and 6 gone. I am distressed, I wanted 6 to somehow find redemption. Come on.. you take wonderful 6 and the oldest actor (being nearly 60, you just removed my closest demographics character). Dang. Really, dang.

    @KathyC … love Maggie Smith. 🙂 Even as the worst of “characters” I still love her. 🙂

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