Sometimes, when you’re on set, you come across the strangest sights.  Like today, for instance, when I happen across Executive Producer Vanessa Piazza in the midst of her workout.  Her killer regimen involves cardio, eating right, and heavy HEAVY weights.  Check her out…

February 3, 2016: The Day In Dark Matter!

February 3, 2016: The Day In Dark Matter!

  Then she concludes her routine by tossing anvils at parked cars.

February 3, 2016: The Day In Dark Matter!

Well, look who swung by the office today…in the mistaken assumption that he had prep meetings today on Episode 206.  That’s right!  It’s everyone’s favorite rebel cowboy director Bruce McDonald.

February 3, 2016: The Day In Dark Matter!Hey, who’s up for a little getaway?

In the news that will no doubt make your day, I wrote the final scene of act today, meaning I have only one more scene to write for the tag at which I’ll have one rough first draft script!

After watching the first three cuts of the year, I have to say you’re all in for one helluva kick-ass season 2.

February 3, 2016: The Day In Dark Matter!

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Dark Matter on-set supervisor and birthday gal Jozie Conte!

19 thoughts on “February 3, 2016: The day in Dark Matter!

  1. That’s some workout …. using giant éclairs (yuk!) and potatoes. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of Vanessa!
    And come on …. Ol’ Bruce didn’t accidentally pop in with his BIG bag. You just caught him in the act of relieving you of some of your whisky club entries!

    …Or is he a transfer transit clone ? …….

    Happy Birthday Jozie 🎂

  2. Ooooh happy birthday Jozie…. May need to borrow that sash and tiara for May this year…. Freaky huh?

    Hard to tell the weight of things on movie sets, as everything is fake, but impressive work Vanessa.

    I’ve been off sick the past couple of days so it’s off to the doctors today. Hoping its not diabetes or pre-diabetes.

    Also, I’ve been helping my sister get through her last assignment for university – she’s studying to be a Librarian. This subject is Project Management.

    Meanwhile, lots of changes at work. Not sure that they’ll be good ones for me, but I’ll deal with whatever comes along.

    Wishing everyone well.
    Cheers, Chev

  3. Happy birthday, Jozie!

    Transfer Transit 2.0! Sounds intriguing! I do hope they’ve worked out any bugs in this version.

  4. So what’s her “secret”? – Jozie doesn’t look a day over 39!! – Wish I’d looked so GOOD at 39 *and* back then at 50!!

    [#BTWJoeYouMissed*My*B-DayTheOtherDay! #JustSaying]

    1. This comment is dedicated to blog regular Ganymede! Happy Birthday, birthday gal!

      Joe 🙂

  5. ~~Happy Birthday Jozie!!,,
    ~Happy Birthday Ganymede!!
    Bruce is always smiling, glad to see! (and some of those bottles behind him need filled)
    Vanessa makes me look bad, lifting all that weight! you go girl!!
    ~~Looking forward to a kick-ass S2!!
    **Hope Miss Lulu is feeling better..

  6. Looks like a fun day at work! Hope Vanessa didn’t pull a muscle with all that heavy lifting. Always nice to see Bruce, can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next! And it looks like quite a few of us need to borrow Jozie’s sash and tiara. Happy Bday Jozie! 1966 was a cool year to be born in! I’ve officially labeled this year “The Year of the 50”.

  7. And this comment is also dedicated to birthday girls Jozie and Ganymede!! Happy birthday girls!!

    …and to the powerful producer woman Vanessa,

    …and to the rebel cowboy director Bruce!

  8. Happy Birthday Jozie and Ganymede 🎂
    Can I get a ticket for Transfer Transit 2, please? It’ll be quicker than flying! #DestinationToronto

    Work those ‘weights’ Vanessa #YouGoGirl

    Kick-ass Season 2 Bring…..It……On

  9. Hi Joe
    Happy Birthday Jozie Conte & Ganymede .
    That’s some impressive stash of Whisky you got there, Joe
    Oh, and I don’t think you should rile Vanessa Piazza, I think she could take you…


  10. Happy birthday Jozie! Many blessings for your day. As I also wish Ganymede a belated happy birthday!
    The 4th is my birthday (hint) 😀

    Yes, Bruce always seems to be smiling, except when he’s hard at work, creating the magic for us, along with our talented cast and behind the scenes awesome crew.

    Hi Vanessa! (waves) be careful and don’t over extend.

    How is Lulu feeling Joe?


  11. Feliz cumpleaños Jozie! Su gimimo diena! Bon chance, as they say 50 Today, Fabulous 4 Evah.

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