January 31, 2016: The Weekend Round-up!

Something weird’s been up with Lulu lately, and I’m not referring to her fashion sense.  She’s been up at all hours of the night, drinking a lot (water only as I keep the whisky bottles out of reach), and seems to have lost a lot of the bulldogly exuberance that made her alternately adorable and annoying.  She has also been experiencing some rear limb weakness and, as a result, we’re off to consult with a neurologist tomorrow.  I’ll suppress the urge to submit the above picture as evidence of her unusual behavior for fear they’ll forego any actual tests and just admit her to the nearest doggy mental hospital.

Last night, she was up continually jumping off the bed, pacing about, drinking water, asking me to help her back onto the bed in her imitable way.  And I was up for most of the night with her.  On the bright side, I finished the fourth act of my latest script and came up with two terrific ideas – one to pay off a story element set up earlier in the script, another to bring back a certain character introduced in season one…in unexpected and shocking fashion.  Who needs sleep?!

Otherwise, it was a relaxing weekend.  Yesterday, Akemi and I got together with Jodelle (aka FIVE), to hit up the local farmer’s market.  Akemi and I picked up fruits, veggies, and fish.  Jodelle…

January 31, 2016: The Weekend Round-up!
Bubble tea and a tiny Hello Kitty frying pan – presumably for making quail egg omelets.

After that, we hit the dog park where Lulu ignored the other dogs and an equally unsocial Bubba hung out with mom –

January 31, 2016: The Weekend Round-up!

This morning, it was brunch with most of the crew of the Raza.  I held off on the tasty-looking bread pudding and cinnamon rolls with whipped cream in favor of my one weekend cheat snack:

January 31, 2016: The Weekend Round-up!
The dark chocolate truffle and pistachio eclairs.

They were good, but Nugateau’s eclairs are still the ones to beat.  Their dark chocolate versions are unbelievably decadent while their take on the pistachio eclair is probably the best dessert bite I’ve enjoyed in a loooong time.


Back to it tomorrow.  Is this the week I finally finish this script?  Possibly.  But it own’t get any easier as I’ll be on and off set, overseeing production on Episode 204 (with director John Stead) and prepping Episode 205 (with director Ron Murphy).  Check ’em out in action!

January 31, 2016: The Weekend Round-up!
John Stead directs!
January 31, 2016: The Weekend Round-up!
Ron Murphy preps.
January 31, 2016: The Weekend Round-up!
And preps. (It’s one of our bigger episodes!)

24 thoughts on “January 31, 2016: The weekend round-up!

  1. Please take Lulu to the vet if she is constantly drinking water and up and down constantly.

  2. Joe, how could you NOT indulge in the bread pudding and cinnamon rolls with whipped cream!? Sorry but however you dress up an éclair it is still a yukky éclair… and that chocolate truffle one …. Well, I won’t even start to describe what that looks like! ☹

    Glad the grievous script is almost done. Sounds like another great DM week ahead…… John Stead directs an éclair victim (!) and Ron Murphy preps for Episode 5.
    ……… Aaah, it’s THAT episode!

  3. Poor Lulu! I wonder what’s wrong. Have her digestive troubles that were going on back in the Summer subsided? Keep us posted, and give her a big hug and some ear scritches for me.

  4. Possibly Cushing’s with lulu but rule out thyroid and Diabetes as the symptoms are the same. Uti of course needs to be ruled out. I’d do a urine culture. Full CBC with thyroid and if those are okay. (Liver enzymes might be a bit high with Cushing’s.)Then go for the LDDS test to determine if it is indeed cushions. If it is feel free to send me an email and I can give you any info needed as I’m an admin on the k9cushings forum and pretty versed if you have any questions.

    On a side note. Can’t wait for season 2 to start.

  5. Big {{{hugs}}} to Lulu and I hope the vet visit goes well tomorrow!

    Sounded like a good weekend for you. Just one weekend cheat? That’s impressive! I’ve been so stressed for the last few weeks, this weekend we goofed off. Shopping, eating out and seeing the zoo. It was nice and the temp was near 70F 🙂 . Lucy is settling in and seems very content to be here.

    Drea: Sorry you had a rough time of it! Thanks for the fundraising suggestion. Great idea! I ran it past Jo and she said “I’d feel too guilty because there are worse stories in the world”. She did say that she’d think about it, if she can’t find a Memphis dr though. I know she’d have a large portion of the veterinary community, clients, friends, fellow bikers and family all willing to donate. My hubby is a computer guru, so he said setting it up shouldn’t be a problem.

    Das: I found the Apothic dark and red. The dark is good (waiting on the red) and Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. All the drinking of water could indicate diabetes, which can be treated with insulin and a special diet. My kitty developed diabetes, and I had to give her insulin shots twice per day. I hope she feels better soon.

  7. I don’t want to be a dark cloud, but we had a dog when I was younger than started behaving the same way, turned out he had a kidney problem, might be something worth asking about, esp. for an older dog.

  8. Hope Lulu is feeling better soon. Keep us informed. I love going to the Farmer’s market when I visit my aunt in WVa (stays open year round), sadly our local market is closed for the season. Southerner’s don’t do the cold very well.

    This weekend it was a balmy 64 & breezy! Fantastic weather, went to Memphis with some friends. Visited, drank, ate & watched The Martian.

    Have a great week!!

  9. @Joe:

    Praying for Lulu…and I hope she feels better soon!


    I’m sorry I haven’t kept up with the blog, so I don’t know the full story of what is going on (too much life-drama for me at the moment), but I hope things improve for you soon! Take care.

  10. not a happy doggy (compare that picture with Bubba). But, say Jodelle had a hello kitty hat and jacket, Lulu and her could be like best buds or something.
    John Stead, Director or proctologist; you be the judge. Action!

  11. Poor Lulu. 🙁 Seems shes been going thru intermittent bouts of the ups and downs and acting strange for about a year now in varying degrees. Sending gentle warm hugs and ear rubs her way. xo Hope the vet can come to a definitive diagnosis and give her something to help ease whatever is troubling her soon.

    “….one to pay off a story element set up earlier in the script, another to bring back a certain character introduced in season one…in unexpected and shocking fashion. ”

    Well you are either talking about Wexler or Wendy … but no matter which, … YAY!!!!! This is going to be sooooooooooo much fun!!! -Cant Wait! xoxox BRING IT ON! Monsieur Mallozzi, Show us what ya got, eh!!!! 😀

    xo My sweet treat today was Canoli’s and a couple maple nut rings after dinner. Definitely delight filled! xo

    And As much as you know I mutually enjoy sweet treats with Pistachio, Joe – i hate to say it but that photo you posted looked more like a stuffed cucumber than a pistachio eclair! Truly I intend no offense to the baker as I’m sure their eclairs are rather tasty, but the visual of it didn’t beckon me with even so much as a whispering hint of a siren’s call or once make me think I need to refresh my disgruntled tasting lip balm, at all! 🙁

    Good luck with your final “pants in” tomorrow. I’ll be rooting for ya! 🙂

    @Tam 🙂 Thanks :-), – But really no need to be sorry. While it truly sucked! wading thru it, -The experience gave me a whole new perspective and “leash” on life! xo
    Sweetest Kisses Purrs n Hugs to both Lucy & Jo! Glad to hear they are both hanging in there! <3

    Hey Everyone! Don't forget to vote for Dark Matter at Mind Reelies this week! (And to keep voting once per hour!)


    xoxoxo ~Sweet Dreams~ xoxoxo

  12. Hi Jodelle! But on a serious note, my heart is with you and Lulu. All of my karma and good will to her. Get better, sweetheart!

  13. Poor Lulu! I hope it’s just a case of her having gotten into the salt. Seriously, paws crossed for something innocuous and easily fixed. Extra scritches for her from me and my fur gang.

  14. Poor Lulu. 🙁 Sending positive vibes and hoping she will get better soon. ♥
    I am so in love with Jodelle’s hair color. Dammit, why don’t i have more courage. Would dye it immediately. ^^

  15. Much love and best wishes for Lulu.

    I see I am not the only one who thinks the pistachio eclair looks more vegetable than baked good. Still looks yummy.

    I got my husband to make tiny cheesecakes for me, something I can have without my post surgical gut situation freaking out.

  16. Hi Joe

    Feeling your concern for Lulu. I’ll keep the warmest wishes for her.

    I was thinking that Lulu was just a young puppy. I was here when you got her, but then realized how long I’ve been here. Gawd, now I feel old.
    Thank you for all the ‘teases’. It’s greatly appreciated. I don’t tell you enough.


  17. ‘one to pay off a story element set up earlier in the script, another to bring back a certain character introduced in season one…in unexpected and shocking fashion’

    And maybe some more information about Cyrus King? 🤔

  18. Be well Lulu, I remember when she was a pup with a delicate tummy that could only digest artisanal farm to table doggie chow. Good luck at her doc visit, give the pups a hug for me.

  19. @TheOtherOne: oooh, thats right!! I forgot all about Jace! And we both know HE’S DEFINITELY not done getting revenge on ONE for stealing his identity!

    @JeffW:: Thanks so much. but I’m fine. So sorry to hear you have been under so much stress of late. We Miss You! 🙂

    @MaggieMayDay: mmmm. Cheese Cake! Very happy your recovery is progressing. xo

  20. I hope Lulu is okay…gosh. I’m so worried. The first thing that came to my mind was kidney, too, with diabetes a close second.

    @TamDixon Have Jo email me. We went through very similar feelings when we had to raise $10,000 to get Patrick up to Massachusetts for what we thought at the time was his only hope for autism treatment in a loving manner back in 1998. Patrick’s original teacher from Including Kids has stage IV melanoma and she and her husband finally had to start fundraising for help for medical bills. She didn’t want to ask for help either. But her husband finally had to and it left her speechless.

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