18 thoughts on “December 30, 2015: Things – it may surprise you to know – I DON’T enjoy doing!

  1. Freak! Everyone loves breakfast! It’s my favorite meal to make, and to eat.

    I’m totally with you on #7, though. That is right up there with touching your giant, alien-incubating belly. Nope, no way.


  2. I’m with you on every count except the occasional trip to the beach, but only if the water is clear and it’s a good place to snorkel. I suppose breakfast is a conditional since a couple of times a year I enjoy a late breakfast followed by an immediate retreat to the bed for a ridiculously long nap.

  3. So you would totally *not* be down with my taking a picture of you holding my baby in your arms while you’re drinking tequila on a beach during breakfast.

    There goes my new year’s resolution …

  4. Interesting … I guess the writing is understandable. Breakfast? Yes, I’m not surprised, after all those big dinners you indulge in!! New Years Eve parties ….?

    I have some similar things I don’t like. In no particular order

    5) Vodka
    4) people talking about their babies!
    3) listening to jazz
    2) bad driving
    1) doing my self assessment taxes

    I particularly hate the last one!!!
    Which reminds me, I better do them as they are due January 😒

  5. That IS a real bummer when you dislike your job. Try working outside in the rain and snow, maybe that’ll help you enjoy writing more.

  6. Can’t believe you don’t like tequila,,,I prefer Don Julio…as for scotch,,,Glen Morangie is my fav…

  7. I’m praying you continue to recover Maggiemayday. Getting any rest in the hospital?

    No big party then Ponytail? How are your parents doing? Yes, this weather is crazy. The storms killed about 23 in the Midsouth area. I feel lucky and sad, all at the same time.

    Ruby is more alert today. I went by the vet’s house last night and picked up different anti-nausea meds. The reglan seemed to make her loopy. Ruby sought me out this morning and demanded tuna juice, so that’s good. I’m syringe feeding her every two hours also.

    Mr. M.: Breakfast? That’s one of my biggest meals! As for jazz, that depends on the song. I’m with you on the NBA, holding babies, renovations and New Years eve parties though. I’d rather be in my jammies, snuggling my hubby and the cats on New Years eve.

  8. Writing? Really? Isn’t that sort of like being a doctor who can’t stand the sight of blood? I would think that would tend to make a person miserable in their chosen career field. But as you seem to really enjoy all the other aspects – namely the people, I’m guessing that that balances out to make writing tolerable. I deeply hope that you are not miserable. Happy New Year & Season 2. {{{HUGS}}} to you, Akemi and your fur kids.

  9. You should try a really boring New Year’s Eve party. I do one every year, It starts at 6 and ends at 9. My west coast friends and I celebrate on East coast time. The night consists of eating really good food, playing board or card games, hanging out, or staring at walls. Pretty much what ever makes you happy. I have a babysitter come over to watch the little ones. Last year a married couple sat on my love seat for an hour playing some sort of game on their phone. At one point I called out to them from the game table to ask if they wanted to join. They both proclaimed “NO” at the same time. Apparently they were having a blast just sitting on the couch playing their game and being near friends and not having to worry about their kids. If you are ever in the area on New Year’s you and whomever is your traveling companions are more than welcome to join.

    And on #9, why don’t you make it go the way of the dead?

  10. Wishing everyone a brilliant, happy, healthy, great (sorry, EPIC!) Dark Matter Season 2, New Year!

  11. Joe, I’ve got to call BALOGNA!! on your number 1. If that was true, you would be a producer and not write. If that was true, you would not have made a career in television. If that was true you would have never written the story for Dark Matter or had any ideas for a good TV show. You would be looking for others and their story ideas. So BALOGNA!! Joe. You are a writer and a good one too.

    I don’t do breakfast. I’d rather sleep. But I LOVE breakfast food and will have it for lunch or dinner. And I don’t do parties, period. Too shy.

  12. Ponytail, I don’t think its Balogna. Lots of writers hate writing, particularly professional writers. Why? Writing is such a lonely thing, its putting all the different parts of your self down on paper. Where you are full of self-doubt and insecurities. Questioning every word.

    Alistair Campbell writes stories about depression where is characters are depressed and in order to write it authentically, he has to go half way between his happy self and his depressed self.

    The reason that I think Joe is a writer and not a producer, is that he has all these stories in his head, that if he wants to see them made, he has to write them.

  13. Hate jazz – least favorite musical instrument is the saxophone. Hate housekeeping in general & will never get around to renovating. Reluctantly participate in Facebook only to keep up with family & friends and occasionally share a pic or 2 of a good drink or meal. Only watch college basketball & preferably women’s over men’s. Go Lady Vols!! I let sleeping babies sleep. Don’t write unless it’s for my job. SOAP notes all day long. Love breakfast if someone else fixes it. Love tequila, beaches & New Year’s Eve parties with my closest friends. Typically shoot tequila for breakfast when at the beach on vacation with my friends.

  14. My friend is an amazing jazz singer. Tianna Hall if anyone ever wants to listen to her online. We have an interesting friendship. I called upon her to see if she could judge Patrick’s autism school’s Rock Autism fundraiser (she was a judge in our local Pride Idol). She couldn’t get there in time because she had a previous engagement, but we continued getting to know each other after that. I attended one of her CD release parties and that was fun. She is having another one on Jan 30. I have to wait until we get closer to see if I could go since Saturday nights I usually am working. One day I get a call from her and she is absolutely hysterical because her son was diagnosed with autism. Kind of a full-circle experience. I helped her with the initial action plan kind of thing, how not to get taken advantage by your school district points, etc. Wow, this woman makes me look like a slacker.

    Things I Don’t Enjoy Doing:
    10) Going out into my driveway and running into my neighbor (yes, THAT neighbor, Mr. Hall of Fame Porn Star).
    9) Watching anything in the horror genre
    8) Doing taxes even though I am getting a refund.
    7) Reading (it has become too difficult to process in my brain and takes too long so I can’t really do it without extreme effort)
    6) Driving into Houston
    5) Going to any place that is crowded.
    4) Shopping during regular hours at any store during the Christmas season.
    3) Flying on a plane (not the flying but the hassle).
    2) Going on a boat.
    1) Cooking.

    I’m truly becoming an old fart in my old age. 🙂

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