Huzzah!  We (and I do mean the collective “we” as YOU all helped choose them!) have another episode title for Dark Matter’s second season.  Last week, you all voted and the winner was:

“Episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”.

This week, you voted again and while the results were much closer, there was a clear winner despite a late rally by the “Hello, Pumpkin” contingent…

January 27, 2016: Dark Matter Episode 202 Title Revealed!

“Episode 15: Kill Them All”

Thanks for taking part and making t.v. history.  Stay tuned to this blog for our Episode 203 title poll.

Hey, check it out!  I invested in a nest cam.  Now, I can keep tabs on both the dogs AND the prisoners on Hyperion-8!

January 27, 2016: Dark Matter Episode 202 Title Revealed!

14 thoughts on “January 27, 2016: Dark Matter Episode 202 title revealed!

  1. Well, I was part of the Hello Pumpkin contingent from the beginning, but Kill them all will work just fine. Those pictures really show off the sets! Can not wait to see Dark Matter return!

  2. For the season finale, you should do something a little bit different. Let us all submit titles of our own, and *you* pick which one of them will be used. I’m sure one of us will serendipitously write something that happens to fit it perfectly.

  3. I’ve been trying to figure out (with no luck, I will admit,) what that episode can be about if all three of those titles could’ve fit the episode. I can’t wait to see it on screen and find out!!

    Anxiously awaiting the next vote!

  4. Maybe Hello Pumpkin will be a consideration for Ep 3. Like the nest cam/security cams….shows off your cool set designs! Eagerly awaiting a Raza crew member sighting in those cams!

  5. Awww I didn’t vote in the second one. I didn’t know. I like the title though. Not a fan of the first title, but oh well.

    I think this is a really cool idea Joe. Well done!

    Will they be releasing a Dark Matter soundtrack?

    Cheers, Chev

  6. “Kill Them All” should draw people in. I like that nest camera thing. I was going to get a cheap camera just to see what Boomer would do without me here.

  7. @Yerushalmi Such a truly wonderful idea! 🙂

    So… i see those elves Joe hired to read and post the comments here on WP didn’t allow my playfully worded rallying call for those seeking poetic justice (who didn’t vote for the obvious) to be sure to gather up all their fellow poets everywhere and vote in the next round.

    Hmmmmmm? Must be because they interpreted it “literally” at face value and thought i was just being mean…. Instead of reading it “carefully” and realizing it was simply cleverly worded as a gloriously happy, competitive rallying call for lovers of art and word play. xo

    But oh well. No big deal, Really. 🙂
    Guess I shall just have to live with this minor stifling of my forever spontaneously creative brilliance and re-word it.
    But after all that time, energy & sweat I spent slaving away on that absolutely purrrfect first campaign slogan… Not sure how? in the world, i can possibly come up with anything equally effective that conveys we were only short 23 votes short of a victory for poetic justice this time … so EVERYONE needs to vote in next round.

    oh ….. wait. ………………… i guess i just did.

    @pbmom: Finally had a chance to stop by Patrick’s school site this morning. Wow! Very! Very cool! I’m certainly impressed with their work! So is the program all via volunteers, community partnerships and public donation? or do they receive some sort of ed grant as well?
    By the way: You wouldn’t be a “total” stranger if you went to visit Jo. You could just say that you are a friend of Tam’s and thought you’d stop in to see how she’s doing and if she needs anything.

    xo Brobdingnagian monster HUGS n LOVE TO ALL today xo
    Hope Everyone has a Superfluous-ly Spectacular Day! 😀

  8. I was on team Pumpkin but Kill them all was my second choice.

    Yesterday’s Deliverance selfie gave me a smile and made me cringe. I wonder if the younger generation would understand the reference?

    PBmom: Those pet cameras capture the funniest videos.

  9. Yes! Finally my vote counts!

    The sets are amazingly detailed, I don’t recognize the two prisoners in the laundry. Did anyone check that laundry bin for contraband? Wait, who says “Hello Pumpkin?” It sounds like something Three would say to annoy One, or Two would say to ridicule Three. Or something kind that Six would say to Five.

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