January 21, 2016: Dark Matter!  Behind The Scenes On Season 2!  Episode #201 Title Revealed!

A sit-down with prison boss Arax Nero.  Who IS this mystery man?

January 21, 2016: Dark Matter!  Behind The Scenes On Season 2!  Episode #201 Title Revealed!

An intriguing shot.  Mysterious, no?

January 21, 2016: Dark Matter!  Behind The Scenes On Season 2!  Episode #201 Title Revealed!

What’s HE looking at?

I was on a creative tear today, finishing a new scene for one episode and rewriting multiple scenes for two more – all while I was stuck in traffic this morning.  As I’ve always said, I do some of my best writing when I’m driving, in the shower, or when my ex used to talk to me over dinner!  As soon as I got into the office, I shut the door and spent the next hour and a half getting it all on the page.

The rest of the day was spent in and out of meetings as prep has begun on Episode 204, to be directed by Dark Matter stunt coordinator John Stead.  

January 21, 2016: Dark Matter!  Behind The Scenes On Season 2!  Episode #201 Title Revealed!

John Stead and furry fan at the costume department meet and greet.

Looks like we’ll be finally leaving the relatively warmer environs of the studio for the chill of The Hammer as location work begins next week.  Space station, forest, and cabins offer insights into one characters dark dark past.

The results are in and we have a title for Episode 201!  YOU voted and chose…

Episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home

The breakdown…

January 21, 2016: Dark Matter!  Behind The Scenes On Season 2!  Episode #201 Title Revealed!

Next week, you’ll be voting on an title for Episode 202!

26 thoughts on “January 21, 2016: Dark Matter! Behind the scenes on season 2! Episode #201 title revealed!

  1. Heart be still!!!! THREE!!!! I have missed you!

    Ok…mystery cast member….Pretty sure it is Mike Dopud but it could the Michael Shanks but still going with Mike!

    Ahhhhh, I do believe I voted for that title.

    Do you have a date for Season 2 start?
    Getting very excited!

  2. I am guessing that second photo is someone laying on a lit-up mattress (weird to have that in what looks like a prison….yep, free tanning bed!) but it looks like the nosedive I took on Christmas eve, lol…

    And with all the love of canines on the set, an interesting parody idea (if there’s ever time to shoot one) would be to have all the characters recast as dogs, lol….

  3. Pic 1: I want to say Jack Coleman, but I know I’m wrong… just the first name that came to me.
    Pic 2: The more I look at this, the less I get it… so, water tank…
    Pic 3: He’s looking at himself in a mirror… or Bubba. 🙂

    Uh, how do you write in the shower? lol

    Hmmm…. IMO
    Space Station = Six
    Forest = Four
    Cabins = Three

    So cool the title will be “Welcome….”. 🙂

    We’re voting for 202 too? Cool. 🙂

  4. There’s only one body that could be in Arax Nero’s chair…unless that was his stand-in.
    🤐 Spoilers? Who, me?

  5. Nice to see some of the crew back in action. “One characters dark, dark past”? Intriguing, exciting & greatly anticipated. I completely understand that you couldn’t go with “Maximum Noobs” but it was worth a shot. Thanks for letting us be part of the process.

  6. Wanna send some of that creativity this way? It’s needed. Thanks. .

    Mystery man might be Michael Shanks. That’s who I thought it was at first glance, so I’m sticking with that guess.

  7. There’s just “something” about the “posture”… I’m going with Shanks.

  8. 1. What, is the Martin Gero: wonder boy / man of mystery? (just joking)
    2. Now that would be one isolation chamber. (don’t push THAT button!)
    3. Three reading the weekly menu: chicken marsala, steamed seasoned vegetables, and rice pilaf, again?

  9. Aah, Three, Three, Three.
    Tis all about Three innit?

    HE knows who’s sitting in that chair….

    Three’s looking at YOU Joe, for being soo cruel, for teasing us for sooo long!

    But that’s not Three catching a not to peaceful kip in solitary …. Is it Two or Five?
    The space station, forest, cabins – now that’s got to be from Three’s dark past, surely ……… or could it be Six?
    But how do we come across these memories? Is it from Five, someone else or do our heroes memories start to return?

    Doh!! Joe?????!

    (Hmm) … That’s a fine looking hound pictured there… if I get some nice doggie treats will HE let us know what’s going on!?

  10. I am so waiting for season 2. Just watched season 1 again on Netflix & will probably with it again, and again…..

  11. Always exciting to see BTS pictures. That mysterious shot is mysterious indeed. To me it looks like the “chamber” is left with no gravity. It’s like she/he is floating. I would say she, cause it reminds me of Four. ^^
    It’s so fun to be able to choose episode titles. You are to good to your fans. 🙂 ♥ Don’t stop, lol. 🙂

  12. Great BTS photos!

    Arax Nero 😘

    The ‘cold’ blue-coloured lighting in the isolation cell are just perfect for this environment.

    Ah…..Three…..how about…..he’s having a covert meeting with Arax Nero’s right-hand man, to set up a meeting – to talk about
    >escape tactics
    >where’s Bubba
    >pass codes

    Or, he’s asking Six…..why did you give us up to the GA?
    Or, he’s winding up the GA guards?

    Dark, dark secrets? My vote goes to Three 😊

    Episode 1 title ✔️
    Looking forward to Episode 2 title options 👍

    Why is summer sooooo far away!?

  13. Very interesting- seeing how the shots are framed.

    Re Q3- Three is looking at his reflection, dismayed at the unflattering brown prisoner boiler suit he’s forced to wear in his new home.

  14. I find that the title is definitely a bit of homage to SG:A, in that the title theme was named “Our New Home Atlantis”. I am slightly capable of recognizing voice-over artists if I have heard the actor speak in the past. I am not so facile with recognizing people from the back of their head. [I look forward to see what Three is looking back at.].

  15. (I’m catching up one at a time since I missed so many days, so I don’t yet know if you’ve revealed who Arax Nero is yet…)

    I can totally see Nero being Dopud, but I don’t think his head looks tall enough to be him(that’s not a slight towards Dopud, honestly!). I’m going with good ol’ Shanksie on this one.

    What’s strange is that it kind of looks like he’s wearing the same style jumper as the prisoners. Was he a player in some sort of sting operation? Or is it just a jacket that happens to be the same shade as the prisoner jumpsuits?


    -Mike A.

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