Even though it’s the weekend and we’re not on our sets shooting (for a change), I still can’t quite escape the pull of Dark Matter.  I just spent the past two hours reviewing the director’s cut of Episode 204.  A very robust director’s cut of 204. I’ve made the easy trims but the next round of cuts are going to get just a little more painful.  There’s A LOT going on in this episode and it’ll be a challenge not to lose too many of my darlings.

February 13, 2016: Deep Freeze – And Equally Deep Cuts!

Ah, just as well.  With the temperature plummeting to record lows for this winter season, I didn’t feel like going out anyway.  BUT that didn’t stop Akemi and I from meeting up with our friend Jeff – visiting from Chicago – and hitting the farmer’s market and a sausage-themed restaurant called WVRST for lunch where we sampled five delicious varieties.  Well, four delicious varieties plus the weird vegetarian option Akemi ordered.

February 13, 2016: Deep Freeze – And Equally Deep Cuts!

My favorite was the barese for 2.  Just the right amount of char and Grana Padano cheesiness.

February 13, 2016: Deep Freeze – And Equally Deep Cuts!

Jeff, as usual, came bearing gifts.  A couple of southern literary items (including an eater’s guide to Savannah) and these two lovely bottles.

February 13, 2016: Deep Freeze – And Equally Deep Cuts!


February 13, 2016: Deep Freeze – And Equally Deep Cuts!

Interesting bottle design.

February 13, 2016: Deep Freeze – And Equally Deep Cuts!

And another delightful bourbon to add to my ever-growing collection.

February 13, 2016: Deep Freeze – And Equally Deep Cuts!

Akemi managed to find this fashionable hat for Bubba, just in time for the downturn in the weather.

Another review of Episode 204 tomorrow. But only after a trip to our fave Toronto comic shop The Silver Snail.  What’s on YOUR comic list?

19 thoughts on “February 13, 2016: Deep freeze – and equally deep cuts!

  1. In all honesty, I miss Mike Grell’s “Maggie the Cat”, it was ingeniously written, and I hope it makes a resurgence!!!

  2. Oddly enough, I don’t find the weather all that cold. Last winter I was FREEZING, but I was also ill with a serious infection and didn’t realize it. What a difference good health (relatively speaking) makes! That siad, I am looking forward to moderate temps again, not for me but for the animals outside. One more day of this cold and it should moderate for us again.

    Comics…hmmmm. I’ve cut way back due to a lack of funds, but I still grab the occasional trade or gn. The last comic I read (a Kickstarter project) was Flesh of White by Erica J. Heflin and Amanda Rachels. It is a story about a mother protecting her child, who has albinism, from a hunter seeking the child’s body parts for a witch doctor. Though this story has a supernatural take, the slaughter of men, women, and children with albinism for their body parts is a very real, and very tragic, fact of life in Africa, especially Tanzania and surrounding countries. It was a very sobering tale.

    Otherwise, comic-wise/trade-wise I’m reading more things like Sherlock Holmes, and space-based police procedurals. I know, I’m boring…but I’m all for ‘comfort reading’ right now. 🙂


  3. Hey JeffW! Where are you off to?
    Kangaroo Sausage? That’s mean! Poor thing!
    Where is Lulu’s fashionable hat?
    I bet Akemi could make those hats in a snap!
    I’ll quit yelling and asking questions now. 🙂

  4. @Ponytail @Tam @Chev, Thanks. xo And no worries, eh! Whatever it turns out to be I’ll deal with it quickly & efficiently. Aint gonna let anything keep me down for long! Got waaaay too much to accomplish this year!! 🙂 And If I have some sucky weak days getting thru it I hear Ponytail has a wonderful whiskey distillery I can order large volumes from! 😀 😀 😀

    Tam: Loved the pic of Harry! Cant wait to see some of Lucy too! xoxo

    @Chev: Did you get your labs back yet? What did the doc say about your blood sugar? By The Way: Red grapes contain lots of natural reservatrol. My step father is diabetic and his doctor has him eating them 3-5x per wk. Works great and helps satisfy his sweet tooth too!

    Joe, So glad you and Jeff got to hang this weekend. We’ve been missing him here on the blog. xo

    @Jeff W Last time you logged on, you got got confused when we were helping Tam through a very difficult time. ( you thought it was me). Now I bet you are really confused eh?! LOL 🙂 No worries I’m still fine, Just have a small pesky health issue to deal with quickly and kick to the curb before it has opportunity to cause me any serious grief.

    XO ~Wishing Everyone A Beautiful Valentines Day!~ XO

    Love You Guys! -Drea

  5. yeah, it was just a tad NIPPY today!
    Over in Ottawa, it was -28C with -45C [-49F] windchill for most of the day. — I saved $$ and my car by just staying *IN*!
    Seriously, in this type of COLD, unless you **REALLY** NEED to be out, do yourself and Everyone ELSE a favour and stay HOME!

  6. Oh that Sausage looks great! I am reminded of my favorite sausage shop in Nordeast Minneapolis. They have from Moroccan Lamb, Italian spicy, to German blood, to Ukrainian large cut (not fine ground). Unfortunately since my anniversary of this month my heart is just not into them anymore.
    @JeffW the Kangaroo sounds intriguing.
    Bubba is looking rather dapper with his new fedora (without the brim). He looks just oozing with excitement to take it outside and show it off- a coiled spring ready to leap off the couch.
    Joe, I have a bottle of Regency I would be willing to share. Best wishes on your relaxing Weekend.

  7. G’day
    I cannot bring myself to eat kangaroo. It is readily available in the supermarket here in Australia but is not for me.

  8. Mmm. Mead! Lucky you! Quite appropriate for Valentine’s Day – altho Pirates Blood doesn’t sound that romantic and the bottle shape is even less … I suppose when you’ve finished it you could always stick a candle in the top. That might work?! 😶
    …….. Mmm. Maybe not ….

    Good luck with the cuts! You could always keep a ‘directors cut’ for the DVD version, couldn’t you?

    Comics? I eagerly await your recommendations …. when you’re not so busy, of course 😊

  9. Bubba is looking stylish as usual, thanks Akemi! Looks like someone cracked the seal on that bourbon spring bottle, was it good?!? I like sausage gravy with biscuits, bet I could chop this up and make some, yum.

  10. What’s really sad is that before I discovered you were at some kind of meat eatery, I thought the roundy sausage thing was a cinnamon roll. Guess I’m thinking breakfast not lunch. It helps if you start with the narration with the pics and not just look at the pics first which is what I always do. I’m not one to be venturous when it comes to anything spicey…let us know how that Pirate’s Blood turned out.

    Hope you had a nice Saturday & visit. Stay warm!! Love the Bubba’s hat & Kefi’s “shark cat” video link.

    For Ep 4, have you considered a “special” 90 min episode? TWD seems to be doing it more.

  11. Making those cuts can’t be easy. I’m trying a little writing and I find myself and when I have to rewrite and lose some favorite bits I find myself saving them in a file.

    As for kangaroo sausage? I’m prone to anxiety and afraid it would make me jumpy.

  12. @ das okay, we have had most days this winter be uncharacteristically warm, but yesterday and today have been awfully cold in New Jersey. I believe you live more southerly than I, but we are both “on the shore”? Shiver’in like crazy.
    I’m staying inside today to watch over a frozen toilet water intake line and an equally frozen outtake drain. It only freezes when the cold is extreme and sustained with wind hitting that part of the house.
    My poor furnace has been running itself weary. Both cats are very glad to be inside and take every opportunity to snuggle with me. 😉

    I’d enjoy trying mead sometime. Do they sell it in neighborhood liquor stores I wonder?

    Not a sausage eater after seeing Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods) describe what goes into them, sorry. And, like Janet and maggiemayday, I could not eat any kangaroo meat.

    Bubba is adorable in his hat! Hello crew of the Raza and crew of Dark Matter! Keep making your magic for us.

    Everyone stay warm & be well,

  13. @Ponytail:

    On the kangaroo sausage, all I have to say is that Joey was tasty (and I’m not talking about our esteemed blog host!) 😀

    And on the travels: after a possible drive to Waterloo tomorrow morning (I’m still waiting to hear from the customer). I have an early evening flight to Calgary (for two days) and then a flight to Vancouver on Wednesday night. I finally fly home on Friday (connecting through Dallas with a close to three hour lay-over, so that’s going to be a LONG day).


    Good luck with the health issue…the bane of aging. I hope it’s settled soon.


    The kangaroo sausage was my favorite. I liked the gamey flavor…but then again, I also like venison and elk, which I think compares favorably with kangaroo.

  14. I miss delicious crispy sausage. Especially when I’m enjoying my fruit and boiled egg breakfasts. How was the mead, does it taste like you’re drinking honey? Our local news has a story on what looks like chiropractic treatments for pugs to protect their joint health.

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