Another year, another 365 posts.

When I started this blog back in late 2006, little did I realize that I’d still be writing daily instalments – nine years later!  Over that time, I’ve covered everything from my personal life to my job to everything in between, offering readers production insights, behind-the-scene tidbits, reading and restaurant recommendations, oodles of dog pics and much, much more.  Go back over these 3000+ posts or use the handy archive scroll in the right sidebar and pick a post at random, relive production on Stargate: Atlantis’s final season or Stargate: Universe‘s run.  Check out the guest Q&A’s with such authors as John Scalzi, Michael Moorcock, and Lois McMaster-Bujold.  Read resident film critic Cookie Monster’s Supermovie reviews.  Discover my opinion on such wide-ranging topics as The Olympics and the sheer impossibility of eating a mango.

2015 introduced an all-new subject to this blog: Dark Matter production.  I took you behind the scenes on the show’s first season with pics, videos, and write-ups on the show’s first season.  And, as this year draws to close, production on season 2 is already underway.

So, what were some of this year’s blog highlights?  Well –

December 31, 2015: The 2015 Blog Wrap-up!

Now, let’s get down to the numbers we’ve all been waiting for.  WHO were this blog’s post prolific commenters?

Well, coming in at the #5 spot is one of this blog’s most loquacious opinionators…




December 31, 2015: The 2015 Blog Wrap-up!

In the #4 spot is a very busy individual who still manages to find time to swing by, catching up on missed posts and then taking the time to comment on almost every one…




December 31, 2015: The 2015 Blog Wrap-up!

In the #3 spot is a hardy east coaster who, when he’s not out hiking or building a house, is right here on this blog offering words of support – or disbelief…




December 31, 2015: The 2015 Blog Wrap-up!

At #2 is a looooong-time reader of this blog who has been here almost along as I have…




December 31, 2015: The 2015 Blog Wrap-up!

And, at #1, by a HUUUUUUUUGE margin, is a blog regular who never misses a post, or the opportunity to offer a comment or two…occasionally three…






December 31, 2015: The 2015 Blog Wrap-up!

Thanks to not only the aforementioned, but each and every one of you who has taken the time to come by and support this blog by reading and occasionally posting your thoughts.  I have BIG things in store for 2016, so here’s hoping you stick around.  Or tell a friend!

Happy New Year!

33 thoughts on “December 31, 2015: The 2015 blog wrap-up!

  1. Wow! 910,000 views is SO MUCH, but also totally understandable with the topic you are writing about. I don’t think I’ll ever get that many views, but I am so glad you are offering us an insight into production and prep and also your life in general. So, basically I want to say THANK YOU!

  2. Congratulations to those who keep Joe hopping. Love the blog, love the blog family, love the comments.

    Hauoli Makahakiki Hou, y’all. It’s gonna be a great year!

  3. Congrats Ponytail. I really need to pick up my commenting game!

    Happy New Year everyone!

    I haven’t decided how I’m going to ring in the new year yet. I’ve just started a Stargate SG-1 re-watch so I could continue with that . . . or I can pick a movie at random and watch that instead. It’s all go here in casa Line Noise!

  4. Awwwww, the coveted number one spot. But really, only made possible because Das decided to give it up for a year. Hey Das, I’d rather you come back to posting 4 to 5 times per day. I miss that, and you. And if gforce didn’t go hiking so much or Tam Dixon didn’t leave town occasionally to see her son or family, they might have taken it. And JeffW and Randomness where the heck did you go? (PBMom sneaks in the back door with back-post-commenting. I had to watch out for her…)

    Ok, I’ve had my day, now I give up. I’m going back to my regular style of commenting. Whatever that was…

    Happy New Year Everybody!! Be safe and be smart tonight. I’ll be on the couch. 🙂

  5. Since you didn’t put New Year’s resolutions on your “Hater List” yesterday. I’m gonna go ahead and ask you the dreaded question… What are your and Akemi’s 2016 New Year’s Resolutions? Do Bubba and Lulu have any?

    Mine is to get this &^#% Fitbit to work before tomorrow… although, technically, I guess that would be a Pre-2016 Resolution…

    *Mutters* Mango *Mutters*

  6. Stopping by to wish everyone, wherever you are, a healthy, safe and prosperous new year. Personally, I am shocked that it’s almost 2016.
    Love for loves’ sake and be joyful for the blessings of living.

    2cats, Basil and Stash
    and family

    P.S. Thanks Joe for the gift of your blog… keep it going!

  7. Holy crap, Ponytail I’ll never catch up to you at that rate! That is some prolific posting.

    I hope everyone has a good and safe New Year.

  8. Happy New Year to one and all !! Thanks for sharing your life with us Joe, It has been another fun ride this year. Congrats and macarons to the top five posters for the year. I enjoy reading all your comments.
    Maggiemayday, hope you are doing better each day. Tam Dixon, glad to hear your baby is a little perkier. {{hugs}} to all.
    We are in for the night, the big ball may have to drop without me, and the fireworks have already started outside, and its about 8pm here. Bring me my slippers and some hot cocoa. But everyone enjoy!

  9. Congrats Ponytail!

    Like television series, maybe we should throw a party when you’ve made it to a significant number. Yes, you’d think 3000 would be it, but no. How about your 5000th episode/post? Just, please, don’t say immediately after the party that you’re cancelled. I don’t think I could take that again.

    By the way, did anyone notice that the snow on the screen changes direction with your cursor? Just an observation.

    Happy New Year.

  10. Zoie is definitely a very popular lady. She is actually the main reason I was so excited for the show. I have since grown to love all of the cast members! They all have something special to bring to the show.

  11. Congrats you all! And Happy New Year Joe, Akemi, and all the blog family here!

    I hope you all have a great night and a good start on 2016.

    I’m off to Vegas on Sunday for the CES show…I’ve a busy week ahead, but if I find any new and interesting restaurants in Vegas, I’ll let you all know.

  12. Happy New Year to you and all. Thanks for taking us along this journey and for all those who share it. I’ve enjoyed it all.

  13. Holy Moly! Thanks for letting us tag along on your daily trials and tribulations over these past amazing nine years! And most importantly, thanks for all the laughs. I can’t count the times I’ve almost fallen off the chair in hysterics.

    Wishing all a Healthy and Happy New Year!!

  14. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Joe!! – You’re a hard man to keep up with! – [the Blog, it’s written by CLONES, isn’t it?!] – My “daily” blog currently has about 600 entries in “DRAFT”! Which, I suppose, just proves that I-have-NO-Life! 😀

    Anyhoo, here’s to 366 more of YOUR Posts! And, good luck with the shovelling!

  15. Happy new year Joe, Akemi, and furry friends as well. Especially you Joe for your wonderful blog that I look forward to reading every night I wish for you to have a very fruitful 2016 especially with Dark Matter.

  16. Congrats to Ponytrail…lol…I mean, Ponytail, Tammy, gforce, and PBMom! Ypu are all great assets here! 😀 Me? I’m just a great ass. 😛

    And yes, I did take a bit of a break this year, for various reasons. One, believe it or not, I don’t like to be the center of attention. I wanted other people, and the new fans, to have more of a voice here…mine was getting a bit overwhelming.

    Two, it’s been – or it was – a difficult year mentally for me. Not insanity-type mental things (though that can be debated 😛 ), but the too-much-to-keep-track-of mental things. Just WAY too much on my mind, too many responsibilities, and too much to focus on…soooo…Three, I played a lot on Facebook.

    Now, I really, REALLY hate Facebook, but this ye…I mean, last year…it was just easier. If I didn’t feel like thinking – or ‘talking’ – I could just post recipes and funny cat pictures. Actually, lots of funny cat pictures. I could also keep in touch with relatives, and a few acquaintances from the old Hornblower and Bendis forums. It was the ‘shiny new toy’ for me. It’s also a very depressing place…so many animals in need of rescue (I have to block those posts because they make me dreadfully depressed!), so many friends dealing with emotional issues (this world is killing people), and so many news items about so many people hating on other people.

    Which leads me to four – I have struggled on and off with something like depression, but more like a terrible inability to focus, which – in turn – makes me ‘depressed’. It’s not debilitating, nothing that warrants medication, but it is a bit concerning. Not sure if it’s caused by the spending too much time on the interwebs, or if I’m spending too much time on the interwebs because I can’t focus on other things. Or, am I spending too much time on the interwebs to purposely avoid focusing on the things I’m supposed to be focusing on? See? Depressing. 😛 So, I am seriously going to start simplifying my life…if I can focus on doing so long enough to actually do it. 😛

    And lastly – my tablet. My old desktop computer – still running on Windows XP – is sluggish and really needs more memory to keep up with the internet. So, many times I resort to using my tablet. Now, it’s easy enough to read on a tablet, but it’s a real biatch for me to type on it. I am definitely a full keyboard, free flowing thought sort of typist, and that’s just impossible on a tablet. It’s slow and annoying. So I can’t type long comments like this (yes, I’m on my desktop now…can you tell?!). The tablet hinders my ability to express myself, so I just don’t say anything. Sort of like how I was as a kid. 😛

    But here? Here I have a reputation to uphold! lol. It’s not a good reputation – it’s one of long-winded comments and overbearing opinions – but it’s what people expect so I just go with it. 😀

    On that note, I’ma gonna go back to watching my Thin Man marathon, and snugglin’ wif teh kittehs. 🙂 All the best to you and yours, Joey, and to your terrific blog family, too!


  17. Happy New Year everyone!!!!! Congratulations Joe on a successful year on the blog and Dark Matter… *hugs*

    Congratulations Ponytail …that’s an impressive feat. I don’t even think my 3 logins put together would compare. I’ll try to step it up… Although poor Joe has to read them lol.

    Would you believe I still haven’t seen Star Wars. I’m seeing it in Gold Class with a friend. She had surgery yesterday so it will be a couple of weeks before she’s up to it.

    For those not familiar with Gold Class think of it like a movie at Joe or Rob’s place. Recliner seats & you can get meals, snacks, coffee & alcohol brought to you throughout. It’s fun!

    Cheers, Chev

  18. Happy New Year to you and Akemi, your family and the doggies.

    Thank you for keeping up this blog. I remember feeling sad when you said you were planning to stop. Life sometimes keeps me behind (or I had to avoid for spoilers when waiting to watch an episode with my daughter).. but I always check in and catch up.

    So on your don’t like to do list… really you don’t like jazz? And you don’t like breakfast because you would rather have dinner things I suspect 🙂 But why in the hell do you make a career writing if you don’t like it?

    And with that… happy 2016 to all the blog regulars and infrequenters and the blog newbies.

    @Robert Smith… everyone here was new at one time or another. No one bites unless you are a jerk. Jump right in. 🙂

  19. As a newbie, I’m really enjoying your posts, Joe and the whole blog family. Many thanks everyone, for making me (and my comments) feel welcomed 👍
    Happy New Year to one and all 🎉

  20. Your commitment to the blog is inspirational! I rarely comment but I’m here everyday for the party! Happy New Year everyone!

  21. Safe Travels JeffW!

    I pray you are doing better Maggiemayday?!

    Thanks for doing this blog Mr. M.! You’ve brought a bunch of strangers together. Without you, I wouldn’t have known Anne or Cheryl. Two of the best gals in the whole world. I miss them and I pray I’ve learned something from their courage and grace.

    It’s been fun Gforce, Das, PBmom, and Ponytail! Welcome Robert Smith (@robesmith72)!

    Happy New Year! Anyone doing resolutions?

    I’m finished with the exclamation points, promise 😉 Gotta go piss off my cat (force feeding).

    G’day All 🙂

  22. Congrats to the winners and Happy New Year everyone!

    Well dang, that was another resolution broken. Last year I resolved to be in the top 3 commentators! So I will make the same resolution again…will I make it???

  23. 9 years! That’s truly amazing Joe! I’ve got alot of catchin’ up to do, haven’t I?!!!
    Congrats to you guys too, in the top 5 and to everyone else who comments here! You are always very, very entertaining! 😂 Thanks!!

    Chev, don’t worry that you haven’t seen Star Wars yet … me neither. Only one in my circle of friends 😶 Like the idea of Gold Class. Don’t think we have anything like that here …

    Tam. Keep up the good work with Ruby!
    Look forward to the day you let us know the Rubmonster is back home and 100% 👿

    As I’ve said before …
    Happy New Year everyone!
    . Its going to be EPIC!

  24. Happy New Year to the Joeblog! I may not comment much but always look forward to reading and seeing your posts. Thank you.

  25. I have been binge watching Atlantis on Netflix. I’m coming to the end (again), I’m on E17 of season 5…sigh, I miss it so much.

  26. Whoa! That is a lot of views! Hope that gives you a boost when you feel like not posting or need a break.

    The fact I am even ON this list is surprising. 1) I still haven’t commented on most of December’s posts (I’m working on it–you guys who know me on a more personal level just know it has been one thing after another around here). 2) I stopped trying to make the list. I knew I could never be good enough or be as regular as you all are in posting daily (or multiple times to chat with the other blog regulars. Every year I would try to make the list but it never happened, so I decided it just wasn’t worth it to stress about it. And I didn’t even though I miss talking to you guys regularly and on more current news in your lives.

    Reminds me of how I met my husband. I was 26 and seeing how I was having zero luck in finding someone I’d like to spend my life with, I decided I was going to be totally okay if I never found the right person to be with; I would be okay with not getting married or having children. It wasn’t just saying it out loud; I was totally at peace with it. Then shortly after that all happened I met Jeff. Sometimes things you try so hard to achieve will come to you once you let go of the issue.

    These past two days I have been working on receipts for Quicken from 2015 that is about 18 inches high and trying to keep up with the 2016 ones again so I don’t fall behind this year. My Directv receiver in my office has been out since the early part of December and I haven’t had a moment to call them to have them fix it. So I have a portable DVD player in here to keep me company. I was watching SGU and now I’m watching Stargate Atlantis. It’s been awhile since I watched SGA; it’s like a cup of hot cocoa; a wonderful old friend revisited.

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