Ah, finally, the weekend is upon us.  Time for rest, relaxation..and a special second unit Saturday shoot.  Though, in all honesty, these Saturday shoots are becoming less uncommon and, so, not particularly special.  Just saying, guys.

Not that I don’t enjoy my time with my co-workers.  If I was trapped on a space ship millions of light years from home, I couldn’t imagine a better bunch of crew mates.

February 5, 2016: Dark Matter Production Full Steam Ahead!

But, alas, tomorrow we won’t be sailing through the distant stars.  We’ll, instead, be getting down an dirty in a certain alleyway.

By next week, I’m sure I’ll be looking forward to returning to dark alleys as we’ll be spending three glorious days in a row in The Hammer, shooting in the forest, then over to the hideout before heading underground.  I’ll be taking my heavy coat, boots, gloves and…what else?  What else should I be packing?

February 5, 2016: Dark Matter Production Full Steam Ahead! Oh, right.  Melanie Liburd (Nyx) is prepared for the elements – and whatnot.

February 5, 2016: Dark Matter Production Full Steam Ahead!

But first, a quick stopover.  Through the airlock to Balda-9.

February 5, 2016: Dark Matter Production Full Steam Ahead!

Please don’t forget your intergalactic visitor passport!

Hey, check out the trailer for Mike Dopud’s new movie, Virtual Revolution:


On a presumably unrelated note, Akemi and I had dinner with the actor who plays Arax Nero on this latest season of Dark Matter.  Great guy.  This will make five different shows I’ve cast him in (playing six different roles).  You’re going to love his character.  Or hate him.  Or love-hate him.  We’ll see how it goes.

Finally, here are the results to yesterday’s poll.  What is your preferred transfer transit destination.  Well, the clear winner was…

February 5, 2016: Dark Matter Production Full Steam Ahead!

The city of Atlantis.  Okay.  Now all we have to do is either build a transfer transit system or convince MGM to green light a Stargate: Atlantis movie or (better yet!) sixth season.  Not sure which one will be easier…

18 thoughts on “February 5, 2016: Dark Matter production full steam ahead!

  1. Joe..
    Such a tease..Atlantis movie or a 6th season….I’ll take season 6. You can start as soon as Dark Matter Season 2 wraps and before season 3 begins.

  2. “Now all we have to do is either build a transfer transit system or convince MGM to green light a Stargate: Atlantis movie or (better yet!) sixth season. Not sure which one will be easier…”

    Either way…. a piece of cake. Get started now.

  3. Who’s to say the Raza crew don’t stumble across a circular, portal-like device in one of their future adventures? Tell MGM it would make fans really happy.

  4. So, Joe, Arax Nero is Mike Dopud? It has to be? Right? 2x SG-1, Atlantis,, SGU, the transporter and here?

  5. Joe said: “…what else?”
    –extra gloves, in case of loss
    –mittens to go over gloves
    –hand-warmer packs, electrical or chemical, to go inside the gloves
    –two warm hats (in case of loss or extreme cold)
    –leg warmers or gaiters to keep ankles warm
    –extra boots & socks (in case the first set gets soaked)
    –plastic shopping bags and zipper bags (for the wet stuff)
    –a footlocker for all of the above

    (Yeah, I’m glad I live in South Texas, where the dun shines 300+ days of the year.)

  6. For next week’s trip to The Hammers, I think you should also be packing an inflatable stunt bag or perhaps a stunt double …. and a backup paramedic team! Not that I’m suggesting you didn’t cope well with your previous visit but …

  7. Hi Joe
    I’m surprised at the Poll results. I figured Atlantis would have garnered closer to 75% of the votes. I guess you’ve gotten a lot more ‘new’ people than I thought.
    Good for you!


  8. Don’t think one or other…….do both…..have the beginning of the Atlantis movie conclude the fifth season and the movie’s ending can introduce the sixth season #sorted
    If only it could happen 🤔

    What else should you pack? A Swiss Army knife….. MacGyver never left home without one!

  9. oh my! Such fleeting poetry are the sets that take us from the stress of each our daily lives to be entertained in another world. Such long careful detailed work that went into gen pop. A true labor of love by all at DM. Only to see it stripped of its dignity and authenticity to become nothing more than a generic dirty alley way, seeming mere moments later. Albeit, a none the less cherished dirty alley way as it allows our beloved RAZA crew the necessary undetected passage along the way to safely hide out in the forest.

    Hope the crew remembers to stop and pick up extra whiskey to stay warm out there and while they are at it they would be wise to scoop up Bruce Macdonald for their time in hiding who can serve to keep their spirits up and make them laugh.

    As far as Alantis S6 goes, Well, the solution seems rather simple to me. As Ponytail says “Piece of Cake!” xo And such a sweet delicious cake it is! xo

    That the GA is so wide spread I do not foresee any way for the RAZA crew to get out of their dilemma of having to now go underground long term other than to escape into an alternate dimension where they are ‘not’ being chased by the GA. Thus, via slipping thru one alternate dimension or another, they eventually end up on Atlantis where the two stories now merge.

    To do this you need only to create more DM roles that can be portrayed by the main cast of Atlantis ….. who will eventually meet alternate versions of themselves (being called by different names) on Atlantis. You can then convince MGM that you not only already have the main cast back together, ready willing and prepared to begin work on season 6 – but as well … they would be getting ‘2’ hit shows for the price of one, eh! …… MGM wouldn’t even have to bring back the show ‘entirely’ and have to find a tv slot for it. It would still be called ‘Dark Matter’. it would still air summers on syfy, but half its season would now take place on Atlantis with the DM alter egos along with the Raza crew interacting with the staff and main cast there.

    Ah! C That! Viola! Piece of Cake! 😀

    Hey! Always remember – “If can be conceived and believed -It can (eventually, sooner or later) be achieved”

  10. Season 6 – totally! Saw Paul McGillion in Tomorrowland last night; totally made me miss Atlantis even more.

  11. How long does it take to procure an intergalactic visitor passport? If it’s anything like our passport procurement, months…color me intrigued. Cool design.

    “Nyx” is rocking the hardware! Loving the dark alleyway – is that the building concept art that we voted on in the background?

    Stay warm & dry! Pack a picnic!

  12. Love Mike Dopud,! I hope we’ll see him and Melanie racing around that Blade Runner set guns blazing. I am concerned that Nyx’s weapon may have come from Three’s cache, he’s not gonna like people borrowing his stuff.

    Wishing I could hop a transfer pod to the Atlantis for some R & R.

  13. I saw Mike Dopud in the beginning of some Hallmark movie and watched for a bit. Pretty much just up until his character left.

    I noticed what seems to be a pretty high cowlick on the back of his head.

    I’d like to reconsider my guess as to who the actor playing Arax Nero is…. 😉

    -Mike A.

  14. Comparing outcome and loyal endless fan of Mr Joseph Malozzi plus investment from Your side plus eventually Indiegogo donations for actors plus revolutionary script for first episode, it may be possible very possible. Star Trek also had many editions, but all starts with a script. If you allow me to write one, I will make sure no one will know until aired, so that fans will be enourmously happy and surprised. Mr Joseph Malozzi.

  15. That looks like a great movie. I can’t seem to find a premiere date out there on the internet though for it.

    @Mike A: “All Things Valentine” I am guessing, right? He was also on Cedar Cove which the idiots cancelled. Their highest rating show, the highest rating show on cable TV for a Saturday night, and they cancelled it. Life just doesn’t make sense. They said all the Cedar Cove people would be involved in their other projects (meaning their made-for-TV movies).

    Sounds like a whole bunch of intense, cold work ahead for all of you. I hope it wasn’t too bad and you brought all the things you needed.

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