Dating Akemi is always an adventure.  Every text is a little treasure offering cultural insights into the land of the rising sun.  Take yesterday, for instance, when I received THIS text:

February 4, 2016: Sushi!  Demons!  Transfer Transit Travel!  And Dark Matter Goodies!

My reaction was “Hunh?”.

February 4, 2016: Sushi!  Demons!  Transfer Transit Travel!  And Dark Matter Goodies!

Oh, okay, because I was throwing the soy beans BEFORE seeing the demon.

P.S.  I going to assume the demon was the Charlie the superintendent.

February 4, 2016: Sushi!  Demons!  Transfer Transit Travel!  And Dark Matter Goodies!

Hey, check out our guest off-screen eyeline for Episode 204: Mortadella Boy!

February 4, 2016: Sushi!  Demons!  Transfer Transit Travel!  And Dark Matter Goodies!

The lovely Emily Coutts (a.k.a. Sylvia) welcomes you to transfer transit.  (Photo and hair courtesy of Renee Chan).  Where would you like to travel today?  Your choices below:

Motion Sensors Triggered.  Where?  By who?  Find out in season 2 of Dark Matter. (Graphics c/o artist Victor Mare).

Happy belated birthday to Ganymede and 2 cats!  This blog entry is dedicated to you!

29 thoughts on “February 4, 2016: Sushi! Demons! Transfer Transit Travel! And Dark Matter goodies!

  1. Not surprised at all with the poll results (so far.) Love the Akemi-isms…I’d love to meet her one day!

  2. LOLOL! My kingdom for a girlfriend like Akemi! Is she on Japanese LSD, or are demons a normal part of life? And, are you supposed to eat the beans, or throw them?

  3. You get so many nerd points for putting Arrakeen instead of Arrakis, keeping your cities theme consistent instead of going for the more recognized name.

    I love the lower left part of Victor Mare’s graphics. It feels like so much information available at a glance even though I have no idea what it means.

  4. There you go. Your current fans have not gotten over their precious Atlantis. Proof for MGM that we need more Col. Shepherd, Dr. McCay, etc.

  5. Or are you supposed to eat so many beans that you throw up. So you will have both eaten the beans AND thrown the beans…


  6. ok Joe, My turn to say it. Hunh!?

    -Ya know Joe, … I seriously think its time to look into environmental causes for Lulu’s ailments as it is not just her who has been acting strange of late in varying degrees. What I am trying to say is….. ((Hunh?!))
    Or more precisely

    –> HUUUHHHNHHH!!??

    Ponytail: Thinking of you and hope you are hanging in there. Any improvement with your dad at all?

    Carol, Ganymede & Josie: A Very Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was a fun day for all! xo


  7. Mortadella Boy reminds me of #vandaleyes. Are you sure Wil Wheaton hasn’t been on set?

    It’s a good thing the motion sensors weren’t triggered on the second floor . . . the “Motion Sensors Triggered” alert would cover the map! 🙂

  8. Is this the Japanese New Year which rolls birthdays, Christmas and Fireworks New Years together into one”

    As it is also near Chinese New Year
    I wish you Gōnghè xīnnián.
    A Happy New Year to you.
    for Chinese New Year — year of the Monkey..

  9. You eye line artistes are a special kinda people aren’t they? I’ve never read/heard them give interviews. Is that contractual? Do you hire them from a unique agency and where’s Tennis ball on a Stick? Has he moved on or is he working in another production?
    Happy belated Birthday 🎂 2 Cats 🍻

  10. @Your preferred transfer transit destination will be…

    Although this is an absolute impossibility regardless, even in Scifi. But I’d love to be on a planet at the absolute edge of the known universe.(If it has one..) Sure, at the rate the universe expands anyway, it wouldn’t be the edge for long, but being somewhere like that would be incredible.

  11. Happy Belated Birthday to Jozie, Ganymede, and 2Cats!

    Love the text but can you explain it? Inquiring minds want to know! 😉

    I voted for Atlantis and for once, I’m on the winning team.

    Emily’s look is very cool! Almost like a Vulcan.

    How is Lulu doing?

    I’m packing the kitty up for a vet trip. Lucy was sick last week, so this week we’re getting her shots caught up. Dr Jo is heading out of town for treatment this weekend. I’m hoping she has good news about Radiation treatment in Memphis, instead of Houston.

  12. Even with popcorn shortages and occasional Wraith sightings I’d still choose lovely Atlantis. The crew is peopled by super hotties and Athosian tea is packed probiotics. Will crunchy roll do to celebrate the new year? I am currently beanless but I will substitute jelly beans if that’s okay.

    It is as gloomy and gray as a Scandinavian movie over here which seems perfect for this, not sure who this torch singer is but February and the blues seem to go together:

  13. I remember the year the neighborhood kids came around and did the bean thing. I’d forgotten about that completely! They were the little kids I taught English to, so it wasn’t entirely random. Made me feel accepted and loved that they chased my demons away.

  14. Love Emily’s do, very Blade Runner. I just bought a similar sweater at the Gap but mine is not as cool as this, is it for sale at shops or was it made by the costume department?

  15. Ok, I’m sorry but it’s been bugging me all day now…. Who’d use Transfer Transit and also set off a sensor alarm in a high security building? (if they are related of course)
    I’ve got it in my head it’s One returning (briefly) home …… Pleeeeze put me out of my misery …. am I wrong? 😶

    Enjoy the pain … cos I know you won’t tell, will you, Joe!!

  16. Thanks Joe for the birthday blog dedication!
    Also thanks to Drea and TheOtherOne for birthday wishes!

    I would love my hair to look like Emily Coutts (a.k.a. Sylvia). Of course I would need to “borrow” Renee Chan to accomplish that.

    Cool motion sensor video. Will there be an accompanying “whoop- whoop” alarm sounding?

    And do you think most blog readers here would pass up an opportunity to visit Atlantis using Transfer Transit? Really? A chance to meet Col. Sheppard, Dr. McKay, Dr, Beckett, Ronan, Teyla, Woolsey, etc., in person? Of course secondary destinations would be fine, but first, send me to Atlantis!

    I agree with articgoddess, that MGM should know Stargate Atlantis is still important and beloved. And I add, still missed by a great many tens of thousands of viewers worldwide who would like to see it return.


  17. Does Akemi ever explain these texts to you when you get home? Are they inspired from dreams? TV shows? Anime? Japanese folklore?

    I guess, given the clientele your blog has gathered over the years, the top response in that poll should have been obvious. 😉

    Risa could’ve had a spot on that list, too.

    -Mike A.

  18. Ok guys! I had my little fun teasing Joe, But Ive a co-worker who is Buddhist and celebrated the same new year yesterday so they explained to me what the soy bean throwing is about and even about the silence. They also sent this link to read more about it if anyone’s interested

  19. I’d blame Akemi’s texting adventures on “that damn predictive texting” feature that my phone is guilty of. Is she watching a lot of the CW’s “Arrow” & “Supernatural”?

    It was a close choice but Atlantis won out over Cloud City.

    Wonder who’s prone to venture into the duct systems and might set off a sensor or two?

  20. If she is talking to text message this may be part of it. Siri is unforgiving to people who speak English as their native language. I can only imagine the funny things I would say if I had the French Siri version and tried to send a text En français

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