February 1, 2016: Dark Matter Doings!

Spaaaaaaace neeeerd!

Ahem.  Now that I’ve got that out of my system…

With Consulting Producer Ivon Bartok on set, I was able to sit in my office and blaze through seven glorious pages of my latest script (questions, silver ball, impending doom, threats, danger, explosion) bringing me to the top of P.51.  I figure I’ll finish up the fifth act tomorrow and then, it’ll be smooooooooth sailing!

In addition to writing this afternoon, I also found time for the Episode #205 props meeting.  We’ll be bringing out the big guns for this one –

February 1, 2016: Dark Matter Doings!

Literally.  In addition to the heavy firepower, we’ll also be putting out all the stops as this will probably be our biggest visual effects episode to date.

Director Ron Murphy demonstrates improper gun handling…

February 1, 2016: Dark Matter Doings!

This morning, we brought Lulu to see the neurologist.  We were greeted by a young intern who did the preliminary examination before we were joined by the good doctor.  Noting my phone number and the fact that I was out of town, he asked what I was doing in Toronto.  I informed him I was shooting a scifi series called Dark Matter.  At the words Dark Matter, the intern slapped her hands over her mouth, her eyes wide, and gasped.  For a second, I thought “Oh, no.  She left the stove on!”.  Instead, it was: “Dark Matter!”.  Apparently, she’s a fan of the show!

Anyway, all good on the Lulu front.  They doubt its neurological and suspect it may be a back issue that won’t require surgery.  We’re going to try her on Metacam for a week and see if that makes a difference.

Finally, let me leave you with this –

February 1, 2016: Dark Matter Doings!

Yeah!  We’re going to Balda-9!

27 thoughts on “February 1, 2016: Dark Matter doings!

  1. So, Leatherman is a galactic company in the future? Nice!

    Those guns, dreuling…..

  2. Ooo, Episode 5! Sooo can’t wait…..

    Stunning special effects! Massive firepower ….. James Bond! It IS going to be EPIC!

    Oh, NOT James Bond? Joe Bond … Canada’s answer to the British Secret Agent…. double éclair eater and licensed to thrill, with the help of M (or is that RM?) of course!!

    Yep, definitely can’t wait … THIS is going to be the bestest episode …. so far!

    And jolly good news regarding Lulu too 😊

  3. Eeee, Five, my favourite space nerd, eh! (did I use the eh right there? I’ve been waiting so long to use it, lol). And duuude, you look so James Bond in that props pic with your little gun… except maybe for looking up, were you trying to figure out where the fly you wanted to blow away went? Glad Lulu seems to be ok, hopefully she’ll be back to her old self soon enough.

  4. Whew, so glad to hear about Lulu! Hopefully, within the week she’ll be right as rain.

    Shooting a show called Dark Matter? You *ARE* Dark Matter! More or less.

    Unfortunately, it appears I must have already been to Bald-a-9.

  5. Happy to hear Lulu seems to be alright, will keep the little pupnik in my thoughts.

    I’m going to be taking the night off of schoolwork tonight and get some audio synchs done for Prefight Launch (the mushy scene, lol) so that it’s out of the way. And of course to be cheeky I posted one of the screen caps (a non-mushy part of the scene) to one of my Facebook accounts. Of course, a few of the fans/girlfriends of my lead actor are getting a kick out of the shot, which was the idea, to kind of tease people about the upcoming episode. Maybe it’s a crazy goal, but I am thinking I will release it on Valentines’ Day.

    And wow, wish the prop weaponry I work with was as cool as the lovely armamants as your props department makes!!! I, of course, am restricted by my Dollarama budget props, but hey, some of those can look pretty imposing (even with the little red safety cap on the end of the muzzle, lol!), especially depending on the angle they’re shot at by the Pentax K-30’s!

    Ok, back to the audio syncs here, lol….. Just what I love listening to and synching, a mushy slurpy scene…..

  6. Good news on the Lulu homefront! Dark Matter fans are everywhere! Thanks for the pics! Who doesn’t like a table full of badass weaponry? Balda-9! Good to go! When? How? None of the places I go have cool logos!

  7. Five has a Multitool!!! I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.

    I’m glad that Lulu doesn’t need surgery. Maybe just blew out a disc? I hope she feels better soon.

  8. I took my dog to the chiropractor when she was having back pain. Fixed her permanently. Never had a problem again.

  9. Apologies for ignoring the long suffering Miss Moneypenny, in the background there! Hi 🙋
    I guess that makes RM ‘Q’ then ….? …doh!

  10. Hi Joe
    That’s good news concerning Lulu. Hope it’s something simple..


  11. Com’on Joe. No matter how bad it is, You know you don’t “really” want to shoot anyone. Lets all just put our guns down and back away from the desk, nice and slow ok?!

    Bald -A 9!!! Is that? -> your way of saying bald men are reasonably good looking but don’t warrant being rated a “10” 😀

    Hope the neurologist is right about Lulu. Sending more sweet hugs and ear rubs her way today, xo

    BTW: Did he run labs just to rule out other possibilities? Although anything’s possible, The extra water consumption doesn’t seem a likely product of back pains. ???

  12. His name is not Bond; it’s Mallozzi, Joe Mallozzi.

    Looking at the table and what you are holding, I am reminded of one scene where M tells Bond to hand in his puny Barrette for a company standard issue.
    I see Ivon is preparing for the deadly pull my finger(s) stance.

    I understand what you are saying about Mr. Murphy. I guess after a hard day of work on the set he is inspecting to see they were properly bathed and oiled. The Last picture of Ron holding a L85(?) reminds me of a model cruiser from a formerly popular Sci-Fi (not the channel) Program. Maybe his thinks it is a spaceship?

  13. Also glad to hear Lulu’s issue may be something non-surgical, but I am still concerned about the added water intake. I’ve had 2 cats that were suddenly really interested in drinking a lot. One had a kidney issue, the other diabetes. Please check that out with a full blood panel for her.

    And a question for props — what are those fake weapons made of? It can’t be cardboard because they are handled and have to be rigorous.

    I’m on board for heading to Balda 9. Any place with that cool a logo must be fun! Where’s my ticket?

    So, what’s the next episode you need titled? Hm-m-m-m…?


  14. All that experience with Jelly is going to help Lulu get through this. Hope she’s feeling better today.

    Love all the teasers!!!

    Maggiemayday: Cheesecake good, yum. Your hubby is a nice guy for making that for you. Hope you continue feeling better!

  15. Phew! That’s great news about Lulu. Do they have such things as doggy chiropractors yet? Seems like it’d be a slam dunk business idea and also might do a lot of dogs some good. Lots of breeds are known for having specific back and hip issues.

    Ummm, someone needs to tell Ron that that’s the explodey end of those things!

    I see certain bang-bangs are set aside for Nyx and Jace Corso, very cool. I was hoping to see a return of the “body snatched” one. Can’t quite make out who the P90 is for…I seem to remember FOUR using one in a previous episode. Maybe it says “Ishida”?

    Love all the labels in the background, too. Fun stuff!

    -Mike A.

  16. Great news about Lulu…

    @Duptiang My thoughts exactly re: Bond hehe.

    Nice logo

    That Ivon is made of awesome 😊

    Cheers, Chev

  17. Hello!
    Do hope Lulu is well.
    A little gun “play” for fun. Do I not recall a gun handled some by 5 [maybe in promo.s?], then mostly 3. Which gun seemed a large as 5 — or as long as she is tall?
    I do look forward to Season 2. Will it be in Mid-June?

    Take care! D-

  18. Balda-9? Somehow my brain instantly connected it to Volkov-Rusi and russians…

    Hope Lulu gets better soon!

  19. If it is back related, you may also want to consider acupuncture. I took one of my client and her dog in to meet my vet who is now certified for acupuncture. She needed to borrow my car because she has a very old 14-year-old lab who couldn’t get up in his SUV and she wanted to establish care with a different vet. She came out of the exam room and told me that she had acupuncture done for Dixie while she was in there and Dixie had an immediate response by being able to support her weight in her back end better than she had and indeed when I saw her the next week for visits, her hind area wasn’t giving out. It was the first dog I actually knew and was able to witness the benefits of it. If it is back related, some acupuncture might just do the trick. But I still am cautiously optimistic for Lulu. I’d get some labs done, too.

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